Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 191

Chapter 177: chapter 175-- honeymoon

Tang Ningshan thinks for a long time and says "We will go out and buy something for a while. Since you said that we are here for a honeymoon, we should do some preparation."

Shao Ruihan nods, although this time he comes to M country for a mission, this does not conflict with the honeymoon.

Honeymoon means that they are newly-married, and then they have to show a sweet feeling. Tang Ningshan thinks in her heart, how can she master this feeling moderately and show it out.

Then she looks at Shao Ruihan and thinks that he does not need to disguise himself. He only needs to keep his face expressionless and out his hand around her waist. When others look at her, he only needs to look at the other person with cold eyes, showing his possessiveness, and then others will never doubt them.

"Let's go, let's go eat first, these snacks can't fill my stomach at all," Tang Ningshan complains, her hands rubbing on her stomach.

Shao Ruihan sees her current state, nodding with a hint of pleasure in his eyes.

When going downstairs, Tang Ningshan takes Shao Ruihan's arm and shows an intimate appearance. This picture makes people who come down with them in the elevator very envious.

Two people walk into the hotel's restaurant. Soon, the waiter walks over with the menu. It is worthy of being a star hotel, and the quality of the waiters is very high. He places the menu respectfully on the table, then lowers his head and stands quietly beside the table, waiting for them to order.

Tang Ningshan pushes the menu to Shao Ruihan because she does not know the M country's words. Even if they have an English menu, she is not interested in ordering food. To be honest, she has never been to these high-end restaurants before, so she is unfamiliar with the dishes in these restaurants. She doesn't know if her order would suit her taste, so she decides to let Shao Ruihan order.

Shao Ruihan also doesn't refuse, taking the menu and opening it directly. He browses the menu and it is basically M country's food. Shao Ruihan worries that Tang Ningshan doesn't like to eat these, so he only orders steak and salad. He plans to go outside and buy some other things to eat. When Shao Ruihan turns the menu to the dessert page, Tang Ningshan's eyes light up and she immediately grabs the menu from Shao Ruihan's hand.

Looking at the desserts with chocolate on them, Tang Ningshan really wants to taste them one by one. Indeed, she does so. She points at the picture above, and as long as it has chocolate, she would order. After that, she looks up at Shao Ruihan and asks, "Would you like some?"

Shao Ruihan shakes his head with a smile. He silently remembers the fact that Tang Ningshan likes to eat chocolate and is obsessed with chocolate. Her eyes are shining when she looks at the chocolate on the picture.

Tang Ningshan hands the menu to the waiter and says, "That's all, thank you."

The waiter stands by the table and repeats what they had ordered. After that, he leaves with respect.

After the waiter leaves, Shao Ruihan sits in his seat with no expression. Although the people around them are curious about this dazzling couple, no one is close to them because they feel that the temperature around Shao Ruihan is very low. However, Tang Ningshan feels that Shao Ruihan's mood is good at the moment, and now he is full of joyful atmosphere.

"You like chocolate very much?"

Tang Ningshan nods in a pleasant mood and smiles.

"Where do you want to go after lunch?"

Tang Ningshan thinks for a long time and says "I don't know, I have never been here before, and I have never done a travel guide. But we should buy some sets of clothes first. We didn't bring clothes with us this time."

Shao Ruihan does not continue to speak, and two people sit quietly face to face. Tang Ningshan observes the situation around from time to time. However, Shao Ruihan is like a child, his eyes only fall on Tang Ningshan. As long as Tang Ningshan has no problem, nothing around him can affect him.

After a long while, the waiter comes over with plates of chocolate desserts and places them on the table. Half of the table is covered by chocolate desserts. Tang Ningshan is very excited. When the waiter just puts things down and is preparing to talk, Tang Ningshan has already started eating.

The waiter glances at Shao Ruihan silently and says, "Enjoy your meal."

Shao Ruihan nods and motions him to leave.

Tang Ningshan has no defense against chocolate. No matter what kind of chocolate, she loves it. In addition, she has the potion that the system gave her, she is not afraid of poisoning or the possibility of being drugged, so she does not have to be cautious about eating.

Shao Ruihan feels that Tang Ningshan is too careless. Her behavior is to leave an important clue to the enemy. If someone really adds a special medicine to the chocolate, the consequences are unimaginable.

"Shan, I will ask people to prepare chocolate for you in the future. Please don't eat those in outside restaurants!" Although Shao Ruihan's voice is not cold and serious, Tang Ningshan hears the meaning of irresistible from his words. Tang Ningshan can only pretend not to hear it. Wait for him to buy her chocolate, and then she won't starve?

"Shan!" Shao Ruihan says again.

Tang Ningshan still has no response. His words do not stop her from eating chocolate. Besides, who knows what it looks like in the future? If she agrees with such a promise, then after they are separated, will she not be able to eat chocolate forever?

Shao Ruihan looks at Tang Ningshan, who does not respond at all. His anger continues to rise. He feels that his authority is being provoked. He finally understands that when discussing something serious, he must not use a gentle strategy for this girl, because it does not work for her. The coldness in his body begins to dissipate. Soon, he sees Tang Ningshan sitting opposite him shivering. After that, she looks up at him.

