Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 202

Chapter 188: chapter 186-- the dead soul under his gun

Shao Ruihan looks at her eyes and knows what she is thinking. "You don't think about it, you will stay at the hotel. I will send someone to explore the situation before deciding on the next plan."


Tang Ningshan reluctantly says "Well, okay."


Shao Ruihan looks at her lovely expression and couldn't help but reach out to touch her head. Then he gently rubs her face. Until Tang Ningshan turns her head to glare at him unwillingly, he puts his hand down.


"You should go to bed now; I will go out and make a call." Shao Ruihan pats Tang Ningshan's back and points in the direction of the bedroom.


Tang Ningshan can only walk to the bedroom. Although she understands that Shao Ruihan does not let her participate because he cares about her safety, she always feels that Shao Ruihan underestimates her ability.


After entering the house, Tang Ningshan lies directly on the bed. In fact, she is already very tired now, and she does not want to move at all. In her mind, she is constantly calculating how long she can master ten kinds of learning content, and when she can learn to use satellite to monitor.


After thinking for a long time, slowly, Tang Ningshan feels that the line of sight is blurred. After that, she falls asleep.


When Shao Ruihan comes in, he sees Tang Ningshan lying in the middle of the bed and sleeping sweetly. He comes over and stands by the bed, revealing a happy smile.


After taking a shower, Shao Ruihan lies on the bed and takes Tang Ningshan into his arms. Looking at her face, he begins to think back to today's experience. In fact, Shao Ruihan understands that if Tang Ningshan did not go today, Lee may not be able to be saved so easily. But she suddenly appeared in such a dangerous place, which made him feel particularly worried at the time. If it wasn't because she didn't carry any weapons at the time, if it wasn't because he smelled the familiar scent of her, as long as he pulled the trigger, then she would become the dead soul under his gun.


The next morning, Tang Ningshan is awakened by Shao Ruihan, which is beyond the expectation of Tang Ningshan. She had thought that Shao Ruihan would leave without telling her as he did yesterday, so when she is woken up, she is excited and she looks at Shao Ruihan unexpectedly.


"Wake up? Then get up, go out with me for a while." Shao Ruihan stands by the bed and says blankly.


Tang Ningshan immediately jumps out of bed. Although she promised Shao Ruihan that she would stay at the hotel yesterday, she does not guarantee that she would keep her promise. Therefore, now Shao Ruihan's behavior makes her very satisfied.


"Do you really want to take me with you?" Tang Ningshan asks with disbelief. She is very confident in her ability. As long as she does not encounter the man with blonde hair last time, she feels that no one can beat her.


Shao Ruihan turns and walks outside. When he walks to the door, he stands still and says "Hurry up, or I can only leave you here." After that, Shao Ruihan goes straight out.


Tang Ningshan immediately shows an excited expression and rushes to the bathroom to wash quickly. The bandages on her arms and legs are not removed. Although her wounds have healed, she feels that she may crawl on the ground today, so it will be safer if there are bandages on the legs.


When Tang Ningshan comes out, she sees Shao Ruihan standing at the door with a suit. Tang Ningshan raises her eyebrows and could not understand why he does not change his other clothes.


"Hey, you change another dress. You don't dress like a person who goes to eat snacks," Tang Ningshan says.


After listening to her words, Shao Ruihan turns to look at Tang Ningshan. "I didn't say I am going to the snack street."


"You are going to the place near the airport?" Tang Ningshan says immediately.


Shao Ruihan smiles at her but does not answer her. Although he now trusts Tang Ningshan very much, he thinks that after he tells Tang Ningshan his plan, Tang Ningshan might act on her own, which is very unsafe for her. Since he decides to take Tang Ningshan with him, he must guarantee her safety.


Shao Ruihan takes the hand of Tang Ningshan and walks out of the hotel. They firstly stroll around the street without purpose. According to Tang Ningshan's understanding, Shao Ruihan is getting rid of people who are tracking them, although she does not find anyone tracking them.


After walking for about ten minutes, Shao Ruihan takes her to get in a taxi. After that, they go to a few different places. They have been taking different taxis and going to different places. Tang Ningshan feels a headache and does not understand what Shao Ruihan is doing. However, she does not intend to ask Shao Ruihan's purpose because she fully trusts Shao Ruihan.


Just as they take another new taxi, Shao Ruihan's phone suddenly rings. Tang Ningshan immediately turns to look at him.


"Hey." Shao Ruihan's voice is low but magnetic.


Tang Ningshan does not know what the person opposite the phone is saying. After that, she hears Shao Ruihan's answer.


"Okay, I get it."


After hanging up the phone, Shao Ruihan tells the driver to go to the airport. Tang Ningshan suddenly smiles. It turns out that Shao Ruihan did this because he does not confirm the position.


After arriving at the airport, Shao Ruihan takes Tang Ningshan to the bathroom. After entering, he gives her a bag and asks her to change the clothes inside.


