Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 186

Chapter 172: chapter 170-- keep learning

Shen Quan follows closely behind Shao Ruihan. Tang Ningshan has no choice but to follow them with helplessness. Otherwise, she will be lost in this wilderness.

Shao Ruihan seems to have a rich experience in the jungle. Every place he walks through is a low area of shrubs, so his speed is not affected by weeds. At this moment, Tang Ningshan feels that she once again sees a different Shao Ruihan. He runs through the woods as if he is on a deserted road. His speed is quite fast and there are no pauses.

They run at this speed for about twenty minutes. Tang Ningshan finally finds a group of people not far ahead. She observes them carefully, and they just happen to be the group of people. They seem to be resting, and they are watching the situation around them with great vigilance. Two of them are on guard.

Tang Ningshan immediately rushes to Shao Ruihan's side and pulls him.

Shao Ruihan frowns and looks at Tang Ningshan. He doesn't understand what she is going to do. When he is about to ask her, Tang Ningshan immediately reaches out and blocks his mouth. At this moment, Tang Ningshan deeply feels that it is necessary to have a good vision.

Tang Ningshan whispers in the ear of Shao Ruihan: "I find the group of people just now. They are about two kilometers in the southwest direction. They have two guards, and the rest are sitting on the ground."

After Tang Ningshan finishes, Shao Ruihan looks at the southwest and but sees only some weeds and trees, and could not see anyone at all. So he turns to look at Tang Ningshan, his expression is a bit puzzled.

However, he still believes in Tang Ningshan's words and stops. Shen Quan does not understand why they suddenly stop. Originally, he wanted to go forward to ask what happened, but he sees Shao Ruihan pulls out a map from the bag. After that, he hands the map to Tang Ningshan.

Shao Ruihan remembers that during military training, Tang Ningshan was very good at memorizing maps and had a good sense of direction. She could quickly identify the location and find the most suitable road. He is also amazed at Tang Ningshan's ability, so he decides to give her the map first and ask her to find out the approximate positions of those people on it, and then they would discuss the next plan.

Tang Ningshan takes the map. In fact, she can only find the direction of their location, but cannot determine the specific coordinate location. Tang Ningshan would like to ask why Shao Ruihan did not give her an electronic map but gave her a paper map. However, looking at the expressionless Shao Ruihan, she feels she'd better speak less.

"Have you found it?" Shao Ruihan whispers.

Tang Ningshan points a position on the map and says "I can only make sure that we are near this location right now. According to the location identified on the map, I think they are there."

After Shao Ruihan glances at the position that Tang Ningshan said, he puts the map back into the bag. He takes the laptop out of the bag. Tang Ningshan feels very speechless in an instant. Since he has such high-tech modern products, why should he let her use the paper map?

After that, Shao Ruihan first identifies the fingerprint, followed by the pupil and face. After all the identification is successful, the main interface appears on the computer.

Shao Ruihan opens the electronic map and clearly marks their location on it, which is indicated by a small green dot.

Tang Ningshan looks surprised and she raises her eyebrows. She says "You have a network on this computer? I didn't find network coverage nearby just now."

"Satellites! Shao Ruihan replies to her faintly. This lets Tang Ningshan suffer the blow. Sure enough, she still needs to keep learning. Why doesn't she know how to use satellites? In this era of advanced technology, in addition to the Internet, she can also use higher technology equipment.

Tang Ningshan stands there thinking about this issue. If there is a gust of wind at this time, her appearance must look particularly depressed. She stands quietly, and she is like, don't talk to me, I want to calm down.

"What's wrong?" Shen Quan looks at Shao Ruihan and whispers.

Shao Ruihan looks up at Tang Ningshan and shakes his head. After that, he continues to operate on the computer, and then the detailed map of their area appears on the screen. This map is so detailed that it shows the exact location of each tree.

Just when Tang Ningshan thinks that she should keep learning, the system suddenly comes out and says, "Master, you finally find your shortcomings. You have to understand that these things that I let you learn are quite useful. Hey, you can only blame yourself for being too lazy, otherwise, why haven't you learned to use satellite technology." The sound of the system is ironic.

Tang Ningshan unhappily walks to Shao Ruihan and asks "You have such high-tech things, why didn't you take it out early?"

Shao Ruihan does not speak. He extracts a detailed map of their location on the laptop. Later, according to the position that Tang Ningshan said, he begins to develop a detailed operational plan. Both Tang Ningshan and Shen Quan are included in his plan. He is precisely planning everyone's location and where they are going next. They don't have a contact device, so they can only control the time strictly.

