Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 199

Chapter 185: chapter 183-- a sensitive nose

Tang Ningshan lies prone on the ground and quietly observes the movements of others. But as she backs away, she suddenly feels a gun against her head again.

Tang Ningshan only thinks that her world is now bleak, she is really unlucky.

"Don't move!" The other party speaks in A country's language, his voice is very low.

When Tang Ningshan turns back, she sees that the person with the gun is Shao Ruihan whom she has been looking for.

Tang Ningshan suddenly breathes a sigh of relief. Her body is relaxed and tightly attached to the ground. She is like a deflated balloon.

"Who are you? What are you doing here? What purpose do you have?" Shao Ruihan seems to have undergone special training. His tone sounds very ordinary, but Tang Ningshan feels that his voice is inductive; it's a bit like hypnosis.

"I am not a bad person anyway. I come to find someone, but now I find that person." Tang Ningshan does not move, lying prone on the ground obediently and saying.

"I advise you not to move. After all, my gun has no eyes." Shao Ruihan's voice does not have a trace of feelings, which is quite different from the one in front of her usually.

Tang Ningshan can only lie prone on the ground. Anyway, she has already found Shao Ruihan, as long as she can help or save him when Shao Ruihan is in danger, then her purpose will be reached this time. This is also the main reason why Tang Ningshan must follow Shao Ruihan. However, Tang Ningshan did not expect her disguise to be so successful that Shao Ruihan does not even recognize her.

However, when Shao Ruihan is close to her, Shao Ruihan's body is obviously stiff. After that, he stares at her with doubtful eyes for a long time.

Tang Ningshan worries that she will be discovered by Shao Ruihan so she moves immediately. But when she moves, the gun in Shao Ruihan's hand is quickly attached to her. She can only stop her movements instantly.

Shao Ruihan puts his face close to her neck. Just then, Tang Ningshan has already scolded Shao Ruihan a hundred times in her heart. Of course, her theme is "Damn Shao Ruihan, you actually approach other girls, and even still smell other girls. You are fucking a pervert."

"Shan?" Shao Ruihan frowns, asking with an inquiry.

Tang Ningshan feels frustrated. She does not understand why Shao Ruihan could recognize her. She has been very successful in disguise, hasn't she? She wouldn't even recognize herself, but why would Shao Ruihan recognize her?

Looking at her expression, Shao Ruihan understands that his guess is correct. Although he does not know how Tang Ningshan could make her appearance look like this, it is not the key.

"Didn't I ask you to stay in the hotel? You forget how you promised me at that time?" Shao Ruihan says with anger on his face. Although his voice is not high, Tang Ningshan can obviously feel that he is angry.

Tang Ningshan blinks. She presses her body tightly to the ground. She is like if you don't let me be with you, I won't get up. She says "I was afraid when I was staying at the hotel alone. I think I will feel safe when I am with you, so I followed you here."

In fact, Shao Ruihan understands that he can't let Tang Ningshan leave now. After all, the current situation is not allowed him to do so. Tang Ningshan also understands Shao Ruihan's concern, so she said these words.

Shao Ruihan has no choice but to hand a gun from the bag to Tang Ningshan and says "No matter what happens later, you will stay here. You must guarantee your own safety. I can't determine the number of the other party, if I fail to protect you later, you must protect yourself." Shao Ruihan's expression is quite serious. Tang Ningshan nods desperately, but Shao Ruihan still looks at her with distrust.

"You can rest assured that I will protect myself. I love my life so much, how can I let myself die?" In order to let Shao Ruihan believe in herself more, Tang Ningshan can only swear to him. She says solemnly again, "I promise that if there is no accident, I will not move."

Tang Ningshan also does exactly what she said. She quietly watches Shao Ruihan commanding other people, and then everyone acts. Only she is lying prone on the same place with a gun in her hand. She sees the bullets in the sky flies toward the thatched cottage. People patrolling outside the house gradually fall to the ground. She hears people outside yelling, she could hear their voices, but they are speaking M country's language, so she doesn't understand what they are saying. She can only continue to observe the battle quietly.

Shao Ruihan takes a group of people and gradually approaches the thatched cottage. They are slow because they are crawling. About 500 meters away from the house, Shao Ruihan motions to everyone to stop.

Tang Ningshan has been observing staying at the same place. She sees that half of the patrolling people have fallen, and all the living people have returned to the cottage. The two sides are now deadlocked. People in the house are not coming out, while Shao Ruihan and his soldiers are not moving forward. They all have found a shield.

After a period of stalemate between the two sides, the door of the house suddenly opens. A man walks out hiding behind another person; it is obvious that the person in front is a hostage. The person in front just happened to be the person whom Tang Ningshan knows. He is Lee. Tang Ningshan is very worried now because she has always thought that the missing people are not members of Shao Ruihan's team. When she sees Lee, she immediately thinks of Miao Yu. Was Miao Yu also sent here by Shao Ruihan? Was she also caught? At this moment, Tang Ningshan's heart has revealed countless questions.

That person's words interrupt her thoughts. The man says, "Listen carefully, people outside; you are starting to retreat now. Otherwise, I can't guarantee the safety of the people in my hand. Anyway, we have enough hostages." That person is very arrogant as if he is sure that Shao Ruihan does not dare to move forward.

