Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 196

Chapter 182: chapter 180-- childhood level

When they return to the hotel, Shao Ruihan's hands are carrying plastic bags, which contain a variety of snacks. The scent of the food also scatters out of the plastic bag, causing the attention of the people inside the hotel. After all, the hotel they live in is the most luxurious hotel in M country, so the people who live here are very rich. Generally speaking, people who can afford the price of this hotel will not eat street food, and will not bring these snacks back to the hotel either.

After getting back to their room, Tang Ningshan flies directly to the sofa, she is very tired now. She feels that she is almost exhausted. She thought it must be the jet lag, otherwise, why does this situation happen? She has never felt this way before.

Shao Ruihan puts the food on the coffee table, but he does not rest directly on the sofa like Tang Ningshan, instead, he takes the computer out. After that, he puts the computer in front of Tang Ningshan and says "Shan, listen to this recording, I think this one should be the person we are looking for."

After Tang Ningshan hears Shao Ruihan's words, she feels energetic suddenly. After listening to the recording, she also feels that there are a lot of doubts about this person. After that, she takes out her own computer and quickly retrieves the person's information on it. What Shao Ruihan said is true, this person was a university professor. Tang Ningshan is shocked by his identity. After that, she quickly tracks the location of his phone and begins to monitor the person separately.

"We will know immediately if this person is our target person." Tang Ningshan says. The code on the computer keeps beating. Soon, the video screen appears on the computer. There is a person in the video, it seems that he is now in a straw house.

"I will enlarge the figure of this person now, and then take a screenshot. You'll send this picture to Shen Quan. Have you said that the people you sent to follow him saw him? You check and see if this person is our target, if he is, I will now locate his current position." Tang Ningshan says while zooming in on the image of the character in the video. After getting the screenshot, she passes the picture to Shao Ruihan's computer.

At this time, the atmosphere in the room is very harmonious. The cooperation between the two people is also quite tacit. Every time, Tang Ningshan has not finished talking, Shao Ruihan has already known what she wants to do, so before Tang Ningshan finishes speaking, Shao Ruihan has already begun to act. Their cooperation is very efficient.

When Shen Quan receives the picture, he goes to the person who has seen the portrait to authenticate it at the first place. If the person they are looking for is really this person, then the hard work of these days has also paid off. Then they only need to make a comprehensive rescue plan, then there will be no problem.

Tang Ningshan and Shao Ruihan quietly wait for the results. Although the expressions of both of them are very calm, they are quite anxious in their hearts. They look at Shao Ruihan's computer from time to time.

"Shao Ruihan, what other identities do you think this person has in addition to the identity of the professor?" Tang Ningshan asks curiously. She is not actually curious about this person, but she wants to say something to ease the tension of the present. She feels that they are now like waiting for a verdict of death.

"I will not tell you this time, I don't want you to be under pressure." Shao Ruihan thinks about it before saying. In fact, it is not that he does not want to tell Tang Ningshan, but he knows that the more she knows, the more trouble she would have. What followed is a growing pressure. He doesn't want her to have so much pressure, he thinks she should live simple.

Tang Ningshan nods and does not continue to speak. After all, this thing really has nothing to do with her, she just wants to ease the atmosphere.

After a while, Shen Quan comes back with one person. He clicks on the screenshot and asks the person to confirm if the person on the picture is the suspect target.

Shen Quan takes the person to the computer and says "Hurry up and check, is this person?" Shen Quan's tone is urgent as if he hopes to know the result immediately.

After seeing the suspect on the photo, the man nods immediately, and the man's face shows a happy look. The spy who was taken away is his friend, and when he received the task of tracking, he was ready to sacrifice. Unfortunately, people were lost, and his friend is also missing. After that, they all know that Shao Ruihan has sent a new team to look for them, but his inner anxiety and self-blame make him feel bad every day. But now everything is moving in the right direction. As long as the person on the photo is found, his friend can be saved.

"Ruihan, girl, this person is the suspect!" Shen Quan's affirmative voice comes out of the computer so that Shao Ruihan and Tang Ningshan both breathe a sigh of relief.

"Great, then I will start searching for his position now. I will send real-time monitoring to your computer later, and then I will not be able to help with the next rescue plan." Tang Ningshan buries herself into the work after finishing.

