Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 187

Chapter 173: chapter 171-- failing miserably in a very easy task

After the other party hears the sound, they immediately fire at the position of the sound source. A series of gunshots makes Tang Ningshan subconsciously look towards Shao Ruihan. Sure enough, he has been shot in the body. Shao Ruihan lies on the ground and begins to fight back. She turns her head to look at Shen Quan and finds that Shen Quan has also joined the battle.

At this time, Tang Ningshan's burning desire is aroused. If she was just thinking about defending the country at first, then now Tang Ningshan even thinks that she is already a warrior on the battlefield. Now she has entered a state of struggling death and life.

Every shot of Tang Ningshan is very accurate. To be precise, she does not waste every shot. It may be that she wants to avenge Shao Ruihan. Every time she shoots the opponent's hand or leg, anyway, there is no fatal situation.

Tang Ningshan's approach is very tricky, and it's simply unimaginable. Every time she hits the other party's hand that pulls the trigger. As soon as the opponent's gun falls to the ground, she would change her target. In the fierce firefight, the other party completely cannot find her position. She hears the other person shouting, "They have snipers, hurry to find the location of the sniper, kill the sniper first."

After Tang Ningshan hears this, she shows a sneer. Do they think she is a sniper? Ridiculous! She just simply modified the gun in her hand with the original part, making it more powerful with a longer range and more precise.

Shao Ruihan and Shen Quan are very close to this group of people, and they have all heard what they said. But they don't realize who they are talking about. The only idea they have now is to subdue the other party.

In about a few minutes, the other party all fall to the ground, but no one dies. Shao Ruihan and Shen Quan walk forward with vigilance, and their muzzles are always aimed at those who fall on the ground. Tang Ningshan is still in the same place, she can see that those people are lying on the ground. Shao Ruihan and Shen Quan approach them to make sure that the other party has lost all their combat ability, so she doesn't plan to go forward.

After they confirm that all of them lost their fighting ability, Tang Ningshan suddenly breathes a sigh of relief. Just as she is about to get up, there is a gun on her head.

Tang Ningshan curses herself in the heart, is this called failing miserably in a very easy task? Why is she so alarm-free? She is actually attacked from behind.

Tang Ningshan intends to move and observe the reaction of the other party. But the other party does not give her a chance at all. She just moves her leg and hears the other person says "Don't move, otherwise, my bullet has no eyes."

"Bro, my leg is numb. Your gun is on my head. If I really want to escape, you can shoot directly. Can you let me change my position?" Tang Ningshan says softly, with a charming smile on her face. Although the person is standing behind her, she thinks that her acting must be very real. She is also very curious, why did the person not shoot the gun when he put the gun on her head, but let her not move. She doesn't know what the other person's purpose is, so she doesn't dare to act rashly and can only discuss with the other party.

Her trick doesn't work for the person behind her. The gun is in the position of her temple. The man is very strong, and he says stiffly: "Don't move!" Tang Ningshan feels that his gun would be inserted directly into her head.

Tang Ningshan understands that now she can only save herself. The man behind her will not give her the opportunity to wait for Shao Ruihan to save her, because the other party has begun to drag her back.

Looking at Shao Ruihan's figure which is getting farther and farther, Tang Ningshan has no way. Tang Ningshan can feel the vigilance of the other party. She knows that at this moment she could not act rashly, but can only follow him to back. The other party seems to be very experienced, and he does not make any noise when he steps back. In addition to the other party's grab, she barely feels the other's existence.

They probably retreat a thousand or so, and the other party finally stands up straight. Tang Ningshan also feels that the other party should be much higher than her.

The man takes the gun away from Tang Ningshan's head and turns to stand in front of her.

Tang Ningshan discovers that the other party is quite handsome. He has golden hair, a pair of blue eyes, and the facial features are outstanding. He is wearing black tights. She knows that this man must not be an ordinary person, but she does not understand why he hijacked her.

"You are a soldier?" The man stands in front of Tang Ningshan and asks with a gun aiming at Tang Ningshan.

Tang Ningshan shakes her head. She really is not a soldier.

The man sees Tang Ningshan shaking her head, and suddenly there is a weird look in his eyes. Tang Ningshan does not understand what he meant, but she does not intend to ask. Even if she asks, the other party would not tell her.

"Since you are not a soldier, then it is useless to leave you." When the man finishes, he is ready to pull the trigger. This scares Tang Ningshan. This can't be done! She didn't fall to death because of skydiving, so she also couldn't die because of this inexplicable person.

Tang Ningshan is anxious. Because of his words, Tang Ningshan looks pale. She stutters "Bro, I am not a soldier, but you can't kill me! Otherwise, tell me, why are you killing me? You have to let me know what I'm dying for. I have lived for so many years, it is not easy for my parents to raise me up, and so I can't die inexplicably."

