Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 169

Chapter 155: chapter 154-- pay all your clothes
Wang Pengxuan feels that if he could not help Tang Ningshan find the clothes she wants, then his Yu Huan might be exhausted."Where are you talking about?" Yu Huan asks Wang Pengxuan."It is the shop that usually gives you custom clothes. What do you think?" Wang Pengxuan does not care about the indifferent tone of Yu Huan, and his face still has a smile.Yu Huan nods gently."Let's go there. If the store doesn't have the style you like, you can let them customize it according to your design." Wang Pengxuan decides directly.When they go downstairs, Wang Pengxuan's hand is spontaneously placed on Yu Huan's waist. Tang Ningshan is watching the actions of two people behind. She really wants to burst into laughter, because Tang Ningshan feels that these two people are really funny.After Yu Huan feels Wang Pengxuan's hand on his waist, he throws away his hand directly. The two men go downstairs in this state. In the place where there are many people, Yu Huan strives to keep a distance from Wang Pengxuan. Wang Pengxuan is following tightly behind Yu Huan until they get out of the mall. Yu Huan blushes, and Wang Pengxuan chats with Tang Ningshan, he is like there's nothing happened."You drive in front, I am following." Tang Ningshan thinks she needs to separate from them quickly; otherwise, she may not be able to control herself and laughs out loud. After finishing the conversation, Tang Ningshan runs towards the car she was driving. As soon as she turns around, Tang Ningshan laughs aloud.When Yu Huan hears the laughter, he is frozen in the same place. He glares at Wang Pengxuan as if he wants to kill Wang Pengxuan immediately."Hey, I know you want to kill me, but now is not the time. If you still have the strength after going home, welcome to kill me. Now let's go and pick up clothes with Tang Ningshan." Wang Pengxuan says with a smile, directly ignoring the anger of Yu Huan. After all, the eyes can't kill at all. Moreover, looking at the angry appearance of Yu Huan, he actually has a wild idea. If it is not that Yu Huan intends to accompany Tang Ningshan to buy clothes, he now wants to directly carry him home.Yu Huan looks at Wang Pengxuan, snorting. Every time he can't beat this man, he feels that he should change his strategy to get back to a game.Tang Ningshan follows their car. They cross a lot of blocks and come to a small alley. The car stops at the end of the alley.After getting out of the car, looking at the surrounding environment, Tang Ningshan feels very strange, because she feels that it is not like a shopping mall, but she does not ask. After all, Tang Ningshan believes that her values are not the same as them.Wang Pengxuan finds that Tang Ningshan has no any extra expressions and problems, and then Tang Ningshan's image in his heart is a little better. However, if he knows that Tang Ningshan's values have always been that not to pursue luxury, he may not have this idea.On their right side, there is a quadrangle, the door is made of wood and there is no plaque on it. Wang Pengxuan knocks at the door directly. After a while, someone comes out to open the door."Young master." The door is opened by a middle-aged woman, about fifty years old. When she sees Wang Pengxuan, she is very excited."Well, I bring them here to pick the clothes. If there is no suitable clothing for them, then customize some suits for them." Wang Pengxuan says the purpose of this visit."Exactly designer Feng is inside, you can go straight in. Will you stay for dinner in a while?" The middle-aged woman asks softly, with joy in her voice."No, we can't eat here today, Huan have to go back to rest later." Wang Pengxuan shakes his head."Is Huan uncomfortable? Do I need to call a doctor?" the middle-aged woman asks with concern."Nothing, you go ahead first." Wang Pengxuan plans to let her leave. If she continues to ask this way, he does not know when they will be able to go home."Oh." The middle-aged woman also knows that it is not the time to talk now. After they walk in, she closes the door and leaves.Three people enter the main house, which is big inside. On the wall are various hangers with men's clothing in various styles."Let's go inside, Feng designer should be inside." Yu Huan says.Tang Ningshan nods.Into the inner room, Tang Ningshan only sees women's clothing; there are many styles, all of which are very novel. Good workmanship and materials make clothes look beautiful.Yu Huan and Wang Pengxuan discover that Tang Ningshan is staring at the clothes hanging on the wall carefully and know that the clothes here should satisfy her."Ningshan, what do you think? Is there any style that you like?" Yu Huan goes to Tang Ningshan and asks.Tang Ningshan nods without thinking, but she suddenly thinks that it seems that the handmade clothes are very expensive. A hesitant expression suddenly appears on her face.Wang Pengxuan seems to know Tang Ningshan's worries and says "You can rest assured that you don't need to pay money."Yu Huan listens to this and gives Wang Pengxuan an appreciative look."How can I do this? Even if we have a good relationship, I can't take your things for