Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 178

Chapter 164: chapter 162-- the feeling of fluster
"Have you read today's newspaper?" Yu Huan's voice is a bit eager."No, what happened? Why are you so anxious?" Tang Ningshan asks curiously."Something about Shao's family has been reported by the news. You will open the computer to read the news." Yu Huan thinks that Tang Ningshan is unaware of it and can only let her read the report."Oh, ok, I know." After Tang Ningshan answers, she hangs up the phone quickly.Getting out of the bed, she takes the laptop on the dresser. She uses a browser to open a web page with news.There is a big picture above; there are Shao Ruihan's few uncles, and Shao Cheng. The few uncles are on the same picture, and Shao Cheng's picture is a separate image.Tang Ningshan does not read the contents of the report, but the title attracts the attention of Tang Ningshan. "The human body research is to benefit the society or to be selfish?"The content of the report is related to human trials, for example, interviewing the deans of hospitals and asking them what they think about the experiment.And everyone's arguments are very different. The only thing they have in common is that they neither recommend human trials nor devalue those people's behaviors.When the reporter asked: "If there are certain things that can promote human development, will you do similar human experiments?"Their answer is quite consistent and affirmative. "We will never do this." Of course, no one knows if they will follow what they have said in the dark.After reading these reports, Tang Ningshan does not worry about that she will be embarrassed by Shao's families tonight. After all, the Shao's family is implicated in the incident, which has been widely publicized online. She thinks that the whole world knows about it now. When she goes back at night, all she has to do is watch the show quietly. Probably no one would bother her.She spends the whole morning reading the news, each of which is followed by countless anonymous messages. Mostly, the comment is denouncing these people and accusing them of inhumanity.There are a few comments that make Tang Ningshan so excited, and even she is eager to make her own comments, but she does not do it. This news also makes her suddenly think of Ni Zizhu's words that day. Is this what Ni Zizhu called the handle about Shao's family?Tang Ningshan feels that things should not be as simple as it shows. Perhaps General Ni also knows some other things, but the evidence is not in the hands of Ni Zizhu, and the news that is now bursting out is just the tool that Ni Zizhu threatens Shao's family.At about five o'clock in the afternoon, Tang Ningshan begins to prepare. She simply makes a light makeup and takes out a dress from the closet. After all, she doesn't know why they called her back, so she thinks she'd better dress up a little more formal. She puts on a pair of high heels, taking a bag and going straight downstairs.When Tang Ningshan goes downstairs, Li stands up immediately. Tang Ningshan says with a smile "I drive by myself, you stay at home.""Mrs. Shao..." Li's words have not been finished yet, and Tang Ningshan waves at him to stop him from speaking."Don't worry, I have a driver's license, you stay at home." Tang Ningshan says carelessly, going out of the door.The speed is very slow. When the time is just six o'clock, Tang Ningshan just parks the car in front of the house.Today, Steward Wei does not meet her outside the door, but Tang Ningshan does not care. She estimates that she is a substitute in the hearts of all Shao's families. However, there is no suitable person to replace her now; otherwise, she will not stay in the existing position for such a long time.Inside the house, she sees the living room fills with people, many of whom Tang Ningshan has never seen before. Most of them are wearing military uniforms.After Tang Ningshan enters the door, the voice of the discussion in the room stops instantly, and everyone's eyes fall on her.Tang Ningshan is not nervous, and her face shows a decent smile. She respectfully walks to the front of Shao Cheng, bowing and saying, "Grandpa."Shao Cheng glances at her and nods, but Shao Cheng does not talk to her.After that, she can only stand behind Shao Cheng. After all, everyone is discussing the issue; she can't stand in the crowd.The topics discussed by these people are nothing more than today's news reports. Now they can only find a way to solve this problem or remedy it.After a whole day of discussion, they fail to think of a good strategy. Shao Cheng thinks for a moment and says "Ningshan, do you have any ideas?"Shao Cheng's words make everyone's eyes in the house focus on Tang Ningshan. However, their eyes are full of incredibility and strangeness, while there is no expectation in it.Tang Ningshan pretends to think, after a while she says "Grandpa, I really have no way. If the photo is real, we may only allow these uncles to admit it. They may need to apologize in public."After all the people in the house hear the words of Tang Ningshan, their faces show a disapproving expression. If an apology is useful, do they still have to sit here to discuss? They can solve it directly by opening a press conference.Shao Cheng is silent, and Tang Ningshan does not know what he is thinking.When Shao Cheng thinks about it, the house becomes so quiet that the sound of the