Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 175

Chapter 161: chapter 159-- anonymous letter

"Let's go to the first floor to check it. After that, we will go to other villas, especially the rebuilt one. This time, we must be very cautious. The fire road outside must be dug much deeper." Tang Ningshan stimulates Steward Wei with words. After all, Wei is the housekeeper of this house. For many things about Shao's house, maybe Xiao Leping does not know, but Shao Cheng will definitely tell Wei. Tang Ningshan thinks that Wei probably knows everyone and everything well in Shao's house.

"Well, Mrs. Shao, please come with me." Steward Wei does not hesitate. Originally, he did not want Tang Ningshan to go to the second floor. Now she has proposed to leave, so Wei is also willing to see her go downstairs quickly.

On the first floor, Tang Ningshan's movements become more casual. From time to time, she takes out the seeds from her pocket and throws the shells on the ground. After that, she quickly leaves the main house.

Tang Ningshan places electronic insects in each villa. After that, Tang Ningshan deeply feels that Shao's family is way too rich. Although these villas look very ordinary from the outside, when Tang Ningshan visits Shao Xingsheng's new villa, she finds that the materials used in the construction are obviously much better than those she used in the decoration.

Throughout the process, Tang Ningshan's impression in the heart of the Wei is getting worse and worse, from the beginning of disdainful to the present of disgustful. He has been in Shao's house for so many years and has never seen such a rude woman like Tang Ningshan. She walks while eating melon seeds. She even throws the shell on the ground. However, he can't blame her. After all, he is just a housekeeper, and Tang Ningshan is now the nominal wife of the Shao Ruihan. If she complains to Shao Ruihan after she goes home, he will bear serious consequences, even if Shao Cheng is his backing.

After Tang Ningshan leaves the house, Wei immediately calls Shao Cheng to report it.

"Master, Mrs. Shao has been here. She has turned around in every villa. It seems that the young master asked her to come over. Her main purpose is to check the building materials of the house. She also said that the fire barrier between the villas should be deepened to avoid fires." As for the shell, Wei chooses to hide. No matter how Shao Cheng treats him, a housekeeper could not blame his master.

"I see." After listening to Wei, Shao Cheng feels that Tang Ningshan's visit is very strange at first, but then he feels that it is understandable. After all, he has given the matter to Tang Ningshan that day, and now she might just be pretending in front of him that she is serious about it. Shao Cheng thinks Tang Ningshan's visit this time is Shao Ruihan's request because Shao Ruihan wants to change the image of Tang Ningshan in his heart. It seems that Shao Ruihan is in love with this woman. However, Shao Cheng does not want Shao Ruihan to fall in love with this woman. After all, Shao Ruihan's father died because of love, so he does not want Shao Ruihan to experience the same thing. However, he can't control Shao Ruihan's thoughts.

Getting out from Shao's house, Tang Ningshan finally breathes a sigh of relief. After getting in the car, she hears the sound of the system.

"Congratulations to complete the random task, reward you with a research formula, please go to the lab to check."

"..., do you think this reward is useful?" Tang Ningshan asks speechlessly.

"Not bad, but I still hope that you can go in and check it yourself. After all, you didn't come in for training last night, so..."

"Well, I understand, you can get out."

Tang Ningshan knows that many things need to be done in virtual space, especially for research and training. However, recently, Shao Ruihan seems to have discovered something. He always looks at her with a puzzled look. Although every time when she turns around and looks at Shao Ruihan, he would immediately retract his doubts and become expressionless, Tang Ningshan is afraid that he would find her more secrets. She thinks it would be better for her to be cautious. After all, she has exposed so much to him. Although he now seems to be trying to help her keep his secrets, she is not sure that Shao Ruihan will still be indifferent even after he knows about the existence of the system.

On the way home, Tang Ningshan has thought a lot. She understands that now Shao Ruihan does not take any action, does not coerce her, which is the respect Shao Ruihan gives to her. She also intends never to tell anyone about the existence of the system. She knows that if she has no system, she might have fallen in love with Shao Ruihan already. Unfortunately, there is no if in the world.

After driving the car home, she takes the clothes that Yu Huan gave her from her car. As soon as she enters the room, she sees a group of people sitting in the living room, and the expression on each person's face is quite complicated.

Tang Ningshan is somewhat surprised and asks "What happened?"

Shao Ruihan does not speak, but his eyes are cold.

Tang Ningshan frowns and says "What happened?"

"This is the case, girl, we received an anonymous letter, the content is related to you..." Wang Yu feels that under such circumstances, only he can communicate with Tang Ningshan. After all, Shao Ruihan has already got angry.

"Where is the letter?" Tang Ningshan walks over to Wang Yu. She puts her clothes on the sofa on one side and asks seriously.

