Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 206

Chapter 192: chapter 192-- I will help you (read the message at the bottom first)
hey, guys, all the free chapters will be put in auxiliary chapters, which are at the top of contents table (chapter lists), before chapter 1--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------As a result, things in the shopping cart increase little by little. When they go to checkout and Tang Ningshan takes out all the things in the shopping cart, she realizes that she has bought so many things that it takes a long time for the cashier to complete her purchases.Tang Ningshan feels the gaze of the people around her, and she smiles awkwardly. Shao Ruihan does not have any reaction, no matter how many things Tang Ningshan buys, the only thing he needs to do is to pay the bill.Wang Pengxuan, who is wearing a suit, stands next to Yu Huan, silently putting all the things Tang Ningshan bought into bags.The four people came with empty-handed and return with full load. Everyone has more than two bags in their hands.When they back to the car, Yu Huan asks Wang Pengxuan, who is planning to get into the co-pilot, to sit in the back seat and give this position to Tang Ningshan. All the bags in their hands are thrown to Shao Ruihan and Wang Pengxuan who are sitting behind.After returning to the villa, Tang Ningshan gets out the car and opens the door of the back seat, intending to take things into the house. After all, she has bought so many things, Wang Pengxuan and Shao Ruihan could not take all of them in at once. However, she is stopped by Yu Huan."What's wrong?" Tang Ningshan looks at Yu Huan with a puzzled look."This is Wang Pengxuan's work." Yu Huan looks at Wang Pengxuan and says."..." Tang Ningshan suddenly feels if Yu Huan wants to avenge Wang Pengxuan because of her words in the morning? So, she shows a sly smile to Yu Huan.Yu Huan gives Tang Ningshan a supercilious look, and helplessly he can only go to the back seat to take two bags from Wang Pengxuan's hands. After that, he takes Tang Ningshan into the house.Tang Ningshan can only follow Yu Huan to go into the villa. Before turning around, she glances at Shao Ruihan sympathetically. She is like, I really want to help you, but I am blocked.Shao Ruihan takes all the remaining bags and follows Tang Ningshan. For him, these things have no weight at all.After putting everything in the kitchen, Shao Ruihan and Wang Pengxuan immediately go out from the kitchen. Tang Ningshan looks at Yu Huan and asks "Huan, what do you and Pengxuan like to eat? Do you like dessert?"When Tang Ningshan bought all kinds of materials for dessert, Yu Huan knows her plan. He nods immediately."That's good. Then go out first, go to have a rest. I will bake the cake first, and then cook. Anyway, there is a long time before dinner time." Tang Ningshan looks at the kitchen that has been filled with food. She wants to ask Yu Huan go out and then she will sort out these things herself. She didn't cook before, so she didn't have a high demand for the kitchen. Now that she has learned to cook, she must clean the kitchen. Looking at the clean kitchen, her mood will also be better.Seeing Tang Ningshan looking around, Yu Huan knows what she wants to do. Originally, he came to her house today because of Shao Ruihan's request. He doesn't want Tang Ningshan to be tired because of cleaning up the kitchen. "I will help you."Tang Ningshan can only nod. She begins to take out all the things in the plastic bag and puts them on the storage shelf.After a while, Shao Ruihan and Wang Pengxuan also come in. Tang Ningshan raises her eyebrows. At this time, Wang Pengxuan has changed the clothes of Shao Ruihan. Shao Ruihan is slightly higher than Wang Pengxuan. His clothes size is a bit big for Wang Pengxuan, but as long as the sleeves are pulled up, it will not look strange."Why do you come in?" Yu Huan sees them coming in and obviously stunned.Wang Pengxuan quietly points to Shao Ruihan next to him, meaning that Shao Ruihan wants to come in.Yu Huan's face immediately shows a gentle smile, which makes Tang Ningshan somewhat confused. However, she does not care, anyway, the kitchen is now very messy, and she also needs their help.Not long after, the kitchen has become neat after four people's efforts. The food is all put in the refrigerator, and the refrigerator that was already empty is now refilled.On the storage shelf, there are the materials that Tang Ningshan needs for dessert. Yu Huan begins to wash vegetables, and Wang Pengxuan immediately goes to Yu Huan to help him.Shao Ruihan looks at Tang Ningshan, who is burying herself in baking, and rolls the sleeves to the elbow. He walks over to her and says, "I will help you."Tang Ningshan immediately gives some space to Shao Ruihan. At the beginning, she thinks that Shao Ruihan cooked porridge for her, which means he should know some knowledge about cooking. Unfortunately, she soon knows that she is wrong.First, Tang Ningshan melts the chocolate. After that, she added some cocoa powder to the chocolate. Originally, she thought that Shao Ruihan should have helped her prepare eggs and flour at this time. However, as soon as she turns around, she sees Shao Ruihan staring at her back."What's wrong? Why are you staring at my back?" Tang Ningshan puts the melted chocolate aside and turns and asks.Shao Ruihan shakes his head, Tang Ningshan hands an empty bowl to Shao Ruihan, and Shao Ruihan stands in the same place with a bowl in his hand in confusion."What are