Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 171

Chapter 157: chapter 156-- you are free
"Oh?" Hearing her words, Shao Ruihan suddenly becomes interested. Now General Ni has disappeared, which means that their clues are broken. Just now they were still studying how to find General Ni; now someone comes to threaten him. This shows that she must have some important evidence so that she dares to say such words."You talk about it, how are you going to threaten Shao's family?" Shao Ruihan has some interest at this time. He once again shows a smile, but his breath is still so cold, even the audiences upstairs can feel cold."My grandfather had given me something. He told me a long time ago that if one day something happens to him, I would ask Shao's family for help. If Shao's family doesn't help, then all these things will be announced, neither of us will have a good ending." Ni Zizhu repeats what her granddad said to her without thinking. She also puts away her pitiful expression. Now she really feels hopeful, and even begins to think about whether she can directly distribute part of these things out now so that Shao's family will definitely provide help."Really? Then you will send it out. I am looking forward to your evidence to involve Shao's family in this matter." Now, Shao Ruihan feels that this scene should be able to come to an end. He even looks back at the window on the second floor. Sure enough, he sees the excited Tang Ningshan with a smile on her face. But when he sees Wang Yu, there is a warning in his eyes, but it quickly disappears. Except for Tang Ningshan, who has been staring at the plot, no one notices it."You... don't think I'm lying to you. I really will send things out. As long as you agree to save my grandfather now, I will destroy things directly. I can guarantee that it will not appear in this world." Ni Zizhu sees that Shao Ruihan is not threatened, and her mood is very complicated. She doesn't know what Shao Ruihan has planned, but Grandpa's affairs are imminent. If Shao Ruihan is really not threatened, she could only make a final stroke."You are free." Shao Ruihan feels that the play could be over. He did not expect to have a windfall. After speaking, he turns and leaves."Shao Ruihan!!!" Ni Zizhu shouts at the back of Shao Ruihan. Her voice is so big that Tang Ningshan suspects that if Ni Zizhu is a singer. Otherwise, why would she make such a deafening voice?Shao Ruihan is like not hearing her voice. He turns and waves at the guard room. After that, Tang Ningshan sees several people coming out of the guard room. They directly pull out Ni Zizhu.After Shao Ruihan comes back, in addition to Wang Yu, several people in the room spread out instantly, and they are afraid of being affected."What do you think? Are you still satisfied?" Shao Ruihan says with a smile to Tang Ningshan.Tang Ningshan also smiles and nods. Although she is still a bit reluctant, she also knows that Shao Ruihan was doing this to make her happy. Originally, she thought that Shao Ruihan would go downstairs, and then directly let people throw Ni Zizhu out. She did not expect that he would tell nonsense with her. Although he may have a windfall, this is the reward for his performance so Tang Ningshan decides not to care."Give me the computer. But if you need twenty-four hours of monitoring, you have to keep some people here, because this code needs to be updated at any time." Tang Ningshan says faintly."Girl, is there any other way?" Wang Yu feels that they should not stay here. After all, if they stay here, it is easy to expose the target because there are too many people tracking them. What's more, if they have been arranging people here, there are many things that cannot be deployed in time."There is, indeed, another way. But whom shall I send? Tang Ningshan thinks for a moment and says softly. She looks at everyone as she speaks.In addition to Shao Ruihan, several people in the house are stunned by Tang Ningshan's gaze-like look."Take it easy." Tang Ningshan walks slowly toward several people from the window. Her every step is very light, but a few people feel that Tang Ningshan has an evil intention."Girl, please say it straightforwardly. Don't look at us like this." Wang Yu is the one who is the least afraid of death, so he speaks first. In fact, he has another purpose. He just watched Shao Ruihan's show and if he will make up for it at this time, then the punishment will probably be waived."A few of you fill out a form first, and then I will decide which one of you will go to do this task. What do you think?" Tang Ningshan goes to the bed to sit down."What...what is the form." Several people on the side feel that Tang Ningshan is a bit out of the ordinary. What is the relationship between monitoring and filling a form? However, if someone raises questions at this time, and Tang Ningshan is not willing to provide help, then the one who raises the questions will be scolded by the whole team."It's very simple, don't be nervous." Tang Ningshan takes the computer on the bed, quickly making a form on it, and then hands the computer out.Wang Yu takes the lead in taking the computer. After all, he thinks that filling out the form is a relatively easy thing, but when he takes the computer and sees the above content, Wang Yu is stunned.There are actually only a few problems. What is the fastest speed to run a kilometer? What is the possibility of sneaking into Shao's house without being detected by patrol or surveillance? What if they are found?"