Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 180

Chapter 166: chapter 164-- it has nothing to do with you
The one who comes out to open the door is a middle-aged man; he puts his head out of the door, looking at Tang Ningshan angrily. His tone is quite bad, and he says to Tang Ningshan "who are you? Do you know where here is? Why do you keep honking in here?"After Tang Ningshan listens to him, she glances at the man angrily. The man is instantly stunned. Tang Ningshan ignores him. Since the door is open, she can go straight in.She Pulls the key out and gets out of the car, her movements are very fast. She walks directly toward the gate. The middle-aged man immediately goes to stop her.Tang Ningshan pushes him away directly.The middle-aged man immediately shouts: "Who are you? How can you get in? If you don't stop, I will call the police!!!"When seeing that Tang Ningshan doesn't stop, the middle-aged man's anger comes up. "Stop, where do you come from? How dare you break into people's houses? Do you know where here is? Do you think this place is accessible to people like you?"After entering the living room, Tang Ningshan goes straight to the second floor. Her footsteps do not stop because of the man's words.The middle-aged man has no way but to open his mouth shouting: "hurry up, someone broke into the house, she is a thief!!!"The man's voice is so loud that all the people in the house hear him. They rush out of the room. Although Tang's family does not have a particularly high social status, it is also a rich family so they have employed a lot of servants. Looking at the servants who come out of the room, the middle-aged man has a sneer on his face.Tang Ningshan is completely unaffected by them and continues to go upstairs.Suddenly, she is stopped by a maid.She knows this woman who stops her. She was promoted from the nanny to the present position by Yin He. Now she is to some extent Tang's house's steward. Everyone calls her Aunt Li, and it is said that this Aunt Li is a fellow countryman of Yin He. Since Yin He married Tang Yichun, Aunt Li entered Tang's house to be a babysitter. She has always stayed in Tang's house until now.Aunt Li stands in front of Tang Ningshan, with a look of annoyance and contempt on her face, saying to Tang Ningshan: "Miss Tang, I heard that you have broken off the relationship between father and daughter with my master. I don't know why you bother us so early in the morning, but I hope you understand that this is no longer your home; your behavior is called breaking into the house!Tang Ningshan is not angry and laughs. She pushes Aunt Li, who is in front of her, and pushes her down the stairs. Luckily, the steps are not high, even if she falls, she will not be injured. In fact, even if she is really injured because of her, Tang Ningshan will also not care. Now Tang Ningshan is urgent, she just wants to find Tang Yichun.Aunt Li suddenly becomes angry. She looks at the servants around and immediately shouts "What are you looking at, stop her quickly. If she angers the master and the madam, who do you think will bear this responsibility?"When the servants hear Aunt Li's words, they step forward and immediately surround Tang Ningshan. Tang Ningshan is not going to move now; she is standing in the same place and looking upstairs. Downstairs is so noisy; she thinks that even if a pig is sleeping in the room, it should be reacting now.Unfortunately, a long time has passed, the people in the room does not come out.So, Tang Ningshan takes a deep breath and exhausts all her strength, shouting: "Tang Yichun, you come out!"The surrounding servants are all scared by her deafening shouts. The people upstairs finally come down."What are you doing here? Not is early morning, you are rude!" Yin He is wearing a lilac pajama and stands on the second floor, scolding."Ask Tang Yichun out!" Tang Ningshan does not want to see Yin He at all now, so her tone is quite angry.Yin He hears Tang Ningshan's words and is stunned. "What do you want? He is still sleeping. If you need anything, I can help you."Tang Ningshan ignores her and prepares to go upstairs to find him."You stop, this is my home, and you have no right to go upstairs!" Yin He points to Tang Ningshan's nose. Her eyes are full of hatred. As soon as she reaches out, Tang Ningshan sees that the pieces of meat under Yin He's armpit are purple.Tang Ningshan feels sick. She is not willing to look at Yin He. She is supposed to push her away. But before she touches her, Yin He falls to the ground. After Tang Ningshan glances at her speechlessly, she walks toward the door of the bedroom.Pushing the door open, she sees Tang Yichun who is still sleeping in bed. Tang Ningshan does not speak; she directly drags the person sleeping on the bed to the ground.At this time, all the servants and Yin He are standing at the door. Seeing Tang Ningshan's angry appearance, they feel that as if Tang Ningshan is going to kill Tang Yichun. Several timid servants all step back a few steps. Soon, there is only Aunt Li and the middle-aged man who opened the door for Tang Ningshan left around Yin He.Yin He's expression suddenly changes. Tang Yichun still hasn't woken up. If she doesn't stop her, Tang Ningshan will find Tang Yichun's abnormality. "Tang Ningshan, you stop, even if you