Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 174

Chapter 160: VOTE

This is a preview, full chapter is comming soon!

hey guys, remember a few days ago that I asked you to choose an option about the way of releasing locked chapter?

one is to divide one chapter into two, then the price for each chapter will reduce (but I don't know whether the total cost will reduce)

the other one is to release two chapter each day but one of them is free

at first, I found that most of you prefer the second, but I saw you guys' comments just now, it seems that more people prefer the first one?

so I want to let you guys vote, which one you prefer(bc I am so confused now, lol, I really don't know your choice)

would you guys mind leaving me a message to let me know which way most of you guys prefer?

1 for the first option (devide into two)

2 for the second option (two chapter, but get one free)

(please only type 1 or 2)

I know that all you guys left here support me and support my novel, so I want to try my best to satisfy you, but yes, I can't satisfy everyone, so I'll choose a way that makes most of you comfortable.

okay, now give me your choice!!!

love you all guys here