Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 179

Chapter 165: chapter 163-- gift

Pu Jiayi shakes his head and says softly: "No, I have something for you..."

Tang Ningshan listens to his smaller and smaller voice. She has the urge to hit the wall, but she couldn't say anything to blame him when facing such clear eyes of him. She can only bear this pain silently.

"What kind of thing?" Although her heart is roaring, the sound is very gentle when she speaks.

Pu Jiayi hesitates for a moment, his hands slowly extend to Tang Ningshan in front him.

Tang Ningshan watches Pu Jiayi carefully put his wood carving on the table.

Tang Ningshan takes it up and puts it in her hand to look carefully. Wood carving is only as big as the palm, but it is very delicate. It is very easy to see that the figure carved on this wood carving is Tang Ningshan.

"You want to give it to me?" Tang Ningshan asks with a surprise in her eyes.

Pu Jiayi nods, his face turns a little red.

Tang Ningshan suddenly laughs out loud, letting Pu Jiayi who is already blushing suddenly become like an apple, even his neck begins to turn red.

After Tang Ningshan sees his shy look, she shakes her head with a smile on her face and says, "Well, I am not laughing at you. But you have to remember that the next time when you talk to me, speak a little louder. I don't want you to keep silent or always immerses in your own world. I really like the gift you sent me. I hope to receive more in the future."

Just as Pu Jiayi wants to nod, Tang Ningshan continues "And, I don't want you to miss meals and sleep every day for the sake of making sculptures. Carving is your hobby, I can understand that, but if you keep such an irregular life, you can easily get sick."

After Pu Jiayi listens to her words, his eyes begin to redden. The tears in his eyes are flashing, which shocks Tang Ningshan. What did she say? Why does he suddenly become like this?

"..., good boy, I am not blaming you, just reminding you to pay attention to your health." Tang Ningshan can only remedy it. However, after she finishes speaking, Pu Jiayi does not have any signs of getting better, but his expression becomes worse.

This let Tang Ningshan feel helpless. She used to think that no matter what the situation is, she could handle it easily. However, in the face of thing like this, she really can do nothing. After all, she has never been with children and she doesn't know how to communicate with them.

Tang Ningshan anxiously circles around Pu Jiayi, hoping that he would stop crying. Moreover, she does not dare to continue to speak, she worries that her words would stimulate him to shed more tears, and then herself would become an eternal sinner.

"Sister, except for my master, no one cares so much about me..." Pu Jiayi mutters, there is a trace of moving in his voice.

Tang Ningshan listens to his words and breathes a sigh of relief. It turned out that he is moved to cry.

"You can rest assured. You are my brother, we will always be together. I will always care about you." Tang Ningshan comforts him.

Sure enough, this method is very useful to Pu Jiayi. After listening to her words, his eyes suddenly light up, as if he is very yearning.

The two continue to chat, but most of the time, Tang Ningshan is talking, and Pu Jiayi just nods or shakes his head. Tang Ningshan feels that she is talking to herself, so she lets Pu Jiayi go back to sleep. Pu Jiayi is also very obedient and returns to his room quietly.

After Pu Jiayi goes out, Tang Ningshan immediately returns to her bedroom. After entering the room, she takes a deep breath. She has a sudden sense of victory as if she has tamed a horse, but it is a gentle one.

This time, Tang Ningshan remembers to lock the door. After locking the doors of the bedroom and the bathroom, Tang Ningshan takes a shower and changes her pajamas. She is lying in bed and begins to browse the news. She wants to see if Shao Cheng has thought of any way to solve this problem.

Comments on the Internet vary. Many websites have this news on their front pages, and many websites are even tracking this event in real time. However, every time Tang Ningshan clicks in, she finds that the reports are what she had seen in the morning. Bored Tang Ningshan intends to ask Yu Huan about his opinion.

"Huan, are you asleep? What do you think of this news? Tang Ningshan thinks Yu Huan should not sleep at this time. After all, hackers are night owls. How could they go to bed so early?

Unfortunately, Tang Ningshan is wrong. After a long time, she fails to receive Yu Huan's reply, so she has to put the computer aside. Anyway, she is very idle now, and then she will go into the virtual space to check the award that the system gave.

After entering the virtual space, Tang Ningshan finds that the environment inside seems to have changed. The gray space is suddenly bright.

"What is going on?" Tang Ningshan says to herself.

"How do you feel? After the integration, I upgraded myself. After that, the virtual space becomes like this, am I amazing?" The system proudly says.

"Then you know how the video came from now?" After Tang Ningshan hears the system, she asks, with a hint of dignity on her face.

"Well." The tone of the system is very different now. Its voice is deep and sad.