needle landing could be heard.Shao Cheng's expression is constantly changing; finally, he shows a certain expression. He waves to Steward Wei. Wei immediately attaches his ear to Shao Cheng.After that, Shao Cheng motions Wei to do it immediately.After a few minutes, Shao Cheng's expression returns to normal, as if nothing had happened."Thank you for coming. There will be news tonight, you can rest assured." Shao Cheng looks around. He may be checking who is absent today or observing everyone's expression. After that, there is a smile on his face."Commander, this is what we should do.""Yes. It is our pleasure to help you solve the problem.""Exactly. Besides, it's not a big deal. Even if the Commander wants us to go to war, we'll get together quickly."Several people compliments. In the eyes of Tang Ningshan, these people are a group of hypocritical people. She understands that after such news broke out today, the people who came to Shao's house to participate in the discussion are either smart or fool. Obviously, most of these people are smart people. After all, the Shao's family is in such a position, as long as they are not subjected to a fatal blow, it is estimated that their status will never be affected.After the group leave, Tang Ningshan still stands behind Shao Cheng without moving. After all, she fails to watch this show, and then she could only act a show.Shao Cheng reaches out to point to the chair next to him and motions Tang Ningshan to sit down.Tang Ningshan does not hesitate. She sits down, lowering her head and pretending to be humble.After Tang Ningshan sits down, Shao Cheng says "Ningshan, you will enter the company to familiarize yourself with the situation from next week." Shao Cheng's words give Tang Ningshan a strange feeling."Next week? Tang Ningshan thinks there must be something strange about it. There is an expression of surprise on her face, but she is not flustered."Yes, start from next week. The purpose of calling you today is to tell you about it. Your grandmother means that you will be an assistant first to familiar with the company. Although the assistant has more work than others, this is the fastest way to understand the company. Only after you understand the company's situation, we can hand over the company to you later." Shao Cheng has no expression, Tang Ningshan can only nod."Then you are free to go. I still have something to deal with, you should go back first. By the way, how is Ruihan doing recently?" There is a hint of inquiry in Shao Cheng's eyes.When she hears this sentence, Tang Ningshan feels a little suspicious. Shao Ruihan went out to rescue the spy, why doesn't the Commander know about it?Tang Ningshan believes that this is Shao Cheng's temptation to test the relationship between her and Shao Ruihan. She cautiously replies "Grandpa, he is on a mission."Shao Cheng's eyes flash a bit of emotion quickly, but Tang Ningshan fails to capture it.But at this moment, Tang Ningshan feels a little panic.Shao Cheng picks up the teacup on the table, taking a sip of tea, and says with his eyes closed "Okay, go back."Tang Ningshan could only put down the feeling in her heart and stands up and says to Shao Cheng, "Grandpa, I will go back, you should rest early."After Tang Ningshan finishes, Shao Cheng does not say anything more. Out of the house, Tang Ningshan always feels that something is going to happen. However, she does not know what her intuition means.After arriving home, Tang Ningshan is still in the feeling of fluster just now. She always feels that after entering the company, her life would not be very smooth. However, she has no choice. Shao Ruihan is not here now; she can only complete her duties according to the agreement between them. Going to the company is also an inevitable thing.Tang Ningshan shakes her head and hopes that she would not be affected by such emotions. Just when she is preparing to go back to the bedroom, she sees Pu Jiayi standing on the stairs. His hands are behind him with a pure smile on his face.Tang Ningshan sees him and asks, "Have you eaten?"Pu Jiayi nods.Tang Ningshan asks with a gentle smile: "Do you have something to talk to me?"Pu Jiayi keeps his mouth open, and after a long time, he whispers "yes." His voice is especially low. If it wasn't for Tang Ningshan's amazing hearing, she would suspect that the sound is ultrasound."Then you enter the room with me." Tang Ningshan thinks that they could not stand on the stairs to chat. After all, there are outsiders at home. Since he has something to say, then they should go into the room and talk.Two people enter the bedroom in tandem. At this moment, Tang Ningshan feels that the existence of this living room is quite necessary. She does not want others to sit in her bed to chat with her.After entering the house, Tang Ningshan let Pu Jiayi sit down. Although his voice is very small, Tang Ningshan feels that his pronunciation has no problem. He did not speak because he is shy, or does not speak often... Of course, this is only Tang Ningshan's guess.After Pu Jiayi sits down, he seems a bit cautious. Tang Ningshan smiles helplessly."Well, relax. Tell me what you want. If the carving tools are not enough, or if you think the house is small, you will tell me now. I will let them change the structure of the room." Tang thinks these are the purposes of his talk with her today. After all, his carving tools take up a lot of space.