Tang Ningshan is obviously delaying the time; she is waiting for the rescue. The other's gun is always aiming at her; she does not dare to have any movements. Although she can take the gun out of the virtual space, if she does, she can only kill him within one shot. If not, then she can't explain the source of the gun.

Tang Ningshan's eyes occasionally sneak in the direction of Shao Ruihan and she wants to see if they have found that she has disappeared. However, the opposite man understands her thoughts and approaches her step by step. The gun is getting closer and closer to her, and finally, the muzzle is stuck on her head. Just when she thinks that the other party is going to shoot, the other's gun leaves her head.

At this moment, Tang Ningshan feels that the opportunity comes. The muzzle has left her deadly position and she suddenly catches the other party's hand. This time, Tang Ningshan feels that she has used all her strength. Whether she can grab the gun in the other hand, she can create a bigger chance for herself by doing this.

Obviously, the other party did not think she would act suddenly. The gun in the man's hand falls from his hand, and he looks at Tang Ningshan with a look of shock. He did not expect that a woman who looks so weak would have such great strength.

After Tang Ningshan sees his gun falls to the ground, she lifts her leg and kicks his face. She really wants to knock him down to the ground immediately. After all, this man had frightened her.

Both people's fists and legs attack each other's deadly parts. Tang Ningshan's attack is repeatedly evaded by the other party. It's not because Tang Ningshan's movements are not fast, but the other's legs are too long. Only by taking a step back can he avoid her attack. They are not in an open position. There is surrounded by trees and stones. Every time Tang Ningshan will kick into the tree or stone because of the dodge of the man.

The two of them are like children playing together and chasing each other. The man also looks at Tang Ningshan with a playful look.

Tang Ningshan is anxious and shouts "Are you a man? Let's have a real contest!" At this time, Tang Ningshan is not afraid of him at all. Anyway, he does not have a gun with him now. Although her fists are not strong, her legs are very agile. The other side has no advantage, so the scene has been deadlocked.

Tang Ningshan stands there breathlessly, and the man opposite her also begins to sweat. Tang Ningshan hears footsteps coming from afar. She has wanted to delay the time, but she did not expect the other party to throw a few stones toward her. Tang Ningshan subconsciously dodges, providing the other party a chance to escape.

Tang Ningshan picks up the stone on the ground and throws it out in the direction of the man leaving. She swears in her heart that if she meets this man again, she must punch him up.

The footsteps are getting closer and closer. Tang Ningshan looks in the direction of the sound and sees Shao Ruihan coming over with a few people in military uniforms.

Tang Ningshan knows that she is safe, sitting on the ground and shouting "I am here..."

Shao Ruihan walks in the direction of the voice with several people and sees Tang Ningshan sitting on the ground with a pale face. Shao Ruihan quickly rushes to Tang Ningshan and locks Tang Ningshan in his arms.

Just after they had subdued everyone, his people soon arrived. When those people were all handled, he discovered that Tang Ningshan was disappeared. Shao Ruihan quickly ran to the place he arranged for Tang Ningshan, only to see the two guns left by Tang Ningshan.

He and Shen Quan knew that Tang Ningshan could not leave the gun for no reason. Then, there is only one possibility left, that is, she was held as hostage.

At that time, Shao Ruihan and Shen Quan were very anxious. There was even a flustered expression on Shao Ruihan's face. He clenched his fists in both hands, and he didn't know why there was such an anxiety.

Shen Quan knew that Shao Ruihan may be crazy, reminding "Ruihan, shouldn't we find her first? The girl is still waiting for us to save her."

After Shao Ruihan nodded, he recovered a little reason and said to himself, "I am going to find Shan, Shan is waiting for me."

Shen Quan reluctantly commanded several people to follow Shao Ruihan. After that, he also took several people to other places to find Tang Ningshan. The rest of the people stayed in the same place to guard that group of people.

Tang Ningshan is locked in his arms by Shao Ruihan. She is very difficult to breathe now. She wants to talk, but her throat is stuck on Shao Ruihan's neck. She gasps very hard and couldn't say anything at all.

Shen Quan hears the sound and comes over. She sees Tang Ningshan's red face and immediately plans to save her. Otherwise, she might be strangled by Shao Ruihan. Then, Shao Ruihan will commit suicide because of guilt.

"I mean, Shao Ruihan, shouldn't you let her go first? Otherwise, even if she is not kidnapped, she will be strangled by you."

Shen Quan's voice is full of joy. When Tang Ningshan was missing, he was also worried. Now that Tang Ningshan is safe, he is finally relieved, so he makes such a joke.

Shao Ruihan seems not to hear the words of Shen Quan. Tang Ningshan is helpless and could only save herself. She pushes Shao Ruihan hard.

Shao Ruihan is like waking up from a dream, looking at Tang Ningshan's red face. His ears turn red suddenly.