Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 197

Chapter 183: chapter 181-- I was worried about you

After entering, Tang Ningshan sees that the system has turned the scene in the virtual space into a high-class kitchen.

"Now let's start to learn how to cook. Now there are two kinds of things you need to learn, Chinese food and Western food. You must master both of these dishes. All the ingredients and recipes are on the table. The minimum requirement for the task is to skillfully cook a hundred dishes, but there is no mission reward. The medium requirement, three hundred dishes, the reward is a bottle of fortified potion. The advanced requirement, five hundred dishes, task rewards are random. If the amount is exceeded, there will be additional rewards. Master, come on!" The system says and then leaves the kitchen to Tang Ningshan.

Tang Ningshan looks at the various ingredients placed on the table and feels a headache. She has never ever cooked before she came to this body, and even she doesn't know how to cook the simplest fried rice. Now, she actually begins to learn cooking step by step according to the steps of the recipe. However, many women learn to cook for their own children and husbands. She does all this for the soul of her dead mother.

Tang Ningshan finds that there are many annotations on the recipe, and some are still handwritten. She curiously flips through a few pages; each page is labeled how to select materials and some precautions when cooking. Anyway, these recipes are easier to understand than ordinary recipes, because they are not just the process of cooking.

Tang Ningshan begins to carefully select the materials for the first dish according to the above label. The task requires that the dishes should be both delicate and delicious. To make the dishes look appetizing, the color of the food after cooking must look good.

The ability to use a kitchen knife largely determines whether the dish looks delicate. Whether it is shredded, slices or other shapes, it is best to ensure that the cut foods have roughly the same thickness and shape. Only in this way can the food look delicate. The best way to practice this ability is to cut the potatoes. Therefore, the first dish that Tang Ningshan wants to cook is the fried potato. The potato silk must be cut very thin, and it can't stick to the pot when it is fried. Tang Ningshan has been practicing for a long time until her arm is so sore that she could not lift it, and she is finally satisfied. The second step is to put the potato in the oil pan. However, this is also a very challenging process. She must accurately control the time when the potato enters the pan. The oil in the pot should not be too cold or too hot, otherwise, it will affect the taste of the food.

Tang Ningshan has tried many times to explore the best time for potatoes to enter the pot. She deeply feels that cooking is not as simple as she thought. Although this is just a simple fried potato, she has already wasted a lot of time on this dish. Thanks to her being in virtual space now, virtual space can ignore the elapse of time.

Just as Tang Ningshan is still immersed in her own fantasy, the dish in the pot immediately spreads the smell of paste. Tang Ningshan shakes her head. Sure enough, an important premise of cooking is that you can't be distracted during the whole cooking process; otherwise, there is no way to know the situation of the food in the pot at the first time.

Tang Ningshan has been repeating the process of frying potatoes and throwing potatoes. After repeating thousands of times, she finally succeeds. Thanks to the fact that these foods are all fictitious, otherwise, Tang Ningshan thinks she has wasted at least a thousand kilograms of potatoes.

Tang Ningshan constantly practices, from vegetables to meat, and finally to seafood. The process from ignorance to proficiency is not simple. If this is in the real world, time may have passed for more than a decade. Finally, Tang Ningshan finishes the task.

When Tang Ningshan puts all dishes on the table, she breathes a sigh of relief and feels as if the time had been passed a century. "System, here are a total of 520 dishes..." At this time, Tang Ningshan has sat directly on the ground, and she lazily points at the dish on the table and says.

"Master, I find that you are really smart, but since you have over-fulfilled the task requirements, regardless of the taste, I will encourage you." The system says happily.

"Where is the reward? Give it to me! Plus the ten bottles of fortified potion last time." After that, Tang Ningshan stands up immediately. The reward is a very useful thing for her, she is very excited now.

After Tang Ningshan stands up, the system immediately changes the scene of the virtual space back to its original state. The surrounding environment becomes dark again, but a cabinet appears in front of her eyes.

"This is a special reward. I give you this locker. I will put all the rewards in the cabinet directly so that you can easily get what you want. The advanced reward is a universal spice box. I also put it inside." After the system is finished, it immediately remains silent, because it knows that Tang Ningshan would scold it in the next second.

"I learned hard to cook, and then you give me this reward!!! What does this mean? Are you kidding me!!!?" Tang Ningshan does not know how to describe her feelings. She worked hard to learn how to cook so many dishes. Even if it doesn't take time in the virtual space, then her body and spirit would feel tired. Plus, after she had drunk the memory potion, every time she read something, she wouldn't forget it, so now her mind is full of cooking methods for all kinds of dishes. However, the system now gives her such a seasoning box, which means that her efforts are in vain?