...Girl, are you going to let us go in and install the camera?" Wang Yu asks in surprise."You can think this way. It's just that this camera is more high-end. It's a type you have never seen. There shouldn't be a second one on this planet." Tang Ningshan is very sure about the thing that system gave her; she also believes that in this world, only she has the system in the body, otherwise, the world has already been dominated by those who have the system.Shao Ruihan hears her words, feeling that her secrets should not be known by others."I'll go, Shan. Don't let them go. I'll arrange something else for them." Shao Ruihan seems to help Wang Yu and them, but only Tang Ningshan vaguely understands that he is helping her hide her secret.At this moment, Tang Ningshan is really moved. After all, not everyone can do this. If other people know her secrets, they may have taken her to the laboratory for research at the moment when Tang Ningshan said that she is the soul. However, Shao Ruihan did not do this. When he discovered so many unusual secrets of Tang Ningshan, he did not question it, but only tested her. The more she thinks, the more Tang Ningshan feels that Shao Ruihan is actually very reliable, at least, he is treating her very nice."If you have other business, go and handle it. As for monitoring, I will give you results in the evening." Tang Ningshan begins to feel a little sorry for Shao Ruihan, so she plans to put the electronic bugs on her own. She will use this experience as a task. When she is thinking of this, the system comes out."Wow, master, it's really hard to see when you are not lazy. You actually ask to do things for others. Since you are so active, I will also reward you. If you can successfully put all the electronic insects in this Shao's house, I will give you an unexpected reward. I will also tell you the information I got after the fusion." The system is very happy at first, but when it says the last sentence, Tang Ningshan clearly feels that it is so sad."Are you done?" Tang Ningshan asks."Well, yes, master, let's execute your plan first." The system disappears when it is finished.Shao Ruihan looks at Tang Ningshan, who is in a daze. He does not ask what happened to Tang Ningshan but lets them leave. Since Tang Ningshan agreed, she will definitely use all her strength. This is Shao Ruihan's most basic trust to Tang Ningshan.After they leave, there are only two of them left in the room."Shan, I hope you pay attention to what you are saying next time. Even if they are my subordinates, I can't guarantee that they won't be interested in your secret." Shao Ruihan says softly. He feels for the first time that Tang Ningshan is so simple, she does not know how to hide her secrets, does not know how to disguise herself, but she shows the truest side of herself in front of everyone. Even in ordinary life, she would not hide her emotions. Her feelings and thoughts would be reflected on her face.After Tang Ningshan listens to his words, she nods heads. She is determined not to admit that she is moved and even she wants to cry."Right. The three rooms on the second floor will be done soon. You may be able to move in at night. The first room that should be completed is the room where Pu Jiayi lives." Shao Ruihan immediately shifts the topic."Really? So fast? I thought it would take at least a week to finish." Tang Ningshan looks at Shao Ruihan in surprise. She did not expect these people to finish so fast, she does not know if the decoration could meet her wishes."Let's go and check it." Shao Ruihan says with a smile. There is no furniture in this room. These days, Tang Ningshan does not even change her pajamas before going to bed because there is no wardrobe. He feels a little sorry for her, after all, because of him, they were eager to move here."Yeah." Tang Ningshan nods and responds. After all, she still looks forward to seeing what kind of room her design can make.After dinner, the architect tells Tang Ningshan that the rooms on the second floor of the house have been completed and they could move in. They are now ready to start repairing other rooms.Tang Ningshan rushes upstairs with excitement, and she goes straight to the innermost room. She pushes the door and sees a simple living room. Tang Ningshan nods with satisfaction. She just wants this kind of suite. If her friend comes to her, she can directly invite them to the living room in the bedroom instead of the lobby on the first floor.The living room is not very big, but there is a large balcony connected to the balcony inside the bedroom. The window is a floor-to-ceiling window, which is the style that Tang Ningshan wants at the beginning.