Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 18

Chapter 4: chapter 4--his family

"Don't talk too much later."

After the car stops, Shao Ruihan gets out of the car, and stands still to wait for her. When she gets out of the car, she takes him by the arm, showing a shining smile.

A steward with professional smile comes forward and bows to them. He wears a clothing, which is simple but looks noble. He gives Tang Niangshan who is standing by Shao Ruihan a look, then says

"Mr Shao, grandpa has waited you for a long time, come with me."

"Mr Wei, why did you come?" There is a sense of warm in Shao Ruihan's eyes.

"Grandpa asked me to welcome you and... Mrs Shao." When steward Wei said "and", he pauses, and seeing that there are other people here, then continues to say "Mrs Shao".

"Let's go" Shao Ruihan glances at the people around indifferently, then follows Mr Wei to walks towards the villa on the middle.

"What's your opinion about this party. Why will they hold this party?" A man whispers to the people near him.

"Who knows? But according to the attitude of steward Wei, those two people are not as simple as we think." Another man says.

"You don't know that he is Shao family."

"Heh, so what? He is just a soldier." A young man with a red hair and handsome face says ironically.

People see him, then make room for the middle road. Some even approach to this young man.

"Mr Shao, why is there a party today?"

"Didn't you see that? Why are you asking me? My little brother will introduce his wife to us." The young man says impatiently.

"Oh, I get it, I'm sorry." The man sees his expression, and begins to regret to ask.

"Heh, let's see. There are something interesting tonight."

The young man stops talking, then walks towards the villa.

Tang Ningshan and Shaoruihan have followed steward Wei came into the villa. Finally they arrive at a room on the top floor of the house, steward Wei knocks the door lightly.

"Come in." The sound spreads out from the room.

"Mr Shao, your grandson comes."

"Shaohan, come here to sit"

"Yes, grandpa."

Now Tang Ningshan doesn't what to do, but she has to keep smiling. According to the situation, is their marriage not permitted by his grandpa? She is thinking.

"Ningshan, come to say hello to grandpa." Shao Ruiahan's gentle attitude makes her nervous.

She walks to grandpa calmly, and nods lightly.

"Nice to meet you, grandpa, I'm Tang Ningshan." The smile on her face become more and more sweet.

The old man with gray hair on the sofa is wearing an uniform, but he seems athletic. He squints his eyes, and with a powerful aura. He has a fierce look in his eyes. His whole body reeks of murder.

She can only stand her nervous, showing her calm to him.

"Shaohan, have you decided? Now you have the chance to change." Shao Cheng looks at her. His words makes her uncomfortable.

"Yup, I have decided." Shao Ruihan nods.

Shao Cheng stars at him for a while. Then gives the steward a gesture.

"So, let's downstairs together."

Shao Cheng stands up, then walks towards the door. When passing through her, he gives her a look. After he gets out of the room, Tang Ningshan can finally be relaxed.

"Eh...didn't I find any trouble for you?" Tang Ningshan asks sincerely.

"Mind your own business."

Shao Ruihan follows to walk out,seeing that she still didn't move.

"keep up."

Tang Ningshan runs to follow his step, takes his hand, then she finally feels safe. It's not comfortable to be stared at by others, especially the one reeks of murder. If he stares at her for a longer time, her legs must get weak.