Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 184

Chapter 170: chapter 168-- sweet in the sky
After complaining, Tang Ningshan still can only accept this fact. She looks through the window and looks at the changing picture outside. She has to admit that the helicopter is still very efficient. She feels that she should be able to get to the border immediately at this current rate.Not long after, Tang Ningshan begins to worry. She always feels that the landing will be a problem. Sure enough, something unexpected happens. She doesn't know if it is because of the reason that the landing position could not be found in the dark, or because of Shao Ruihan. Anyway, the plane can't land now; they can only make an airborne landing.Tang Ningshan swallows and feels the helicopter hovering upwards. In fact, she would like to ask why, but she is too nervous to speak.At this time, Shen Quan feels the fear of Tang Ningshan. He sits next to Tang Ningshan and pats her on the shoulder and says "You can rest assured that even if you will parachute, someone will be with you. So you would like to choose Shao Ruihan, or intend to be with me?" Shen Quan's words do not let Tang Ningshan relax, but Tang Ningshan really begins to think about it. If she has to jump, she couldn't be alone because she might have landed before opening the parachute. Then she has only two choices left, one is Shao Ruihan and the other is Shen Quan. Who is she going to be with? In fact, when Tang Ningshan thinks of this problem in her heart, she has a clear answer.When she looks at Shao Ruihan's expression now, she feels as if she owes him millions. Tang Ningshan is really not at ease to put her life into his hands. As for Shen Quan, who is sitting next to her, he is not like a person to give her a sense of security. Tang Ningshan thinks for a long time and finally feels that the safest way is to go back, as long as they go back, there is no need to jump, then there will be a happy ending.When the helicopter rises to a certain height, it has been hovering in the air. Shao Ruihan takes some safety equipment and hands them to Tang Ningshan and Shen Quan.Shen Quan carefully follows the steps and ties all of these things to his body. Tang Ningshan looks at the things in her hand and looks at Shao Ruihan and Shen Quan who have already been equipped. She opens her mouth and tries to make a sound: "You guys jump. I want to go back. You will look for someone else to help. I still want to live." Her voice is a little trembling, and her face is a little pale.Shen Quan can feel that she is really scared, and he does not know what to say to comfort her. He can only turn to look at Shao Ruihan.Shao Ruihan walks over and reaches for the things in the hands of Tang Ningshan. He hangs these pieces of equipment one by one on her. After that, he pulls the seat belt hard to make sure there are no problems. After that, he takes several safety ropes. Before Tang Ningshan could react, he has tied them together. Her back is tightly attached to his chest, and she could even hear his steady heartbeat."Hey, what are you doing?" Tang Ningshan has a bad feeling. However, it's too late now. Shao Ruihan takes over the double parachute bag that Shen Quan hands him, carrying it on his back. He adjusts the tightness of the belt and simply ignores the words of Tang Ningshan."Shao Ruihan!!! What do you want to do! You let me go!" Tang Ningshan struggles in front of Shao Ruihan, hoping to break free. Unfortunately, no matter how she moves, she can't get away from Shao Ruihan. Her constant struggle even causes the man behind her to have a physical reaction.Shao Ruihan's expression becomes more and more complex. He really doesn't understand why every time when the girl struggles in his arms, he would have a physical reaction."If you don't want to have any accidents in the sky, I suggest that you'd better not to move." After that, he takes a deep breath to adjust his breathing. Tang Ningshan can clearly feel his suppressed voice, and she immediately stops struggling.After Shen Quan is ready, he takes the lead to walk to the cabin door. He opens the door and the wind from the outside flood in, letting Tang Ningshan feel a biting feeling. The wind blows on the face and brings some stinging to her.Shen Quan puts on the windproof glasses and turns back to make a gesture to Shao Ruihan. Then he jumps out without hesitation. At that moment, Tang Ningshan feels that Shen Quan seems to be ready for sacrifice. He is completely not timid, and even he jumps without hesitation.Just as Tang Ningshan is still immersed in the movement of Shen Quan just now, Shao Ruihan begins to move to the door. When he approaches the cabin, Tang Ningshan suddenly screams."Ah! Shao Ruihan! You let me go; I am not ready to jump. Even if you want me to help you, you can't make fun of my life. I don't have so many lives to play with you."Shao Ruihan doesn't care about Tang Ningshan's words at all. He stands near the cabin and gets all the buckles between him and Tang Ningshan to the tightest. Two people are close to each other. After that, he moves a few steps towards the door."Shao Ruihan, have you heard what I said!" At this moment, Tang Ningshan is already angry. Why did he tie them together and prepare to parachute without her consent?Shao Ruihan sees that Tang Ningshan is very resistant, he frowns. Under such circumstances, he could not jump out. They must be