Shao Ruihan and his soldiers are standing still. Tang Ningshan does not know what to do now. She couldn't see the situation inside the house so she doesn't know how many people are there. Even if she now takes out a sniper rifle and kills this person, what about the people in the house? Tang Ningshan feels for the first time that it would be much better if Shao Ruihan is on her side because Shao Ruihan could quickly give an operational plan. However, now she can only stay in place and can't give them any help. Even if she has a gun, she does not dare to shoot, and she is worried about threatening the lives of others.

"How? Don't move? Do you think I'm kidding? Then I will let you see if I am joking." After the man finishes speaking, he shoots at Lee's leg. Lee almost falls to the ground, but he is pulled by the person standing behind him.

Tang Ningshan thought that Shao Ruihan would continue to remain motionless. After all, the other party doesn't know where they are. However, at this time, Shao Ruihan suddenly stands up and makes a shot gesture to Tang Ningshan.

Tang Ningshan does not hesitate and begins to aim at the target position. She doesn't use the sniper rifle that Shao Ruihan gave her, but the one transformed by the transform pen. Shao Ruihan begins to run in the opposite direction. The man immediately pushes Lee aside and uses the muzzle to chase Shao Ruihan. Just at the moment, the man pulls the trigger, Tang Ningshan shoots at his head.

At the moment when the man falls, Shao Ruihan also stops. Tang Ningshan does not know what the idea of Shao Ruihan is at this moment. Anyway, she feels that her purpose has been achieved this time. Otherwise, as far as the situation is concerned, except her, who can guarantee that the target will be shot within one shoot at such a long shooting distance? Just when Tang Ningshan is complacent, she sees Lee lying directly on the ground. She immediately lets her emotions disappear and calms her mind.

After Lee falls, Tang Ningshan sees a muzzle in the room aiming at Lee's back. Tang Ningshan directly fires another shot without thinking. Under the protection of Tang Ningshan, Lee crawls to the position where Shao Ruihan was. In the process, Tang Ningshan has solved a total of eight people. This is also thanks to the bullets provided by the system. Otherwise, it is unknown whether Lee can climb to the place alive.

After confirming that Lee is safe, Tang Ningshan immediately steps back. She looks around and determines that there is no one around, and then she goes back to where she was. This time, Tang Ningshan is much more cautious than last time. The last experience makes her unforgettable. She doesn't want to go through the same thing that after she finishes shooting, she is taken away by someone who is aiming at her head with a gun.

After a few minutes, Tang Ningshan sees Shao Ruihan gestures to her to go over. At this moment, Tang Ningshan is a little confused. She doesn't know if she should run over or crawl over? It may be that Shao Ruihan knows her quite well, and he immediately signals her to crawl over.

Tang Ningshan puts the transformer pen back into the virtual space. After that, she dismantles the gun that Shao Ruihan gave her and reassembles it. The purpose of her doing this is to let Shao Ruihan think that she had modified the gun instead of using other weapons. After all the preparations, she starts to act.

Crawling is a very painful thing for Tang Ningshan. She only wears ordinary sportswear, and the clothes are not very thick. During the crawling on the ground, her arms and knees keep rubbing on the ground. When arriving at the destination, Tang Ningshan's arms and knees are already bloody.

Shao Ruihan immediately turns her over. He takes the bandage and disinfectant from the medical staff and looks at Tang Ningshan with a trace of distress in his eyes.

Shao Ruihan silently helps Tang Ningshan to deal with the wound. What Shao Ruihan didn't expect is that she would follow him quietly, but he doesn't understand why she did so. Is she caring about him? In fact, Shao Ruihan's current mood is also very complicated. He is really worried about Tang Ningshan's life safety, so he would signal Tang Ningshan to come over. While waiting for Tang Ningshan, he stopped all actions in order to protect Tang Ningshan's safety, but he did not know who else is in the house. He does not know whether his previous actions would threaten the lives of the people in the house. But at that moment, what he cared about was only Tang Ningshan.

After Shao Ruihan wraps the wound of Tang Ningshan, the military doctor has also handled the gunshot wound on Lee simply. Lee leans on the stone and says to Shao Ruihan: "Boss, there are no our people in the house now. They are not here, but I don't know what the situation of other people is now. I don't know why these people only left me here. There are 26 people in the house, but their leader has just been shot by the sniper." Lee knows what Shao Ruihan is worried about now. He reports directly to Shao Ruihan.

"Well, I see. I will handle the rest of things. I will contact Shen Quan in a moment, and let him send someone to pick you up." After Shao Ruihan finishes, he begins to develop an operational plan. They now need to surround this place, there are no his people in the house, so there is no threat at all. It is best to speed up.

After receiving Shao Ruihan's instructions, others quickly act following Shao Ruihan's operational plan. Tang Ningshan holds the sniper rifle tightly in her hand to prevent someone from attacking from behind.

Tang Ningshan thinks that it may be because their leader is dead, now this group of people is very scared. The people in the house are thinking about saving their lives. No one fires, so the people whom Shao Ruihan sent out soon return. They also take back a man who is sweating and has tears on his face. The age of this man is not old, and it is estimated to be about the same age as Tang Ningshan. He is speaking M county's language. Anyway, Tang Ningshan can't understand him. However, from the performance of this man, Tang Ningshan feels that this person should be begging for mercy.