Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 201

Chapter 187: chapter 185-- treat her as a child

Tang Ningshan begins to carefully screen the call records. She is worried that she would ignore important clues and could only monitor all the phones she thought are suspicious. After that, she plays the surveillance video on the computer in the form of a nine-square grid. Because she monitors all the suspects through their mobile phones, if the person does not hold the mobile phone or puts the mobile phone in his pocket, she will not see the surveillance picture. Therefore, now Tang Ningshan only hopes that the person carries the mobile phone with him all the time, in which way although she can't see the picture, she can hear the sound.

One person monitoring nine people is a real hassle. But thanks to the leader's limited contacts, she only needs to monitor nine people. Anyway, all the monitoring will automatically become video after archiving, she just needs to listen to the chat content one by one. When there is audio, there is basically no picture, so Tang Ningshan adjusts the volume to the maximum to ensure that the other party's dialogue can be heard clearly. At the same time, she can also judge the environmental information of the other party, which increases the chance of searching.

Just when Tang Ningshan is monitoring, someone suddenly knocks on the door. When Tang Ningshan goes to the door without saying anything, she hears a voice from outside the door "Mrs. Shao, are you there? Mr. Shao asked us to deliver you the meal."

When Tang Ningshan opens the door, she sees the uniformed waiter standing in the doorway with a medicine box and two plastic bags in her hands. Tang Ningshan takes over these things and says "thanks" to her. After that, she immediately closes the door.

She opens the medicine box first and sees the medicines and tools in it. Tang Ningshan does not rush to use it; she thinks she should still give Shao Ruihan a call to confirm. Although she has been immune to any drugs and toxins, Shao Ruihan does not know that.

"Shao Ruihan, I received something from a person. She is a person wearing a uniform. She gave me a medicine box with various disinfecting things." When the phone is connected, Tang Ningshan begins to speak.

Shao Ruihan does not interrupt Tang Ningshan's words. After quietly waiting for Tang Ningshan to finish speaking, he asks "What are the dishes she sent? Have you checked them?"

Tang Ningshan moves the medicine box to one side and opens two plastic bags. She says to the phone "Sweet and sour pork ribs, tenderloin? There is also a vegetable, plus three boxes of rice."

"Well, there's no problem. You should eat now. I will come back as soon as possible. If someone knocks on the door, don't open it." Shao Ruihan says.

Tang Ningshan sighs helplessly. Shao Ruihan is actually treating her as a child. "I know, I will not go out without your permission, I'll not open the door for strangers, and I'll not eat candy from strangers."

Shao Ruihan does not think that Tang Ningshan was joking just now. He says very solemnly: "This is the best!"

Tang Ningshan hangs up the phone speechlessly. She begins to think if Shao Ruihan is raising her as a daughter. Otherwise, why would he become so gentle, and still tell her some safety knowledge from time to time. In the eyes of Shao Ruihan, she seems to be a child who can't take care of herself and has no social experience. After thinking for a long time, Tang Ningshan still does not understand Shao Ruihan's attitude. She can only give up and decide to fill her stomach first.

After the meal, she puts the rest of the food aside. She takes the medicine box and changes the medicine for herself. Applying medicine and wrapping are very easy things for Tang Ningshan. In less than a minute, she handles all the wounds on her body. After that, she continues to bury herself in her monitoring work.

Among the nine people, only one person is suspected by Tang Ningshan. This person is very skillful in speaking. He is not only very cautious when he is on the phone, but he also speaks very rigorously when chatting with people around him. It may be because of this reason that Tang Ningshan particularly doubts him. Judging from the sound of the environment in the audio, this person should be in a very empty position. It is very likely that this person is in a large, empty house because there is an echo when he speaks.

Tang Ningshan begins to track the current location of this person through mobile phone positioning. She finds that the person is not far from the airport, but the name of the place is not marked on the map. The only information she knows right now is that there is a hospital a few kilometers away from this coordinates.

Tang Ningshan wants to go to this place to check, but she remembers that she has promised to Shao Ruihan that she would stay at the hotel. She can only give up this idea and intends to wait for Shao Ruihan to come back and report to him about this situation.

In the evening, Shao Ruihan comes back. Tang Ningshan has monitored these people for a whole afternoon. Apart from that person, she does not find any abnormal situation.

Tang Ningshan thinks with anger that if the IQ of the bad guys now is quite high. Otherwise, she has used such high-tech means, why she can't find the target yet?

When Shao Ruihan comes back, he sees Tang Ningshan leaning on the sofa with earphones on her ears, and the video is constantly playing on the computer.

Shao Ruihan walks in and stands beside Tang Ningshan and asks, "What are you listening to?"

After Tang Ningshan sees Shao Ruihan, she takes off the earphones on her ears and puts it aside. She frowns and says "I have been monitoring several mobile phones today. I think one person's behavior is a bit strange, so I have been paying attention to his movements."

