Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 170

Chapter 156: chapter 155-- want to watch a show

"If you are sick, go to the hospital. Please don't go crazy in my house." Tang Ningshan says coldly, she does not want to entangle with Ni Zizhu.

"You let Shao Ruihan come out to see me, okay? I will kneel down to you, please; you let him come out to see me." Ni Zizhu talks while her legs begin to bend, which makes Tang Ningshan unable to say anything else. If the other party's attitude is very tough, she is not afraid at all. However, the woman in front of her is actually planning to kneel down because of Shao Ruihan, which makes her unable to refuse.

"Don't, you stand up, I can't afford it. You wait, and then I will call him out now." Tang Ningshan finishes, rushing into the house like a gust of wind as if someone is chasing her behind. Rushing upstairs, before she opens the bedroom door, she bursts out "Shao Ruihan, someone downstairs is crying and asking for you, don't you see her? I've been away for so long. The issues between you haven't been resolved yet? Why do I still see her in my yard? Even if you don't want to entangle with her, you ask her to go. She yells at me at my door, beats me, and even wants to kneel down to me. What does she want to do?"

When she finishes, she opens the door and finds that there is not only Shao Ruihan in the house.

Tang Ningshan feels embarrassed and stands in the same place. She doesn't know if she should go or stay and she could only stand in the door and laugh awkwardly.

"Eh... You go ahead. Pretend that I've never been here." Tang Ningshan finds all people's eyes are on her body, feeling more embarrassed. She can only step back and prepares to close the door. She secretly scolds herself why she didn't open the door first to see if anyone else is home.

"Shan..." At the moment, when Tang Ningshan closes the door, Shao Ruihan shouts.

Tang Ningshan knows that she can only get in now; otherwise, she can't guarantee that Shao Ruihan will not talk about something else that makes her embarrassed.

"What's the matter? Tang Ningshan looks up doubtfully at Shao Ruihan and asks.

"There are some things that may need your help now." Tang Ningshan stands still and hesitates for a long time; finally, she still decides to walk in. After all, so many outsiders are here, she still wants to save Shao Ruihan's face.

After entering the house, Tang Ningshan discovers that except Shao Ruihan sitting on the bed, everyone else is standing by the bed.

"Or I will move a few chairs to you?" Tang Ningshan asks. After all, this is her home; she must have an enthusiastic attitude towards the guests.

"No, thank you, girl, that's okay." Wang Yu smiles, but Tang Ningshan always think that his smile has some deep meaning.

Several other people also shake their heads with Wang Yu, and Tang Ningshan also stops talking.

"What is it?" Tang Ningshan looks at Shao Ruihan and asks.

"The thing is, we need to monitor a place, I don't know if you can help." Shao Ruihan's tone is very mild. He is not ordering but discussing. His face is expressionless, but Tang Ningshan feels that there are entreaties in Shao Ruihan's eyes.

"... Where is it? Tang Ningshan feels that she should be wrong, so she keeps silence for a moment, and then asks.

Shao Ruihan looks at Wang Yu and gives him a wink.

Wang Yu calmly goes to Tang Ningshan's side, rubbing his hands. Tang Ningshan thinks his action is very obscene, but Wang Yu says with a very serious expression "this is the case, girl, General Ni disappeared, and we suspect that the people from Shao's family took him away, so I hope you can help us to monitor it.

"You have the ability to set the Shao's house on fire, but have no ability to monitor a person?" Tang Ningshan raises her eyebrows.


After hearing the words of Tang Ningshan, several people in the room suddenly become silent. Although no one had told Tang Ningshan the reason for that fire, when she saw the documents and photos in Shao Ruihan's hand, Tang Ningshan understood that this thing was done by them. Under her ignorance, she was also asked to go back to Shao's house and was also embarrassed by Shao Cheng, which makes her very angry.

Wang Yu turns to look at Shao Ruihan on the bed, hoping that he could speak. After all, Tang Ningshan is his wife. If he asks her to help, she should have no reason to refuse.

Shao Ruihan receives the hint from Wang Yu. Although he does not want to let Tang Ningshan help, because he knows that once he seeks her help, then that means he would overthrow his previous words, now, at this time, he has no other choice. He looks up and asks in a hoarse voice "How can you agree to help?"

Tang Ningshan looks at Shao Ruihan's expression and she suddenly laughs. In fact, it isn't that she refuses to help, but the experience of Shao's house that day and downstairs just now have already made her unhappy. She just wants to be lazy and lives a peaceful life at home.

"Otherwise, as long as you can solve the woman downstairs, I will help you. What do you think?" Tang Ningshan has banter in her eyes. In fact, she just wants to see a good show, so she makes this request.

