Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 182

Chapter 168: chapter 166-- portraits
Tang Ningshan has been squatting in the corner, while Shao Ruihan has been standing beside her silently. This picture looks strange, but it is very sweet.Suddenly, Tang Ningshan stands up from the ground and walks toward the outside. Shao Ruihan quietly follows behind and wants to see what Tang Ningshan is going to do.Tang Ningshan walks out of the hospital and finds a nearby supermarket. Since Tang Yichun said that he does not have photos of her mother, then she plans to draw a few pictures to let Tang Yichun check. After all, this is the quickest way to confirm whether the woman in the video is her mother.Getting into the supermarket, Tang Ningshan quickly finds the pen and paper. After picking the appropriate pen and paper, Tang Ningshan goes to check out. Unfortunately, this time Tang Ningshan is embarrassed.After the cashier sweeps the barcode above with a scanner, she says, "A total of nine dollars."Tang Ningshan takes out her wallet from her pocket and prepares to pay. However, she has rummaged through all the pockets but finds only the phone and bank card.Tang Ningshan smiles awkwardly and whispers, "Can I use the debit machine?"The waiter looks up at Tang Ningshan. The sorry in her eyes make Tang Ningshan hang her head directly."How much?" The sound that suddenly appears in the ear of her makes Tang Ningshan look up. The moment she sees Shao Ruihan, Tang Ningshan does not know what to say. But now that he appears, it must prove that he has money with him. Then she can only let him pay for it.After paying the bill, the two people walk out of the supermarket side by side. Tang Ningshan heads for the bench in the hospital garden. She sits down in the chair and begins to draw carefully. She draws carefully from outline to detail, which shocks Shao Ruihan.Although he knows that Tang Ningshan could design jewelry, he didn't expect her to paint a portrait so well. It doesn't even need to be corrected, and every stroke seems to be in the right place. The person in the picture is very similar to Tang Ningshan. If it wasn't for that he is sure that Tang Ningshan had never seen her mother, he would think that she is painting according to the appearance of her mother in her memory.Time passes quickly, and Tang Ningshan, who is fully involved in the painting, apparently has forgotten the time agreed with Tang Yichun. Shao Ruihan sitting next to her does not intend to remind her. He just wants to stay with her quietly. When the people, who pass by, look at them with envious eyes, his heart feels particularly sweet.After Tang Ningshan finishes painting, she feels that her neck is sore. She shakes her head to relax. But when she turns her head, she sees that Shao Ruihan is already asleep, leaving her a perfect side face. In the eyes of Tang Ningshan, Shao Ruihan seems to be a natural king. He has cohesiveness and leadership skills, and he seems to be a god, so people dare not approach.However, she understands why Shao Ruihan's attitude towards her is different. She thinks she is a tool for Shao Ruihan. Every time he needs to use her, Shao Ruihan will not hesitate to seek her help. He will assign the task directly to her as if she is his soldier. And Shao Ruihan is a masculine man. Every time she says something that makes him uncomfortable, he will immediately become a pervert and let her fear without mercy. Therefore, Shao Ruihan's attitude towards her is special, and his purpose is only for her skills.Thinking of this, Tang Ningshan sneers. All her abilities are given to her by the system. If there is no system, she estimates that Shao Ruihan is not willing to have any interaction with her.These thoughts immediately make Tang Ningshan's angry mood change and it becomes quite complicated. She warns herself, but she could not control her inner feelings. This is a complicated animal, a woman.Tang Ningshan originally wanted to wake up Shao Ruihan, but on the second thought, she did not force him to sit here, perhaps Shao Ruihan just intended to sleep here. When Shao Ruihan is asleep, Tang Ningshan slips away from him quietly. She only leaves a piece of paper with the words "I am going upstairs." Unfortunately, this paper is quickly blown away by a gust of wind...After going upstairs and waking into the ward, Tang Ningshan finds that Tang Yichun on the bed is gloomy and his eyes are dim. So she turns her head and looks at Shen Quan, who is standing on one side, and asks him what happened with her eyes.Shen Quan takes the responsibility of a doctor. After Tang Ningshan left, he had a cordial and friendly exchange with Tang Yichun."Mr. Tang, my name is Shen Quan. I am Shao Ruihan's personal doctor and an expert doctor here. I already have a certain understanding of your condition. Now let me discuss with you and discuss your treatment plan."After Shen Quan finishes, he looks up at Tang Yichun. He sees Tang Yichun staring at him with a stunned look, with doubts and puzzles in his eyes."You mean that I am sick?" Tang Yichun asks incredulously.Shen Quan gently nods. Although he does not know what happened between him and Tang Ningshan, he had already broken off relations with