Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 181

Chapter 167: chapter 165-- inquiry

After Shen Quan finishes speaking, he feels the temperature in the house plummets. He feels that he is locked by two people's murderous eyes.

"Oh...hehehe" Shen Quan smiles awkwardly and steps back. His hands keep swinging in front of his chest. "I was just joking, don't take it seriously, and please don't mind."

Shao Ruihan takes a step forward. He stands beside Tang Ningshan and points to Tang Yichun, who was thrown into the bed by Tang Ningshan. "Hurry and give him an examination. What is going on, when can he wake up?"

Shen Quan also finds the abnormality of this person on the bed at this time. He rolls up Tang Yichun's sleeve and takes a tube of blood of him. After that, he turns to both of them and says "I will go to the laboratory; it may take about ten minutes, please wait a moment."

After that, Shen Quan leaves with the blood directly.

"Now can you tell me what happened?" Shao Ruihan's face is also pale. Originally he had already arrived abroad, and on the way, they met the people who had been sent by Lee to follow these suspects. These people said that the target was lost, but they remember other party's appearance. This kind of thing like looking for a needle in a haystack, he estimates that only Tang Ningshan can do it, so the first reaction of him after he heard such news was to come back to Tang Ningshan. When he came back home, Tang Ningshan was not at home, Shao Ruihan had to use the tracker installed in Tang Ningshan's phone to find her position.

When he saw her position in Tang's house, his subconscious thought was that Tang Ningshan was kidnapped, so he would directly transfer his soldiers to whistle at the door of Tang's house.

Tang Ningshan shakes her head. After all, now she can't be sure of her guess. However, this matter must be related to Shao's family, and Shao Ruihan is also one of Shao's families, so she does not intend to tell him about this.

Shao Ruihan sees that she does not want to talk, and then he stops inquiring. He immediately shifts the topic.

"I want to find someone, it is very important. He is now lost by the people we sent to track. Now the undercover is in danger, but we can't find their current position at all, so we hope you can help us." Shao Ruihan looks sincere, with a little begging in his eyes.

Tang Ningshan hears this, and her eyes flash an excited emotion, but Shao Ruihan does not notice it.

"Well, after I finish dealing with Tang Yichun, I will help you check it out. You should first prepare the most basic information for me so that we can improve efficiency." Tang Ningshan thinks that Shao Ruihan has got a lot of information about the other party. After all, it is not difficult for them to access the profiles and basic information of citizens. But Tang Ningshan feels a little strange because if it is not in a special case, she feels that the undercover should be the police instead of the military.

After listening to Tang Ningshan, he goes out and calls Lee to tell them to paint the portrait of the spy.

Shao Ruihan and Shen Quan come back together. Shen Quan's expression is rather weird. Tang Ningshan thinks that it must be that Tang Yichun has something wrong. After Shen Quan comes in, she immediately rushes from the bed to Shen Quan. If it wasn't for that Shao Ruihan is standing next to him, she would reach out to his collar and let him honestly explain.

Shao Ruihan and Shen Quan see such Tang Ningshan, and suddenly they feel strange in their hearts. The two look at each other and Shen Quan immediately says "Girl, what the relationship between you and him? When I gave him the blood test, I found that he was drugged several different medicines."

"Can he wake up?" Tang Ningshan doesn't care if Tang Yichun was drugged. She only cares if she can get the answer she wants.

Shen Quan nods and says "Yes, as long as he is given an antidote, he can wake up immediately."

Tang Ningshan glances at Shao Ruihan, who is standing next to Shen Quan. Then she turns and says to Shen Quan: "Please wake him up immediately."

At this moment, Shao Ruihan is very curious about the purpose of Tang Ningshan. She first went to the Tang's family to take Tang Yichun out. Then she is going to wake him up now. So what's the next step? What should she do after waking him up? Shao Ruihan looks at Tang Ningshan with doubts and wants to see her next move.

Shen Quan glances at Shao Ruihan, but Shao Ruihan does not look at him because Shao Ruihan's eyes are already stuck on Tang Ningshan.

Helplessly, he can only take out a syringe with a tube of liquid inside. Shen Quan still keeps boasting that he had a foresight. Before they came to the hospital, he had already prepared for everything.

After the injection, Tang Yichun's hands begin to move, but the eyes have not yet opened. After a few minutes, his eyes open and he sees a few people standing in front of his bed, he is shocked. He doesn't understand why he is here.

Then, he sees Tang Ningshan standing on one side, and Tang Yichun shows a hint of surprise in his eyes.

"Ningshan? Why are you here? Are you coming to visit me?" Tang Yichun asks excitedly.

Shen Quan looks at the two people standing beside the bed with cold faces. And it seems that both of them are not going to speak. He could only speak first; otherwise, the atmosphere would be very embarrassing.