"Master, you have to understand that the universal spice box is a very useful reward, there are endless seasonings. And, most importantly, no matter what you cook, as long as you use this box, the seasoning in the spice box will change the taste of the food automatically into the one you imagine. After that, you don't need to add anything else into the food. It's just designed for people like you who are obsessed with food." The system is getting more and more excited.

"Is this really as good as you said?" Tang Ningshan raises her eyebrows and asks in disbelief.

Seeing the doubtful expression of Tang Ningshan, the system proudly says "Of course, I am a super learning system, how can I lie?"

"Well, this time I will let you go. If there is the same situation next time, I will put all your evil deeds in one book. Anyway, I believe that one day you will appear in front of me, and then when you appear, I will punish you." Tang Ningshan finishes, directly getting out from the virtual space.

Lying in bed, Tang Ningshan feels exhausted. She originally thought of taking a shower, but now she obviously gives up this idea. She closes her eyes again and sleeps in bed.

The next morning, after washing, Tang Ningshan comes out of the bedroom. She does not see Shao Ruihan in the living room, so she takes out her mobile phone to call him. His phone is not connected. Tang Ningshan suddenly feels a little nervous. Even if he went out, he would answer the phone.

Tang Ningshan sits on the sofa with anxiety and rubs her head. After about half an hour, she hears the sound coming from the door.

Tang Ningshan stands up immediately and rushes to the door. She looks at Shao Ruihan with a plastic bag in his hand. He carefully closes the door.

"Where have you been?" Tang Ningshan asks with anger.

Shao Ruihan looks back and sees Tang Ningshan standing angrily behind him. There is a trace of anger on her face, and there is a trace of worry in her eyes. Is she worried about him?

"I was going to assign tasks to them. I bought some food for you by the way. Are you hungry? Let's have breakfast first."

Shao Ruihan is very considerate, but this does not make Tang Ningshan's anger disappear.

"Before you go out, can you tell me in advance? You leave me alone in the hotel. I called you but you did not answer it. Do you know that I was worried about you!!?" After Tang Ningshan finishes speaking, she realizes that she seems to say something that she should not say, so she immediately turns her head away.

Shao Ruihan walks calmly to the side of the coffee table and puts the things in his hand on the coffee table. He walks back to Tang Ningshan, taking her hand and taking her to the sofa. After that, he puts the chopsticks in her hand and says, "You have breakfast first."

Tang Ningshan does not speak, and also does not eat; she just sits on the sofa quietly.

Shao Ruihan can only explain "I didn't mean to not answer your call; I didn't bring my phone with me. I wanted to tell you when I went out but I saw you were sleeping; you may be too tired yesterday. I didn't think you can get up so early, so I left without telling you."

Tang Ningshan looks at Shao Ruihan, he does not have any expression, but his tone is very sincere. Tang Ningshan feels that she might have misunderstood him.

After that, she picks up the chopsticks and starts eating. After a while, she suddenly says "I don't want such a situation to happen next time. If you have an urgent, and you need to leave, you can leave a note for me!" Tang Ningshan says.

Shao Ruihan nods and says, "Sure."

Tang Ningshan turns to look at Shao Ruihan sitting next to her, raising her eyebrows and asking, "You don't eat?"

Shao Ruihan shakes his head and asks Tang Ningshan to eat first. He has been operating his computer. Tang Ningshan also slows down the speed of eating, as if she is waiting for Shao Ruihan.

"Shan, is there any other monitoring method?" Shao Ruihan asks Tang Ningshan, who looks at him while eating slowly.

Tang Ningshan thinks for a long time and says "There is a way, but we need to go to that place. But if we can really go to that place, it probably doesn't make much sense to monitor."

In fact, Tang Ningshan also knows that monitoring with the network is not a good method. Otherwise, she would not ask the system if she can learn to monitor with satellites. However, she has studied too few courses, so she can't learn more advanced monitoring methods now.

Shao Ruihan puts the computer aside and picks up the chopsticks to start eating. He eats while saying "I plan to go there tomorrow to see the situation, and observe the situation around, so you have to be in the hotel alone tomorrow."

After listening to Shao Ruihan's words, Tang Ningshan retorts subconsciously. "No! You can't leave me alone. You bring me here, so you have to be with me all the time. If you want to leave me in the hotel alone, then I will go out on my own. I can guarantee that you can't find me." Tang Ningshan does not want Shao Ruihan to leave her at the hotel. What's more, the place is very dangerous. She can't allow Shao Ruihan to go alone. If there is anything unexpected, there is no one to rescue him.