Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 168

Chapter 154: chapter 153-- I have no reason to let you go

Tang Ningshan shakes her head. She feels that there is no need to expand it. This area is very suitable. The house is big enough, and only she and Pu Jiayi live here, they don't need much space. Even if they plan to hire servants in the future, they only need to leave a few empty rooms on the first floor, so the large area has no effect on them.

"Then give your design to those workers for a while, I estimate that it will take a few days to be completed." Shao Ruihan finishes, going directly to the second floor, after all, there is no room available on the first floor. This is also a small trick of Shao Ruihan. Before seeing the drawings, he directly let people remove the wall on the first floor.

Lunch is sent by Steward Lin. In fact, Lin would like to ask, why did Shao Ruihan not go back to live, but he is only a housekeeper, he cannot interfere with the owner's private life, all he can do is to take care of Shao Ruihan's life.

"Shao Ruihan, Lin comes to send the meal." Tang Ningshan stands at the door of the bedroom on the second floor and shouts.

Shao Ruihan does not say anything; Tang Ningshan could only walk in to check his situation. Tang Ningshan also worries that the decoration dust outside is too big, which would make the wounds on Shao Ruihan's body worse.

When she enters the house, she sees Shao Ruihan lying on the bed. His breathing is even as if he is asleep.

Tang Ningshan shakes her head helplessly, thinking that it must be that Shao Ruihan did not sleep last night. At this time, she does not want to wake him up, only to go out and tell Lin and let him come back at night.

When Tang Ningshan goes out, Shao Ruihan opens his eyes. There is a glimmer of joy in his eyes.

"Whether you admit it or not, you are my wife anyway. You care about me, and then I have no reason to let you leave me." Shao Ruihan whispers and then turns over to sleep again.

Tang Ningshan is very bored now. There is nothing but dust in the room. The building materials are full of living rooms. After Tang Ningshan gives the drawings to those workers, she goes to the small garden outside. After all, Shao Ruihan said that the garden can also be planned. She thinks she needs a swimming pool. In the past, she hoped that she would swim. Unfortunately, she used to be too lazy and never went to learn it. Now that she has this condition, she must build a swimming pool in her home, preferably surrounded by white sheds, so that even if she wants to swim in winter, she is not afraid of cold.

There are countless ideas in Tang Ningshan's mind. She plans to go around this villa now to see how big it is. If she doesn't wander around, she may not find that the villa seems to be bigger than Shao Ruihan's. The garden in front of the main building, plus the backyard, Tang Ningshan feels that the house is well worth buying.

Tang Ningshan does not know that thanks to Yu Huan and Wang Pengxuan, and then she was able to buy the house at such a low price. The last landlord bought the house for the large open space behind the villa. After all, the location of this villa is a bit remote, so they can only use a large area to increase the value.

Tang Ningshan has been hanging around in her villa. The more she looks at the design of the villa, the more she wants to completely rebuild it. As she considers it, she also calculates the money of her bank. After all, no matter what you do, you need financial support. Thinking of this, Tang Ningshan does not intend to stay outside, she thinks that she should go back and look at her stock first.

Entering the house and going upstairs, she sits down at the corner of the bed with her laptop. After confirming that the person on the bed does not wake up, she turns on the computer. She begins to check the stock's earnings. Thanks to her research on a lot of charts under the system's training, although her stock did not make much profit during this time, she did not lose money at least.

Just when Tang Ningshan is ready to buy a few stocks to manipulate it, suddenly someone knocks at the door. Tang Ningshan puts the computer down and goes to open the door. She sees that the person outside the door turns out to be a decoration worker.

Tang Ningshan goes out, closing the door, and she points to the position at the end of the corridor. The two people walk over in tandem.

"What's wrong?" Tang Ningshan asks softly.

"It's like this, madam; the drawings you gave me have two problems. According to the bedroom you designed, we have to expand the area to turn it to be what you expect. Maybe the original two rooms will be combined into one; the area of the room will become bigger. And then, as for the basement, we don't know how big the basement is, so we can't confirm whether it can be renovated according to your design." The architect takes the drawings and points at the design above. He says his own thoughts.

"Yes. It can be expanded, as long as the two rooms are the same style. Anyway, the rest of the rooms on the second floor need to be completely renovated. Also, I hope that all the walls are thicker. If possible, I hope wall material can keep warm." Tang Ningshan thinks for a long time. After all, the villa is independent, and there are no other tall buildings nearby that can be used as shelters, so she hopes the house can keep warm to avoid the low temperature inside the house in winter.

"You can rest assured. Ji Jun has already discussed this issue with us. We will also decorate according to your design drawings. We will fully consider other trivial things and make you satisfied." The architect smiles modestly. When he mentions Ji Jun, his expression is very respectful, as if he is a subordinate of Ji Jun.

