Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 185

Chapter 171: chapter 169-- Shao Ruihan is a disaster

Tang Ningshan desperately wants to stay away from Shao Ruihan, but the two people are tied tightly together, and she could not even move.

Tang Ningshan can only use words to stop his current behavior. "Shao Ruihan, are you still a man? Didn't you say that you want to be a qualified husband? What are you doing now?" Tang Ningshan thinks hard, but she doesn't know what to say to stop Shao Ruihan in this situation, so she can only return to this topic.

Shao Ruihan whispers in her ear. "Shan, since you are asking me to be a qualified husband, would you have to be a qualified wife first?"

Tang Ningshan says "why am I not a qualified wife? Am I not qualified enough?" Tang Ningshan thinks that she has taken good care of Shao Ruihan. She does not exclude him from living in her home and even accepts to live in the same room with him. She shares her bathroom and half space of her closet with him. What else does he want?

Shao Ruihan smiles softly as if he is in a good mood. He says "Since we are husband and wife, it is necessary for us to fulfill the husband and wife's obligations. I don't think I need to say this. Although the marriage law does not explicitly state that both husband and wife must sleep together, these aspects are an important part of the husband and wife's life."

Tang Ningshan is stunned by this sentence. She suddenly has a feeling of trapping herself, but she continues to rebut "That must also be that you will become a qualified husband first. Why do you want me to be a very qualified wife before you are qualified? "

"Haha, as for this topic, we will discuss it in depth later when we are free. You should be completely relaxed by now, right?" Shao Ruihan's voice is constantly played back in Tang Ningshan's mind. She couldn't help but start to doubt, is it that Shao Ruihan was doing this to divert her attention and make her not nervous?

After that, Tang Ningshan remains silent, and Shao Ruihan does not have any action either. Shao Ruihan adjusts the position of the landing, which is probably near Shen Quan.

"We will land soon, you can rest assured, and I will protect you." After Shao Ruihan finishes, he begins to control the speed of landing.

Tang Ningshan looks down. Yes, they are going to land. When she was in the sky before, she did not dare to bow her head. She was afraid that her legs would weaken because of fear. But now that she could see the trees and buildings under her, it proves that she is not flying very high, so she is relieved.

Soon, two people land safely. The place where they land is an open space, which is not big. Tang Ningshan now knows that Shao Ruihan did not lie to her. There's no room for helicopters. The landing site is surrounded by trees and there is only such a small space.

After arriving at the ground, Tang Ningshan lets Shao Ruihan immediately unlock the security locks tied to them. Although Tang Ningshan does not hate the intimate contact between them, she does not want to be so close to him, especially what happened in the sky just now makes her blush.

After the security locks are unlocked, Shao Ruihan keeps holding them in his hands. He doesn't know when Shen Quan landed, but Shen Quan has several rucksacks in his hand now.

Tang Ningshan also finds these backpacks that appear suddenly, but she does not ask. She feels that the more she knows, the faster she dies, so she would better suppress her curiosity.

Shao Ruihan reaches out and takes a rucksack from Shen Quan's hand and carries it on his back. He takes another one and hands it to Tang Ningshan. After that, he says with a blank expression, "Let's go."

Shen Quan smiles and whispers to Tang Ningshan "How do you feel? Skydiving is not as terrible as you thought, right?"

Tang Ningshan throws a supercilious look to Shen Quan and then follows the footsteps of Shao Ruihan.

Shen Quan shakes his head and feels that he might have missed something interesting. Otherwise, why would Tang Ningshan blush when it comes to parachuting? Shen Quan reveals a pity expression. However, on the second thought, as long as he follows those two people, then he needs to worry about there will be no interesting things happen? After that, he also quickly follows behind them.

Three people shuttle through the forest. It may be that Shao Ruihan's sense of direction is good, and they soon reach the border. There is a stone monument standing there, dividing the two countries. The two sides of the stone tablet are written with the names of the two countries.

Tang Ningshan stands in the same place. However, she sees Shen Quan and Shao Ruihan bowing to the stone monument. Although Tang Ningshan does not understand what they mean by doing this, looking at the respect in their eyes and the dignified expression on their faces, she silently looks at the stone.

Two people walk through the stone monument, letting Tang Ningshan stand near the stone tablet. At this time, Shao Ruihan suddenly takes out a laptop and hands it to Tang Ningshan.

Tang Ningshan takes the computer in confusion. She couldn't help but think that wouldn't he want her to stand here to check it out? As soon as this idea appears, Shao Ruihan's words confirm her thoughts.

"You will stay here; the border area is very dangerous. You will check it now!" Shao Ruihan's voice is blunt, but with unquestionable meaning. Tang Ningshan could only reluctantly accept the reality. She leans on the side of the stone tablet and places the laptop on her lap. She begins to constantly search all the network coverage nearby. Helplessly, it may be that the location is way too remote, or it may be other reasons. There is no any network coverage.

Tang Ningshan could only shake her head and say to Shao Ruihan "I can't do it here. There is no network coverage here. There is neither a network of our country nor a network of their country, so there is no way."

Shao Ruihan punches the tree next to him angrily. Shen Quan also remains silent, but Shen Quan's expression is gloomy.

