Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 198

Chapter 184: chapter 182-- according to your own ideas
After listening to Tang Ningshan's words, Shao Ruihan only feels a headache because he does not know how to persuade Tang Ningshan. After this time getting along with her, he is not used to treating Tang Ningshan with a cold attitude. Of course, he does not want to say some ruthless words to undermine the feelings that have been established between them."Shan, I am not kidding. That place is very dangerous, I can't let you go. You don't go, okay? If you don't agree, then I can only send you back to the country, and then I will return. But you need to understand that if I send you back, it will delay a lot of time. Do you want someone to have an accident during this time?" Shao Ruihan really knows Tang Ningshan well. Indeed, Tang Ningshan will never affect other people because of her own emotions. Therefore, his words make Tang Ningshan unable to refute."Well, I am not going. Do you really think that I really want to go?" After that, Tang Ningshan puts the chopsticks directly down. She picks up the laptop on the coffee table and goes into the bedroom. After she slams the door, she locks the bedroom door.Shao Ruihan looks at the door and shakes his head helplessly. He neither speaks nor intends to ask her to open the door. Anyway, he feels that as long as she is hungry, she will naturally come out.Tang Ningshan, who has returned to the bedroom, sits on the bed and turns on the computer. Because the network here does not support her chat software used in A country, she directly invades into Yu Huan's computer, beginning typing on the computer desktop, and she asks "Huan, how is the anti-virus software going recently? I am abroad now, I can't do anything, and I am still restricted in freedom. What should I do? "After a long time, she has not got a reply from Yu Huan."Huan, I ask you a question. You tell me, if you were me, what you are going to do." Tang Ningshan continues to ask.After a long time, Yu Huan replies "What kind of question?" The first reaction when Yu Huan sees Tang Ningshan invading his computer is that she is kidnapped. However, Wang Pengxuan says that if she is really kidnapped, she still has the opportunity to invade his computer? Yu Huan breathes a sigh of relief after listening to Wang Pengxuan's words. After that, he starts chatting with Tang Ningshan."He wants to do a dangerous thing, but I don't want him to go alone. And he doesn't let me go, he even threatens me, then what should I do?" Tang Ningshan thinks for a long time and sends the question over. She stares at the screen with anticipation and hopes to see Yu Huan's answer soon."In the face of such a situation, you have two choices. First, obey his arrangements, he does not let you go, then you should not go. Second, you decide yourself, do it according to your own ideas." Yu Huan's answer is very objective, but obviously, this answer is in the case that Tang Ningshan will not be dangerous. If he knows what Tang Ningshan is going to do, he will not give her such an answer."I know. I will not bother you and Wang Pengxuan. I am going to prepare something." After that, Tang Ningshan quit from Yu Huan's computer.She turns on the monitor on the computer and marks the target location on the map. After that, she begins to design operational route for herself. Since Shao Ruihan will not take her with him, she can go on her own. Anyway, she will not have any accidents.Tang Ningshan remembers the general route. However, she does not know if she could take a taxi to get to that place. After all, the place is relatively remote. She eventually decides to take the bus, so that even if someone is tracking her or something unexpected happens, she can get out of the sights of others in the quickest way.In the evening, Tang Ningshan has already made all the plans. After Shao Ruihan leaves tomorrow, she will begin to act alone.Tang Ningshan walks out of the bedroom and sits on the sofa in the living room. Her expression is very calm as if there was nothing happened in the morning, which makes Shao Ruihan feel a bit strange. However, Shao Ruihan is not talking about topics related to this. Since Tang Ningshan does not mention this matter, then he would not let her think about it again.After finishing the dinner, Shao Ruihan is still sitting on the sofa and operating his computer. After Tang Ningshan enters the room, she locks the bedroom door again. Anyway, she is not going to let Shao Ruihan come in.She closes her eyes and enters the virtual space. Today her learning goal is music. Music is more troublesome because it has a variety of categories, so the system only requires her to learn one instrument a day, but the task is qualified only if she reaches the playing level.The night soon passes. Before dawn, Tang Ningshan hears sounds outside. Five minutes later, Tang Ningshan comes out of her bedroom. She walks to the living room and looks down from the window, but she doesn't see Shao Ruihan's figure, which makes her feel very strange. But she knows that since Shao Ruihan said he will go there, then he must do so. So now there are only two possibilities. One is that he disguised himself. The other is that this hotel has other ways to go out.At this time, Tang Ningshan also feels that she should disguise herself. Her face