Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 172

Chapter 158: chapter 157-- beautiful view

When Tang Ningshan turns around, she sees Shao Ruihan standing in the room.

Tang Ningshan hesitates for a long time, but she still fails to say thank you to him. Shao Ruihan may have noticed that she is a little moved, smiling and saying "Shan, you are my wife; this is my home too, so you don't have to be moved..."

The words of Shao Ruihan let Tang Ningshan's emotion suddenly dissipate. How could she think that he is a good person? This is obviously her house. Why does it become his home now? This simply makes her not know what to say.

"Huh." Tang Ningshan snorts and prepares to go out to check Pu Jiayi's room.

"You wait here for a while. I will ask them to carry the furniture upstairs first. You will arrange the placement of these things." After so many days with her, Shao Ruihan has learned a truth that Tang Ningshan is a lazy person, as long as you do things according to her mind, she will be very happy.

After Tang Ningshan gives Shao Ruihan a supercilious look, she nods. After all, the most important thing now is to handle the bedroom first. Otherwise, she may not be able to sleep in this room tonight. Besides, in the other room these days, although she takes a bath every day, she always feels uneasy, because it is really uncomfortable to sleep without pajamas.

Within a few minutes, some people carry the wardrobe and other furniture into the room, including some other daily necessities piled up on the first floor. Of course, Shao Ruihan's things have all been moved into this room.

After seeing Shao Ruihan's things, Tang Ningshan raises her eyebrows. Tang Ningshan feels that whatever she says now is no longer working because she has told him to go to other rooms more than once. She decides to let Lee take away his things when he is not at home.

Things are put into the house little by little. When Tang Ningshan completely finishes taking care of the room, it is almost twelve o'clock in the middle of the night. Shao Ruihan has also been helping her by her side as if he is afraid that she would feel tired.

There were several times when Tang Ningshan wanted to ask Shao Ruihan to take a rest, but seeing his determined face, she could only allow him to do so. After all, his wounds are almost healed and he can still do some simple exercises.

"Hey, take a shower and go to sleep." Tang Ningshan puts the quilt on the bed. After confirming that everything is in order, she says directly to Shao Ruihan.

Shao Ruihan does not refuse, going straight into the bathroom to take a shower. Although there is no bathtub inside, it is ok to take a shower.

After Shao Ruihan enters the bathroom, Tang Ningshan goes out from the bedroom and plans to see where Pu Jiayi is.

Out of the bedroom, she sees Pu Jiayi in the living room. It's already too late; Tang Ningshan wonders why he doesn't sleep in his room but stands in the living room.

"Why don't you go to sleep?" Tang Ningshan goes to Pu Jiayi and asks softly.

Pu Jiayi points to the wood in his hand and points to the pile of building materials in the living room.

Tang Ningshan follows Pu Jiayi's lead and discovers many round logs that the architect had placed downstairs. Tang Ningshan understands his meaning immediately. She smiles and touches Pu Jiayi's head.

"If you want these things, I will ask them to leave it to you. It's so late; you have to have a rest early. Right, have you moved to the new room? Have you seen your studio?"

Pu Jiayi shakes his head first and then nods.

"Then go back to sleep now. I will ask someone to move your workbench in tomorrow, and then you can live in the new room."

Pu Jiayi's face shows a happy smile.

"Good boy." Tang Ningshan says. After seeing Pu Jiayi enters his room, she returns to the bedroom. After a busy day, she is very tired now, completely forgetting that the clothes she brought back today are still in the car.

When Tang Ningshan returns to the bedroom, she sees that several boxes that had been placed on the ground belonging to Shao Ruihan are gone. There is no sound of water in the bathroom, and Shao Ruihan is not in the bedroom. Tang Ningshan knows that Shao Ruihan must have taken his suitcase into the cloakroom.

Tang Ningshan walks to the cloakroom, opening the door, and sees an embarrassing picture.

Shao Ruihan is naked in the upper body. He has a bath towel around his waist, and the water on his hair is running down little by little along his smooth back. At this time, Shao Ruihan is hanging his clothes one by one into the closet. When Tang Ningshan opens the door, Shao Ruihan turns back and his bath towel almost falls. Tang Ningshan immediately turns around.

"Are you done? Then change your pajamas and go to bed early." Then she slams the door. She stands still with her face blushing, and she didn't expect to see such a picture anyway.

At the moment when Tang Ningshan closes the door, the bath towel on Shao Ruihan's waist falls. At this time, Shao Ruihan smiles silently. He didn't even think about how the girl who changed his medicine every day would become so innocent? After all, she has already seen his body when changing his medicine.

After closing the door, Tang Ningshan begins to scold herself. When she used to change his medicine, she has already seen his naked upper body. Besides, he also surrounded the bath towel on his waist. Why did her heart beat faster when she saw this scene today?

