Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 189

Chapter 175: chapter 173-- go abroad

"Come in." Shao Ruihan says to the door. When he finishes, he puts Tang Ningshan on the bed and covers her with a quilt. He thinks that the only thing she needs to do now is to have a rest.

Shen Quan comes in with a serious face.

"What's wrong?" Shao Ruihan asks. He hasn't seen Shen Quan reveal such expression for a long time, and even his eyes are full of anger.

After Shen Quan takes out a piece of paper and hands it to Shao Ruihan, he says "All the spies we sent out have lost contact with us. There are eight groups, all of whom we cannot reach. The marks above are where they were missing."

After listening to this, Tang Ningshan feels that the problem seems to be more serious. It seems that there is more than one person need to be found now.

"Let's go to the airport now, but I don't have a visa." Tang Ningshan feels that as long as she could help, she would try her best. After all, those are lives. Although Shen Quan does not mention who is in these eight groups of people, from the expressions of Shen Quan and Shao Ruihan, she knows that there must be someone she knows, including Lee.

Shen Quan looks at Tang Ningshan unexpectedly. He did not expect Tang Ningshan to be so active.

After Shao Ruihan glances at Shen Quan, he looks at Tang Ningshan again. After confirming that Tang Ningshan is really willing to help, he says "You go to apply for a visa for Shan. We both go to the airport now. You can directly send someone to deliver the visa to the airport. You will stay here to receive the news. Now all the people I can trust are missing, so I can only leave you here."

Shao Ruihan's words are an exhortation, but also a command. After listening to Shao Ruihan, Shen Quan salutes him and says loudly, "I promise to finish the task."

Seeing Shen Quan's behavior, Tang Ningshan feels as if she knows Shen Quan for the first time. The man in front of her is standing straight and with firm eyes. He does not look like the Shen Quan she knew before, who is crazy about gossip and loves making jokes and always has a smile on his face.

Shao Ruihan finds a suit to put on his body. After that, he takes Tang Ningshan's shoes from under the bed and helps Tang Ningshan put it on, which lets Shen Quan standing on the side stunned. Shen Quan looks at Shao Ruihan's behavior surprisingly.

After putting on the shoes, Tang Ningshan wants to stand on the ground. Unfortunately, Shao Ruihan does not give her any chance. Directly he lifts her to his chest and says "You are very weak now, it's not suitable for you to walk, and you need to rest."

On the way out from the infirmary, Tang Ningshan feels that she attracts everyone's attention. When they pass the training ground, many soldiers who are training cast a strange look on her. Tang Ningshan feels that this time she is really shameful. Under the watchful eyes of so many people, she is held by Shao Ruihan. Will she be famous in the military area in the future? However, there are so many people around, she has to save Shao Ruihan's face, and she cannot struggle, so she can only bury her head in the arms of Shao Ruihan. The only thing she can do is try to reduce her sense of existence.

Shao Ruihan seems to be very satisfied with her performance. He laughs softly, and Tang Ningshan can even feel the vibration of his chest.

Tang Ningshan reaches out to pinch Shao Ruihan's waist. She succeeds in tightening his relaxed lumbar muscles. Then she withdraws her hand contentedly and shows a happy smile.

After the two get in the car, the car drives towards the airport. Tang Ningshan looks at the scene out of the window and is in a daze. She always feels that since she met Shao Ruihan, her life has undergone tremendous changes. These changes make her panic and fearful, but they make her feel satisfied and feel that her life possesses value and meaning. She feels that she is very contradictory. While being attracted by Shao Ruihan, she tries her best to exclude Shao Ruihan.

Shao Ruihan does not know what Tang Ningshan is thinking. She sometimes frowns, and sometimes smirks. He thinks that when she is smirking, she looks very cute, so he reaches out and rubs her head.

"Hey, which country are we going to?" There are many countries bordering on A country, so Tang Ningshan does not know where they are going now.

Shao Ruihan smiles and says "We are going to M country; we are going to have a honeymoon."

"..." Tang Ningshan speechlessly gives a supercilious look to Shao Ruihan. Honeymoon? He can actually think of such absurd reason and excuse?

According to Shao Ruihan's plan, the main purpose of their trip to M country is to find people, but he can go shopping with Tang Ningshan. Isn't shopping girls' favorite? Therefore, he would have thought of a honeymoon. However, he does not consider that M country is not suitable for a honeymoon, and no one will go to M country for a honeymoon.

After arriving at the airport, Tang Ningshan sees a man in a military uniform standing at the gate of the departure, holding two tickets and two visas in his hand.

After seeing Shao Ruihan and Tang Ningshan, the soldier comes over and hands the things in his hand to Shao Ruihan. After that, he watches the two people enter the security channel.

When Tang Ningshan, who has taken a helicopter, takes the passenger plane, she feels a strong sense of security. When taking a helicopter, she could clearly feel the discomfort caused by high air pressure. The passenger plane gives her a completely different feeling. She is not nervous and even she is so relaxed that she feels a sense of drowsiness.