is easy for others to remember, and if she is really exposed because of her face, the consequence will be very serious.But there are no cosmetics in the house, and there are no other items that can be used for camouflage."Master, go to the virtual lab and check it out. I think the rewards I got after the last upgrade may be helpful to you," the system asks.Tang Ningshan has completely forgotten the reward of the last upgrade. However, she is the person of this character. Those things would only be thought of when she needs to use them."What kind of reward?" Tang Ningshan asks in confusion."You go and check yourself." When the system is finished, it disappears.Tang Ningshan enters the bedroom, lying on the bed to enter the laboratory. She clicks the research list and finds that the research list has an extra column. The function of this column is to synthesize items.There are many options in this column, all of which are materials, cloth, and leather. Anyway, this function can be used to synthesize various items through the above materials. However, they are basically all kinds of daily necessities, such as clothes."Is this my reward?" Tang Ningshan points at the things above the list and says."What do you think? You don't like it? Master, you have to know that with this, you have a versatile production line. You can produce things yourself in the future. You enter the design into it and it will run on its own. You only need to enter the required quantity, it will produce the items automatically, and you don't need to pay any materials. If this function can't satisfy you, then what do you want?" The system thinks that Tang Ningshan is once again dissatisfied with its reward. In fact, it really feels that this reward is very useful.Tang Ningshan says "I didn't say that I don't like it. I just thought that this feature doesn't mean anything to me right now. Never mind. Can this function meet my current needs?""Of course. Don't you need cosmetics? You just need to enter the ingredients of the cosmetics, and this machine will produce it immediately." The system suddenly feels speechless. Tang Ningshan has already taken in so many genetic potions. Why is she still so stupid now?"..., ok, I understand. If I can get these things for sale in real life, I will definitely make a lot of money. But this is not realistic; I'd better produce the items for my own needs. "Tang Ningshan says.The system is silent because it understands that Tang Ningshan is doing this to protect herself and it. After all, her and its secrets cannot be exposed.After Tang Ningshan comes out of the lab, she turns on the computer and begins to check the ingredients of various cosmetics. After that, she once again enters the laboratory to produce these cosmetics. The cosmetics that are produced in the laboratory, except for the trademark, are no different from those sold in the mall. Tang Ningshan brings cosmetics to the real world, but when she opens the bottle, she knows that such things must not be discovered because its smell is different from ordinary cosmetics. The cosmetics produced in the laboratory have a thick floral fragrance, which is really made of flowers, so its smell is very special so that this even makes Tang Ningshan give up the idea of mass production.Tang Ningshan begins to make up in front of the mirror. She feels that even if she appears in front of Shao Ruihan, Shao Ruihan may not recognize her. After that, she once again enters the virtual space. This time, her purpose is to produce a hat. After all the preparations are done, Tang Ningshan goes out. She knows that the entire hotel has only monitoring equipment in the lobby, so she doesn't worry about being discovered. She walks around the hotel and finds that the hotel has a side door. So she goes out from the side door. She begins to act according to her own plans. First, she plans to take the bus, then take a taxi and finally walks to the destination.Finally, Tang Ningshan arrives at the destination. The location of this place is quite remote, surrounded by mountains and in the middle is a depression. And there is a house in the middle of the depression. This is really a thatched house and looks very simple. However, there are many people patrolling around the house. Everyone has a gun in their hands, which makes Tang Ningshan frown.Tang Ningshan looks around and doesn't see Shao Ruihan. Tang Ningshan decides to approach the house and try to install the electronic worm. If she can install the electronic worm, then she can know if Shao Ruihan is here, and can know the movements of these people.As the distance gets closer, Tang Ningshan's movements are getting slower and slower. There are many people patrolling, so Tang Ningshan is very cautious. She clings to the ground and wants to find a suitable route for her to close the house.Just as Tang Ningshan is about to move, she sees a figure in the opposite direction. The man is holding a gun in his hand, wearing a camouflage suit, and is kneeling on the ground. Tang Ningshan knows that the man is not Shao Ruihan. She can only go back little by little, hoping that the other party will not find her.When Tang Ningshan's action stops and she begins to observe the surroundings, Tang Ningshan discovers that the cottage has been surrounded. However, she still does not see Shao Ruihan's figure, she is anxious now.