After blaming herself for a while, Tang Ningshan once again opens the door of the cloakroom, because she also wants to change her pajamas and sleep.

After opening the door, she directly ignores the existence of Shao Ruihan. She takes out a pajama casually from her closet. She doesn't notice what clothes she is taking out. She quickly goes out of the room and rushes to the bathroom.

After locking the toilet door, Tang Ningshan is relieved. There is a big mirror in the bathroom, just opposite the sink, but Tang Ningshan doesn't pay attention to this strange design. She thinks that the purpose of this design is for aesthetic effect, so she doesn't over think it.

After taking off her clothes to take a shower, she takes a bath towel and wipes the water off her body. She is surprised when she takes the pajamas aside.

Damn, why is it so coincidental that she took such pajamas? This fucking is actually sexy underwear. The whole piece of clothing is almost hollow.

Tang Ningshan begins to recall how this pajama came from? She remembered that when Tang Ningshan was still the original owner, Yin Bilu knew that she was going to get married, so she forced her to buy this pajama, and told her that as long as she put on this dress, she would soon be able to complete the task.

The helpless Tang Ningshan can only take off the pajama and intends to change back to the original one. But it happens that the previous clothes are wet with water. Because when she took the shower, the water was too big and the water drenched the clothes directly. Tang Ningshan can only put the pajamas back and put the towel around her. After confirming that she is wrapped up perfectly, she opens the door and stretches her head out. She sees Shao Ruihan lying in bed.

"Shao Ruihan, you have to turn off the light first." Tang Ningshan shouts at Shao Ruihan on the bed. After all, it's strange to go out with a bath towel. If the light is off, she can still feel a little more comfortable.

Shao Ruihan obediently turns off the lights but leaves two wall lights on. He is afraid that without the light, Tang Ningshan would fall down because the curtains are so thick that that is would not let in light at all. There is no light in the room after the lights are turned off.

After feeling the light in the room darkens, Tang Ningshan slowly comes out from the bathroom. Shao Ruihan does not understand why Tang Ningshan asked to turn off the lights, so his eyes have been secretly looking at Tang Ningshan.

When Tang Ningshan comes over, Shao Ruihan feels that his breathing is almost stopped. Her cheeks are reddish and her hair is wetted by water and sticks tightly to her back. The water on the hair runs down along the cheeks and shoulders. Seeing this scene, Shao Ruihan couldn't help but swallow.

Tang Ningshan feels Shao Ruihan's hot eyes, but she could only ignore it. After all, there are only two of them in the room. If her movements are too large at this time, the bath towel on her body will definitely fall. She keeps telling herself to be calm and to ignore him. However, as his gaze stays on her all the time, she begins to feel hot and her face and ears become red. Her heart beats faster; she is like a bride on a wedding night.

Thinking of this, Tang Ningshan shakes her head. How can she have such an idea? Even on the wedding night, the bridegroom will not be the perverted man.

"Come on, I will blow your hair for you." Shao Ruihan doesn't know why, when he sees her dripping hair, he wants to blow them dry.

Tang Ningshan is very happy to hear this. After all, blowing hair is a very troublesome thing. Since someone has proposed to blow her hair, she is also very willing. So she quickly walks over to the bed to sit down.

Shao Ruihan sits up and takes out the hair dryer from the bedside table. He asks Tang Ningshan to put his head on his lap.

The sound of the hairdryer is echoing in the room. Tang Ningshan leans on Shao Ruihan's leg in a sleepy manner. The wind coming out of the hairdryer is also very warm; she feels that at this moment, the years are quiet.

In the feeling of comfort, Tang Ningshan gradually relaxes. Drowsy Tang Ningshan is going to change to a more comfortable position.

Because of her movement, the bath towel falls from her body. A beautiful view appears in front of Shao Ruihan.

Shao Ruihan's action stops, his eyes are fixed on the snow-white skin exposed to the outside. He even begins to recall the feeling of touching Tang Ningshan for the first time.

Tang Ningshan waves her hand, and Shao Ruihan immediately returns to himself. However, he does not enclose her bath towel for her. Although he knows that she had accidentally worn this pajama, he still intends to satisfy his own eyes.

After Shao Ruihan dries Tang Ningshan's hair, Tang Ningshan has fallen asleep on his lap. He gently places the hair dryer on the bedside table before he picks up Tang Ningshan. His movements are very gentle, and he is like being afraid of awakening her.

Putting Tang Ningshan on the bed, Shao Ruihan has begun to sweat. He is not the kind of person who can't control his sexual desire. But he feels that the girl is very special in front of him, but he couldn't tell his feelings, so he could only restrain his movements and eyes.

The night has passed so peacefully. Shao Ruihan does not feel well that night. Tang Ningshan's sleep is very bad, she often turns over, and especially that she likes to sleep with something hugging, which makes Shao Ruihan very painful. He could neither moves nor falls asleep. He has been tortured for the whole night.