Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 195

Chapter 181: chapter 179-- couple-clothing

Shao Ruihan feels that there are many doubts about this conversation. First, the speaker replaces the specific item with 'something', and the name of the specific item does not appear in the entire call record, which proves that the 'something' he said may not be a general item. Second, the speaker mentions the windfall, but he does not specify what windfall is, and actually, this word can mean a lot. Finally, this person mentions the designated place, so where is this designated place? These doubts make Shao Ruihan begin to doubt the identity of the speaker.

He retrieves the information of the user of this telephone number. According to the information, the speaker is a university professor but was expelled from the school a year ago. The reason for the expulsion is unknown. At this stage, he has no record of any work experience. These are all the information that Shao Ruihan can get now. As for much more detailed information, it can only be obtained after Tang Ningshan wakes up.

Shao Ruihan puts down the computer and stands up to walk to the bed. He presses his own temple lightly. The state of concern he has been keeping seems to have disappeared at this moment. After all, the clues have appeared, and now it only needs to be verified. Now Shao Ruihan only hopes that those people who lost will not have any accidents.

He looks at the watch on his wrist and finds that it is almost two o'clock in the evening. Shao Ruihan lies next to Tang Ningshan, naturally pulling her into his arms. He smells the scent of her body and slowly closes his eyes. Every time he holds her into his arms, his emotions seem to be appeased and it would immediately become quite calm. Shao Ruihan likes this feeling, so every time he sleeps he would unconsciously hold her in his arms.

The next day, when Tang Ningshan wakes up, Shao Ruihan also opens his eyes. After all, he was still thinking about Shen Quan's words when he slept yesterday, so he didn't sleep very well.

"What time is it?" Tang Ningshan blinks and asks.

"It's almost noon, what would you like to eat for lunch?" Shao Ruihan sits up and looks at the confused Tang Ningshan, asking.

Tang Ningshan thinks for a long time with her eyes closed and says, "Oh, is there any local snacks in this place? I want to eat some special snacks here. After all, if I don't eat their local food in a new city, I feel that I have lost the meaning of this trip. But we may need to change currency, and some stores may not support the credit card."

"You can rest assured that I will take care of these things. You should go to prepare. When you are ready, I will take you to eat." Shao Ruihan finishes, patting Tang Ningshan's shoulder and saying.

After Tang Ningshan hears his words, she jumps directly from the bed to the ground with excitement. She rushes directly into the bathroom and begins to wash. Come on, that's snacks! After all, her hobby is to eat, and the local specialty food can only be eaten in the local to get the most authentic taste. Tang Ningshan believes that this activity should be her only motivation today. Anyway, she is very looking forward to it.

After washing, she gets out of the bathroom to take the clothes on the bed and then goes into the bathroom again to change clothes. When she finishes changing her clothes, Shao Ruihan has been waiting for her in the living room. Tang Ningshan looks at Shao Ruihan and she is stunned. She stares at Shao Ruihan in surprise and raises a finger to point at him and says, ""

"What's wrong?" Shao Ruihan turns his head and looks at her, asking softly.

Tang Ningshan looks at Shao Ruihan who is coming over to her, and asks "Why are you wearing this one?"

Shao Ruihan looks down at his clothes. He does not find any problems. This dress is not dirty and there is nothing wrong with it. He looks up at Tang Ningshan with a puzzled look and asks "What's wrong? Is there something wrong?" Shao Ruihan's voice is very magnetic, which is a fact that Tang Ningshan always knows. However, when this voice carries affectionate love, Tang Ningshan feels creepy. She is very clear that Shao Ruihan does not love her, but what is the purpose of speaking to her with such a deep affectionate tone?

Thinking of this, Tang Ningshan shudders. She does not want to be confused by Shao Ruihan, so she ignores Shao Ruihan. She turns and walks toward the door. After that, she turns her back to Shao Ruihan and says, "Let's go, I am hungry." Her voice has no emotions, and it sounds like a simple narrative.

Shao Ruihan has no other choice but to follow her behind. He doesn't know what happened to her. He just wears the same clothes as her, why does she suddenly become like this? But since she is hungry, he should take her to eat something first. Anyway, she can easily be satisfied. As long as there is something delicious, as long as something interesting happens, she will be happy, Shao Ruihan secretly thinks.

Downstairs, as soon as they walk out of the elevator, they see Fu Qianrou standing in front of the front desk. She has a suitcase at her feet and wears a flight attendant's uniform. Tang Ningshan does not know if she is checking in or is going to check out.

Tang Ningshan also does not want to have any entanglement with this woman. Her current attention is all on local food. After she finishes her meal, she plans to talk with Yu Huan about the progress of anti-virus software.

After Fu Qianrou sees Shao Ruihan, she almost lost her reason. She leaves her suitcase in the same place and immediately runs towards them.

"Sir, it's a coincidence, we meet again. This is our destiny, so we meet again. For the sake of this coincidence, don't you want to try dating me? Maybe I am more suitable for you than her. What do you think?" At this time, Fu Qianrou first looks at Tang Ningshan and then throws a wink at Shao Ruihan.

