Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 193

Chapter 179: chapter 177-- spend one night

Shao Ruihan also does not continue to tease her. He only feels that her blush is very beautiful and he even wants to kiss her. Sure enough, he does so. When Tang Ningshan is looking out the window, he stretches out a hand to pull her into his arms. He gives her a deep kiss directly on her lips. After that, he lets her go, and his expression is really calm, and he's like nothing happened.

Tang Ningshan blushes and stares at him angrily. In Shao Ruihan's view, Tang Ningshan at the moment is particularly attractive; her eyes are sparkling with temptation.

"What the hell do you want to do?" Tang Ningshan immediately pushes him away. Her back is against the door and she looks at him with vigilance.

Shao Ruihan shrugs his shoulders and glances at the front seat.

Tang Ningshan thinks that he wants to act in front of the driver, so she could only honestly move back to Shao Ruihan's side, and says with a sweet voice "Don't you know there is someone in front of us? Can't you wait until no one else is around to do these things?" At the same time, Tang Ningshan quietly pinches Shao Ruihan's waist with revenge.

Seeing that Shao Ruihan does not have any reaction, Tang Ningshan pinches another position. Finding that her little trick has no effect at all, she gives up the childish revenge.

Shao Ruihan sees that she stops pinching him, and he also secretly breathes a sigh of relief. The 'kitten's claws' are too sharp, and he estimates that his waist is already purple.

After that, on the way home, both of them remain silent. Soon, they return to the hotel. Tang Ningshan directly opens the door and gets out the car. Shao Ruihan follows behind and holds Tang Ningshan's shoulder. Tang Ningshan also does not dodge.

When they are about to enter, suddenly a woman appears in front of them. Tang Ningshan spontaneously keeps a distance from Shao Ruihan.

"Sir, it's a coincidence, we meet again." The woman has a sweet smile and her voice is crisp. Tang Ningshan feels that if this woman is not too active, Shao Ruihan may like this type of woman. Now, however, Shao Ruihan's expression has changed from happy just now to the usual cold.

After Shao Ruihan glances at her coldly, Tang Ningshan, who is keeping a distance from him, is pulled over by him. He bypasses the woman in front of him and is ready to walk into the hotel.

"Sir, please wait." The woman comes forward and stops in front of them again.

Tang Ningshan shrugs helplessly. She looks at Shao Ruihan with a deep meaning in her eyes. She is like you are dealing with your own affairs. After that, she breaks away from Shao Ruihan's hand and goes to the other side.

After Tang Ningshan walks away, Shao Ruihan is very upset. His 'kitten' is really capricious. Shouldn't she protect him at this time? Damn, she actually stands by to watch the show!

Shao Ruihan looks at the opposite woman with a blank expression; there is a sneer on his face. His eyes are covered with chills. After looking at her up and down, he even shows a disgusted expression.

The changes of Shao Ruihan are all noticed by Tang Ningshan. Of course, the woman standing opposite Shao Ruihan can feel more intuitively. Tang Ningshan feels that Shao Ruihan is really good at angering others. Looking at his series of reactions, Tang Ningshan knows that he could not remember this woman at all, and he is not interested in this woman. For no reason, Tang Ningshan suddenly feels pretty good, and she has a happy smile on her face. So she folds her hands over her chest and plans to see what kind of means the woman wants to use to seduce Shao Ruihan.

"Sir, we have met on the plane, have you forgotten? My name is Fu Qianrou, I am a flight attendant. It is really nice to see you again today." When Fu Qianrou speaks, she secretly observes Tang Ningshan and finds that Tang Ningshan has no unpleasant expression at all. There are various plots of her own fantasy in her mind. She thinks that they may not love each other at all. She estimates that the marriage of two people is not voluntary, or that Shao Ruihan does not like Tang Ningshan. Otherwise, when she stopped them, why did the opposite man not scold her? It must be that this man is interested in her.

"Get out of the way!" Shao Ruihan also notices the smile of Tang Ningshan. Otherwise, he couldn't stand this woman saying so much nonsense in front of him. Since his baby wants to watch a show, then he would cooperate with her. Anyway, he will definitely pamper his baby. What's more, he remembers that someone has told him that girls need to be spoiled. This is really true. She was still angry when she was in the car, but now she actually is smiling. Shao Ruihan thinks girls are really weird.

Shao Ruihan is not sure if he falls in love with Tang Ningshan. He just thinks that the way he treats Tang Ningshan is different from that of other people. However, because of the incident that happened in the past, he thinks that he has lost the ability to love. The more he gets along with Tang Ningshan, the more he can feel her specialty. Tang Ningshan's position in Shao Ruihan's heart is quite different.

Fu Qianrou hears Shao Ruihan's cold and magnetic sound, her eyes immediately begin to shine, her eyes are filled with love, "Sir, I really admire you, just hope that I can spend a night with you, I don't want anything, Really..." Fu Qianrou's words make Tang Ningshan laugh, and she never thought she would meet such a wonderful woman. This woman actually said that she wants to spend a night with a man in public, and she has no any sigh of being shy.

