Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 203

Chapter 189: chapter 187-- do you have any idea?

Tang Ningshan says with a smile: "Your gun is much better than mine."

Shao Ruihan does not speak, but his face is with a hint of pride. This is, of course, different. His gun is imported from abroad and is also an assembly gun. Every part of the gun was carefully selected by him, so of course, it is much better than her ordinary sniper rifle.

After that, Tang Ningshan quickly disassembles Shao Ruihan's gun, and all the parts are placed on the ground. After that, the gun is reassembled so quickly that Shao Ruihan could not see her movements clearly. She then hands the modified gun to him.

"Here you are, have a try. In addition to the distance of the scope which cannot be adjusted, other functions should be improved. "

Shao Ruihan looks at Tang Ningshan with a puzzled look. He always feels that Tang Ningshan just disassembled the gun and then reassembled it. He is very certain that Tang Ningshan has not changed any parts of the gun at all. How can the function of this gun be improved?

Seeing the unbelievable expression of Shao Ruihan, she feels very speechless. She helped him to modify his gun. Does he underestimate her ability?

Thinking of this, Tang Ningshan is eager to prove her ability. Tang Ningshan subconsciously grabs Shao Ruihan's gun and shoots the big tree behind them directly. Thanks to the silencer on Shao Ruihan's gun, otherwise, they have now exposed their position to the enemy.

After the shooting, Tang Ningshan returns the gun to Shao Ruihan, motioning him to use the sight to observe the position she shot just now.

Shao Ruihan is surprised to find that a bullet hole is left on the big tree that Tang Ningshan shot just now, which means that the bullet penetrated the tree. A hole is left in the tree.

After that, he immediately puts down the sniper in his hand. He hands two pistols on his waist to Tang Ningshan.

Tang Ningshan looks at Shao Ruihan speechlessly and says "Hey man, come on, I am not coming to reassemble the gun, I am here to save people!" But although she complains, Tang Ningshan is very happy to help Shao Ruihan to modify the two guns.

After the modification, Tang Ningshan returns the pistols to Shao Ruihan. Shao Ruihan only takes one of the guns and says "This is for you, you take it with you. If there is an unexpected accident when you are not able to use the sniper rifle, you'll use this to counterattack."

Tang Ningshan looks at Shao Ruihan with complicated emotions. When training and shooting enemies in virtual space, Tang Ningshan likes to use double guns, because this way can guarantee her safety to the greatest extent. She knows that if a person is used to using double guns, then when he only uses one gun, he will have a feeling of losing one arm. Now, Shao Ruihan has given her such a gun, which is as important as his arm. How could she not be touched?

Shao Ruihan does not notice the expression of Tang Ningshan. He does not explain why he did this. He just says "Your mission is to ensure their safety here. You must be highly concentrated. I will disguise you for a while. You remember, you must not move unless you receive my order."

Tang Ningshan solemnly nods, indicating that she would definitely abide by Shao Ruihan's instructions. After that, she reaches out to Shao Ruihan.

Shao Ruihan immediately puts a headset in her hand. Tang Ningshan winks and then stuffs the headphones into her ears. After that, she asks Shao Ruihan to do a few tests. After confirming that there are no problems, she chooses a better position to lie prone.

After adjusting the position of the sniper rifle, Shao Ruihan begins to lay grass on her, layer by layer. She reaches out and pulls up the grass in front of her eyes to ensure that the line of sight will not be affected. After that, she takes her hand back and places it on the trigger.

She has waited for several hours in the same place and does not receive any orders from Shao Ruihan. The villa they are monitoring does not have any abnormal conditions. No one enters or exits the villa, and the door is tightly closed.

Tang Ningshan even suspects that if there is no one in the villa. But at this moment, Tang Ningshan hears a woman's scream. The sound comes from the direction of the villa, and she suddenly becomes vigilant.

The headphones she wearing could only hear Shao Ruihan's orders and there's no way for her to talk to Shao Ruihan. At this time, the anxious Tang Ningshan particularly expects to hear Shao Ruihan's order.

However, after the screams, she still does not receive Shao Ruihan's instructions. The villa has returned to calm as if nothing had happened.

The helpless Tang Ningshan can only wait in the same place, but she has an impulse to go forward to check the situation. She promised Shao Ruihan to listen to his command, and she also knows that the current tactics determine the success or failure of today's rescue work, so she can only wait for Shao Ruihan's order.

When the sunset, the sky is getting darker, the lights inside the villa are lit up. However, only the top floor of the villa has lights. All the windows of the villa are covered by curtains, and Tang Ningshan could not see the situation inside the villa. Until the evening, the sky is completely dark, and the villa does not have any abnormalities.

At this time, Tang Ningshan sees an SUV parks at the door of the villa. After a while, the villa's door opens. After the car enters, the door closes again.

As time goes by, Tang Ningshan only feels that her mood is getting more and more anxious. She always feels that something had happened, especially after hearing the scream.

After a few more hours, Tang Ningshan finally gets Shao Ruihan's order.

"Now, Shan, you crawl forward and stop five hundred meters away from the villa."