After that, Shao Ruihan leaves. She locks the door and checks if there is a pinhole camera around. After confirming that she is not being monitored, she opens the bag that Shao Ruihan gave her.


Inside the bag, there is a set of clothes and a pile of cosmetics.


Tang Ningshan puts the clothes on and puts her clothes in the bag. After that, she begins to make up in front of the mirror, and she keeps saying in her heart, "I should make up in advance. Now the cosmetics must not be as good as the one produced by me."


After coming out of the bathroom, Tang Ningshan stands at the door of the bathroom to wait. After a while, a man comes over and pats her shoulder. She is a little shocked and she begins to look up and down this person. The man looks very ordinary and wears a sportswear. She doesn't know this person, so she asks with a puzzled expression "Sir, who are you?"


"Let's go." As soon as he speaks, Tang Ningshan knows that this person is Shao Ruihan. However, she did not expect Shao Ruihan's makeup technology to be so good. It's simply better than hers.


Two people with a bag in each one's hand walk around the airport. After going out, they get straight into a black car.


"Hey, what is your plan?" Tang Ningshan really does not understand why Shao Ruihan's behavior today is so abnormal. Isn't he going to save people? How could he save people in doing this?


Shao Ruihan looks at her with gentle eyes and says "You will know it soon, good girl."


There are other people in the car, so Tang Ningshan does not continue to ask.


The car takes a long time to detour and then veers off the city center. She watches the tall buildings outside the window turn into a wasteland. Tang Ningshan understands that Shao Ruihan must plan to go to the location near the airport.


Finally, they arrive at their destination. Tang Ningshan gets out of the car with Shao Ruihan and walks into a forest. The woods should be artificially built and the soil on the ground is very soft. Shao Ruihan walks very slowly as if he is deliberately waiting for her.


After walking in the woods for a while, Tang Ningshan finally sees a house. After seeing it, Tang Ningshan stops at the place.


Shao Ruihan sees her stop and asks, "What happened?"


"There is a villa in front, will they be there?" Tang Ningshan looks at the front and says.


At this moment, Shao Ruihan has to admit that Tang Ningshan's vision is amazing. "Shan, if there are outsiders next time, I hope that you can hide your true ability. Do you know how far it is from the villa now? Normal People, even if they look at it with a telescope, they may only see the outline of the villa. What about you? You can see things far away with the naked eye? Are you really not afraid of being dissected?"


After Tang Ningshan listens to Shao Ruihan's words, she is silent. She has a sad expression on her face, her heart keeps groaning. "Whom am I doing this for? It's you, Shao Ruihan. I just want you to be safe."


Shao Ruihan can only take her to move on. Through the temperature sent by Shao Ruihan's palm, Tang Ningshan feels that the sadness in her heart has all disappeared. In fact, she also understands the meaning of Shao Ruihan. Besides, isn't there anyone else now?


Tang Ningshan has been looking at the direction of the villa. At about 1,500 meters from the villa, Shao Ruihan finally stops. He takes out an electronic instrument. Anyway, these instruments are military things. Tang Ningshan does not know the functions of these instruments.


In less than two minutes, she hears footsteps in the woods. Tang Ningshan immediately looks around with vigilance, and she immediately grasps Shao Ruihan's hand.


"Relax, Shan, they are my people."


Tang Ningshan turns back and sees that the green dots on the device of Shao Ruihan are moving toward their position.


When everyone gathers there, Tang Ningshan discovers that these people are the ones she saw yesterday. Tang Ningshan does not know where these people went after completing the task yesterday. Tang Ningshan thinks that they are not like soldiers.


Tang Ningshan feels that there is no such righteousness in them. Although they are all painted with camouflage on their faces, there is a kind of murderousness on their bodies. They are more like professionally trained killers than soldiers.


When everyone arrives here, Shao Ruihan immediately formulates an operational plan. After everyone's position is arranged, people gradually spread out. The designated location of each person is conveyed to them by Shao Ruihan through the instrument. This is a means of ensuring that tasks are not leaked and that they are safe.


"Here you are." Shao Ruihan hands Tang Ningshan a sniper rifle.


Tang Ningshan does not hesitate and immediately reaches out to take it. She finds that this is the gun that she modified yesterday, so she shows a happy smile on her face.


"The next time if you want to modify the gun, remember to tell me. In this way, I can help you hide your secret." With that, he begins to load his own gun.


"..., hey, or I will help you to modify your gun? It's quick." Tang Ningshan looks at Shao Ruihan and says.


Shao Ruihan raises his eyebrows and hands the gun in his hand to Tang Ningshan. Although he does not know how useful Tang Ningshan's modified gun is, the range of more than 2,000 meters yesterday makes him envious. However, he does not want her to misunderstand that he is taking advantage of her, so he never told her about it.


Tang Ningshan takes the gun of Shao Ruihan. She feels that the gun is different from the one in her hand. The weight is different, even the sights are different.