Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 177

Chapter 163: chapter 161-- it is wrong of you to do so

Shao Ruihan feels speechless about Tang Ningshan's sudden change of topic. Why is the focus of this girl different from normal people? But he isn't angry with her. Anyway, he had been beaten so many times last night. Although Tang Ningshan has just now slapped him in the face, Shao Ruihan thinks she has no reason to kick him out now.

"Shao Ruihan!!! You pay for my pillow!" When Tang Ningshan sees Shao Ruihan, she is very angry. If he left yesterday, will her pillow not end like this? There are circles one after another on the new pillow; it feels like a map...

"If you fail to clean my pillow today, then you can't go out!" Tang Ningshan feels obliged to teach him a lesson. She now has completely forgotten that she had asked the man in front of her to leave her house yesterday.

Shao Ruihan nods solemnly.

Seeing his attitude, Tang Ningshan directly puts the pillow in her hand into the arms of Shao Ruihan. Since he has nodded, she should let him take action quickly. Otherwise, what if he runs away? Then what about her pillow?

Throughout the morning, Tang Ningshan is lying on the bed and enjoying the sunshine, while Shao Ruihan is obediently washing the pillow in the bathroom.

Probably because the location of the bedroom is very good and the windows are floor-to-ceiling windows, Tang Ningshan has a feeling of being surrounded by the sun when lying on the bed, which is warm and comfortable. Listening to the constant sound of water in the bathroom, she begins to feel very happy.

Unfortunately, the warm picture does not last long and is broken.

Lee suddenly breaks into the door, which shocks Tang Ningshan. She did not expect this to happen in her own home.

Looking at Tang Ningshan who suddenly sits up from the bed, Lee hesitates. Then he still asks "Mrs. Shao, where is the captain? There is something urgent!"

Tang Ningshan glances at the bathroom and then lies down again. She keeps telling herself in the heart to remember to lock the door next time. Whether she's at home or not, this sudden intrusion of her personal space makes her feel uncomfortable.

Lee looks along Tang Ningshan's line of sight. Sure enough, he hears the sound of water in the bathroom.

"... Mrs. Shao, boss... he is taking a shower?" Lee stammers. He suddenly feels that it is not the time to come. If this time they are ... thinking of it, Lee feels a cool feeling on his back.

"Yes, he is taking a shower" Tang Ningshan suddenly stops, blinking and looking at Lee. At the moment when Lee turns around, Tang Ningshan goes on to say, "Taking a shower for the pillow."

Lee, who has already planned to go out, almost falls after hearing the words of Tang Ningshan.

"Mrs. Shao, it is wrong of you to do so. You can't make fun of me like that." In fact, Lee wants to say something else, but after looking at the smiling face of Tang Ningshan, the words he says out immediately change.

"I just want to breathe, I didn't kid you." Tang Ningshan raises her eyebrows and says.

Helpless Lee keeps telling himself, "Don't be angry, she is a girl, she is very childish, there is nothing, and be calm."

Shao Ruihan, who hears the sound of their conversation outside, walks out of the bathroom. He holds a towel in his hand and he walks while wiping his sweat.

Shao Ruihan looks at Lee's helpless expression and is very curious about what had happened just now.

Lee looks at Shao Ruihan, his eyes are full of resentment.

"Come so early?" It seems that Shao Ruihan does not care about what Lee will report.

After hearing Shao Ruihan talking, Lee immediately changes his expression, which makes Tang Ningshan stunned. She always thought that only a woman could switch expressions so quickly. She didn't expect Lee to have this skill. Thinking of this, Tang Ningshan's eyes look up and down on Lee.

Lee nods and looks at Tang Ningshan next to Shao Ruihan. He does not speak.

"You can go outside to talk." The smile on Tang Ningshan's face disappears. Leaving them with such a sentence, she goes out of the bed to go to the cloakroom.

When she passes through Shao Ruihan, she is dragged. After that, Shao Ruihan glances at Lee.

Lee suddenly feels a flash of cold light flashing from his eyes, and his concerns also disappear.

"Well, we've just heard that one of our spies has been arrested. He needs to be rescued." Lee says the main point in a nutshell. He doesn't give away any redundant information at all.

Shao Ruihan frowns. This is really not good news.


Lee subconsciously looks to Tang Ningshan.

"Tell me the location!"

Shao Ruihan's voice echoes in Lee's ears like a thunder.

"He was caught in the virgin forest near the border. I guess they have already left the country." Lee says, sneaking a look at Shao Ruihan.

Shao Ruihan does not live up to his expectations. The towel that has always been in his hand flies directly toward Lee's head.

Lee stands in the same place and does not dodge.

"So what were you doing? When was he caught? Why are you only reporting now?" Shao Ruihan deadpan reprimands him.

Lee prevaricates, "boss, last night, I called you, your mobile phone was shut down..., so...."