After a long while, Shen Quan asks "Is there any other way?"

Tang Ningshan shakes her head again. "There is no way. Without the network, I can't invade their country's database. Plus, our country's network is different from their country's net. I can't find people with only a portrait. I can only use a network of their country to invade their information systems in order to conduct large-scale screening. "

Shao Ruihan takes out his mobile phone and walks to the side. Just a few steps away, he sees several figures. Shao Ruihan immediately stands still; his hand makes a reclining gesture toward the back.

After Shen Quan sees Shao Ruihan's gesture, he immediately pulls down Tang Ningshan. When Tang Ningshan is about to say something, Shen Quan immediately reaches out and blocks her mouth. After that, Shen Quan points to the position of Shao Ruihan, Tang Ningshan sees Shao Ruihan also lying on the ground.

Looking along the direction of Shao Ruihan, she sees several people sneaking towards this side. Because they are surrounded by woods, she can only see the figure of people. If it is not her vision that is different from ordinary people, it is estimated that she could not see it so clearly.

Tang Ningshan removes the hand places on her mouth, frowning and looking at Shen Quan. She whispers in Shen Quan's ear "Have you brought a gun?" This is the problem that Tang Ningshan is most concerned about now because she sees several people on the opposite side carrying guns and other packages. Although she does not know what their purpose is, she feels that they do not look like good people.

Shen Quan shakes his head and looks at Tang Ningshan with a puzzled look. He does not understand why Tang Ningshan would ask this question.

Tang Ningshan sees Shen Quan shaking his head and begins to pray in her heart that the other party will not find them. Otherwise, no matter who the other party is, they are not likely to attack with them positively; they can only be regarded as the target of the other side.

Tang Ningshan crawls to Shao Ruihan's side and asks him the same question. After listening to Tang Ningshan, Shao Ruihan knows her thoughts directly. However, he could do nothing but look at her and shake his head.

Tang Ningshan's eyes flash a sense of loss. They have no guns, what if they are really discovered.

Shao Ruihan notices the expression of Tang Ningshan and whispers in her ear: "You can rest assured that they will not find us. Look at their route, even if they want to cross the border, they will not come in our direction. The only thing you need to do now is to hide yourself. "

Tang Ningshan can only nod. She tries hard to lower her body and put the body tightly on the ground. She even thinks that if the other party really finds them, should she knock Shao Ruihan and Shen Quan so that she could take out a gun to fight the other party? However, on the second thought, there are so many people, how could she win?

Soon, Tang Ningshan sees a group of people crossing the border and moving forward.

Shao Ruihan immediately takes out the phone. Thanks to the satellite phone he brought, otherwise, it is impossible for him to get in touch with others in this place without network and signal coverage.

"I am Shao Ruihan. I saw a group of people crossing the border just now. I request you to immediately block them."

After that, he continues "My current coordinates are 1842384. You'll send a helicopter here. Also, I need weapons and ammunition." After that, he hangs up.

Tang Ningshan looks at Shao Ruihan with a tragic look. There is only one thought in her heart, that is, Shao Ruihan is a disaster for her. Ever since she met him, she has experienced too many things that ordinary people have not experienced. She was forced to go to the army training first, and then fight with bodyguards in Shao's house. These are nothing, but then she actually went to save people with him. She also experienced a gunshot. She was still parachuting in the last second, and now she has to fight against the cross-border? She has to say that her experience is really unusual.

Shao Ruihan has no expression on his face, but his eyes keep staring at the direction in which the group of people left as if he is judging their route.

Tang Ningshan couldn't help but ask "Who are they? Are guns in foreign countries unregulated?" This is Tang Ningshan's most confused question. Why do they have guns? She even wonders whether they are soldiers.

Shen Quan comes over and says "Although I don't know what their purpose is, they must not be soldiers. Their current behavior is called armed crossing. They must not be good people. You can rest assured that there will be no problem." Shen Quan says to Tang Ningshan, but she always feels that Shen Quan is comforting Shao Ruihan.

Shao Ruihan nods and his face is still very gloomy. At the moment, Shao Ruihan also feels that he has been unlucky recently. Why are the recent major events always happening one after another? The previous things have not been processed, and new things continue to happen.

After about half an hour, they hear the sound of a helicopter coming from afar. Tang Ningshan feels that the group of people must have gone far. Even if they go to chase now, it is estimated that no one can be found.

The helicopter directly drops some boxes down and there is no sign of landing. Tang Ningshan watches the helicopter fly away again, and her feelings in her heart are indescribable.

"Shao Ruihan, you're not going to go back, are you? Tang Ningshan looks at Shao Ruihan, asking.

Shao Ruihan nods and does not give her any explanation. He just gives Tang Ningshan a rifle, a pack of bullets, and a pistol.

"..." Tang Ningshan looks at these things in her hand; she simply does not know what to say. Is Shao Ruihan overestimating her? The first time, he gave her a sniper rifle, this time he even gives her a rifle. Will he give her the rocket launcher next time?

Shao Ruihan completely ignores the thoughts of Tang Ningshan. After distributing the weapons, Shao Ruihan takes the lead in chasing the direction of the group of people.