free." Tang Ningshan hurriedly refuses. She thinks this is not a good idea."Why not? You are our matchmaker. If you didn't tell Huan that I invaded his computer, I really don't know when he will realize that the hacker is me, so this is a thank gift."Tang Ningshan hears this and feels that Wang Pengxuan is showing off and is telling her the relationship between them."Oh? Since it is a thank gift, then I must pick a few more pieces. After all, people like Huan, who is so nice, are now very rare to meet. If it is not because I think Huan is like my brother, I will never give him to you." Tang Ningshan says jokingly."Ningshan..." Yu Huan says with a red face, but with a smile in his eyes. He never thought that his relationship would be blessed, and he even feared being rejected. But now it is different, he gets the approval, this feeling is really good."Hah, I am going to pick clothes and be careful of your wallet." Tang Ningshan says with a smile, and she turns around in the house. After trying a lot of clothes, she feels very satisfied. She even thinks that whether she should bring all these clothes back."If you like, you can take all back." Wang Pengxuan suddenly says. The expression that appeared on Yu Huan's face delights him, so he doesn't care about his money at all."Really?" Tang Ningshan's eyes brighten."Of course." Wang Pengxuan smiles and looks at Yu Huan. Yu Huan also nods, he is like you take all the clothes away and I am not paying anyway."Then don't blame me." Tang Ningshan takes two sets of clothes from the hangers, all of which are women's handmade suits, and they look quite delicate. There are some dark lines on the clothes, which are embroidered."Then these two sets, the size should suit me, right?" Tang Ningshan asks, taking her clothes."Well, you can try it inside." Yu Huan points to the fitting room."Okay, then you will wait for me for a while." Tang Ningshan takes two sets of clothes into the fitting room. After a while, she comes out.Tang Ningshan, who is wearing a suit, looks quite capable. Yu Huan even thinks that Tang Ningshan is like the boss of a company."Ningshan, you buy a suit because you are going to work?" In fact, when Tang Ningshan picked up the suit, Yu Huan wanted to ask, but Tang Ningshan was too excited just now, he had no chance to ask."Not yet, but I may be going to work in the company. If I go to work, it is better to wear more officially." Tang Ningshan shakes her head."Why don't you choose two skirts? In the future, if you want to buy clothes, come here and take it. You leave your size to them later, and then all your clothes will be paid for by me and Yu Huan in the future." Wang Pengxuan thinks they should quickly finish shopping, then Yu Huan can go back to have a rest."Yes, I think so." Yu Huan says.Tang Ningshan stands in the same place and thinks about it. She thinks it is a good idea. After the anti-virus software begins to make a profit, she will give a certain commission to Yu Huan, which would offset the money of the clothes and would not affect their feelings.After Tang Ningshan writes her own size on the paper, she sees an old man sitting in the innermost part of the room, bowing his body and drawing something on the paper. They have been chatting and have not noticed this old man."Let's go, don't bother him." Tang Ningshan whispers and points to the old man who is painting.Two people look through the direction of Tang Ningshan's finger. They look at each other and then leave together.After going out, Tang Ningshan says goodbye to the two men directly. Yu Huan's face is really pale. She doesn't know what they did yesterday. What she can do now is to let Yu Huan go back to rest early.Tang Ningshan drives back to the villa. Before she enters the gate, she hears the woman crying.When the car drives in, she sees Ni Zizhu sitting in the yard and crying, shouting Shao Ruihan's name.Tang Ningshan is speechless and feels that this is not something she could interfere with, so she intends to ignore it directly. Just as she is about to pass her, Ni Zizhu suddenly stands up from the ground to run to the front of her car.Tang Ningshan quickly steps on the brakes, the car stops firmly in front of Ni Zizhu less than a meter away.She has no choice but to open the door and get out the car. After all, the car has been stopped.But just getting out the car, she feels a gust of wind hitting her face.Tang Ningshan unconsciously dodges and hears a "bang".Tang Ningshan turns her head and sees Ni Zizhu's hand hit the door."This lady, I don't care if you lose your temper in my house. You are still ready to hit me? Do you think breaking into a house without permission is a trivial matter?" Tang Ningshan feels that she can't be so indulgent. She didn't mind that she comes to Shao Ruihan, but she even wanted to hit her. Although she didn't get it, it's not good for her to have such an idea."Is that you? Is it? It is you, bitch! You do not allow Shao Ruihan to come out to see me, right?" Ni Zizhu's appearance is a bit scary. Her delicate make-up is stained with tears. Black eyeliner is not waterproof after she cries; her face appears lines of black traces. Her clothes are stained with dust and she is rather discomfited.