Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 176

Chapter 162: chapter 160-- don't talk nonsense
Tang Ningshan thinks about it and slowly falls asleep. The original good mood has all disappeared. Sleeping is the best way to recover.When Tang Ningshan wakes up, it is already dark. Tang Ningshan thinks that Shao Ruihan should have left, and now she is finally free. However, the faint sadness and loss in her heart will never dissipate.She opens the door and finds that the lights in the living room have been closed. Tang Ningshan believes that the architects should have left too. After all, they are hired by Shao Ruihan. Now that Shao Ruihan has left, they should also leave.Tang Ningshan does not turn on the lights, going straight into the kitchen, and she is ready to find something to eat. From the morning to the present, almost one day has passed, she has not eaten anything, and her stomach has begun to growl.She takes out a loaf of bread from the refrigerator, which is prepared for Pu Jiayi. Because he doesn't have a fixed time to sleep and eat, and now they have no servants to cook for them, Tang Ningshan bought a lot of bread and stuffed it into the refrigerator. She is hungry now and she feels that she is very foresighted.She smiles mockingly. She takes the bread and pours a glass of milk and then prepares to go back to the room to eat. She goes out of the kitchen with her head hanging and carefully walks back, fearing that she would kick the building materials in the living room.Just out of the kitchen, Tang Ningshan sees a pair of shoes in front of her eyes. She looks up along the shoes and sees straight legs and then a dark face."Ah," Tang Ningshan screams. The bread and milk in her hand fly toward the man's face in front of her.After that, she hears the cup landing, and the glass makes a crisp sound.Tang Ningshan immediately raises her hand and turns on the light in the living room.She turns on the light and the room lights up instantly. Sudden bright makes Tang Ningshan could not help but close her eyes. After that, she sees Shao Ruihan, whose face is covered with milk. He looks very funny.Tang Ningshan does not control her emotions and suddenly bursts into laughter.The milk had been boiled, so when it was taken out of the refrigerator, it is covered with a layer of paste.It happens that this milk paste is now left on Shao Ruihan's head, and the milk is flowing down along his face.Shao Ruihan looks at the girl who is about to laugh her head off, and he really doesn't know what to say at this time. Although he has already revealed a cold expression, the girl is simply an insulator, as if she is immunizing to his anger, she cannot feel it, and her laughter even grows louder and louder."Ha ha ha... ha-ha... you are unlucky." Tang Ningshan laughs and says."..." Shao Ruihan looks at the girl in front of him silently. In the afternoon, she still showed a cold expression, why does she suddenly become like this?"Well, you are here in the middle of the night to let me make you a facial mask?" Tang Ningshan grins. It occurs to her that she has let him go, and why is he still here?"..." Shao Ruihan does not say anything.Tang Ningshan sees that he is silent and she also does not speak. Ignoring Shao Ruihan's presence, she takes out a broom from the kitchen and throws the broken cups into the trash can. As for the milk on the ground, she is going to clean it up after getting up tomorrow.After handling the broken cup, Tang Ningshan does not get a new glass of milk. She just picks up the bread on the ground. The milk has gone; at least, the bread is still there. Tang Ningshan thinks with anger that people really can't be greedy, they can only choose either milk or bread, they can't coexist. After giving Shao Ruihan a supercilious look, she is ready to go upstairs."Tang Ningshan!" Shao Ruihan shouts.Tang Ningshan stands in the same place, does not look back, she is like telling Shao Ruihan that if you have anything, hurry to say, I have no time to talk nonsense with you."Why did you take all my things down? Shao Ruihan has thought about it for several hours but failed to figure out a way to explain it to her. Helpless he turns to Wang Pengxuan, Wang Pengxuan was very generous to help him. Wang Pengxuan told him that rogue can solve anything. After that, he calmly hanged Shao Ruihan's phone. And Shao Ruihan now has no way, but can only follow Wang Pengxuan's words."Because you have to leave here, so I helped you get things down." Tang Ningshan shrugs and says carelessly."Who said I was leaving? Shao Ruihan asks in a deep voice as he stands where he was."It's me!" Tang Ningshan finishes and is ready to go upstairs."Stop!" Shao Ruihan shouts."Shit, if you have something to say, say it out quickly, I don't have time to tell fucking nonsense with you!" Tang Ningshan feels very speechless to Shao Ruihan. She politely told him to leave, he disagreed. Now she can only swear.Shao Ruihan looks at Tang Ningshan with a surprised expression on his face. He has never seen Tang Ningshan speaking in such a tone, oh no, it should be said this way, he had never seen a woman who said such dirty words. All the time, the woman who appears in his world is either gentle or lovely.In Shao Ruihan's world, Tang Ningshan is an unusual existence. When she is gentle, she is gentler than