"..." Shao Ruihan has no idea how to scold him; he can only stare at him angrily.

Lee feels very embarrassed, and Shao Ruihan could not blame him at all. He did not expect that group of people would leave the country. Fortunately, he sent people to track, and it is estimated that they have caught up with them now.

Shao Ruihan goes into the cloakroom without even closing the door and quickly takes off his clothes. He takes a uniform from inside. From undressing to wearing military uniforms, he probably takes less than a minute.

"Let's go." Shao Ruihan says as he walks toward the door.

Tang Ningshan watches the two of them leave. She doesn't know how she feels now.

Soon, there is only Tang Ningshan left in the room, but in a few minutes, someone suddenly knocks at the door. Tang Ningshan thought that maybe Shao Ruihan forgot to take something with him and immediately opens the bedroom door.

When she opens the door, she sees Li who is holding two insulated lunch boxes, in front of her eyes.

"...Mrs. Shao, the boss let me send you breakfast." After Tang Ningshan opens the door, Li quickly says.

After Tang Ningshan smiles awkwardly, she nods. She takes one of the lunch boxes from Li.

"You send the rest of this to Pu Jiayi." Tang Ningshan thinks for a while and says.

"His breakfast has already been sent, you can rest assured. I am going to the living room downstairs and waiting for someone to come to continue to renovate. I guess this renovation will be completed in a few days." After that, he puts a few sheets of paper on the table on one side.

"Mrs. Shao, the captain said these things are what you need. He also said that if you have an idea, tell them directly, then they will design according to your drawings."

Tang Ningshan nods. Of course, she does not read the contents of the paper. Li leaves after he finishes speaking.

Looking at the breakfast on the table, Tang Ningshan knows that there is an emotion in her heart that is constantly fermenting, but she could not stop it.

She opens the lunch box with porridge and a few appetizers. She feels very warm.

She is drinking porridge while looking at the pattern on the paper.

To be precise, these are not designing drawings, but planning drawings. It makes a simple plan for all the locations outside the villa of Tang Ningshan, which marks the buildings that should be built in different locations.

Tang Ningshan finds that one of Shao Ruihan's plans is completely in line with her idea, which is to build a glass house in the backyard and then build a swimming pool in the glass house. And the swimming pool is surrounded by trees. For the rest of the backyard, he drew a box with 'training ground' on it. Of course, what Tang Ningshan is most satisfied with is the words he has written on the drawing "all the outer walls must be three meters higher."

Although this will increase a lot of costs, after the last experience, Tang Ningshan has a sense of crisis. She feels that as if dangers are always present. She doesn't even want to pull open the curtains in the house now; being afraid that someone will find their whereabouts.

After watching Shao Ruihan's plan, Tang Ningshan could not wait to communicate with the architect. After all, the pool cannot be built in a short time, let alone the glass room.

After breakfast, she puts the meal box aside and prepares to discuss her idea with the workers first.

As soon as she goes downstairs, she sees a dozen people working hard. Tang Ningshan suddenly feels a little embarrassed. Although these people are hired by Shao Ruihan, they are working so hard to help her decorate the house. Should she treat them a meal?

Just as Tang Ningshan is hesitating, the architect last time comes up to her.

"Madam, do you have any idea about the design outside the villa?" The architect goes straight to the subject, revealing a hearty smile.

Tang Ningshan nods and hands the drawings in her hand to him.

"Perfect. In this case, we can start constructing now, and I think it should be completed soon." The architect looks at the drawing while saying.

"Thank you." Tang Ningshan smiles politely.

"No problem. If you have any idea, feel free to tell us." Architect says.

Just as the two people are discussing, Li comes over. He stands beside Tang Ningshan. The architect feels that he should have something to say to Tang Ningshan, nodding to Tang Ningshan. After that, he turns and buries himself into the renovation.

"Mrs. Shao, Lin just said that Commander Shao let you go home at six in the afternoon," Li said softly in the ear of Tang Ningshan.

"Well, I see." Tang Ningshan says, and her happy mood also disappears. They call her back as soon as Shao Ruihan leaves. This must be a plot of Shao Cheng, Tang Ningshan thinks.

But Tang Ningshan knows that no matter what will happen, she has to go at night, and she can't shame Shao Ruihan. Otherwise, the unlucky one will only be her own.

Tang Ningshan decides to go upstairs to have a rest. She wants to resume her fighting power so that she can fight against those people at night.

In Tang Ningshan's heart, going to Shao's house is no different from going to the battlefield. This is the battlefield without smoke; they kill people without spilling blood.

When Tang Ningshan is about to go to sleep, the phone rings.

She picks up the phone and the name on the screen is Yu Huan. Turning on the speaker, she puts the phone aside and lies down on the bed.

"What's wrong, Huan."