Wang Yu looks at Shao Ruihan, and Shao Ruihan still does not speak. However, Wang Yu feels that when Shao Ruihan looks at Tang Ningshan, his eyes are getting colder and colder, and it is almost like ice.

"Where is the letter?" Tang Ningshan asks again. But this time, her voice has obviously become bigger.

Shao Ruihan throws the letter in his hand on the table and looks at Tang Ningshan with a complicated look.

Tang Ningshan walks over and grabs the letter on the table. After reading it, Tang Ningshan laughs directly.

"Do you all believe in the content of this letter?" Tang Ningshan asks with a satirical smile on her face.

Several people in the house are remaining silent, including Shao Ruihan.

"It's really interesting. I was fucking going to Shao's house to help you set the monitoring. Now you will reward me with such a thing?

Shao Ruihan, you have to understand, if I didn't want to help you, you can't even find the hackers who invaded your database. Moreover, you may not be able to live now, or you may not find the secrets of human experiments.

However, this anonymous letter is really interesting. It says that I am approaching you with purpose, in order to steal information? What information do you think is worth my love and my body?

Also, it says that I separated from Tang's family just to gain sympathy? And it says that I deliberately suppress my cousin?

You are really smart. "

At this point, Tang Ningshan bursts out laughing. There is a disappointment in her eyes.

"In this case, please leave from my house now. Also, Shao Ruihan, please remove our marriage relationship immediately. This house is bought by myself and has nothing to do with you. Please disappear from my house now. "Tang Ningshan finishes, going straight upstairs.

At this moment, after hearing the words of Tang Ningshan, they feel that they have fallen into the trap. They didn't read all the content of the letter at all. When they saw the letter saying that Tang Ningshan is closing to Shao Ruihan with purpose, they began to suspicion and didn't continue to read the following content, which leads to the current situation. They also feel very sorry for Tang Ningshan.

Shao Ruihan's emotion is the most complicated, but he does not say any word. After Tang Ningshan goes upstairs, he does not have any action. Wang Yu, Lee and several others do not know what to say now.

Just when they want to say something, Tang Ningshan moves a few boxes from the upstairs and places them next to the sofa.

"Please take all these things away. I will send the monitoring video of Shao's house directly to you through the computer. You will monitor it yourself. Shao Ruihan, after I pass the monitoring to you, the content of our agreement will be completed. I think such a stupid agreement-marriage between us should be over. Please leave from my house soon, I hope that when I come out of the room again, I will not see you." Tang Ningshan says immediately and turns around. When she speaks, her expression is so indifferent, and her expression is very firm, she is like preparing to completely sever contact with them.

"Boss..." Lee says, but Shao Ruihan does not react.

Wang Yu opens his mouth, but looking at Shao Ruihan's expression, he does not know what to say. This is their fault, and they cannot blame anyone else. They have been tortured to crazy during this time. Suddenly there is such an anonymous letter, they have to be very vigilant, but they forget that such suspicion would hurt Tang Ningshan.

Shao Ruihan's mind is still playing back the words of Tang Ningshan. She said that the marriage between them is a stupid agreement.

Shao Ruihan clenches his fists, and he seems to be a volcano that is about to erupt. Originally, he was prepared to be furious with Tang Ningshan, but after Tang Ningshan said those words, he could not say any word, and he still did not know how to refute. After all, Tang Ningshan did save him. If there is no help of Tang Ningshan, these following clues would not be found.

Just now he was overjoyed to hear her say that she has given her love. The reason why he didn't run upstairs is that he was thinking about the credibility of her words. But just as he is about to go upstairs, he sees her coming down with his suitcases and saying the last words. It makes him want to shut her mouth and prevent her from saying anything that makes him unhappy or upset.

Shao Ruihan suddenly hits his hand on the table. He continues to emit cold breath.

"Check the source of this letter!" Shao Ruihan says coldly, letting a few people shiver, but no one dares to move.

Lee quietly nods. None of them dare to provoke such violent Shao Ruihan.

After Lee nods, he is ready to go outside. After that, he looks at a few people standing next to Shao Ruihan, and Xiao Lee gives them a wink. Several people also understand what he meant and immediately follow Lee. After all, if they don't leave now, they may be used as a venting tool later. No one wants to be treated like that.

After Tang Ningshan goes upstairs, she feels very uncomfortable. Why should she waste her time helping them check out something that has nothing to do with her? In the end, they still doubt her. Especially when she entered the house, Shao Ruihan's cold eyes made Tang Ningshan's initially pleasant mood fall into the bottom.

Tang Ningshan throws herself on the bed and looks at the ceiling in confusion. She feels that she did participate in too many things of Shao Ruihan during this time. She has exposed too much in front of Shao Ruihan.

"This will not happen in the future..." Tang Ningshan mutters, there is a hint of melancholy in her voice.


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