you doing? You are not saying that you want to help me?" Tang Ningshan does not understand the behavior of Shao Ruihan now."I haven't made dessert yet." Shao Ruihan says with a blank expression.Tang Ningshan immediately feels speechless. She says in her heart, "You don't know how to make a cake, then why you said you want to help? You are making troubles for me."Tang Ningshan takes the bowl from Shao Ruihan and begins to put flour, yeast powder and eggs into it. After that, she tells Shao Ruihan to stir these things evenly.Shao Ruihan's movements are also very fast. He starts his work with a mixer. His movements are meticulous. If you don't look carefully, no one can see that Shao Ruihan's arm is a bit stiff. Obviously, this is the first time he has done this.Yu Huan and Wang Pengxuan watch the interaction between them, immediately putting down the things in their hands and leaving the kitchen to them.Tang Ningshan does not notice that Yu Huan and Wang Pengxuan have already gone out. She is still focusing on Shao Ruihan.No matter what Tang Ningshan asks him to do, he would execute it very quickly. He doesn't even have any rebuttals. He also works very seriously when he is working. However, because of uneven mixing, or too much material added, anyway, it eventually leads to failure. Tang Ningshan can only put things in her hands aside and remix them herself.Tang Ningshan feels that her experience of making desserts is very rough. She even feels that doing these desserts is more tiring than learning in the virtual space.After pouring the stirred egg liquid into the mold, she puts them all in the oven and sets the baking time. Tang Ningshan stands in the same place and stretches herself."Hey, was the porridge in the morning really cooked by you?" Tang Ningshan asks unbelievably. From the time when he stirred the eggs, Tang Ningshan feels that Shao Ruihan is not like a person who had cooked. His movements are extremely stiff, so she has to suspect that the sweet porridge in the morning was not cooked by Shao Ruihan.When Shao Ruihan hears this, his body suddenly freezes. His face has become more and more unnatural. He did make the porridge, but under the unbelievable eyes of Tang Ningshan, he feels that he is questioned. Since last night, he has been studying how to make porridge in order to get her to eat the first time after getting up. Therefore, he spent a night to succeed in making a bowl of porridge, and now she actually suspects that this porridge was not cooked by him.Tang Ningshan immediately says "Hey, even if the porridge was not made by you, it doesn't matter. By the way, the porridge is really good."Tang Ningshan's last sentence makes Shao Ruihan's gloomy mood suddenly becomes better.Shao Ruihan thinks in his heart, "You are really a silly girl; I will never tell you that the porridge was cooked by me."Tang Ningshan looks at Shao Ruihan, whose expression is changing constantly. She doesn't know what happened to him."Hey, what do you like to eat?" Tang Ningshan wants to transfer the topic. In the kitchen, the only thing she thinks of is food, so she shifts the subject to food."Everything." Shao Ruihan is impressed with the braised pork ball made by Tang Ningshan last time and he does not have any expectations for her this time. However, he does not want to dispel her enthusiasm.Tang Ningshan nods. She feels that Shao Ruihan is easy to be feed and he is not picky about food.In the kitchen, two people are chatting. Outside the kitchen, Yu Huan and Wang Pengxuan stand at the door of the kitchen to eavesdrop on the conversation between the two.Until she hears the sound of the oven, Tang Ningshan wears the glove and takes out the chocolate cake inside.In an instant, the kitchen is filled with this sweet smell.After Tang Ningshan puts the mold on the storage shelf, taking off the gloves. She takes out a piece of cake and hands it to Shao Ruihan, motioning him to taste it. After that, she stares nervously at Shao Ruihan's expression.At this point, Shao Ruihan's mood is also very embarrassing. He can only comfort himself in the heart that this is her first time to make snacks, so he should encourage her. Even if it is unpalatable, he can't show a painful expression.When Shao Ruihan puts the little cake in his mouth, Tang Ningshan feels that there is unprecedented tension. It seems that she very much hopes that Shao Ruihan will give a compliment. She looks at him expectantly.After Tang Ningshan sees Shao Ruihan swallow the cake, she immediately asks "How is the taste?"Shao Ruihan nods with no expression. He really doesn't like these sweet and greasy things, but the dessert made by Tang Ningshan is really different. He doesn't feel greasy at all, and when the dessert enters the mouth, he has a faint feeling of happiness.Tang Ningshan sees Shao Ruihan nod and immediately says, "Really?" After she finishes, she picks up a piece and puts it in her mouth and begins to taste it carefully.While eating, she nods. She seems to be very satisfied with the dessert she made.After Tang Ningshan finishes eating the cake in her hand, she immediately takes out all the cakes in the mold and puts them into the plate. She ignores Shao Ruihan, who is standing next to her, and goes out with her plate.She shouts at the door of the kitchen and lets them come over to eat the cake.Yu Huan has been always standing outside the kitchen. When Tang Ningshan comes out, he takes the plate in the hands of Tang Ningshan. He goes to the living room and puts the cake on the coffee table.