are separated from the father-daughter relationship, then he is also your father, you can't do this to him."Tang Ningshan sneers, her eyes are full of anger. She glances at Yin He, and Yin He subconsciously steps back. Yin He reaches out and pulls Aunt Li in front of her. After regarding Aunt Li as a shield, she seems to have the confidence and asks "What do you want to do!""I am looking for him; it has nothing to do with you." Tang Ningshan does not look at Yin He. She just wants to find a way to wake up Tang Yichun. She just wants to find the answer quickly.Looking around in the room, her eyes fall on the bathroom. Tang Ningshan drags Tang Yichun directly into the bathroom and throws him on the ground. She turns on the water and adjusts the water flow to the maximum. The water drenches directly on the face of Tang Yichun. However, the sleeping Tang Yichun still has no reaction.Seeing this situation, Tang Ningshan suddenly feels that Tang Yichun must have been drugged. Besides, even if he is unconscious, he will not be completely unresponsive. So she decides to go to the hospital with Tang Yichun, the doctor can certainly wake him up.Tang Ningshan squats and takes Tang Yichun up. After that, she takes Tang Yichun's arm and directly puts him on her shoulder.When she is preparing to go out of the house, Tang Ningshan knows that trouble is coming. Yin He asks a large group of people to block her at the door.Tang Ningshan looks at Yin He with a cold face and says in a cold voice: "You should be smart, let me go. I am here to find him. If you don't let me go, then I will take you away too. You think it carefully."Yin He has never seen such attitude of Tang Ningshan. She thinks that Tang Ningshan is really like what Tang Yichun said, now she has found a backing, so she begins to become not obedient to them.However, now Yin he is not afraid of Tang Ningshan. Anyway, Tang Ningshan is a girl. How can she break free from the encirclement of these young people?Yin He waves and lets them surround Tang Ningshan. Anyway, she can't let her leave today. What's more, Yin He also intends to avenge Yin Bilu."Tang Ningshan, since you come today, and then don't leave. I do not intend to make trouble for you, but now you even come to my home, and if I do not treat you well, I shall be very sorry for your visit today." Yin He speaks, her eyes look to a corner, but Tang Ningshan does not care, because these people's force value is nothing for her.Tang Ningshan snorts and turns to go out. People around her feel scared when looking at her expression. No one dares to stop her."What are you doing? You still don't stop her, are you going to let her go out?" Yin He is not happy, pointing to one of the men and shouting.Several people suddenly take action and all rush toward Tang Ningshan. Tang Yichun is on the shoulder of Tang Ningshan. She needs to hold him with one hand, so she can only use one hand to fight against the enemy.Just as Tang Ningshan is ready to act, she suddenly hears the whistle of the car outside. It seems that there is more than one car outside.Yin He also immediately lets the group of people stop. She doesn't understand why she is so unlucky today? Why are so many people coming to her house today?Yin He asks Aunt Li to open the door. Two rows of military vehicles are parked neatly outside the door, and Shao Ruihan is sitting in one of them.At this time, Yin He is shocked. She understands that it is impossible for her to leave Tang Ningshan today. But when her eyes look at Tang Yichun on the back of Tang Ningshan, she suddenly has an idea.Seeing such a scene, Tang Ningshan is also stunned. However, she soon returns to her sense, and she continues to go out with Tang Yichun. Stopping by the side of her car, she opens the back door and throws Tang Yichun directly inside.Shao Ruihan sees that Tang Ningshan intends to ignore him. He doesn't understand what was going on. He jumps directly out from his car. Before she throws Tang Yichun into the back seat, he gets directly in the co-pilot.After Tang Ningshan gets in the car, she glances at him and asks "Do you know under what circumstances you cannot wake up a person?"Shao Ruihan seems to understand what had happened. But on second thought, he feels strange. Didn't they break their relationship? How could she come to save him?"Maybe he was drugged, let's go to the hospital, I will let Shen Quan come directly." Shao Ruihan says to Tang Ningshan. He doesn't know what her purpose for saving Tang Yichun is, but now Tang Ningshan looks very sad and this makes him feel very uncomfortable.After Shao Ruihan says, Tang Ningshan directly steps on the accelerator. The car suddenly flies out. Tang Ningshan has run a lot of red lights, but Shao Ruihan does not speak, he thinks that Tang Ningshan is worrying about Tang Yichun.When they arrive at the hospital, Tang Ningshan puts Tang Yichun on her shoulder again, but there is no protection at all.Her action makes Shao Ruihan, who thought himself had understood the truth of the matter, confused.After going upstairs, they go directly to the ward where Shao Ruihan lived last time. Shen Quan has stood inside.Seeing Tang Ningshan carrying a person, Shen Quan jokingly says to Shao Ruihan: "What happened? Are you Shao Ruihan? You even allow her to hug another man?"