Tang Ningshan does not understand what the system found and why the finding makes it become like this. "Tell me, what is going on."

Tang Ningshan feels that since the truth had been found, she would know sooner or later. It's no use running away now; she might as well face the reality calmly.

"Master, I hope that you can listen to what I am going to say with a very indifferent attitude. After listening, I hope that you can remain calm."

In the face of such a serious tone of the system, Tang Ningshan is suddenly scared. There is a hint of uneasiness on her face, but she also understands that she could not escape, she must face it all. Instead of passively receiving this information, she should take the initiative to face it, so that she would feel more comfortable.

Tang Ningshan nods solemnly.

"The source of the video has been found and it was retained by my previous generation.

The woman in the video is your mother, and my previous generation is parasitic on your mother.

Before your mother gave birth to you, your father didn't think you are his biological child, so your mother let the system strip your soul and wanted you to have a simple childhood. And the soul of the original owner of this body was fabricated. The expiration time of soul stripping is when you are 23 years old.

In other words, if you didn't die after the last explosion, you would die because of other accidents. After that, you would be reborn into this body.

And after your mother had sent your soul away, the system in her body had basically no energy. So that video should be regarded as the advice left to you before your mother died. She hoped that you would not end up like her. "

Tang Ningshan is shocked when she hears the system's words. She is in a trance and even thinks that she is listening to a joke.

The system knows Tang Ningshan's inner thoughts, but it does not know how to comfort her. Although it is a versatile system, it does not understand human emotions.

"I need to be quiet." After Tang Ningshan finishes, she leaves the virtual space. In her mind, she constantly recalls every word that the system said just now. She heard every word carefully, but now she hopes she doesn't know the truth at all. She thinks she needs to calm down; otherwise, she will drive herself crazy.

She gets up and rushes into the bathroom, standing under the shower with her clothes wearing. The cold water sprinkles from the shower and drenches Tang Ningshan from head to feet.

Tang Ningshan suddenly wonders whether the lab where her mother was trapped was founded by General Ni. Did the subject they discussed in the living room that day be her mother?

At this moment, Tang Ningshan hates herself very much. Why is she angry with Shao Ruihan? If she helps Shao Ruihan earlier, could they have found General Ni now? Is she able to know if the woman is her mother now?

The more she thinks, the more Tang Ningshan feels that all are her fault. Tang Ningshan desperately knocks her head with her hand.

"Master, it is useless to hurt yourself like this. You should now keep a clear head to find out the truth." The system reminds her.

"Yes, yes, I have to know if that person is my mother..." Tang Ningshan mutters in despair.

Tang Ningshan, who has been standing under the shower, is now pale. Her body keeps shaking, but she does not leave the shower.

The system feels that the previous words don't work; it can only change the strategy. "Master, if you are sick, you will only miss more things and waste more time."

After Tang Ningshan hears it, she seems to be awakened. She gradually returns to herself.

Lifting somewhat stiff hands, she turns the water into hot water. Her body slowly warms up. Tang Ningshan feels that she had never known exactly what she is going to do like the present moment.

Out of the bathroom, the system gives Tang Ningshan a bottle of healing potion. Although Tang Ningshan's body is already strong, her mind is still too weak. It worries about that there would be something wrong with Tang Ningshan, so it gives her a potion and wants her to return to normal.

Tang Ningshan, who has finished the potion, is lying on the bed. The water on the hair infiltrates the pillow, but Tang Ningshan seems to have not found it, and she closes her eyes tightly. She keeps saying to herself: "Hurry up to sleep. Tomorrow will be coming soon."

Throughout the night, Tang Ningshan lingers between waking and dreaming. Her mother's painful expression and screams keep running through her mind.

At five o 'clock in the morning, Tang Ningshan gets up from the bed. She is pale, her eyes are scattered, and she has dark circles under her eyes.

After getting out of bed, she is going to go out after changing her clothes. She wants to talk to Tang Yichun very much. She thinks that Tang Yichun must know something about her mother.

Downstairs, she sees Li sitting on the sofa, he looks energetic.

Li is a little surprised to see Tang Ningshan. He stands up at once and asks, "Mrs. Shao, why do you get up so early?"

Tang Ningshan nods and says without any expression on her face: "I am going out."

She does not pay attention to Li's expression. The only thought she has in her heart is to go to Tang's house to find Tang Yichun.

When Li reacts, Tang Ningshan has already driven away. When Li rushes out, Tang Ningshan leaves him with only exhaust.

When she arrives at the Tang's house, the door is closed. Tang Ningshan sits in the car and keeps pressing the horn, waiting for someone to open the door.

After a while, a person comes out of the house. Tang Ningshan looks at this person carefully. She finds that she had never seen this person. But this is not important; she only wants to enter the door now.