"That's good, and then I will give it to you with confidence. I hope that you will surprise me in the end. As for the basement, you should try to leave me more space, but safety is the most important. You can decide the rest of things." Tang Ningshan says her own requirements and then hands it over to them for processing. After all, she doesn't have any experience in decorating. If she influences the quality and progress of the renovation because of her own unrealistic thoughts, she has to bear the consequences herself.

The days have passed so quietly. In the past few days, Tang Ningshan and Shao Ruihan both slept on the same bed, but Tang Ningshan deliberately kept a distance from him. Because the bed is very big, each time two people also closed to the opposite side to sleep. As soon as Shao Ruihan approached her, Tang Ningshan directly reached out to push him away and accused him of crossing the border. He can only stay away from her honestly. After Tang Ningshan fell asleep, he put Tang Ningshan into his arms again. Tang Ningshan woke up in his arms every day, and after several days, Tang Ningshan also did not care. After all, there are no other places for Shao Ruihan to live now. There's no any problem for him to live in this room. Every time she woke up in his arms, she could only blame herself for sleeping badly. She had no reason to say that Shao Ruihan was holding her deliberately.

The injury on Shao Ruihan recovers quickly. He doesn't know if it is because of Shen Quan's medicine. Now his wounds are already scarred and he is feeling better. Shao Ruihan's 'gauze vest' is also detached from him.

In these few days, Tang Ningshan and Ji Jun's company signed a contract. The content of the contract is the same as she discussed with Shao Ruihan before. She only needs to provide drawings every year, and she doesn't need to participate in the management of the company. She only needs to wait for collecting money.

In the past few days, Tang Ningshan's stock has also made a lot of profits. She even thinks that the good day has arrived. After Shao Ruihan recovers, he would move out from here and her bedroom will also finish renovating. In the future, she will not have to stay with Shao Ruihan often.

The calm days did not last long, and someone comes to her villa. Although Tang Ningshan knows that their whereabouts is not a secret at all, after all, when she moved, Shao Ruihan called two military vehicles; she did not expect that someone would come so soon.

The guard says that the outside person is Ni Zizhu, who said that she is Shao Ruihan's fiancee. She comes to ask Shao Ruihan to save her grandfather.

After Tang Ningshan listens, there is no expression on her face. She just lets the guard go upstairs to find Shao Ruihan, and she drives out with the driver's license that Shao Ruihan gave her a few days ago. She doesn't like the clothes of the original owner. Now she has money. She doesn't think she has to treat herself bad, so she is ready to go out shopping with Yu Huan.

She drives the car of Li. Although it is also an army car, the license plate is an ordinary one. She drives out of the villa, leaving only Ni Zizhu, who is standing at the door of the villa and wants to come in, at the gate.

After the car drives out of the gate, Tang Ningshan stops to call Yu Huan. Two people decide to meet at the mall in the city center. After all, she only knows that one.

Hanging up the phone, Tang Ningshan starts the car again and heads for the mall. Every time she goes to the city center, Tang Ningshan would be very excited, because the city she used to live in is not so prosperous.

After looking for a parking space to stop the car, Tang Ningshan goes to the mall to buy a cup of bubble tea. She is drinking milk tea leisurely while waiting for Yu Huan.

After Tang Ningshan finishes drinking a cup, then she sees Yu Huan and Wang Pengxuan appear in front of her. And Yu Huan's face is quite pale, with dark circles on his face and blue eyes.

"Huan, didn't you sleep well? If you didn't sleep well, you can go back to sleep. I can go shopping by myself." Tang Ningshan looks at such Yu Huan, saying worriedly.

"..." After Yu Huan listens to Tang Ningshan's words, the first reaction is to glance at Wang Pengxuan next to him. He is the culprit, but he can't say it in front of Tang Ningshan.

"Nothing, I was just bitten by a dog, so my mood is not good." Yu Huan's tone is not so good. This is the first time that Tang Ningshan has seen the gentle Yu Huan uses such a violent voice. She glances at Wang Pengxuan, Tang Ningshan thinks she seems to have guessed something but when facing Yu Huan, she dares not ask.

"Then let's go shopping now." Tang Ningshan feels that she should not discuss this topic here. She should finish shopping early and let Yu Huan go back to rest early.

So the three people go up to the third-floor side by side. The third floor is the luxury area. According to Yu Huan's idea, Tang Ningshan wears either high-end customization or famous brands. Wang Pengxuan has not spoken; he just always looks at Yu Huan with a smile.

Tang Ningshan really can't find the clothes she likes. Every time she walks into a store, she would quickly go out.

"Huan, or let's go back. I decided to make my own drawings. I really don't like these clothes." Tang Ningshan's expression is very painful. She feels she has walked more today than the previous days combined. The most important thing is that there is nothing she likes, so the more she shops, the less patient she is.

"Otherwise, I will take you to a place, you go there to see if there's anything you like." Wang Pengxuan finally speaks at this time. However, it's not because of Tang Ningshan, but because he finds that Yu Huan has already very tired.


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