Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 19

Chapter 5: chapter 5-- a top notch position

The banquet hall on the ground floor is ablaze with lights, which is crowded by people. The leading figures from different fields are all invited.

In A city, people of upper characters all know that Shao family is an amazing existence. Shao Cheng, the head of Shao family, is now the regional commander. And his wife is the controller of national economy.

Seeing Shao Cheng walks downstairs, all the people stop discussing. People here only received the invitation, but they don't know the reason why Shao Cheng holds the party. All eyes are on Shao Cheng, his words will influence the development and tendency of many things, which attract the attention of these people.

Tang Ningshan and Shao Ruihan stands at the stairs, Tang Ningshan looks around, the hall is fulled by people. This is the first time that Tang Ningshan feels stressful.

There is a stage at the middle of the hall, Shao Cheng walks on it seriously.

"Today, I invite all of you come for introducing you a person."

Tang Ningshan curls her mouth, and mumbles "a person" to herself. Isn't that mean she won't need to get down, because it is just one person.

As soon as Shao Cheng finishes talking, the whispers start instantly.

"What kind of people can let Mr Shao pay so much attention to, even he has invited people from all kinds of field here."

"I should have asked my son to come also, in case he annoys someone he cannot annoy."

"You are right."

Many people begin to regret that they didn't ask their children to come. They thought it may cause trouble if they ask, but they never think that he will announce this kind of thing.

"Aunt." A girl with exquisite make up says coquettishly.

"I know, if the person is a boy, I must accost him for you." The woman taps the girl's hand smilingly.

"You are so nice, aunt." The girl shows her sweet smile.

"Ruihan, come down with your wife."

Shao Cheng looks to the stairs, and says calmly.

Shao Ruihan gets downstairs with Tang Niangshan's arm clasping. Although all the eyes are on them, he has no sense of pressure.

"This is my grandson and my granddaughter in law, hoping that you can take good care of them, I am here to thank you guys."

People are all interested in his grandson. Over the years, they only know that Mr Shao has only one son. But now his son doesn't show up, instead, he introduced his grandson to the public. Isn't that mean he prefer his grandson than son.

Shao Ruihan and Tang Niangshan are standing here, enjoying the attention of the crowd. Tang

Ningshan thinks that if eyes can kill people, she must be killed for thousands of times.

"Now, the party begins."

Shao Cheng gets down of the stage, walks to them, and whispers something to Shao Ruihan.

Then walks away to chat with others.

Tang Ningshan looks at the man near her, and begins to be curious about his position. She says to herself that he is must on the top society, I asked him to respect me in the morning. If he gets angry, will he kill me?

When Tang Ningshan gets down from the stage, she feels that someone is staring at her viciously.

She looks around, seeing that Ying Bilu is watching her with envy at the corner.

Tang Ningshan whispers to Shao Ruihan that she is going to the toilet, then turns to the door, and leaves. After several minutes, she goes to the position of Ying He and Ying Bilu.

Tang Ningshan finds a position where they cannot see her, and eavesdrops on their conversation.

"Aunt, isn't she Tang Ningshan, why is she here, why she become Mr Shao's granddaughter in law?"

"I am not clear."

"Didn't uncle say that she would marry a soldier who is ugly? Why is this happening?"


"I should know that, you never care about me, wuuuu..."

"Bilu, stop running, be careful, wait for me."

Seeing Ying bilu runs out, Yinghe follows her hastily.

The direction she runs is where Tang Ningshan stands. Tang Ningshan didn't leave, until Ying Bilu directly knocks into Tang Ningshan, if Ying He were not behind her, Ying Bilu must falls on to the ground.

Ying Bilu rubs her nose, scolds "who? Are you blind? You are in my way."

Tang Ningshan bends her waist and says "I am really sorry, I didn't that you will rush to me. I just want to go out for fresh air, I am sorry about that." Her behaviour and attitude are really nice, she apologized at the first time, no matter whether it's her fault or not.

As soon as Ying Bilu hear the sound, she turns up her head, seeing that Tang Ningshan is bending her waist and apologizing to her.

Ying Bilu walks to Tang Ningshan step by step, and stops before Tang Ningshan, then says to her coldly "Heh, I see, it's you, isn't that you feel really stressful in this room? Being afraid that others will look down on you? Just be easy, these days won't last too long. Your position, your husband, your marriage, what you possess now will be mine in the future! All the things belong to me!"

Tang Ningshan just stands still, more and more people looks to there, because the volume of Ying Bilu is too high, it's hard for others to ignore.

"Say something, are you mute?" Ying Bilu says arrogantly. The way she looks at Tang Ningshan is like that Tang Ningshan is an ant which can be tread on at any time.

Tang Ningshan turns her head to Ying He, says "aunt, shouldn't you bring my sister away? I have apologized to her, do you think it's appropriate for her to continue to shout?" Although Tang Ningshan really wants to stands here without saying anything, after all, her sound for apologize is not small, no one will think it's her fault, she sees Shao Ruihan is looking at her coldly, she can only put an end to this accident.

After listening to her, Ying He drags Ying Bilu's sleeve. Although she looks at Tang Ningshan angrily, she still says to Ying Bilu "Bilu, let her go, come and get her later."

Ying Bilu walks pass Tang Ningshan with Ying He's arm holding, and says "Heh, you are lucky today."

Tang Ningsha waves her head lightly, she doesn't understand why would she meets someone like this?