Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 183

Chapter 169: chapter 167-- not regard life as an important matter

On second thought, Tang Ningshan wants to know what happened in those days anyway, but it happened that this matter may only be known to him. If Tang Ningshan is eager to trace what happened that year, he must be asked. As long as he doesn't tell her, Tang Ningshan will save him sooner or later. Think of this, Tang Yichun also does not care about Tang Ningshan's attitude now.

Tang Ningshan goes out of the ward and is ready to go home to rest. This morning, there are too many things happened. She feels that she needs to sleep well before she could slowly organize all the clues.

Back home, Tang Ningshan changes into pajamas and directly lies in bed. Her mind is so confused that she soon falls asleep. She completely forgets what she has promised to Shao Ruihan. She doesn't know that when she just left the hospital, Shao Ruihan ran to the ward to look for her. She also does not know that after she fell asleep, Shao Ruihan sat down in the living room with a furious face, intending to teach her a lesson.

At about three o'clock in the afternoon, Tang Ningshan wakes up. She lies in bed and stretches herself before she feels like she is back on earth. Since she knew the news yesterday, she always feels like she is living in a dream. She feels that this feeling is more unreal than the rebirth. However, now she understands that those things are facts. After many ideological struggles, she recognizes the existence of this fact.

Sitting up from the bed, she pats her face gently. She straightens her hair, and then her stomach begins to growl.

Tang Ningshan touches her stomach and says to herself "My stomach, I am sorry to you. You are bad luck with me. I always let you go hungry, but unfortunately, you can't escape this life."

After washing her face, Tang Ningshan goes downstairs for dinner.

When she just walks out of the bedroom, she obviously feels the temperature drop in the room, which lets Tang Ningshan feel that the weather suddenly comes to winter. She blinks and takes a few steps back. Shaking her head, she continues to walk to the stairs. She confirms that her feeling is not an illusion before she goes downstairs.

Tang Ningshan goes to the living room and sees the expressionless Shao Ruihan and the smiling Shen Quan.

Tang Ningshan ignores them. After all, the most important thing for her now is to fill her stomach. She walks straight to the kitchen, her goal is the refrigerator.

However, before she enters the kitchen, she hears Shao Ruihan calling her name with a magnetic voice.

"Hmm?" Tang Ningshan responds casually, but her footsteps do not stop. She walks quickly to the refrigerator, opening the door to take out the only remaining bread, and then she closes the refrigerator door satisfactorily.

When she comes out of the kitchen again, she sees that Shao Ruihan's expression becomes colder. Shen Quan, sitting next to him, shows a painful expression.

"What are you doing? Shao Ruihan, what did you do to Shen Quan? Why does he show such a painful expression?" Tang Ningshan does not think too much, she just thinks that Shen Quan offended him, so he is very angry now. The expression of Shen Quan makes Tang Ningshan think that he was bullied, but he did not dare to fight back. This is why she asked Shao Ruihan what he did to Shen Quan.

After Shen Quan listens to Tang Ningshan's words, finally, he couldn't help but laugh out loud.

Tang Ningshan is very confused now. She doesn't understand what is going on. She looks at Shao Ruihan with a look of doubt. She is like, Shen Quan is crazy? Why is his laughter so scary?

Shao Ruihan sees such Tang Ningshan, he feels angrier. He really wants to open Tang Ningshan's head to see what is inside. She promised him in the morning, but now she forgets everything. More importantly, she also left him on the bench of the hospital to blow the cool wind. Isn't she afraid he has a cold? She didn't even tell him when she left the hospital, which makes him extremely angry.

Tang Ningshan looks at Shao Ruihan with a flash of fire in his eyes. She still doesn't understand what was going on. She can only ask again, "What happened?"

Tang Ningshan looks confusedly at Shao Ruihan with a cold face and Shen Quan, who has already laughed his head off.

Shao Ruihan grits his teeth and he glances at Shen Quan sitting next to him with cold eyes. His look makes Shen Quan stop laughing at once. Yes, it is painful for him when he tries not to laugh.

Shen Quan tries to adjust his breathing to avoid laughing. He tries not to look at Tang Ningshan's confused expression and says, "Girl, this is the case. Didn't you promise Ruihan to help him investigate a person during the day? So we have been waiting for you..."

After listening to him, Tang Ningshan immediately realizes that it is Shao Ruihan who thinks that she does not keep her promise.

Tang Ningshan glances at Shao Ruihan, who continues to release cold air near Shen Quan. She says "Shao Ruihan, you can rest assured that I will definitely do what I promised. You will give me the information now, and then I will help you investigate now."

After that, Tang Ningshan is ready to go upstairs to get the computer down. After all, she doesn't want them to go to her bedroom.

After listening to Shen Quan's words, he gives Shen Quan a supercilious look. The thing that makes him angry is not this at all, but that the girl left the hospital without telling him.