Tang Ningshan, then he must be bad for her, or how could they sever the relationship? With such an idea, Shen Quan feels that even if Tang Yichun is not ill, he would frighten him, not to mention that he is really sick now."What...what? Sick?" Tang Yichun asks nervously.Shen Quan smiles as if he is appeasing him. He goes to Tang Yichun. "This is the case. Mr. Tang, in fact, your physical condition is not very serious. You were just drugged a few inexplicable medicines.""What!" Tang Yichun looks at Shen Quan with a shocked look, and the confusion in his eyes is even heavier.Shen Quan does not care about the doubts in his eyes. He takes a test sheet and hands it to him. The above clearly states his name, blood type, and ingredients contained in the body. Finally, the report says "long-term use of sleeping pills, spermicides, neurodegenerative drugs, etc." in red."Impossible!" Tang Yichun throws this report sheet to Shen Quan. He even wants to kill Shen Quan at this moment."Mr. Tang, I hope that you can calm down. This is a fact. Of course, you can also deny the truthfulness of this report. Anyway, this is related to your own physical condition. If it is not because you are the girl's biological father, I will not appear here at all. After all, not everyone can hire me as his doctor." Shen Quan says straightforwardly, but Tang Yichun also has to admit that he is telling the truth.Who is Shao Ruihan? The grandson of Commander Shao, the owner of Shao's family. Shen Quan is also a private doctor of Shao Ruihan, so he does not need to lie to him. If it wasn't for Tang Ningshan who brought him to the hospital, it is estimated that he might not have any interaction with this man named Shen Quan in his life. How could Shen Quan lie to him?Shen Quan shakes his head to Tang Ningshan, showing that he also does not know why Tang Yichun would become like this."Mr. Tang, look at these pictures. Which one looks like my mother most?" Tang Ningshan doesn't care if Tang Yichun is in a good mood. Although she can control her anger now, she still doesn't like Tang Yichun. She hates him very much, especially after knowing that he is actually her biological father, she feels disgusting. If it weren't for the fact that she had been genetically engineered, Tang Ningshan would ask the system to cut off the part of the gene in her body that belongs to him.Tang Yichun takes the painting that Tang Ningshan hands him, but his heart is thinking about the test. How long does the 'long-term' mean? Is there any way he can be healed. If there is a chance to heal, who can save him? His eyes suddenly fall on the body of Shen Quan, and suddenly a hint of joy appears in his eyes.When he looks at Tang Ningshan, he is very excited. He even went to take the hand of Tang Ningshan and intends to make a look of concern.Tang Ningshan does not understand why Tang Yichun suddenly becomes like this. However, she does not want to be touched by Tang Yichun, so when Tang Yichun reaches out, she directly dodges. She even sighs in her heart, "yeah, fortunately, he did not touch, or my hand would have to be disinfected."Tang Yichun looks sadly at the hand that is hanging in the air and takes it back awkwardly. He looks at the painting that Tang Ningshan handed him. He read them one by one, each portrait is similar, but the details are different. Finally, when Tang Yichun looks at the last painting, Tang Ningshan finds that Tang Yichun's eyes show an unbelievable expression.Tang Ningshan takes the paper from Tang Yichun and looks at the photo above. Her heart feels particularly sore. But now that she has taken her first step, there is no way to turn back. Tang Ningshan keeps saying to herself that only by continuing to investigate, can she know if the woman that General Ni said is her mother? Only then can she know if her mother's death is related to General Ni and Shao's family."This... is... my... mom...?" Tang Ningshan keeps feeling the face on the portrait with her hand as if she could touch the real person.Tang Yichun nods stiffly and looks at Tang Ningshan with a complex expression.Tang Ningshan puts the painting in the bag and says with a strong tone: "If this is the case, then I hope that you can tell me everything in the past."Tang Yichun suddenly turns his head away, and it seems that he does not want to talk about this topic at all. Tang Ningshan also knows that there may be no more answers today. She is going to go back; anyway, the photo has come out. She can let Shao Ruihan help to check, although it may allow Shao Ruihan to know her more secrets, this is mutual benefit, Tang Ningshan thinks.When Tang Ningshan is about to leave, Tang Yichun suddenly stops her.Tang Ningshan turns and asks, "You want to say?"Tang Yichun's expression changes and he wants to swear. But Shen Quan is here. Whether his body can recover depends on Shen Quan, so he can't offend Shen Quan."Ningshan, dad is ill, I may really need to live here all the time. Can you talk to Ruihan and let his private doctor be my doctor?" When Tang Yichun speaks, his tone is pleading.Tang Ningshan does not say anything; she just looks at Shen Quan on the side. She smiles and turns to leave.This makes Tang Yichun very confused. Did she agree?