"This gentleman. This girl brought you here because you were unconscious. This is a hospital. I hope that you can do a whole body examination later." Shen Quan's words are very professional and very formulaic. Tang Yichun also understands what happened to him.

"Ningshan, why did you send me to the hospital?" Tang Yichun then asks. He just wants to know if Tang Ningshan cares about him.

Tang Ningshan walks to Tang Yichun impatiently, and she carefully observes him. She turns to look at Shen Quan and asks "Are you sure he is awake now? Is there any problem with his memory?"

After Shen Quan listens to Tang Ningshan's words, he feels very speechless. He does not understand why Tang Ningshan's focus is the memory. However, Shao Ruihan does not react at all. He could only answer, "Girl, you can rest assured that he has no problems now."

Tang Ningshan nods and then she smiles with satisfaction.

"Mr. Tang, I want to ask you one thing, I hope you can give me a satisfactory answer." After Tang Ningshan confirms that Tang Yichun's memory does not have any problems, she could not wait to ask.

Tang Yichun does not understand what happened. He looks at Tang Ningshan, who is serious in front of him, and Shao Ruihan, who is next to her, nodding and saying "What is going on?"

"I need a picture of my mother. And why did you think that I am not your daughter in the past? I have only one question. I hope you can tell me honestly." Tang Ningshan has now calmed herself down. In fact, she still has many questions, but because Shen Quan and Shao Ruihan are here, she can only ask a question that she thinks is objective and can bring practical clues.

After listening to Tang Ningshan's words, the expression in Tang Yichun's eyes become complicated. When looking at Tang Ningshan's face, Tang Yichun does not know how to express his inner thoughts.

The atmosphere in the ward suddenly becomes depressed. Everyone's breathing can be heard. Tang Ningshan stands in front of the hospital bed, and her cold eyes fall on Tang Yichun's body.

"Alas..."Tang Yichun sighs and says "I really don't have any pictures, but you are very similar to your mother. If she is still alive, I believe you can recognize her. Unfortunately, she has already gone. I don't want to talk about it anymore. I know it's my entire fault. I've misunderstood your mother for so many years, and now I don't think you need to know that." Tang Yichun feels that after so many years, Tang Ningshan has grown up, and it is meaningless to mention it now, especially after they did the paternity test.

After Tang Ningshan hears this, the suppressed fires all surge. She grabs Tang Yichun by the collar and says angrily, "Do you have any right not to tell me the truth? If you didn't suspect that I am not your child, then my mother may still live in the world. I think I have the right to know what made my mother come to such an ending. If you can't explain it to me today, then you will stay here, you never want to leave."

Shao Ruihan sees such Tang Ningshan, and his doubts in his heart continue to emerge. What is she doing now? Isn't that woman the mother of the original owner? Why does she care so much about the mother of the original owner? However, she is not likely to change back to the original Tang Ningshan. After all, her temper is completely different from before. What is wrong with it? Shao Ruihan feels that a lot of things are not in his control now, and he feels that he really does not know Tang Ningshan well.

Shen Quan, who has been standing on the side and quietly watching this scene, also understands that the middle-aged man in bed is the father of Tang Ningshan. But what is Tang Ningshan doing now?

Tang Yichun coughs because Tang Ningshan is tugging at his collar, which makes him uncomfortable. But when he faces her angry face, he could not say anything reproachful. After all, over the years, he has failed to fulfill his responsibilities as a father.

"It's been so many years. What's the point of pursuing it now?" Tang Yichun looks at Tang Ningshan, he hopes her not to care about things that year. After all, it has been so many years, he has put it down, and why is she so obsessed with the truth? Besides, they have already broken the relationship, haven't they?

"Well, I'll give you ten minutes to think it over. I'm going out now. I hope you will think it over when I come back." After finish speaking, Tang Ningshan goes out. She slams the door.

After going out, Tang Ningshan leans against the wall outside. Her body is slowly sliding down. Finally, Tang Ningshan squats on the floor, holding her head in her hands. She keeps beating her head, telling herself to be calm, to be rational, and not to be angry, because anger has no meaning. However, her self-suggestion has no effect, and her anger in her heart is like a volcano that is about to erupt, she can't stop it.

Within two minutes, the door is opened again. Shao Ruihan walks out of the room. He stands at the door and looks around. He thought that Tang Ningshan had left, but when he is about to turn back to the ward, he sees Tang Ningshan squatting on the ground.

At that moment, Shao Ruihan feels that his heart is very painful. Especially when Tang Ningshan uses her hands to keep knocking her head, he would like to tell her that he is willing to bear her pain and sadness for her. However, Tang Ningshan's body is surrounded by an alienated breath, she seems to live in her own world, she directly shields the outside world, and she does not want to communicate with others.