Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 188

Chapter 174: chapter 172-- political commissar

Shen Quan feels that he has seen a picture that has never happened in a thousand years. Shao Ruihan, who has been cold, would actually blush? It's rare.

Shao Ruihan glances at Shen Quan and says with a blank expression: "Let's go back." If it isn't because his ears are very red, no one could find his current emotions.

After he finishes speaking, he lifts Tang Ningshan, who is sitting on the ground, to his chest. Tang Ningshan does not struggle. This night she has experienced too many things that make her afraid, plus the fight with that man, she is already exhausted. Recalling those scenes, she feels scared. If the man didn't let her go and didn't take the gun away from her head, she might have died now. So when Shao Ruihan lifts her up, she is also very willing. She needs rest, needs adjustment, and needs to feel that she is safe.

On the way back, Shao Ruihan has been holding Tang Ningshan. His arms are already sore, but he doesn't feel pain. After getting on the helicopter, Shao Ruihan puts Tang Ningshan on the chair and finds that she has already fallen asleep.

Shao Ruihan also maintains an uncomfortable posture. He holds one arm around Tang Ningshan's shoulder and the other hand holds her waist.

After Shen Quan comes in, the helicopter slowly rises.

After the helicopter takes off, Shen Quan takes a pistol from his pocket and hands it to Shao Ruihan. He says "This gun was found in the place where the girl was found. This gun is not a specification we use. There is only one bullet in it. From the traces on the ground, I guess the girl should be fighting with the other side. The other party left after hearing your voice." Shen Quan simply makes an inference. So as for the details, they have to wait until Tang Ningshan wakes up before they can know.

Shao Ruihan nods with a blank expression. He looks at the pistol in Shen Quan's hand and looks at the girl in his arms. He does not reach out for the pistol and tightens his hands that are holding Tang Ningshan.

When Tang Ningshan wakes up again, she finds herself lying on a military bed with a green quilt. Tang Ningshan moves lightly, Shao Ruihan sitting in the chair next to the bed immediately comes to Tang Ningshan.

After Tang Ningshan comes back to her sense, she smiles at Shao Ruihan.

Shao Ruihan looks at Tang Ningshan with a complicated mood. He knows that when she was missing, his heart was restless. His emotions were completely controlled by her. When he held her in his arms, he felt peaceful. Shao Ruihan also does not want to explore what this feeling is. He doesn't know if it is love. He only thinks that he doesn't want her to have an accident.

"Where am I?" Tang Ningshan asks Shao Ruihan. She does not understand that why Shao Ruihan's expression keeps changing and she does not understand why he would look at her with a strange look.

Tang Ningshan wants to sit up from the bed but only finds that she is weak and has no strength. Shao Ruihan sees her movement, pressing her shoulders and saying "You are in the army. You need a break now. Shen Quan said that you were frightened, so you are very weak now."

Tang Ningshan could only lie back in obedience, but suddenly she thinks of the yellow-haired man and immediately says, "Give me a pen and paper."

Shao Ruihan does not ask what she wants to do. After he nods to her, he goes out from the room.

After a while, Shao Ruihan comes in with Shen Quan, and another middle-aged man also comes in with Shao Ruihan. Tang Ningshan has never ever seen this man. However, looking at his epaulets, Tang Ningshan knows that this person is not in a low position.

After Shen Quan comes in, he first checks the physical condition of Tang Ningshan. After confirming that there is no abnormality, he nods to Shao Ruihan.

Shao Ruihan walks to the bed of Tang Ningshan and sits on the bed. He lifts Tang Ningshan up and lets her lean on him before putting the pen and paper in her hand.

"Eh... Who is this?" Tang Ningshan sees that no one is talking, and the atmosphere inside the house is really embarrassing. However, she can't help but talk. The man's eyes keep shining on her; he is like a beggar who suddenly sees a treasure so that she could not ignore his gaze.

"Oh, I..." The middle-aged man rubs his hands savagely; he is like a child abductor. Tang Ningshan thinks this person is a good person certainly.

Tang Ningshan glances at Shao Ruihan and asks him what's going on with her eyes.

Shao Ruihan shakes his head at her, meaning that she does need to care about his existence.

After Shao Ruihan shakes his head, the middle-aged man immediately shouts "Shao Ruihan! You are a bad boy. I am so good to you, every time I rescue you from the edge of life and death. Now you are not going to introduce me to your wife."

Tang Ningshan blinks and she does not understand what happened. But why does this man say 'every time?' Tang Ningshan is very confused. Is it easy for Shao Ruihan to be in danger? However, on the second thought, she hasn't known Shao Ruihan for a long time, but she obviously can confirm that Shao Ruihan is a high-incidence creature.

"Hello, what's up?" Tang Ningshan can only ask him because this person is coming to her obviously.