anyone else. When she is lovely, she is just like a kitten. But he doesn't like present Tang Ningshan, who is swearing."Don't swear!" Shao Ruihan feels that Tang Ningshan could not be allowed to develop this bad habit."Then please say what you want to say quickly. I'm going to bed." Tang Ningshan has no patience at all. In the morning, her happy mood was spoiled by him, and her milk has just left her because of him just now. Now he's like educating a kid and is telling her not to swear."This is my home, you are my wife, and I am not going!" Shao Ruihan finishes, quickly walking to Tang Ningshan's side. She pulls Tang Ningshan's arm, letting Tang Ningshan face him."Fuck off! Who's your wife? I'm not your wife. You don't care about our contract-based marriage. Why should I? Since you doubt me, then I will leave your world, I will completely eradicate your doubt!" Tang Ningshan's anger flares up. What made him say that she is his wife? Why doesn't he leave her home? It is clearly her home, and he has no right not to leave."I don't doubt you." Shao Ruihan explains."My ass, do you think I didn't see your cold eyes? Do you think I am blind or I don't have eyes? You can even tell a lie like that? Shao Ruihan, are you so shameless?" Tang Ningshan sneers."..." Shao Ruihan is silent; after all, his attitude towards her during the day was really cold."Hey, hurry, get out of my house. There is no place for you to live. I don't want to see you in the future." After that, Tang Ningshan throws away his hand on her arm, and her face is alienated and indifferent."Impossible!" Shao Ruihan feels that Wang Pengxuan's approach is no use at all; he still should use force to solve everything. The expression on Tang Ningshan's face makes him uncomfortable, he wants it to disappear. After saying, Shao Ruihan picks up Tang Ningshan, doesn't care about her struggle. Tang Ningshan is very strong, her fists hit him, and he can feel the pain from the body, but compared with the sad feeling in his heart, it is nothing."Shao Ruihan! You let me go!" Tang Ningshan beats him harder; she is like if he doesn't let her go, she wouldn't stop hitting him.Shao Ruihan is silent, but he does not stop. Soon, he enters the bedroom."You let me go... let me go! What do you want to do!!!?" Tang Ningshan shouts loudly, not afraid of being heard."What do I want? I think you are quite clear what I want to do!" Shao Ruihan's expression is very cold so that Tang Ningshan feels some fear."Shao Ruihan, let me go!" Tang Ningshan begins to struggle desperately, hoping to break free from the control of Shao Ruihan."No! I will never let you go! I will not let go of you till I die!" After Shao Ruihan finishes this sentence, the two people are stunned at the same time. The time in the bedroom seems to be still, and two people look at each other. They all see a surprised look from the other's eyes.After a while, Shao Ruihan walks toward the bed again. After he puts Tang Ningshan on the bed, he presses directly on her body to avoid Tang Ningshan escape. He doesn't want to play hide-and-seek games with her.Tang Ningshan, who is pressed by him, has not yet woke up from the sentence just now. Her mind is still thinking about the meaning of that sentence.Shao Ruihan pulls the quilt to cover their body. After that, he lies down beside Tang Ningshan; his hand is holding her tightly and locking her tightly in his arms."Sleep!" After Shao Ruihan finishes speaking, he is silent.Helpless Tang Ningshan feels that she must have not slept well, and now she is sleepwalking. She actually heard Shao Ruihan said that he would never let go of her? How can it be?Tang Ningshan has been constantly suggesting herself in the arms of Shao Ruihan.Shao Ruihan looks at the quiet girl in her arms and immediately becomes calm. The feeling of wanting to break out in the afternoon disappears instantly. Soon, he just falls asleep with Tang Ningshan holding.The next morning, the first thing that Tang Ningshan, who wakes up from Shao Ruihan's arms again, does is screaming."Sleep! Don't scream." Shao Ruihan closes his eyes and pulls the screaming Tang Ningshan directly back into his arms. He lifts a leg and places it on the waist of Tang Ningshan. It seems that he really doesn't wake up.Originally Tang Ningshan thinks that since he does not wake up, then she will allow him to continue to sleep. However, Tang Ningshan suddenly realizes that should not he have been driven away by her? How could he sleep here again? Was it not sleepwalking last night?Tang Ningshan looks at him and sees the milk paste that has solidified on the head of Shao Ruihan."You get up!" Tang Ningshan shouts."..." Shao Ruihan still closes his eyes."Shao Ruihan!!!" Tang Ningshan feels that she has shouted these words with her biggest volume. She estimates that her neighbors could hear her voice.But the person who is sleeping with his eyes closed does not seem to hear anything, and there is no movement.Tang Ningshan is so angry now that she couldn't help but gives him a slap.All right. Shao Ruihan also wakes up now, but he stares at Tang Ningshan with an angry fire in his eyes."You... you get up... my pillow!!!" Tang Ningshan is scared by his eyes. But when she sees the milk stain on the pillow, her attention turns from Shao Ruihan to the pillow. She stretches her hands toward the pillow.