After listening to Shao Ruihan's words, Tang Ningshan immediately begins to crawl forward. Her movements are very fast, she is like a bird that is suddenly released from a cage, and her movements are especially brisk.

She stops at a distance of about 500 meters from the villa. She climbs up a tree around; after all, there is no obstruction in the vicinity. She can only climb to the tree so that she can not only have a broad view but also do not have to worry about being attacked from behind.

When she just climbs up, she hears Shao Ruihan's voice coming from the headphones again.

"Everyone pay attention, please. You should be at the designated location now. The number of people in the house cannot be determined, so you must ensure the safety of the hostages and yourselves. Now, start acting."

After Shao Ruihan finishes, Tang Ningshan feels that the atmosphere around her begins to get nervous. Her hands hold the gun tightly, and her eyes keep looking at the villa.

After a while, she sees someone scaling the wall and going into the villa. After that, the man climbs to the top floor through the rope. Tang Ningshan sees that the person directly opens a window on the third floor. His movements are very slow. He opens the window without making any sound, which makes Tang Ningshan breathe a sigh of relief. At the same time, she also tells herself that opening the window is also a technology. As long as she learns this skill, she can save people at a critical time.

After the man enters the house, Tang Ningshan does not see anyone else. She can only listen to the situation inside the villa, but because the distance is too far, each person's gun is equipped with a silencer. Even if her genes were strengthened, she couldn't know if anyone fires his gun, so she could only wait for the order.

Waiting is tormented, but Tang Ningshan has no other way. She is more determined to complete the learning tasks given by the system as soon as possible after going back. If she can master the satellite monitoring technology, she can save herself a lot of unnecessary trouble.

About ten minutes later, a man reaches his head out of the window and makes a gesture to the outside. After that, Shao Ruihan once again says "Everyone, enter the villa. Be careful to ensure the safety of the hostages and yourselves. "

Tang Ningshan immediately jumps from the tree and flies all the way to the villa. If it is not because Shao Ruihan reminds her to hide her true strength, she wants to rush to the villa at the speed of 180 miles per hour.

Even if she doesn't use her fastest speed, she arrives at the designated place before others. Tang Ningshan becomes the second person to enter the villa. After entering, Tang Ningshan sees a lot of people lying on the floor of the house. There is no any gunshot wound on their bodies, they were all stabbed to death by the knife. Their wounds are all in the neck. Seeing this scene, Tang Ningshan shivers subconsciously. After that, she touches her neck.

After that, people come in one after another. When they see Tang Ningshan after entering the house from the window, they all stunned. After that, they all walk downstairs, and no one cares about the people lying on the ground.

Tang Ningshan waits until Shao Ruihan comes in and begins to act. She has been following behind Shao Ruihan. The room is quiet. Although there are many people killed on the ground, Tang Ningshan does not hear any sound.

After a while, she sees Shao Ruihan takes out an electronic device. There are many red dots on the instrument. Tang Ningshan thought this is a high-tech monitoring instrument. Just when she wants to ask Shao Ruihan, she suddenly finds her and Shao Ruihan's position information are on this instrument.

"What is this?" Tang Ningshan could not help but ask.

"The thermal sensor." Shao Ruihan's answer is quite simple.

Tang Ningshan nods without speaking.

"Let's go."

They go down to the first floor, and in the process, they do not find anyone's trace. Tang Ningshan even begins to wonder if they have made a mistake.

Just then, there is a curse in the distance. Tang Ningshan immediately squats, and Tang Ningshan's subconscious self-protection behavior makes Shao Ruihan very satisfied.

Shao Ruihan squats against the wall and Tang Ningshan is next to him. The whole house is so quiet that they can even hear each other's heartbeat.

"They are all in the basement, but we don't know how big the basement area is? How many people are there? Are our people inside? The situation is very stiff now." Shao Ruihan seems to be talking to himself, but also as if he is telling Tang Ningshan. However, because his voice is too small, Tang Ningshan can only pretend not to hear.

"Shan, do you have any idea?"

Tang Ningshan immediately looks at him with surprise, does he discover this secret? Tang Ningshan even suspects that the electronic worm thing has been known by Shao Ruihan. Otherwise, why would he think she could hear his small voice and why would he think she would have a way?

But now is a critical moment, and the purpose now is to save people. She does this not only for Shao Ruihan but also for Miao Yu. She also wants to rescue the people quickly, so she frowns and says "There is a way, but I don't bring the computer with me, it is a little troublesome."

"I have a computer." Shao Ruihan takes out his computer directly and puts it in the hands of Tang Ningshan.

Tang Ningshan looks at Shao Ruihan. She says in her heart, "Is it really discovered?"

Tang Ningshan hands the computer back to Shao Ruihan and plans to rush toward the basement. She says, "You take it first, wait for me here. I have to go to the basement. You tell me where the basement door is."

"I will go with you." Shao Ruihan immediately says, after listening to Tang Ningshan's words.

Tang Ningshan shakes her head immediately. "No, I can only go by myself. And, my movements are very fast, you must believe me."