Tang Ningshan directly ignores her existence and passes by Fu Qianrou. She does not care whether Shao Ruihan has followed up. Anyway, she feels that even if Shao Ruihan does not keep up with her, she could find a place to eat. So she walks toward the door with a blank expression.

"Shan, you slow down." Shao Ruihan shouts behind. After that, he quickly chases her up. He follows the back of Tang Ningshan with a smile.

Tang Ningshan goes out of the hotel's door and turns right. Although she does not know whether there is any restaurant, anyway, she does not want to stay in the same closed space with Shao Ruihan, because she doesn't know why she just felt very angry when she saw Fu Qianrou.

Two people walk on the street in tandem, attracting the attention of many passers-by. After all, they are wearing couple-clothes, besides; they even wear the same shoes.

Tang Ningshan walks in front without expression, and Shao Ruihan, whose eyes are full of love, follows Tang Ningshan behind quietly. One of the passers-by is anxious for Shao Ruihan. He says to Shao Ruihan "Hey, man, it has no meaning for you to follow her. If you love her, you have to tell her, instead of following her silently behind her." The passer-by thinks that Shao Ruihan wants to pursue Tang Ningshan.

After listening to his words, Shao Ruihan shows a smile. After he nods to the man, all his attention returns to Tang Ningshan.

Tang Ningshan, who is walking in front, suddenly stops. The attention of these passers-by makes Tang Ningshan feel very annoyed. She really doesn't understand why Shao Ruihan wants to wear the same clothes as her. To be honest, if it weren't for the fact that she only wears this clothing now, she would take it off right now.

"Can you walk faster? Do you want me to starve?" Tang Ningshan yells at Shao Ruihan angrily.

After hearing Tang Ningshan's words, Shao Ruihan walks quickly to her side and takes her hand. After that, he takes her in the other direction.

Tang Ningshan has tried many times to break free from his hand, but Shao Ruihan's hand is like a pair of pliers, and her wrist is locked tightly, and she simply could not get away. Finally, Tang Ningshan gives up her struggle for her stomach.

"Good girl, don't be angry." Shao Ruihan looks at the angry Tang Ningshan, saying softly.

"..." Tang Ningshan looks at Shao Ruihan silently. Why does he now become like this? She doesn't know how to reply to him, she could only ignore it.

Shao Ruihan holds Tang Ningshan's wrist and walks across two streets. Finally, they come to a very busy neighborhood. There are many snacks on the street, and there are also many stalls. In addition to the local snacks, there is also some other food from other countries, which makes Tang Ningshan's eyes suddenly start to shine. Her gloomy mood suddenly disappears.

Shao Ruihan shows a happy smile, and sure enough, she is not resistant to food. Shao Ruihan buys almost all kinds of snacks for her. He takes all the food in his hand and lets Tang Ningshan pick. Looking at Tang Ningshan's enjoyable expression, he also feels very happy. Tang Ningshan has not finished eating the food in Shao Ruihan's hand, and she sees the ice cream. Shao Ruihan does not want to let her down, so he could only buy ice cream for her. However, these snacks are all hot foot, and eating ice cream immediately after eating snacks will hurt the stomach. Shao Ruihan is very worried that Tang Ningshan's stomach will have problems, so he decides to get some ginger water for Tang Ningshan to drink after coming back to the hotel.

After eating so many delicious foods, Tang Ningshan is very happy. However, when she is about to go back to the hotel, Tang Ningshan realizes that Shao Ruihan has not eaten anything. Shao Ruihan has spent the whole afternoon with her, but he has not eaten anything yet, which makes Tang Ningshan feel very sorry.

She hesitates for a long time before she says, "What do you want to eat? I will get it for you."

Shao Ruihan smiles and shakes his head. There is still more than half of the food in his hand, and he decides to take all these leftovers to the hotel to eat. In this way, he will not waste these foods, or Tang Ningshan will blame him for wasting money. However, Tang Ningshan is now wondering if Shao Ruihan is angry, otherwise, why does he not eat anything?

"Are you angry? Now it is already afternoon, you have to eat something, you know? You tell me what you want to eat?" Tang Ningshan says impatiently.

Shao Ruihan shakes his head and says "I am not angry. We have bought so many foods. I'm sure that you cannot finish all of them. After you are done, I will solve the rest of the food, so we will not waste these."

Tang Ningshan now feels that it is a mistake to blame Shao Ruihan yesterday. Today, Shao Ruihan actually uses the words she said yesterday to educate her. This is really embarrassing.

"Okay! It's up to you." Tang Ningshan finishes and walks toward the snack street. She buys a lot of different snacks again. Anyway, Shao Ruihan said that even if she can't finish it, he will solve the rest of the food. Yes, he said he will not waste.

Shao Ruihan can only spoil her. He helplessly follows Tang Ningshan, and he feels that she is lovelier now.