consistent in their actions."Master, this is the random task. Please complete skydiving, reward you with ten bottles of potion!" The system suddenly says and directly breaks Tang Ningshan's thoughts."System, did I offend you? Why do you want me to die? Why don't you jump in such a high place? You let me commit suicide? I don't want the ten bottles of medicine! I refuse!" Tang Ningshan thinks resentfully that why does the system appear every important time? The system actually wants her to do such a dangerous thing; the system really betrays her trust.When Tang Ningshan's words are just finished, the system's punishment begins. She feels pain on her body, wave after wave. Tang Ningshan's sweat flows directly from her forehead. Her body is constantly twitching. She grits her teeth tightly and tries to withstand the pain.Shao Ruihan, who is tied with her, feels the abnormality of Tang Ningshan. He thinks that she is too nervous and asks with concern: "Hey, are you okay?"After a long time, Tang Ningshan has not spoken. Just when Shao Ruihan is ready to open the security lock to see what happened to Tang Ningshan, Tang Ningshan suddenly speaks. Her voice is extremely weak."Jump...let's jump..." While Tang Ningshan speaks, she curses the system in her heart. Why is this mandatory task? Why is she being punished for rejecting the task? Why must she continue to do the task after she is punished? At this moment, Tang Ningshan even wants to jump and fall to death. Anyway, even if she can survive this time, she will have to be tortured to death sooner or later by the system.Shao Ruihan does not know why Tang Ningshan changes her mind. But since she has already agreed, he will not hesitate. What's more, parachuting is a very common thing for him, so he can fully guarantee the safety of Tang Ningshan.Two people walk to the door of the cabin. Shao Ruihan stands still and gives Tang Ningshan a simple guide."After jumping out, you don't need to do anything. You just need to make sure that you don't move. The parachute is controlled by me. As long as you listen to my command, I can assure you that there will be no problems. After jumping out, you can choose to hold your chest with your hands or stretch your hands."After listening to Shao Ruihan's words, Tang Ningshan nods. After all, now she has no choice but to trust Shao Ruihan.After Shao Ruihan sees Tang Ningshan nods, he goes two steps forward. Tang Ningshan feels that her feet are already hanging, but she controls herself. She tells herself not to scream and not to bother Shao Ruihan. In case her scream affects Shao Ruihan, the two of them will fall together, and then this will become a tragic ending.Just as Tang Ningshan's heart beats vigorously, she feels that Shao Ruihan's body is leaning forward. Before she reacts, two people have already jumped out of the plane. Her body begins to fall.At the time of falling, Tang Ningshan closes her eyes. She can only feel the wind blowing on her face and blowing on her body. At this time, she has only one thought in her heart, that is, if she could survive, she would cut the system into pieces!Just when Tang Ningshan feels that she is about to fall to death, she hears a sound 'Bang.' After that, the speed of the fall immediately changes. Tang Ningshan secretly opens one eye and looks around. She can only see white clouds, which is like fog. At this moment, Tang Ningshan's heart is occupied by curiosity. She reaches out to grab the clouds around her. She thinks the clouds are close to her, but she couldn't touch them.Tang Ningshan once again reaches out and tries to touch the clouds. But the results are the same. Tang Ningshan sighs and whispers. "Is the clouds all fake? How can I not catch them?"Shao Ruihan sees her childish behavior and suddenly laughs. Tang Ningshan can easily feel the vibration of his chest. Tang Ningshan immediately blushes, and even her ears are red. Tang Ningshan feels that at the moment, she is really embarrassed. How could she do such a stupid thing in front of Shao Ruihan?Shao Ruihan whispers in the ear of Tang Ningshan: "You are not afraid now? I don't know who was screaming on the helicopter, she was like I was going to kill her."Tang Ningshan feels that Shao Ruihan's EQ is really low. He doesn't know how to comfort people. This is not his first parachuting, so he certainly won't be afraid. This is her first high-altitude event, she will definitely worry. She thinks that anyone who jumps for the first time will be nervous. "Don't you worry about your safety when you first jumped? I don't believe it." Tang Ningshan can only suppress the inner embarrassment and retorts. But the red color on her face does not fade.Shao Ruihan does not say anything for a long time. Tang Ningshan fantasizes about the embarrassment of Shao Ruihan when he first jumped. After that, she doesn't feel that she is embarrassed.Just when Tang Ningshan wants to laugh at him, she feels a cold feeling on her neck.Tang Ningshan couldn't help but shiver. When she feels the coldness of her neck, Tang Ningshan knows exactly what it is.Tang Ningshan shouts "Shao Ruihan!"Shao Ruihan sends a nasal sound in her ear, the voice is quite tempting, and it is extremely sexy."What do you want to do?" Tang Ningshan wonders why he could kiss her, even if they are now hanging in the air.Shao Ruihan says in her ear: "Your blushing look is very cute, it keeps tempting me. So I just paid the actual action."