The two sit in their seats and Tang Ningshan leans her head on Shao Ruihan's shoulder with her eyes closed. The surrounding passengers are attracted by their outstanding appearance and they think they are celebrities, so they are curious about their relationship.

After a while, a flight attendant pushes the cart to them and says softly to Shao Ruihan: "Sir, hello, what can I help you?"

Shao Ruihan glances at Tang Ningshan, who leans on his shoulder, and whispers "Please give me a blanket."

The stewardess takes a blanket from under the cart with a smile and hands it to Shao Ruihan. After that, she shows a sweet smile and says, "Sir, if you have other needs, you can call me at any time, I am very happy to serve you."

When two people are talking, Tang Ningshan opens her eyes. She takes the blanket from Shao Ruihan's hand and shows an encouraging smile to the flight attendant, which makes the flight attendant more confident. The stewardess says shyly, "Sir, if it is convenient, can I have your phone number?"

After listening to this, Tang Ningshan laughs happily. Shao Ruihan looks at Tang Ningshan speechlessly. Damn girl, she actually gets him into troubles on the plane!

Shao Ruihan gives the flight attendant a cold look and then pulls the hand of Tang Ningshan. After dropping a kiss on the back of Tang Ningshan's hand, he says, "My wife doesn't like me to give my phone number to other women."

The flight attendant is stunned and realizes that the girl beside Shao Ruihan turns out to be his wife. She smiles awkwardly and then pushes the cart away. When she leaves, she gives Tang Ningshan a fierce look.

"Shao Ruihan, why did you tell her that I am your wife? She just gave me a supercilious look!" said Tang Ningshan.

"This is a fact!" After that, Shao Ruihan puts the blanket on Tang Ningshan and puts her head on his shoulder and says, "You need to sleep, baby. I will wake you up after we arrive." Tang Ningshan is also sensible to not make any sound. However, she does not know that after the stewardess left, she was scolded in private.

"Hey, how? Have you got the phone number of the handsome guy? I notice that you have been standing next to him for a long time." The stewardess standing inside says with a smile.

And the flight attendant just now says disappointedly "There is a girl next to him, didn't you see? I thought they are brother and sister. I didn't expect her to be his wife. The most annoying thing is that the girl gave me an encouraging look, and laughed at me. She is so immoral." The flight attendant says, holding an orange in her hand.

"Well, since he already has a wife, then you'd better keep a distance with him." Another flight attendant comforts her.

"I think the girl is very ordinary, but the man must be a rich man. He wears a high-end customized handmade suit with a watch worth tens of thousands. Not to mention that he looks so handsome. Even if he can't marry me, if I am able to spend one night with him, I will be satisfied." The flight attendant stands there and begins an infinite imagination. It is not clear what kind of expression he would have if Shao Ruihan knows the thoughts of this flight attendant.

"Stop your unrealistic fantasies. Work hard." Another flight attendant puts a plate of oranges in front of her and says.

"One day, my dream will come true!" she says confidently.

It is not long before the plane arrives in M country. Tang Ningshan feels that she has just fallen asleep, and then she is woken up by Shao Ruihan.

Tang Ningshan blinks and asks sleepily "Are we here?"

"Yep. You need to wake up now; you will sleep after we get off the plane." Shao Ruihan's voice is quite gentle, so that Tang Ningshan feels like she is still in a dream.

"Oh." Tang Ningshan sits in her seat and squints. She is still not awake. The gentle person just now is Shao Ruihan? Is she really not dreaming? However, Shao Ruihan's changeable attitude really makes her unbearable.

After two people get off the plane, Shao Ruihan calls a taxi. They come to a hotel and book a suite.

This trip was decided on a temporary basis, so neither of them has a suitcase. After taking the room card, the two go to the room.

After entering the house, Shao Ruihan checks the room first and determines that there are no dangers before letting Tang Ningshan enter the bedroom. He then goes to the bathroom to fill the bathtub with water for Tang Ningshan. When he comes out, Tang Ningshan has already fallen asleep in bed.

Shao Ruihan looks at Tang Ningshan with deep love in his eyes. He gently moves her body and places her head on the pillow so that she could feel more comfortable.

After that, he goes to the living room outside. He takes off his coat and throws it on the sofa and then takes out the phone to call Shen Quan.

"We have arrived. After Shan wakes up, you'll send me the information and disappeared place of the missing people. You let members in Cheetah team come over, they need to always be ready to rescue. Call each of them to bring special equipment, they don't need to contact anyone, I will give them orders directly!" Shao Ruihan stands by the window and says seriously.

"Okay, then that's all. If there is any news, report to me at any time." After Shao Ruihan finishes, he hangs up the phone.

After hanging up the phone, Shao Ruihan enters the bedroom. He lies beside Tang Ningshan and reaches out to pulls her into his arms. Tang Ningshan may have been accustomed to sleeping with Shao Ruihan held, so she does not struggle at all. When she falls asleep, her face is a little rosy. Her head naturally leans on Shao Ruihan's shoulder.

When Tang Ningshan wakes up, it is almost noon, and she looks around in confusion for a while before she realizes that she is in the hotel suite. But why is Shao Ruihan missing?