Time has slowly passed, and M country's area is small, but it is difficult to find a specific location. Even though Tang Ningshan is already in M country and she even uses the M country's network, the maps in their databases are not specific, so finding the specific location of that person is not an easy task.

At two o'clock in the middle of the night, Tang Ningshan finally confirms the position of the suspect. However, it is a pity that the suspect's location has no network coverage, so they can only monitor the movement of that person and cannot see the specific details. Tang Ningshan asks the system in her heart, "Can I learn to monitor through satellites? After all, satellites are now almost globally covered. If I can use satellite technology, then I don't have to worry about not having network coverage."

"Master, it is rare that you ask for learning more advanced content. But you are not learning enough now. You must master ten basic subjects before you can open intermediate learning content." The system says.

"What! You mean that what I am learning now is the basic content?" Tang Ningshan asks in shock. She always thinks that what she has learned is quite advanced. On the present earth, she estimates that there are no her opponents. But now after listening to the system, she suddenly feels that her version is too short, and she still has a long way to go in the future.

"Of course, master, what you are learning now is what the children on our planet learn..." The tone of the system is proud. However, when it thinks that Tang Ningshan may be lost because of its words, it shuts up directly.

"Children?..." Tang Ningshan does not know how to describe her feelings at the moment.

The system does not reply to her words. After all, it feels that it stimulated Tang Ningshan. It now only hopes that she won't blame it. Although she often complains about it, in the system's view, Tang Ningshan is still a good master.

After Tang Ningshan gets the surveillance videos, all of them are directly transmitted to Shao Ruihan's computer. She puts her computer aside and she feels she needs a break because she has just suffered a huge blow. If she does not adjust her current state, she feels that her future is simply helpless. What she has been studying hard in virtual space are only basic courses. She finds it difficult to take even the beginner's courses, but what about the more advanced courses? Tang Ningshan suddenly feels that she is very useless, if she continues to be satisfied with the status quo, then when she can find out the truth of what happened to her mother.

After Tang Ningshan enters the bedroom, she lies in bed. The picture of her mother lying on the bed of the laboratory constantly appears in her mind. Although her mother's body was dead on the operating table, she knows that her mother's soul had not dissipated at that time. Her mother was still worried about her future when her mother experienced such pain. So she can't let her mother down, she must find out the truth of the matter. She wants to protect herself and not make her mother worry.

"System, what technologies have I mastered now?" Tang Ningshan asks.

"Military operations, finance, jewelry identification, painting, design, hacking techniques, dancing. Probably this is the case. I hope master you can continue to work hard and get out of the childhood level." The system comforts.

"What else can I study?" Tang Ningshan asks again.

"Of course there are too many of them. I can teach you anything you want to learn." The system proudly says.

Tang Ningshan gives it a supercilious look and says "Can you give me some choices? What do you think is the most suitable learning content for me at this stage?"

"Music, medicine, cooking, carving, these are quite in line with your current needs.

First of all, you are proficient in dance, so your sense of rhythm is very good, you need to learn less in music.

The second is carving. You are proficient in design and drawing. Your major is jewelry identification. As long as you learn to carve, I can guarantee that you can support yourself in the future.

The next one is cooking. Do you remember that I gave you a medicine recipe? If you don't learn cooking, then when this recipe triggers a random task, you will easily be punished.

Finally, medicine, although you have learned to deal with wounds, it is a simple emergency measure in the face of the sudden situation on the battlefield. You don't have the ability to treat any illness right now. So if you want to keep people around you healthy and you want to keep an eye on the physical condition of the people you care about, then medicine is a good choice. These are the subjects you can choose, it is up to you."

Tang Ningshan nods. She feels that she should learn cooking and carve first, then learn music and finally study medicine. After all, medicine is a fairly complicated subject. She must be very meticulous and well versed in knowledge to avoid diagnosis errors or medical incidents.

"Can cooking skill also be learned in virtual space?" This is what Tang Ningshan wants to know most now. She feels that it's better to learn new skills in virtual space. Last time she learned to cook braised pork balls in the real world, she worries that it would be easy to expose her secrets.

"Of course, the last time it was just a random task. Because you moved into a new house, it triggered a random task. But this time it is a learning task, so you have to learn in the virtual space. Otherwise, you will waste a lot of foods." After that, Tang Ningshan immediately closes her eyes and enters the virtual space.