The middle-aged man shows a smile on his face. After looking at Shao Ruihan, he says "This is the case. I am Shao Ruihan's superior and his political commissar. Today I came to ask if the gun is modified by you." After that, he looks at Tang Ningshan expectantly.

Tang Ningshan shows a confused expression and she is like, I don't know what you are talking about. But her heart begins to ask herself, is this gun in line with common sense? Is this within the normal human recognition?

Several people in the room see the confusion on Tang Ningshan's face, because her expression is too real, and they all wonder if the gun was modified by others.

"Is that really not modified by you?" The middle-aged man does not give up and asks again.

Tang Ningshan shakes his head in doubt. "What kind of gun are you talking about? I have never ever modified the gun."

The middle-aged man is very lost, and his mood immediately falls to the bottom.

"Then you have a rest, I am leaving." The middle-aged man finishes, leaving in a dejected manner.

Tang Ningshan looks at the back of the middle-aged man and blinks. She says in her heart, "I really don't know what gun he is talking about? I just removed the gun and reinstalled it. This is not called deception, isn't it?"

After that, Tang Ningshan turns to look at Shao Ruihan. She would like to ask him what happened. However, Shao Ruihan does not mean to speak. He just hugs her quietly without making any sound. His eyes have always stayed on her body.

"Shen Quan, what happened?" Tang Ningshan thinks about it, she thinks she would better ask Shen Quan.

Shen Quan shakes his head. "Girl, political commissar just wants to find someone who modified the gun you used."

"Oh." After Tang Ningshan listens, she breathes a sigh of relief. No matter what the purpose of the man is, anyway, as long as she does not say it, no one can prove that the gun was modified by her. Thinking of this, Tang Ningshan shows a faint smile on her face.

After that, Tang Ningshan begins to paint on paper. Before she draws a stroke, she will recall the figure of that man with her eyes closed. After an hour or so, she gives the paper to Shao Ruihan behind her.

"It's this person. You'd better check his information. The reason he grabbed me was that he wanted to catch a soldier. I said that I am not a soldier. He said that I have no use. He looks like a foreigner, but he has no strange accent at all." After she finishes, she thinks about it again and says again, "His movements are also very agile. If it was not the place where we fought limited his movements, I think I would be subdued quickly. ."

Tang Ningshan finishes, waiting for Shao Ruihan's reaction. And Shao Ruihan does have a reaction, but this reaction greatly exceeds her expectations.

Shao Ruihan locks Tang Ningshan in his arms and places his chin on her shoulder. He whispers softly in her ear: "This is my fault. I didn't think it through so that I put you in danger. I promise it won't happen again." Shao Ruihan's voice sounds solemn, but Tang Ningshan doesn't pay attention to it. She thinks as long as she is with Shao Ruihan, how could she avoid danger? However, Tang Ningshan does not contradict Shao Ruihan's words. For the sake of his sincerity, Tang Ningshan is not going to let him down. She nods to indicate that she got it.

Tang Ningshan suddenly remembers that she would go to Shao's company to go to work tomorrow, and quickly asks "When is it now?"

Shao Ruihan looks at the watch on his wrist and says, "Seven."

"Well? I thought I slept for a long time. Now it's seven o'clock in the morning? That's fine." Tang Ningshan nods and says.

"Seven o'clock in the evening." Shao Ruihan finishes, Tang Ningshan jumps directly out from the bed.

"What? Did you say seven o'clock in the evening? Then let's go home now, I will go to your company to work tomorrow. According to your grandfather, if I am fired by the company, I guess you have to change your wife." After Tang Ningshan finishes, she stands on the bed to look for her shoes.

"You can rest assured that you will not be expelled from the company. The group you caught with me is drug trafficking. Now the entire military region knows that you, Shen Quan, and I caught a group of drug gangs that the police have been arresting for a long time, so grandpa won't embarrass you." Shao Ruihan reaches out and stops Tang Ningshan. She stands on the bed, and Shao Ruihan's head is tightly attached to her waist. He hugs her from behind and worries that Tang Ningshan would fall from the bed.

Tang Ningshan does not notice the action of Shao Ruihan's protection. She just feels that she has breathed a sigh of relief when she hears Shao Ruihan's words. She suddenly feels that she is way too nervous. Doesn't she want her to divorce Shao Ruihan? So why is she still so active in going to the company? Why is she afraid of being expelled? Tang Ningshan keeps asking herself.

"Come on, lie down, and don't fall from the bed." Shao Ruihan sees Tang Ningshan standing in bed in confusion, not knowing what she is thinking. But he thinks it's dangerous for her to stand on the bed, so he says in a very soft voice.


After Tang Ningshan replies, she sits back on the bed. She is still thinking about these problems in her heart.

After a while, she hears someone knocking at the door. Tang Ningshan immediately returned to her sense and turns to look at Shao Ruihan.