Shen Quan looks at what Shao Ruihan is doing now. He suddenly understands that it is Shao Ruihan who discovers the location of the other party. But when he looks around, he sees that there is no one there but grass and trees. He also knows that the first duty of a soldier is to obey orders, to obey them unconditionally. Although he is Shao Ruihan's personal doctor, he is also a military doctor, a soldier, so he will never question Shao Ruihan's decision.

After Shao Ruihan arranges the task for Shen Quan, Shen Quan moves toward his goal.

"How did you see them?" After Shen Quan leaves, Shao Ruihan asks. After all, normal people can only see things such far away from the telescope or the scope. It is an unusual thing that she can see their position with the naked eye.

Tang Ningshan hesitates for a long time. In the end, she does not say any word. Is she going to tell Shao Ruihan that she has taken the strengthening potion that the system gave her? Or tell him she's been genetically engineered? None of these secrets could be revealed, so she has no choice but to say nothing.

Shao Ruihan sees the expression of Tang Ningshan, and he does not continue to ask. After all, everyone has their own secrets. At this moment, Shao Ruihan feels fortunate that Tang Ningshan belonged to their country and is his wife. If such a talent belongs to other countries, then their country is likely to face a disaster.

"After you go to the designated place, first find a place to hide yourself. After hearing our gunshots, you are allowed to shoot, understand?" Shao Ruihan feels that the situation is different from the previous test. The last time, they used a sniper rifle, and they were together. Moreover, the last time the number of the two sides was almost equal, but this time they only have three, the other side has so many people and they have guns, so they need to be cautious.

Tang Ningshan asks in confusion: "Do we have to act now? I think the other party will not escape our sight. Can't we wait for our companions, and then...?"

Shao Ruihan directly interrupts her. "If our country is now at risk, the enemy is within our line of sight. As long as we can accurately follow the operational plan, we can stop a catastrophe. Are we going to wait for anyone else to rescue?"

Shao Ruihan's words successfully confuse Tang Ningshan. She is also constantly thinking in her heart that if it is really at the moment of life and death, will she not kill the enemy? Will she wait for the enemy to kill her? If they could just shoot the other party, she wouldn't have to wait for help, would she? What if there is no one to come to the rescue in time? Can't she rely on her own ability to save the country? A series of self-question suddenly appear in her heart. Tang Ningshan looks at Shao Ruihan with a complicated mood. She always feels that Shao Ruihan has taught her a lesson. What he said is true. For soldiers like him, in any case, they always put the interests of the state before their personal interests. Tang Ningshan knows that every soldier maintains the idea of defending the country. As long as they can protect their country, they will not consider personal safety.

Thinking of this, Tang Ningshan has made a decision. She nods firmly to Shao Ruihan. Although she is not a soldier, she also has a patriotic heart. Now that the other party has entered their country, no matter what their purpose is, as long as the other side takes the gun and crosses the border of their country, then they are the enemy. It is not only the military who has the obligation to protect his country. At this moment, the flame in Tang Ningshan's heart is raised. There is a feeling in her heart that she is ready to go to the battlefield. If she can successfully seize the other side, she wonders if she will be too excited to sleep because she has done the glorious thing of defending the country.

The more she thinks, the more excited she is. Her face even shows an excited expression. She shows a bright smile to Shao Ruihan and says, "Then I will wait for the signal of your gunshots." After that, Tang Ningshan walks toward the location that Shao Ruihan requests. Every step of her is particularly firm as if she is telling Shao Ruihan that she will not regret doing this thing.

Shao Ruihan looks at the back of Tang Ningshan, and he also shows a rare smile. He doesn't know why he is so happy? But looking at Tang Ningshan's firm figure, he thinks he has never trusted Tang Ningshan so much like this moment.

After that, Shao Ruihan also turns and moves toward his own destination.

Tang Ningshan has always been vigilant. The location that Shao Ruihan arranged for her should be the safest of the three positions. There are many places in the target location to hide. As long as she is not a fool, there won't be any problems at all. After arriving at the destination, Tang Ningshan sees the group. The scene is still the same as she had just seen. Two people are patrolling and seven people are resting on the ground. They have a total of nine people; each of them is carrying a rifle. At this moment, Tang Ningshan's heart is quite quiet, not as nervous as when she was at the border. She is not afraid of being discovered, and she calmly awaits Shao Ruihan's gunshots.

However, in the end, what Tang Ningshan hears is not the sound of gunshots, but the voice of Shao Ruihan. "Listen, people opposite, and you guys have been surrounded. You are now in the territory of A country. If you surrender now, we will send you back to your country. If you counterattack resistance, we will take coercive means to expel you from A country." Shao Ruihan's voice constantly echoes in the woods. Tang Ningshan knows that he is using a loudspeaker, but she did not expect that Shao Ruihan would expose his own position.