Shen Quan does not understand what Shao Ruihan meant. He says with pride. "You don't have to thank me. It is my pleasure to help you express your thoughts." After that, Shen Quan shrugs and plans to go up with Tang Ningshan.

Shao Ruihan picks up the paper bag on the coffee table and stuffs it into Shen Quan's hand. He walks upstairs, and Shen Quan follows behind him with a smile.

Into the room of Tang Ningshan, Shao Ruihan sits down in the living room of the suite. Shen Quan is sitting directly next to Shao Ruihan, and the two men do not treat themselves as outsiders at all.

Tang Ningshan comes out from the inside room and sees two people. She is a little speechless, but she does not let them out.

"Where is the information?" Tang Ningshan sits down opposite them and puts the computer on her lap, asking.

Shao Ruihan motions Shen Quan to hand the portfolio to Tang Ningshan. His expression has been very cold; he is like, I am angry, you don't talk to me.

Shen Quan can only smile and hand over the portfolio to Tang Ningshan.

After Tang Ningshan takes over the documents, she finds that there is nothing but a portrait of a person.

Tang Ningshan takes the picture and looks at Shao Ruihan and Shen Quan. She says "This is the person you asked me to help you find? Without an address, no identity information, how can I find him through a portrait of a person?" At this moment, Tang Ningshan feels that is it that Shao Ruihan regards her as a god? Even if she is a god, maybe she can't find someone directly through computer with only one portrait.

After Shao Ruihan listens to her words, he falls into meditation. Shen Quan also shows a serious expression.

Tang Ningshan is also waiting for their answer. The three people are suddenly silent, and no one speaks. Tang Ningshan does not know what plans they have and could only wait quietly.

Shao Ruihan suddenly asks "If I take you to the border or leave the country, can you find a way to find the person on the painting?" He thinks about it for a long time before he comes up with this method. After all, their undercover is very important, and each one is a rare elite. What's more, it is especially difficult to cultivate a mature undercover, so he does not want this person to sacrifice so gloriously.

Tang Ningshan also understands that they may not have more information. However, she does not dare to assure them. After all, she has never tied to use a portrait to find the location of the person, so she says with uncertainty "I don't know if I can find him, but if possible, please take me there. I can have a try, but I hope that you don't waste too much manpower and time on me, and don't only rely on me to find him." She believes that only when they cooperate can they ensure that the person will not have any accident to the greatest extent. Shao Ruihan's team has to work with her, too. If she is alone, she will feel great pressure, and it is a task which she is not sure whether she can complete.

Shao Ruihan takes out the phone from his pocket and dials out.

"I need a helicopter; you will appear in my position right now." Through Shao Ruihan's order, Tang Ningshan already knows Shao Ruihan's position in the military.

"I also need you to help me with something." After Shao Ruihan hangs up the phone, Tang Ningshan asks.

Shao Ruihan raises his eyebrows, his cold expression still does not disappear, but he still looks at Tang Ningshan, motioning her to continue.

"You saw it today. I wish to know something about my mother's past. I only have her picture, so I can only ask you for help." Tang Ningshan frankly says. She does not care whether Shao Ruihan has doubts or question, anyway, she needs to know what happened that year.

Shao Ruihan nods, though he is not sure if he could find out. Now they also need Tang Ningshan's help. He even thinks that it would be better if there is more involvement between them. Only when their common interests are tied together can they promote the development of their relationship.

After about twenty minutes, Tang Ningshan hears the sound of the helicopter propeller coming from outside. She exclaims in her heart, "It's really efficient."

Shao Ruihan stands up first. Tang Ningshan and Shen Quan follow behind him. The three of them go downstairs to the place behind the villa where Shao Ruihan is going to build a training ground.

The helicopter stops there, and the propeller keeps swinging. Three people walk to the helicopter. After the pilot sees them, he opens the cabin and lowers the ladder. After they all get on the helicopter, the plane takes off slowly.

After the plane takes off, Shao Ruihan says "Our military helicopters can't leave the country, so we can only land at the border. If there is an accident, we need to parachute." At the same time, he points to the parachute bag in the corner.

After Tang Ningshan hears this, her face becomes pale instantly. She nervously asks "What... is an accident?"

Shen Quan suddenly interrupts and says "For example, there is no suitable landing position or other similar situation."

Tang Ningshan suddenly feels that this is not a good proposal. She even begins to think about how likely it is for her to go back now.

Shao Ruihan seems to see through her thoughts and says "It is impossible to go back now, rest assured, there will be no accidents under normal circumstances. I just want you to prepare for the worst, but parachute is easy, and I think you can do it." He speaks with ease and he is not in the least worried about the possibility of an accident.

Tang Ningshan curses in her heart, obviously, they need her help, but why didn't they ask her for advice? Can't they go to the airport to take a passenger plane? Why must he use a helicopter? Shao Ruihan simply does not regard life as an important matter.