After several people hear Tang Ningshan's words, they suddenly breathe a sigh of relief. As long as Tang Ningshan puts forward the conditions, it means that she is willing to help. They really don't know what to do if she doesn't offer any condition.

Shao Ruihan wants to shake his head or ignore Tang Ningshan's words, but facing so many people's expecting eyes, he knows that he has to play the show. Now he can only consider how he should act to make Tang Ningshan satisfied so that she will not be angry.

Shao Ruihan nods and slowly comes down from the bed. There is no expression on his face, but the people around him all feel that he is in a bad mood.

"I will watch it here; I hope you can bring me a wonderful performance." Tang Ningshan finishes, walking to the window and pushing the window open. Although there is no balcony here, she can see the garden in front of the villa. Ni Zizhu is standing next to her car, with an anxious expression. Although the heroine is very embarrassed, Tang Ningshan is still looking forward to this drama.

Tang Ningshan watches Shao Ruihan walking from the villa to the garden. Step by step, he walks to Ni Zizhu; his body exudes a cold breath.

"Would you like to come over and see?" Tang Ningshan turns and asks several people in the room curiously.

Wang Yu excitedly runs to Tang Ningshan. Anyway, he has seen this kind of show more than once. However, several other people in the house do not dare to go forward. After all, Shao Ruihan's revenge is very strong. If they are found, the consequences are very serious. Only Wang Yu dares to tease Shao Ruihan. No matter how Shao Ruihan punishes him, he will not correct his gossip character.

The dramatic scene downstairs begins. Tang Ningshan's ears are very sensitive because she drank the genetic potion. She could hear the dialogue downstairs, but Wang Yu could only see the action of them.

When Ni Zizhu sees Shao Ruihan, her eyes brighten. Tang Ningshan clearly sees that Ni Zizhu's face immediately blushes. According to her movements, she is like if Shao Ruihan goes one step further, she is ready to pounce to him.

Shao Ruihan seems to have noticed her thoughts. At the moment, when Ni Zizhu is about to take action, he directly dodges.

"What do you want to do?" Shao Ruihan's voice is cold, with indifference, letting Ni Zizhu froze.

In fact, Ni Zizhu feels that even if Shao Ruihan does not like a girl like her, who looks good, has a good family background, but he should not hate her. But why does he dodge every time when she rushes to Shao Ruihan, is it because of Tang Ningshan? Ni Zizhu has now treated Tang Ningshan as an enemy. She believes that everything is the fault of Tang Ningshan. Otherwise, when her family suffers, Shao's family will definitely offer help. At the very least, they won't treat them like this. When she went to Shao's house, the door was closed. They declared that they would not receive any guests. Otherwise, Ni Zizhu would not come to find Shao Ruihan.

"Shao Ruihan, I am your fiancee. This is your grandfather's approval. You can't do this to me. What advantages does Tang Ningshan have, what can she help you? She has no background, no money, and no high education. You can't be confused by her." Ni Zizhu puts on a poor look. Unfortunately, she forgets that her makeup has been stained by tears. Now this face is like a moldy white bread in the eyes of Shao Ruihan, which makes him feel sick.

"I repeat it again, this is the last time. I am married, and I love my wife very much. If you go around spreading rumors that you are my fiancee, then I will go to court and sue you for breaking up the marriage. And if you insult my wife again, I shall certainly not allow you to have a peaceful life." Shao Ruihan looks sharply at Ni Zizhu. Every word he said hits Ni Zizhu's heart. Ni Zizhu instantly shows a sad expression. She puts her hands on her chest and takes two steps back incredibly.

"Shao Ruihan, even if you don't regard me as your fiancee. But for so many years, my grandfather has been following Shao's family. Now he has an accident, shouldn't your Shao's family give him a help?" Ni Zizhu finds that her little trick does not work, can only change the strategy.

"Oh, follow Shao's family? Then you should go to Shao's house instead of coming to me. During my illness, all the things of Shao's family are managed by my grandfather. Do you think it's useful to come here to argue with me?" His voice rises and he shows a smile, but the cold eyes make Ni Zizhu doubts whether she said something wrong again.

"How can you agree to help me?" Ni Zizhu cries and asks.

"What your grandfather has done is well known now. The rest of your families do not be implicated. This is already the best result. How do you want me to help you?" Shao Ruihan asks. When he speaks, he rubs his forehead with his hand. His hear is cursing that Ni Zizhu is a bitch. Why is she still coming here to entangle him? If it is not because that Tang Ningshan wants to watch a show, he can throw her out directly, instead of being here to talk nonsense with this crazy woman.

"If my grandfather can't come back, I won't let your Shao's family have a good life." Ni Zizhu feels that there is no hope, she could only threaten him.