Tang Ningshan can only explain "If we are separated in the future, then I am not able to eat chocolate for a lifetime? Such a stupid request, how can I promise...?" After that, she continues to bury her head into chocolate without caring the thoughts of the man opposite her.

Shao Ruihan looks at Tang Ningshan with a complicated mood. If she doesn't mention this topic, he even thinks that they have started a normal husband and wife life. After all, has she not begun to ask him to be a qualified husband? Doesn't this mean that she has recognized the relationship between them?

When the waiter comes to serve entres again, Tang Ningshan has solved three chocolate cakes and a chocolate ice cream.

The waiter takes the empty plates away and places the steak in front of them and the salad in the middle. There is no room left on the table. Tang Ningshan nods with satisfaction and the waiter leaves.

Tang Ningshan feels that Shao Ruihan must always eat Western food. He cuts the steak with great precision. Every piece of meat he cut is no different in size. His movements are so graceful that when he cuts the steak, the knife touches the plate without making a sound. However, she... Sure enough, she is still not suitable for the life of rich people; her ordinary life makes her feel at ease.

After fighting with the steak for a long time, Tang Ningshan finally gives up. Anyway, the final outcome of the steak is entering her stomach, so the process is not important. There is no rule saying that the steak must be cut, so the knife in the hand of Tang Ningshan is put down. She forks the steak with a fork and puts it in front of her mouth. When she is just about to eat, she sees Shao Ruihan send his plate to her and motions her to give him her plate.

" need to be so troublesome, I can eat in this way as well." Tang Ningshan says awkwardly, but her face turns red secretly.

Shao Ruihan's hand does not put down. He is like telling her that if you don't take my plate, I will keep this position.

Tang Ningshan puts down the fork in her hand and takes the plate of Shao Ruihan. After that, she hands her plate to him and says softly, "Thank you."

Tang Ningshan hangs her head, but she keeps peeking at the action of Shao Ruihan. The steak was bitten by her, so she still has her saliva and teeth print on it. She thought that Shao Ruihan would cut that piece down and throw it away directly, but unfortunately, things do not develop in the direction she imagines.

Then, she sees Shao Ruihan cut the steak in the position she has bitten, forking it with a fork. He looks casually and puts that piece into his mouth. He even shows an enjoyable expression, which makes Tang Ningshan blush instantly.

"Hurry to eat." Shao Ruihan sees that Tang Ningshan has already buried her head in the plate, and could only ask her to eat. It's really fun to tease her, but he doesn't want to let her go hungry.

Tang Ningshan quietly eats the steak that had been cut in the plate. She doesn't lift her head until she finishes eating. When Shao Ruihan checks out, Tang Ningshan walks out of the restaurant and stands at the door to wait for him.

Out of the hotel, they get in a black car. Tang Ningshan does not know what the car is, but it can be seen from the interior of the car that this car is not cheap. She doesn't understand where Shao Ruihan gets the car, but she doesn't care about these things. Taxi and private cars are just a means of transportation in her eyes. As long as she doesn't have to walk, she is very happy even if she is on a bicycle. Of course, the premise is that it is not her who is riding the bicycle.

The car stops at the door of a mall. There are several brands hanging on the mall building. There are many different countries' words on the brand. This makes Tang Ningshan feel that the owner of this mall is very wise. Seeing the words of her own country, Tang Ningshan feels very affectionate.

Tang Ningshan gets out of the car and takes Shao Ruihan's arm to walk toward the mall. From that night to the present, she has not changed her clothes so she feels very uncomfortable. She is eager to buy the right clothes and return to the hotel to change.

Tang Ningshan walks very fast, especially when she is excited. Shao Ruihan has not realized what has happened when Tang Ningshan has started to pull him upstairs. Shao Ruihan follows Tang Ningshan to go upstairs in confusion. Finally, they came to the sports counter. Tang Ningshan thinks that since they have other tasks this time, it may be very physically exhausting, so she can't wear high heels, she can only buy a pair of comfortable sports shoes.

Just when they are standing at the door of a sports shoe store, the salesman inside comes over very enthusiastically. "Hey. How are you? What can I do for you today? What kind of shoes do you need? For whom?"

"I want to buy a pair for myself." Tang Ningshan says with a smile.

The salesman walks to the side of the shelf, picking up a pair of white and blue sports shoes on the top and hands it to Tang Ningshan. He says, "How do you like this style? This is the new model this season, although it is not a limited edition shoe. But the quality is very good. The customers who bought this said that the shoes are very comfortable to wear. Would you like to try?"

Tang Ningshan takes the shoes and sits down on the chair on one side. When she is about to bend over to untie her shoelaces, a pair of hands suddenly appears in front of her eyes. Shao Ruihan is untying her shoelaces and taking off her shoes for her.

Before Tang Ningshan reacts, Shao Ruihan has taken the shoes from her hand and put them on her feet.

When the salesperson sees this picture, she immediately steps forward and says, "Your husband is really considerate. Very few people can do this now, and he even changes shoes for you. Seeing that he loves you so much, I think you should also buy these shoes back. Even if you don't wear them, this is a good memory." The salesperson flatters them, anyway, her goal is to hope that Tang Ningshan would buy the shoes home.