Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 193

chapter 193-- I will bake another one for you

When a few people sit at the table, Shao Ruihan comes out of the kitchen with a black face. His body exudes a cold atmosphere so that Tang Ningshan feels the temperature in the house drops.

"What's wrong?" Tang Ningshan does not understand who had provoked him. How could he get angry in the kitchen?

Shao Ruihan shows a cold expression without answering her, but his eyes keep staring at the empty plate that was originally full of cakes.

"..., I thought you don't like it." Tang Ningshan immediately realizes that when she just took the cake out, she left Shao Ruihan himself in the kitchen.

The temperature around Shao Ruihan is getting lower and lower. Tang Ningshan thinks that he is a man-made refrigerator; he can release cold air anytime and anywhere.

Shao Ruihan couldn't help but throw a blank eye to Tang Ningshan. When he was in the kitchen, he thought that this is the first time Tang Ningshan made these desserts, so she would have left it to him as she did last time. Unexpectedly, he just ate one, and she took all of them out to ask others to eat. Later, he also understood that Tang Ningshan only wanted him to have a try. When he realized the fact, the plate on the table has been empty. How could he be happy?

"Well, you can rest assured that I will cook a new one for you later." Tang Ningshan only hopes to calm down Shao Ruihan's mood, so she says this, which lets Yu Huan and Wang Pengxuan feel that the relationship between them is not as simple as they say.

After all, are there any nominal couples living in this way like them? In the supermarket just now, when Tang Ningshan put things on the checkout desk, Shao Ruihan naturally took out the card to pay. This can't be the first time. Even if they ignore this point, there are other details to confirm their guess. When they walked out of the supermarket, everyone had plastic bags in their hands. However, Shao Ruihan deliberately left the two lightest bags to Tang Ningshan. He put all the heavy things in his and Wang Pengxuan's bags. Also, just now in the kitchen, when Shao Ruihan stood in the same place staring at Tang Ningshan's back, his eyes filled with love. Who would believe that they are nominal couples as they said? But since this couple does not recognize, then they will not debunk them.

After eating the dessert, Tang Ningshan takes Yu Huan upstairs to chat. Pu Jiayi returns to his room and continues to carve. Shao Ruihan and Wang Pengxuan are sitting in the living room and drinking tea.

"Huan, you tell me about the situation of the Shao's company." After entering the room, Tang Ningshan asks directly. After all, she has never paid attention to this kind of news before. She doesn't know what aspects their company covers, so before going to work, she needs to have a general understanding of the company in order to make some plans early.

Yu Huan immediately begins to think. Although he doesn't know much about these aspects, he watches the financial news every day, and the situation of Shao's company will be reported by the news almost every day. After all, all of their business trends and decision-making changes will affect many other companies in A city; so many start-up companies would follow the footsteps of the Shao's company. But is the Shao's company's development direction and investment so accurate every time? The answer is definitely no. After all, a company can only make a profit if it has good planning and decision.

"The Shao's company has been a commercial leader for many years. I don't know much about business. I can only say that they have a very strong leader and team. Without these, the Shao's company cannot always suppress other companies, and cannot have always been in a leading position." Yu Huan says briefly. In fact, this is not useful news at all. After all, the Shao's company is a big company, and much internal news is not something that outsiders can know.

After saying this, Yu Huan smiles mysteriously. He goes on to say, "However, if you want to know some internal news, it is quite simple, because the Shao's company also bought your anti-virus software."

Tang Ningshan hears this and her eyes light up. They bought her anti-virus software and it proves that someone wants to steal their secrets. Then she doesn't need to invade the Shao's company's computer at all. She can directly see what other people want to steal through the anti-virus software so that she can quickly learn about the latest developments of the Shao's company.

"Ningshan, I think your relationship with Shao Ruihan is not as simple as you said." Yu Huan suddenly says. Tang Ningshan wants to refute, but before she says something, Yu Huan continues "You don't need to explain. Originally, I didn't want to say this, but I noticed the way you get along with him, I know that there must be love between you guys. When I asked you in the morning, you said that he doesn't love you, and you don't love him either. But just now in the kitchen, when he looks at your back, the affection in his eyes must not be the fake."

Tang Ningshan seems to be shocked and looks at Yu Huan with surprise. It seems that she can't understand what Yu Huan means.

"Ningshan, when we were in the living room, do you remember that you told Shao Ruihan that you would make another cake for him later?"

After Tang Ningshan listens to Yu Huan's question, there is a blank inside her mind. She doesn't understand what he means. So she nods and looks at him in confusion.

"When you talked to him, your expression is happy. Maybe you don't realize the love and joy in your eyes." Yu Huan says this sentence and sighs directly. He has to say it to let Tang Ningshan face her real feelings.

