Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 20

Chapter 6: chapter 6-- such a family

The boisterous party ends with the discussion. People attend this party know that the purpose of today is to introduce Shao Ruihan to the public, announcing that he is one of the member of Shao family.

Even though many people know that something interesting is going to append next. But to avoid trouble, they choose to leave.

There are only about 20 people stay here. Tang Ningshan sees that steward Wei and other servants are bringing some chairs over. After Shao Cheng sits down, some middle-aged person also sit down, while young people are standing behinds those people, it's easy to tell who is in the same family.

"Mr Shao, Mrs Shao is coming." Steward Wei tells Shao Cheng respectfully.

Shao Cheng nods, then looks to those people around.

"I know you guys have known the purpose today, in the future, Ruihan will be charge of Shao family, hope that all of you know what should do and what not."

Shao Cheng's words cause a great deal of discussion.

"Uncle, is that a good idea? Ruihan is still too young to be in charge of a family... and he never lived in our family, there are too many things that he doesn't clear." A middle aged man says with caution. And what he said is what others want to say.

"It's funny, what's wrong with my family property to my grandson?" Xiao Leping gets downstairs with smile, but her eyes are cold.

"Aunt, you are wrong, the family property belongs to everyone in Shao family, including all of us.

Now Shao family will be in charged by an another person, isn't that you should ask for our permission?"

"Yes, aunt, during these years, we have also done so much for Shao family, aren't you too dictatorial"

Shao Cheng thumps his hand on the table, but his voice is flat.

"I am here to inform you, instead of asking your opinion, if you are not satisfied with what I said, you can leave our family at any time."

Tang Ningshan sees all the things here, holding Shao Ruihan's hand, she talks to herself that there's a too much right and wrong in such a big family.

Those middle aged man looks at each other, then looks to Shao Cheng, instantly, they change their tactics. Now that they have no right to talk about Shao Ruihan, but they can discuss about his wife.

"Uncle, since you have decided, so we can also respect your decision, but it is a tough job for his wife."

"Yes, aunt, the hostess of a big family should be like you."

"Yes, this lady, what kinds of family are you from? Why didn't I see you in the banquet before."

Some middle aged women begin to ask her. It seems that Xiao Leping has already predicted, she even doesn't change her expression.

Tang Ningshan's smile fades away, while Shao Ruihan is always keep an indifferent face, and he doesn't mean to help her to explain, and then she looks to Mr Shao and Mrs Shao, he knows that she can't evade this question.

"Ladies, I also never meet you in the banquet, I come from an ordinary family, which is not worth mentioning. But I have got well education. What I know is that it is rude to interrupt other." Tang Ningshan says with sweet smile.

"You..." The middle aged woman is shocked by her words, and has no idea what to do next. She can only stamps her foot angrily.

"You are Ningshan, right? Come here." Xiao Leping says indifferently, which makes Tang Ningshan afraid.

She looking at Shao Ruihan, he is still indifferent. She gets angry, does he bring her this banquet to see her get bullied? Let's see, I won't let you joke on me. She gives him a supercilious look then walks towards Xiao Leping.

"Nice to meet you, grandma, I am Tang Ningshan, Ruihan didn't tell me in advantage that we would come to visit you, so I didn't prepare gift for you, I am sorry about that." After talking, she bows her head to apologize.

"No worries, it is not necessary to bring gift when you come back to your own home." Although Xiao Leping doesn't like her either, but she is so sincere and Ruihan is here, Xiao Leping doesn't say too much. In her heart, she is planning to ask Shao Ruihan to change a wife.

"Aunt, Miss Tang needs to accept challenge, right?"

"Of course, this is the rule of our family, it won't be broken by anybody, tomorrow, she will directly go to the military region with Ruihan to get training for two months." After Xiao Leping finishes talking, she watches Tang Ningshan's expression.

"It's too late today. Tomorrow morning, you guys should introduce yourself to Ruihan, after all, he will be the host of Shao family, it is hard for him to manage if he doesn't understand you." Xiao Leping has already said what he wanted to say, Shao Cheng then decides to come back to rest.