Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 17

Chapter 3: chapter 3--the original owner is an idiot

After backing her room, Tang Ningshan begins to search the information about Shao Ruihan in her memory, but...

Her expression always changes, at the end, it becomes angry.

"Shit, how did she grow up? Getting married is such a big thing, but what she knew is only the name of the man who she married, and even got to know it on her wedding day, why is she so stupid!" Tang Ningshan thinks herself is going crazy.

"Master, you need to keep calm."

"How? How could I be calm? Why did you let me to get into her body!"

"Master, where's your calm, where's your culture. Don't be like a person who didn't get well educated."

"If it happened to you, can you still be calm?"

"Fine, next, I have an important thing to tell you."


"Master, you need to understand the current status, your original body has been died, now you are regarded as reborn, so..."

"So what?"

"So new studying system will start, because you have been died once, the learning progress before will be zeroed. And also because of your death, according to the system, now your level is below the basic level, you will be forced to take learning mission, and it is much more difficult than before. If you fail to reach the minimum standard, I'm sorry, you will be punished."

"Why do I think that you are gloating?"

"My master, I am really happy now, it's my turn to revenge."

"I need to remind you that if you fail to finish learning mission, then every time the punishment will be doubled. So if you want to experience the feeling of giving birth, I suggest that you can fail every items."

"Giving birth? Why?" She is curious about that. Why is there relation between the mission and giving birth.

"Hahhh, because every time, the punishment will be doubled, the first time is minor penalties with first degree pain, the 10th time is level 10 pain. Sounds good? Do you wanna try?"

"Now you can disappear, I don't want to hear your sound." Now, her volume shows her mood.

"My master, the mission will start tomorrow. Hoping that you can rationalize your time, see you, hahhhhh..."

She has no idea how to deal with the problem now. She can only be cautious in her every action.

Time past quickly when Tang Ningshan is thinking, during the time, there's no one come to bother her.

Tang Ningshan picks one formal dress from wardrobe, and puts on a light makeup to show her respect. After making sure there's no any problem, she gets downstairs.

Seeing that Rui Shaohan is wearing a military uniform, she sighed silently in her heart that this man is really handsome, if the full marks is 10, she will give him 9.

When she is looking at him, Shao Ruihan is also staring at her. She wears a lilac dress, wrapping her hot body. Beautiful face with light makeup draws more attention. She wears a pair of high-heeled sandals, which can show her fair feet. Such a simple dress up makes her more charming.

"Let's go."

Shao Ruihan turns to the door, he doesn't mean to wait for her. But it makes her feel a little relax.

She can't be so close to a man who she meet only once.

They get on the car, the car drives out the villa, drives onto a road that only have few people pass.

On the road, there are no buildings, making she feels forlorn.

After about 30 minutes, the car drives into a big courtyard. She feels that it's small to describe it as courtyard. She has never seen that a yard which fulls of hundreds of limousines is still not crowded.