Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 200

Chapter 186: chapter 184-- overtly agree but covertly oppose

Shao Ruihan supports Lee to start walking toward outside. Tang Ningshan has been watching the surroundings with vigilance. They walk back safely to the road. A few cars are parking on the side of the road; Tang Ningshan instantly frowns, looking at Shao Ruihan.


"They are my people." Shao Ruihan explains and walks toward the car. Tang Ningshan also relaxes in an instant. Since they are Shao Ruihan's people, it proves that they are safe.


After Shao Ruihan puts Lee in the car, he lets Tang Ningshan sit next to Lee. He goes to sit in the co-pilot. The car drives straight to the airport. After arriving at the airport, he does not get out. They just sit quietly in the car. Tang Ningshan feels that Shao Ruihan should be waiting for Shen Quan to send someone to take Lee back.


The atmosphere in the car is very quiet. Except for Lee's rough breathing, there is no sound at all. Tang Ningshan looks at the sweat that keeps running down from Lee's head, wondering if the bullet hit his bones. Otherwise, why would he look so painful?


However, the atmosphere in the car is way too serious, and Tang Ningshan does not dare to ask. She does not know whether Shao Ruihan is still angry with her now. Tang Ningshan can only look at Lee with concern.


Lee smiles at Tang Ningshan and says "Hey, Mrs. Shao, I am fine. I guess it may be that the bullet hit my bone. This little injury is nothing. After the bullet is taken out, I will be safe. You can rest assured. This is not a big deal."


Tang Ningshan listens to Lee's words and immediately turns her head to the other side. She doesn't think it is a minor injury. When she sees Lee endure the pain of his body and smiles at her, she is really upset. She only hopes that people who have arranged by Shen Quan can arrive soon. She vaguely remembers the fact that if the bullet stays on the bone for a long time, then the leg may become disabled in the future. However, she could not tell Lee that, and she could only pray in her heart that Shen Quan's medical skills are high enough to heal Lee's legs.


After a while, she sees Shao Ruihan gets out of the car. Tang Ningshan is a bit confused because she does not see any plane landing at the airport, but Shao Ruihan has already got out of the car. Tang Ningshan can only put the question in her heart.


After a while, a car parks next to Shao Ruihan. Shao Ruihan comes over and transfers Lee to that car. Then, the car leaves with Lee.


After the car leaves, Shao Ruihan returns to the car. This time, Shao Ruihan sits in the back seat. When he opens the door, Tang Ningshan consciously moves to the side, intending to keep a distance with him, because from the expression on his face, Tang Ningshan feels that he should be angry now.


After Shao Ruihan gets in the car, he says coldly: "Go back to the hotel."


After he finishes speaking, the car starts slowly. After that, the car heads for the direction of the hotel. Tang Ningshan looks at the window quietly and begins to think about how to explain why she followed him to such a dangerous place without his permission. She is now like a child who made a mistake.


The car stops at the door of the hotel. Shao Ruihan gets out of the car without waiting for her. She could only smile at the driver awkwardly and then follows Shao Ruihan into the hotel. Until entering the room, Shao Ruihan did not speak, which makes Tang Ningshan feel helpless.


"Hey, what the hell are you doing? Can you say something? What do you mean by neglecting me?" Tang Ningshan couldn't stand Shao Ruihan who is keeping silent. She could only speak first, with a hint of pitiful expression on her face.


Her expression makes Shao Ruihan feel funny, and he couldn't help but smile.


Tang Ningshan immediately sits next to Shao Ruihan and says with a flattering expression "I beg you, can you say something? If you have something unhappy, you have to tell me, so that we can solve it, right?"


"What is the meaning of telling you? I told you to stay in the hotel, but you didn't listen to me, did you? You overtly agreed with me but covertly oppose me. Do you know, we are not in A country, we are abroad now? Everything here is not familiar to you. Do you still feel that you are doing the right thing, right?" Shao Ruihan says with a helpless expression to Tang Ningshan. He really doesn't dare to speak in a cold voice, because every time as long as his attitude changes Tang Ningshan would immediately become much angrier than him. He is now completely afraid to provoke Tang Ningshan and can only talk to her gently.


"..., I... because I was worried about you." Tang Ningshan lowers her head and finally says this out. After she finishes this sentence, her ears turn red.


"Do you think this can make up for you to deceive me?" Shao Ruihan raises his eyebrows and looks at Tang Ningshan, who is bowing her head. There is a dangerous feeling in his voice, and Tang Ningshan looks up at him subconsciously.