After listening to her words, Shao Ruihan immediately becomes interested. Today's interrogation does not yield any results, which makes Shao Ruihan somewhat helpless. But at that time, if they did not kill the leader, Lee could not survive. As the old saying goes, one cannot make an omelet without breaking eggs. This sentence best describes their current situation.

Tang Ningshan immediately says, "I will send you the information I monitored today. You'll listen to it carefully. Anyway, this is monitored by mobile phone in real time, so you don't have to worry. By the way, have you eaten?"

Shao Ruihan nods and immediately turns on his computer. The first task now is to find clues, so he ignores Tang Ningshan's last question.

After Tang Ningshan passes the video to his computer, she calls the room service. Although the food in the hotel is not delicious, Shao Ruihan must eat something.

Not long after, the person who delivers the meal comes. When Tang Ningshan goes to open the door, Shao Ruihan's eyes immediately move from the computer and fall to the door. After watching Tang Ningshan take the meal in and close the door, he moves his eyes back.

Tang Ningshan puts things on the coffee table and says to Shao Ruihan: "You should eat first, and then watch these videos. I will go to rest." After that, she goes straight into the bedroom.

After entering the bedroom, Tang Ningshan simply cleans herself. The wound can't touch the water, so she can only wipe it with a dry towel.

After the wounds are treated, it is almost an hour later. Tang Ningshan comes out of the bathroom and lies in the bed to enter the virtual space. She urgently needs to acquire more knowledge. Otherwise, if there is such a situation like today in the future, she still can't offer Shao Ruihan help.

After the completion of today's learning content, Tang Ningshan asks the system to open the next learning content directly. In the virtual space that ignores the passage of time, Tang Ningshan finishes all the learning about music. After that, Tang Ningshan leaves the virtual space with satisfaction.

However, Tang Ningshan understands that in addition to music, she still needs to learn a lot. Thinking of this, Tang Ningshan gets up from the bed and plans to go to the living room to see if Shao Ruihan has made any progress. If there are clues, then they will rush over as soon as possible. After knowing that Miao Yu is a hostage, Tang Ningshan hopes to rescue the missing people as soon as possible, especially Miao Yu.

"Is there any discovery?" Tang Ningshan opens the door and asks.

Shao Ruihan looks up at Tang Ningshan and pats the sofa, motioning Tang Ningshan to sit down.

Tang Ningshan immediately sits next to Shao Ruihan. She finds that a video is being played on Shao Ruihan's computer. There are two people on the video; Shao Ruihan is listening to their conversation. She also notices that Shao Ruihan has not eaten the meal she ordered for him. Just when she is about to ask Shao Ruihan why he doesn't eat, Shao Ruihan suddenly speaks.

"Shan, can you locate the two of them?" Shao Ruihan thought that Tang Ningshan had already fallen asleep, so he planned to wait for her to get up and then let her check. After all, he can't rely on Tang Ningshan to solve everything, and he can't take her with him every time when he is on a mission.

Tang Ningshan finds that one of them is the one she monitored for an afternoon. She directly sends the position that she located in the afternoon to Shao Ruihan. After that, she begins to track the current location of this person.

The location of the two people is different, but their current locations are not marked on the map. The position of a person has not changed, he is still near the airport, and the other one is in the opposite direction of this person, not far from the snack street where Shao Ruihan and she went to that day.

"Hey, which one do you think is more suspect?" Tang Ningshan asks him immediately after sending the positions to Shao Ruihan because she wants to know the results quickly.

"It's hard to say now. I plan to send people to these two locations first to observe the situation around. The place in the snack street is easier to find, but the flow of people is relatively large. If they are really locked up there, the rescue work will be very difficult. After all, this location is in the center of the city. If they are in the location near the airport, I think all the work will be much easier." Shao Ruihan says the situation of two positions. Tang Ningshan blinks, she keeps thinking that if she were that person, where would she keep those hostages?

"The person near the airport, his place is very empty. I think he is in an empty house. If he wants to hold the hostage, this place would be a better choice. But if the other party is very capable, with financial and material resources, I think it is not difficult for them to hold the hostages in the urban area. How should we judge?" Tang Ningshan frowns and says her own thoughts. She would like to know Shao Ruihan's thoughts.

Shao Ruihan looks at the serious Tang Ningshan. He begins to think that if they were not married if he were not a member of Shao's family, he really wants to recruit Tang Ningshan into the army. Tang Ningshan is really a very talented person. Although sometimes her thoughts are naive, her thinking is active enough and she is very careful.

"What's wrong?" Tang Ningshan turns and looks at Shao Ruihan, who is staring at her without talking, and asks.

Shao Ruihan shakes his head and says "Your analysis is right. However, I am more inclined to this position in the urban area. If they really have financial and material resources as you said, then they will not put important hostages in an empty place. As the saying goes, the most dangerous place is the safest place. The urban area with a lot of people is the most difficult place to carry out rescue work. "

Tang Ningshan nods and feels that what Shao Ruihan said is very reasonable.

"What should we do now?" Tang Ningshan actually wants to go to explore the situation now, but she knows that Shao Ruihan will not let her go.