Shao Ruihan doesn't want to see her face at all; he just bypasses her and walks to Tang Ningshan's side. He kisses the lips of Tang Ningshan. After that, he turns and says to Fu Qianrou "My wife is gorgeous. Why do I have to date an artificial woman like you? You are too ironic about my taste." After that, before Tang Ningshan reacts, Shao Ruihan has already pulled her into the elevator.

There is only the disappointing Fu Qianrou in the hotel lobby.

After the elevator door is closed, Tang Ningshan realizes that she falls into the trap of Shao Ruihan again! So she says to Shao Ruihan wickedly: "Shao Ruihan! Can you not involve me in the private affairs of you and other women every time!!!?"

Shao Ruihan's eyes look directly at the elevator door, and he says seriously, "I was telling the truth!" There is a slight smile on his face, but Tang Ningshan does not see. She only thinks that Shao Ruihan is quibbling, she is so angry now that she doesn't know what to do. All she could do now is stamp her feet and snort. After that, she turns away her head.

Back to the room, two people are sitting on the sofa. Shao Ruihan takes out the computer and connects with Shen Quan.

"How is the translation going?" Tang Ningshan sees Shen Quan appear on the screen and asks directly.

Shen Quan is not surprised by that the person who speaks is Tang Ningshan. He replies meticulously: "We have already completed half of it. I will pass it on to you first. I estimate that it will take some time for the rest."

Tang Ningshan nods and then returns the computer that was just grabbed by her to Shao Ruihan.

"After he passes the document, you tell me. I am going to change clothes." Tang Ningshan finishes, picking up the bags and going into the bedroom.

When she takes the clothes out of the bag, she sees three pieces of clothing have turned into six pieces. The most frightening thing is that these clothes are actually couple-clothing.

"Shao Ruihan!!!" Tang Ningshan shouts.

Shao Ruihan seems to have known that Tang Ningshan would have such a reaction. After hearing the sound, he puts the computer on the coffee table and stands up from the sofa slowly, and enters the bedroom gracefully.

"What's wrong?" Shao Ruihan raises his eyebrows and asks.

When Tang Ningshan sees him, she throws these clothes to his head and says with anger "Please explain to me what the three clothes are!"

"For the sake of convenience, you know, I don't have time to choose clothes. I think the three items you selected are very good, so I chose the same as you. Is there any problem?" Shao Ruihan asks in confusion. Tang Ningshan couldn't see a trace of lying from Shao Ruihan's face. She even begins to wonder if she is too sensitive. These are just couple-clothes; this should not be a big deal. Even if she wears ordinary clothes, she may encounter passers-by with the same clothes as her on the street.

"Forget it, well; I will buy two more sets tomorrow." Tang Ningshan thinks that she will not change her clothes today. After buying two more sets tomorrow, she will change her new one.

Shao Ruihan nods. Who knows what will happen tomorrow? Even if she goes to buy a new one, can't he get the same as her? When Tang Ningshan bows her head, Shao Ruihan shows a sly smile.

"It's okay? Then I will go out. By the way, don't call my name so loudly next time, although I know my name is pretty good." Shao Ruihan finishes, immediately closing the door and leaving.

Tang Ningshan looks incredulously at the closed door. She reaches for a pillow from the bed and throws it at the door. Shao Ruihan is too annoying!

When Tang Ningshan comes out of the room again, the food is already on the coffee table.

"Where did you get it?" Tang Ningshan asks curiously.

"Room service." Shao Ruihan answers with no expression.

"..." Tang Ningshan is speechless. She remembers that the general room service is cleaning?

However, since there is something to eat, Tang Ningshan does not intend to entangle the source of food. She picks up the chopsticks on the table and stretches to the sweet and sour pork ribs in the middle.

As soon as she puts the ribs in her mouth, Tang Ningshan's eyes light up. Really tasty! The taste is very special! Therefore, Tang Ningshan is like a beggar who has not eaten food for a long time, and she keeps eating ribs. Shao Ruihan sitting beside her just looks at her quietly; his face shows a gentle smile.

After Tang Ningshan fills her stomach, she looks at the table with a lot of dishes left. She puts down the chopsticks. After that, she realizes that the man next to her has not eaten yet.

Tang Ningshan smiles and asks "Why don't you eat?"

Shao Ruihan shakes his head and hands the laptop to Tang Ningshan.

"The translated documents have already been obtained. You should check it out first."

Tang Ningshan takes over the laptop and opens the folder. All the M country's words are followed by A country's words. It's easy to read. Tang Ningshan praises Shen Quan in her heart. She feels that Shen Quan is a well-organized person.

Now that she is full, she begins to work seriously. Tang Ningshan begins to invade the network in M country. After that, she monitors the phone numbers on the materials that have been translated. She creates separate folders for these numbers, and if she finds suspicious objects, she would track and monitor them separately.

Several hours have passed, and there has been no progress at all. Tang Ningshan begins to wonder if her method is wrong, but she could not think of a more efficient way.

Tang Ningshan rubs her head and says, "What is your idea? If you were the one, would you use the registered phone card?"

Shao Ruihan shakes his head, this is definitely impossible. If this person is using a phone card that has already been registered, these communication companies are now globally connected so he would be found soon.

"... So what's the point of doing this now!!! "Tang Ningshan feels that all their efforts are in vain.