She sees Shao Ruihan's eyes flashing an expression that she could not understand. Looking closely at his eyes, she actually sees the helplessness and affection in his eyes.


"I didn't mean it. It can only blame you for not taking me with you." Tang Ningshan now feels that the alarm has been lifted. She is sure that Shao Ruihan is not angry with her. Her attitude changes immediately. Neither she bows her head, nor is she afraid of him. She looks directly at his eyes because she wants to see if it was her illusion.


Shao Ruihan reaches out and pulls her into his arms.


"Shan, you have to understand, I didn't want you to go for your safety. Look, you are hurt today, aren't you? You look at your arms and legs. I don't know when it will be healed." When Shao Ruihan speaks, the distress in his eyes keeps flowing.


"But...but if I didn't go today, then you may not save Lee so easily today. Besides, this little injury is nothing at all. It just looks serious, but it's fine." Tang Ningshan feels that the more she gets along with Shao Ruihan, the more she will find that Shao Ruihan is very gentle. She thinks she really falls in love with him. Especially in recent days, his attitude towards her has obviously changed a lot. However, she doesn't know if he is pretending or is this true. However, she could not resist such Shao Ruihan.


"Hey, never mind. I will take you with me next time, in case that you will follow me quietly, and if it's the case I will be very worried. After returning home, you will stay at home, don't follow me. There should be no such thing happening in the future. I don't want you to spend your rest of life in a place where is full of bullets like me." Shao Ruihan's attitude is very sincere. He feels that even if he doesn't love Tang Ningshan, he doesn't want her to go through this either. Especially this girl is still his wife. He thinks that he has lost the ability to love a person. Failing to give her love has made him very guilty, but if even her safety cannot be guaranteed, then he is a failed husband.


After listening to his words, Tang Ningshan feels that the feelings in her heart are complicated. On the one hand, she feels that she has the ability to fight side by side with Shao Ruihan. She will never be able to allow Shao Ruihan to take risks when she has the ability to protect them. On the one hand, she also thinks that what Shao Ruihan said is actually quite reasonable. She is an ordinary girl, although she has a system in her body, she also hopes to have a stable life and a happy family. Obviously, Shao Ruihan can't give her this kind of life. His career is full of danger. If it is not because she has special abilities, she may never feel the bravery of these soldiers. She really admires these soldiers now, including Shao Ruihan, of course.


Tang Ningshan whispers "Who knows about the future?" She sighs. Of course, she does not know what she is feeling now.


"You are going to take a break now, I will go out in a while, but I will come back soon. Please don't follow me again this time." Shao Ruihan is hugging Tang Ningshan, so he does not see her expression. After going through today's events, he does not want to leave Tang Ningshan at all, but he knows that he can't do this. After all, the other missing people have not been rescued, and he does not even know where they are. The only breakthrough now is the one who was caught. He can only pray that this person knows some inside story.


Tang Ningshan nods and she also knows that she could only obey Shao Ruihan's words now.


"Isn't Miao Yu also missing?" Tang Ningshan turns to look at Shao Ruihan and asks.


Shao Ruihan nods and frowns. He knows what kind of treatment a person will receive after being captured. If Tang Ningshan does not ask, he does not want to tell her. He can only hope that Miao Yu will not have any accidents.


"Then go quickly. If you need help, please feel free to tell me. I hope that you can rescue her soon. I know that the longer the time is, the more dangerous she is." Tang Ningshan immediately urges Shao Ruihan to act quickly. In fact, she also generally knows what Miao Yu may encounter. Tang Ningshan also begins to pray, praying that Miao Yu will not be tortured.


Shao Ruihan also understands her worries and pats her shoulder as if to comfort her. After that, he stands up and says "I will ask someone to bring you food later. You'd better not go out. Also, your wounds can't touch the water. When they send you the food, I will also ask them to bring you a medical box, and then you clean up your wounds yourself."


Tang Ningshan nods and says "I see. You can rest assured. My knee is bleeding. How can I run out?" But Tang Ningshan now is thinking that the place where Shao Ruihan is going is not very dangerous anyway, even if he plans to take risks, there are also ways for her to track him, so she lets Shao Ruihan leave.


After Shao Ruihan leaves, Tang Ningshan immediately takes out the computer. She thinks that since the person she killed is only a leader, then the one behind this leader is the person they are looking for. Other missing people should be in the hands of this person. And this final big boss should be related to this leader. So, what she can do now is to check the phone record of this leader, and then find the big boss behind the scenes.