Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 205

Chapter 191: chapter 190-- letter
hey, guys, all the free chapters will be put in auxiliary chapters, which are at the top of contents table (chapter lists), before chapter 1--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------After going downstairs, she sees several people in the living room, and Tang Ningshan is shocked. She doesn't understand why all the people who should be in the army come to her home?Tang Ningshan walks over with a cold expression and there is no temperature in her eyes. She doesn't understand what their purpose is, but she doesn't like them very much."Little girl, we meet again. Do you remember me?" The man who speaks is the one who Tang Ningshan met in the army last time. He is the person who claimed to be Shao Ruihan's political commissar.Tang Ningshan nods lightly and doesn't mean to talk. There is a man sitting on the side of the political commissar who has one more star on his shoulder badge, his face flashes a bit unpleasant expression, but soon the expression disappears."This is the case. Shao Ruihan said that you want to read Miao Yu's letter. But you also know that under normal circumstances, such an item, except for relatives, our troops will not give it to outsiders, so that's why we are here today." The words of the political commissar make Tang Ningshan speechless.Tang Ningshan blinks and says "Miao Yu regards me as her sister. She has no relatives in this world except me. I think you should be clearer than me. Why did she join the army, I think you know better than me. Now you tell me that no one can read her letter except her relatives? Don't you think this is a joke?" The irony in Tang Ningshan's words makes the political commissar's expression embarrassing. But her words are reasonable. After all, they have a good relationship.The general who has been sitting on the sofa without talking suddenly stands up and walks to Tang Ningshan and gives her a military salute.Tang Ningshan does not speak, waiting to see what he is going to say.It may be because of Tang Ningshan's attitude, or because he wants to vent his emotions. He stands in front of Tang Ningshan and says everything about the matter "Little girl, Miao Yu is recruited into the army by me. When she joined the army, she was originally not allowed, but she told me that she is an orphan and has no families. She said that she has always been unfortunate; she often suffers from the insults of fellow people. Therefore, I chartered her into the army; I just want her to change her living environment. The team where she was at the beginning does not have any special tasks at all. As long as there is no other country that infringes on our country, then she may not have the possibility of going to the battlefield in her whole life. However, she applied to the Special Forces herself, and her ability is obvious to all. I still remember that she told me that she hopes to protect her country and that she wants to contribute to her favorite country. If it wasn't for her insistence, she should still be in her original team."After Tang Ningshan listens to his words, she bows her head. She has been silent for a long while, and then she suddenly looks up and says "Since this is her own will, then I do not blame you. Her entry into the Special Forces is her own thoughts, sacrifice is her own attitude, and these have nothing to do with you. I want to see her letter, what do I need to do?" Tang Ningshan is also a reasonable person. She just has nowhere to vent her anger, so she fails to control her attitude.The political commissar sees that Tang Ningshan calms down and has also changed her attitude. He immediately comes over and hands the paper in his hand to Tang Ningshan.Tang Ningshan takes the paper, which is a confidentiality agreement. Tang Ningshan looks up at the political commissar and asks him what does he meant by her eyes."This action is a confidential task. As long as you sign this confidentiality agreement, we can show you Miao Yu's testament. However, you have to return it after you read. After all, you have no blood relationship with her, so..." His sound is very small as if he is afraid of angering Tang Ningshan.Tang Ningshan listens to this sentence and immediately looks at Shao Ruihan who has been sitting on the side as an invisible person. Shao Ruihan nods to her.Tang Ningshan nods and the political commissar immediately puts the pen into the hands of Tang Ningshan. Tang Ningshan immediately signs her name on the paper. After that, she returns the paper and pen to the political commissar.He takes the paper and pen that Tang Ningshan hands over. After the political commissar takes a glance at the confidentiality agreement, he puts the paper in a folder. He nods at the general and then looks at Tang Ningshan. He pats her on the shoulder and says, "Thank you for your understanding."After that, the two people leave in tandem."Shao Ruihan, where's the letter? Why do they leave?" Tang Ningshan looks at the backs of the two men in confusion. Until she hears the sound of the car outside, Tang Ningshan comes back to her sense and asks."Here." Shao Ruihan takes an envelope from his pocket and places it on the coffee table.Tang Ningshan immediately reaches for the envelope and opens it. There are not many words on it, only a few paragraphs, but Tang Ningshan is still reading carefully one by one."Sister Ningshan, since you can read this letter, then it