Yu Huan still remembers that when he first saw Shao Ruihan appear in front of him, Shao Ruihan's eyes only possessed possessiveness, there was no love, no temperature in his eyes when he looked at Tang Ningshan. However, this time is different. What even surprised him more is that Tang Ningshan has fallen in love with Shao Ruihan, but she does not want to admit it. He doesn't want to see that until their marriage comes to an end, and they find out that they have fallen in love with each other. Then the final outcome is obvious.

"..., no... no..." Tang Ningshan whispers. But she understands that she is indeed attracted by Shao Ruihan. She has always tried to restrain herself. Now, after listening to Yu Huan's words, she feels that she is cheating on herself. How could she restrain such emotions?

Yu Huan sees Tang Ningshan bowing her head, he knows that she actually understands her feelings, but she never wants to face it. So he says "I hope you understand that love can't be restrained."

"I..., Huan..., I don't know how to describe my current thoughts. But you said that he loves me? I really don't believe it. Maybe this only shows that his attitude towards me has changed, but it's not love." Tang Ningshan firmly refuses to recognize the love that Yu Huan said. How can someone like Shao Ruihan fall in love with her? It is simply a fantasy.

"Believe it or not, it's up to you. I just want you to understand your own feelings. If you really think that he is not your Mr. Right, then you have to keep a certain distance with him. But please remember, I am talking about the objective facts." Yu Huan does not know that his words make Tang Ningshan retreat again.

Tang Ningshan nods and says, "I see." But she keeps telling herself in her heart that she could not continue in this way. She doesn't even know what caused her mother's death. Does this really have anything to do with the Shao's family? If her mother's death is really related to Shao's family, would it be related to Shao Ruihan? She does not want to find out one day that the person she loved is the child of the killer who killed her mother, which she could not accept.

It's about three o'clock in the afternoon; Tang Ningshan and Yu Huan go downstairs. Looking at Shao Ruihan sitting in the living room, Tang Ningshan's mood is very complicated. But soon, she calmly pulls Yu Huan in the kitchen.

Yu Huan looks at Tang Ningshan and doesn't know what she is thinking, but she is a bit strange, so he could only remind her "Let's cook first, we have bought so much food, I don't know when we can finish it."

After listening to the voice of Yu Huan, Tang Ningshan immediately comes back to her sense. She nods and takes the food she bought in the morning from the refrigerator and puts it aside, intending to wash them.

Tang Ningshan is actually washing eggs? This scene shocks Yu Huan. He shakes his head helplessly, and he begins to wonder if he should not say this. Otherwise, Tang Ningshan should not be so abnormal.

When Tang Ningshan realizes that she is washing eggs, her face immediately shows an awkward expression. After that, she looks at Yu Huan and finds that Yu Huan is doing something else seriously. She quickly puts the eggs in her hand aside.

After three hours, two people finish cooking the dinner, which Yu Huan did not expect. To be honest, he did not have any hope for Tang Ningshan's cooking skill.

"Ningshan, when did you learn to cook? It's really good." Yu Huan says with amazement.

"Hey, maybe I have talent. Anyway, the steps on the recipe are very detailed. I follow the steps of the recipe step by step. I think it's quite simple." Tang Ningshan shrugs.

Yu Huan knows that Tang Ningshan does not tell the truth, but he does not continue to ask.

After Tang Ningshan puts the dishes on the table, going upstairs and asking Pu Jiayi to go down to eat. She believes that if she does not ask him to come down, there are so many people in the living room, and then he would hide in his room.

However, when pushing open the door of Pu Jiayi, Tang Ningshan sees Pu Jiayi standing in the middle of the ground and staring at the door as if he is waiting for the door to be pushed open.

Tang Ningshan raises her eyebrows and smiles. "What are you looking at?" After she turns and looks at the door behind her, she says, "Is there a flower on the door?" This is obviously a joke, but Pu Jiayi blushes instantly.

Tang Ningshan feels that no one in this world will be more shy and simpler than Pu Jiayi. A joke can make his face as red as an apple.

Tang Ningshan immediately says "Let's go, it's dinner time."

After listening to Tang Ningshan's words, Pu Jiayi immediately follows Tang Ningshan, he is like a small tail.

Tang Ningshan takes him and lets him go with her. Two people go downstairs together.

At the table, Tang Ningshan directly chooses a seat for Pu Jiayi. Then she also sits down, directly ignoring Shao Ruihan sitting on the other side.

"Let's eat; this is my first time to cook. If you feel that it is not good, you guys just eat those ones that Huan cooked." Tang Ningshan finishes, smiling.