Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 173

Chapter 159: chapter 158-- seed shell dropped on the ground
The next morning, Tang Ningshan still wakes up in the arms of Shao Ruihan as usual. Every time when she wakes up, she would hold the person around her because she thought she was holding a plush toy. After discovering that the person whom she is holding is Shao Ruihan, she will suddenly become awake. Today is no exception. When she opens her eyes, she hears a hoarse voice in her ear."Baby, wake up?" Shao Ruihan makes a low and hoarse voice, with a desire and forbearance in the voice.Tang Ningshan looks up in confusion and sees Shao Ruihan's red eyes with blood inside."What's wrong?" "Tang Ningshan sits up directly. She suddenly becomes awake. She thinks that Shao Ruihan's wounds have other problems, so she asks nervously.But after a few minutes, she feels that something is wrong. Shao Ruihan has been silent; his pair of hot eyes has been firmly staying on her body. Even his Adam's apple is rolling up and down, and Tang Ningshan knows that he is swallowing.Following Shao Ruihan's eyes, Tang Ningshan looks at her own body."Ah!" Tang Ningshan screams, and then says "rogue!" At this time, Tang Ningshan becomes hot and red because she is shy; she is like a tomato now. She quickly covers the quilt on her body. However, her movements make Shao Ruihan's body directly exposed to the outside. Although Shao Ruihan is wearing underwear, Tang Ningshan still feels that the scene is embarrassing.Tang Ningshan quickly covers the quilt on Shao Ruihan. This embarrassing story is staged in the bedroom.Looking at such an active Tang Ningshan, Shao Ruihan feels that he should not endure any more. After all, the girl who excites him in bed is his wife.Thinking of this, he does not intend to restrain himself. Shao Ruihan reaches out to pull Tang Ningshan to his side, directly pressing her under his body.He kisses her lips directly. He kisses her gently, and then gradually teases her, hoping that Tang Ningshan could relax.Tang Ningshan feels that today must not be a good day, and her instinct tells her that something must happen today, but she did not expect such a thing to happen.When Shao Ruihan kisses her, she understands that maybe she could not escape today, but she also plans to make the final struggle.Shao Ruihan presses her tightly to prevent her from moving, and her struggling hands are lifted by Shao Ruihan. Her legs are also pressed by his legs. In addition to the nose that can breathe freely, Tang Ningshan can only make a squeaky voice.Feeling that Tang Ningshan has given up the struggle, Shao Ruihan slowly loosens her.Tang Ningshan is like a fish that has left the water and keeps breathing deeply."Baby, I broke your plan last night, you were so sexy, but I had no response. Now I have to make up for it." After that, Shao Ruihan does not give Tang Ningshan an opportunity to explain, he kisses her again. After all, he has been tortured for one night. The reason why he can persist until now is that he wants to see Tang Ningshan's attitude. Although he feels that Tang Ningshan is a little reluctant, now he can't control himself. Shao Ruihan thinks that he has endured a night. Now that Tang Ningshan is awake, there is no need for him to persist.Just when the interaction between the two people is almost going to come to the final step, Tang Ningshan pushes Shao Ruihan away."What's wrong?" Shao Ruihan asks uncomfortably."I suddenly remember that I seem to have promised you something yesterday, but I haven't finished it yet. I plan to go to do it first." After that, Tang Ningshan is about to get out of bed and plans to run away.Shao Ruihan reaches out to grab Tang Ningshan's wrist, so that Tang Ningshan, who has already stood up, falls directly on the bed."Don't you think this thing is more important now?" Shao Ruihan coldly asks.Tang Ningshan shows an awkward smile, although she wants to say no, looking at the dangerous fire in Shao Ruihan's eyes, she feels that if she really says no, she would die very badly."...I have promised you last night. But I fell asleep last night, so I have to hurry up. Don't you think this thing is more important?" Tang Ningshan tries to convince Shao Ruihan.Shao Ruihan is speechless, biting his teeth and saying lowly: "I don't think so!"Tang Ningshan feels that they could not maintain this state. Her eyes turn and she suddenly comes up with a good idea. "I don't care; anyway, I am going to finish this now. If you don't let me go, I won't help you.""You! Very! Good!" Shao Ruihan says these words one by one slowly."Eh..., not bad." Tang Ningshan finishes, immediately getting out of bed and rushing into the cloakroom. She quickly takes off her clothes and picks a set of clothes from the closet. At this moment, she feels safe.Tang Ningshan goes downstairs and drives toward Shao's house. The car is stopped at a place a few kilometers away from Shao's house because she doesn't know if there is any monitoring nearby. What's more, Shao's had a fire several days ago, so the defense measures must be done very well.She parks her car under a tree at the corner. Getting out of the car, Tang Ningshan directly goes into the woods.The location of Shao's house is really too remote, it's like being built in a forest. Therefore, when the fire broke out, it was interpreted as a natural disaster, and Shao's