means that I am no longer in this world. I hope that you don't feel sad, even if I sacrifice, then this is my choice. Every time we perform the task, we will write one letter for our families. I don't have a family, so I can only write it to you. I don't have any other relatives in this world, so no matter whether I am alive or dead, no one will be sad. But I suddenly have you, my sister. I am both happy and embarrassed. Although we don't get along with each other for a long time, you let me know that there is another person in the world who is willing to treat me as a family member.Sister, I am now reunited with my family. I hope that you can live well in the future, I will look at you in another world, and I hope you can be happy. "Tang Ningshan reads the letter and sheds tears. She did not expect Miao Yu to leave such a letter to her. Miao Yu did not have any unfinished wishes before she died, which makes her even more reproach that she is an incompetent sister."Shan, she doesn't want you to be sad, and doesn't want you to be decadent." Shao Ruihan does not say more to comfort Tang Ningshan. He has experienced too many such scenes. After all, all the letters of the sacrificed warriors are sent to their families by him. Every time he sees the families of the sacrificial warriors receiving the letter, he feels that it is his most painful time.Tang Ningshan nods and holds the letter tightly in her hand.Tang Ningshan finally calms down her emotions. She looks at Shao Ruihan and says firmly: "I hope I can know who the target person of your mission is."When Shao Ruihan hears this, he feels that trouble comes. Looking at Tang Ningshan's expression, he knows that she is quite serious. If he does not tell her at this time, she will be angry with him, but he does not want her to be involved in this incident."Sorry, military secrets, no comment." Shao Ruihan says with no expression, his voice is cold.Sure enough, after Tang Ningshan listens to his words, she immediately stands up and walks to Shao Ruihan. She looks at Shao Ruihan in with a complicated look and says "Shao Ruihan, even if you don't tell me, I have a way to know. For me, invading the database of your headquarters is not a difficult thing at all. You think about it, I investigate it by myself, or you tell me?" Tang Ningshan is not threatening Shao Ruihan because she is telling the truth.After listening to Tang Ningshan's words, Shao Ruihan feels a headache. Of course, these are all in his expectation. He can only helplessly say "Shan, can you calm down? Things are not as simple as you think. We have no evidence now. After this incident, the other party will be vigilant. We have not yet confirmed the following action plan so I have no way to tell you clearly.""When can there be results? When can there be evidence? When can there be action? Do you mean to tell me that if you have no evidence and action, then I can only wait so passively? I can only watch the people, who killed Miao Yu, go unpunished? "Tang Ningshan's voice is so sharp, it's even like sorrow. And this kind of voice makes Shao Ruihan feel that his heart is like being pierced by a needle, it's especially painful.Shao Ruihan can only stand up and take her into his arms. His hand is feeling on her back as if he wants to erase the sadness in her heart. He whispers "I can't guarantee when I will find the other party, but I can guarantee that as long as the evidence is sufficient, I will personally arrest these people, and I will not let them go unpunished."Tang Ningshan also knows that Shao Ruihan really doesn't have enough evidence. What she wants is only his guarantee. Anyway, they live together, and if Shao Ruihan goes out for the task, then she will follow him. If Shao Ruihan does not take her with him, she will secretly follow Shao Ruihan."I will go to Shao's house tomorrow, are you going?" Shao Ruihan did not want to let Tang Ningshan go at first. However, as far as Tang Ningshan is in this state, he is not at ease that she stays at home alone, so he decides to ask her if she wants to go.Tang Ningshan looks at Shao Ruihan inexplicably and asks "What purpose do you have for going to Shao's house?""Wasn't grandpa asking you to go to work at the company? You have been abroad these times, now that you are back so I guess he will insist on asking you to work. I will explain it to him first. After all, I feel that your current state is not suitable for going to work at the company." Shao Ruihan explains.Tang Ningshan immediately shakes her head and says "No, I can go. Anyway, I can't avoid this thing. I have to go sooner or later. Since I promise you that I will help you check out your Shao's families, I will try my best." Tang Ningshan still has one most important thing that she doesn't say. That is, maybe my mother's death has something to do with Shao's family. If I can enter Shao's company, then I can grasp some other information, and I will let your uncles have a more sense of crisis. If all this was really done by them, I will also give them a fatal blow.Shao Ruihan listens to her words and nods."Go eat something first. You haven't eaten anything since yesterday. Also, do you need to hire a housekeeper at home?"Tang Ningshan thinks for a moment before answering, "Hire a chef, I don't need a housekeeper actually."Shao Ruihan takes a bowl of porridge from the kitchen and places it in front of Tang Ningshan. Tang Ningshan looks at Shao Ruihan curiously and asks "Where did you get it?"