family also could not refute it. After all, the villa is surrounded by woods.Tang Ningshan doesn't think there would be surveillance in the woods, so she runs as fast as she could. She plans to drink a bottle of gene potion to regain her strength when she gets near Shao's house.Tang Ningshan quickly shuttles through the woods, she is like a fish. These trees are not a hindrance to her at all.When she approaches the house, Tang Ningshan suddenly stops. Although she thought that they would increase the defense, she did not expect that there would be so many people patrolling, and even they are carrying guns, which makes her feel helpless."Hum, it seems that the plan should be changed." Tang Ningshan thinks silently. After that, she finds a tree and climbs up.Tang Ningshan spends six hours on this tree. She must first understand when the patrolling person is shifting, and then calculate how many people are patrolling each batch. After learning about this, she can make plans; especially that she needs to enter each room.After Tang Ningshan makes the plan, she realizes that she has forgotten something important. Why does she have to sneak in instead of going in from the main entrance? She is the wife of Shao Ruihan, she can visit every villa. The more Tang Ningshan thinks, the more she feels that this method works. Tang Ningshan could not wait to run back immediately and go in from the main entrance.After planning, Tang Ningshan jumps out of the tree and runs back to find her car.By the time she gets back to where she has parked, almost half of the day has passed. Tang Ningshan thinks that her efficiency is really too low, which is simply delaying her enjoyment of life. She even decides to leave such thing which is a waste of time to Shao Ruihan's soldiers in the future. She is stopped when the car comes to the gate of Shao's house. Tang Ningshan rolls down the window to allow the guard to confirm her identity. Then, she gets into the house.After entering the gate, Tang Ningshan sees Shao Xingsheng's new villa already has a framework, and it may be completed in a few days.After parking the car, she walks into the main villa first. She wants to know if Shao Cheng is at home. If he is not there, she can save a lot of trouble.After entering the house, she sees Steward Wei. When Wei sees her, there is a trace of doubt in his eyes."Mrs. Shao, what do you want?" Wei looks at Tang Ningshan with a questioning look and asks."After the villa was on fire, I went back to tell the situation to Ruihan. He asked me to come to check the process today. After all, he is in charge of Shao's family now, and we still don't know a lot of things, so I come to know about it and report back to him." Tang Ningshan says very calmly, and she does not seem to come with a purpose.Steward Wei nods."Grandpa and Grandma are at home? If they are at home, I will go to chat with them first." Tang Ningshan says with a smile."They are not at home; Mrs. Shao went to the company." Wei begins to wonder if Tang Ningshan is going to investigate Shao Cheng's whereabouts, so he does not say where Shao Cheng went."Oh, in this case, I will walk around in these villas. You will accompany me, or find someone familiar with the house to walk with me and let them tell me what happened recently, I need to report to Ruihan after I go back." Tang Ningshan hears that Shao Cheng and Xiao Leping are not at home, and the mood becomes especially good. In this family, she feels that the most scheming ones are the two old people, and then is Steward Wei. Other people's tactics are nothing compared with Shao Ruihan's."Okay, wait a moment." Wei wants to know the purpose of Tang Ningshan, so he plans to personally take Tang Ningshan to walk around. If she has any unusual behavior, he can also report to Shao Cheng in time.Tang Ningshan nods. She sees a lot of fruits and nuts on the table in the living room, and she walks over to grab a few melon seeds into her pocket.After that, she grabs a handful of melon seeds and holds it in her hand. There are probably dozens of seeds.Sitting in a chair, Tang Ningshan eats the melon seeds, while making plans. Other villas are easy to be handled, but how can she install the equipment in this main house?When Tang Ningshan thinks about it, Wei has already walked over from the side. When he looks at Tang Ningshan, there is no respect in his eyes. He is even very disdainful."Ready? Let's take a look at the main house. After all, the place where Grandpa and Grandma live is the most important." Tang Ningshan says as she stands up and walks toward the stairs.Wei sees that he couldn't stop her, could only follow Tang Ningshan silently. After that, he gives the servant on the side a wink.Unfortunately, the servant is burying her head to clean the carpet and misses the eyes of Steward Wei.Tang Ningshan walks along the corridor without opening the door or entering the room. Occasionally, the seed shell dropped on the ground is kicked into every room by Tang Ningshan, but she does nothing else."Well, it looks pretty good, but I don't know what the material of the wall is. This fire is really a disaster. We must protect the safety of grandparents." After Tang Ningshan puts the electronic worms on the second floor, she sighs in front of Steward Wei.Wei nods. He pays more attention to Tang Ningshan, and he is afraid that he would miss Tang Ningshan's movement.