Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 207

Chapter 193: chapter 194-- warm dinner time
hey, guys, all the free chapters will be put in auxiliary chapters, which are at the top of contents table (chapter lists), before chapter 1--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"I will eat... the food cooked my sister." Pu Jiayi's voice is very small so that Tang Ningshan estimates that people one meter away can hardly hear what he is saying."Okay, but the dishes Huan cooked are also very delicious. I have tried once, you can taste it." Tang Ningshan gently touches the head of Pu Jiayi; she is like a mother now.Shao Ruihan looks at this scene quietly. He doesn't know what happened to Tang Ningshan. Why does she start to ignore him again? Did she still say that she will make desserts for him in the afternoon? Why does she treat him with this attitude now? However, Shao Ruihan will not say these words.Five people sit together, letting Tang Ningshan feel that she has a family. This moment is very warm. Shao Ruihan only picks the dishes made by Tang Ningshan, and Pu Jiayi is staring closely at Shao Ruihan's chopsticks. He will pick whatever Shao Ruihan picks, letting Tang Ningshan feel a little funny."You don't worry; there are a lot of dishes, it's enough for you to eat." Tang Ningshan can't stand Pu Jiayi, she can only remind him.Pu Jiayi nods."Ningshan, I didn't expect you to be quite talented. I think the dishes you made are much better than what I made," Yu Huan says with a smile."I'm over flattered. I think yours are delicious, I like it." Tang Ningshan puts the food in the plate in front of Wang Pengxuan into her own bowl in order to prove herself.Wang Pengxuan immediately stops her. "Hey, this is what Huan made for me. How can you grab my things? If you want to eat, let Shao Ruihan cook it for you!" After that, he immediately pours all the things inside the plate into his own bowl.Yu Huan glances at him with resentment. Tang Ningshan laughs. "I didn't expect that. Wang Pengxuan, you are such a person..."After listening to Wang Pengxuan's words, Shao Ruihan reveals a smile that is not easy to be detected. However, he is wondering if he should learn to cook. As Wang Pengxuan said, he can cook for Tang Ningshan.This is a warm dinner time. After dinner, Tang Ningshan puts some fruit on the coffee table in the living room, and takes a plate of cut fruit to Pu Jiayi, letting him get upstairs to eat.Four people sit on the couch, eating fruits and chatting. The topic comes to that Tang Ningshan prepares to go to the Shao's company to work."Shao Ruihan, I heard Ningshan said that she is going to work at your family's company?" After Yu Huan sits down, he asks directly. After all, Shao Ruihan is now the owner of Shao's family. The purpose of his words is to let Shao Ruihan secretly help Tang Ningshan.After listening to him, Shao Ruihan nods, but no one knows what he is thinking.Wang Pengxuan does not speak. However, his thoughts are similar to Yu Huan's. Tang Ningshan is still a little girl, and she looks very weak. In addition, she is beautiful, and she will definitely be squeezed by her colleagues after she enters the company."So what are you going to do?" This is a question that Yu Huan is more concerned about now."The company's business can only be handled by Shan herself. After all, I have never intervened in the company. I used to be abroad, Pengxuan knows that. After going back, I entered the army, I never thought about taking over the company of my family. So, to be honest, I don't know much about the situation of our company." Shao Ruihan's words let Wang Pengxuan and Yu Huan immediately understand that Shao Ruihan's focus is in the army, so he also does not understand the company's affairs.Yu Huan immediately turns to look at Tang Ningshan and says "Ningshan, what major did you study at university?"Tang Ningshan smiles slyly and says "Jewelry identification..." Yu Huan and Wang Pengxuan are immediately shocked by this answer. They look at Tang Ningshan in disbelief. In any case, they can't think of a hacker master who is not a computer major, but a jewelry appraisal that has nothing to do with the computer.Yu Huan thinks about it and says "I remember that one of the Shao company's subsidiaries is also a jewelry company. If they let you go to the jewelry company, then you can use your strengths."After listening to Yu Huan, Tang Ningshan sighs and says "This is not the point. Then we should not continue this topic. I will try my best to do some preparations before going to the company these days. Anyway, I have to go sooner or later. This is unavoidable. They said that this is another challenge. Maybe only when I pass this test, can I become the wife of Shao Ruihan who is recognized by them. "Tang Ningshan complains. Yu Huan and Wang Pengxuan understand that Tang Ningshan goes to the company not for work, but for becoming the wife of Shao Ruihan recognized by everyone.Shao Ruihan looks at the frustrated Tang Ningshan. For the first time, he begins to doubt whether it would be a correct decision to ask Tang Ningshan go to the company. If she is really unhappy, he can arrange someone else to go."Shan, if you really don't want to go to the company, then don't go. I will think of some other ways." This is the first time Shao Ruihan breaks his plan, which also surprises himself. Although he really thinks so, he did not intend to say it out. But looking at Tang Ningshan's expression, he subconsciously says these words.After listening to Shao Ruihan, she immediately shakes her head and says, "No. I understand the rules of Shao's family. Since I am your nominal wife now, then I should do these things. At the very least, the cooperation between us is for these things. I don't want to influence your plan because of me." Tang Ningshan finishes, the atmosphere immediately falls into a deadlock. No one expected that Tang Ningshan would say such words. The most surprised person should be Yu Huan. In any case, he couldn't think that Tang Ningshan would say this, especially after talking to her this afternoon.After listening to her, Shao Ruihan immediately stares at Tang Ningshan, and does not understand why she turns this thing out again? He believed that the relationship between them is not just a simple cooperation. He has already wanted to maintain this status quo with Tang Ningshan in the rest of their lives.Wang Pengxuan immediately says "Ah, you guys talk, we are going home. It is already very late." At the same time as he speaks, he stands up and takes Yu Huan and is ready to leave.Yu Huan immediately understands the meaning of Wang Pengxuan and stands up. "Ningshan, we are leaving. I still have work to do. Thank you for your hospitality today. When we are free, we will come to visit you again."Tang Ningshan also stands up and prepares to lead them out.Shao Ruihan immediately gives Wang Pengxuan a look. Wang Pengxuan immediately says "You don't have to stand up, today you are very tired, take a good rest. We will go back."After that, the two people leave."Shan, let's go upstairs." Shao Ruihan finishes and immediately walks upstairs.Tang Ningshan can only keep up with him. She also knows that what she said just now seems to make several people uncomfortable. However, she does not think she was wrong, she was telling the truth, isn't it?Shao Ruihan looks at Tang Ningshan, who is bowing her head behind him, and there is an inexplicable anger burning in his heart. He does not know why this anger is not under his control.Two people walk into the room in tandem. At the moment when Tang Ningshan enters the house, Shao Ruihan directly locks the door. He takes Tang Ningshan's hand into the bedroom, and he also locks the bedroom door.Two people sit shoulder by shoulder on the bed, Shao Ruihan with a cold expression says coldly "Shan, don't you think that the relationship between us is not just cooperation? We will live together forever, do you understand? "After listening to this, Tang Ningshan immediately hangs a mocking expression on her face and says, "Shao Ruihan, I know that I am just an ordinary person. My family background is very different from yours. I understand these, but I hope that my marriage is happy. However, obviously, you can't reach the standard of qualified husband I said, then why do you think that I will live with you for the rest of my life?" Tang Ningshan does not know why she feels very angry after hearing the words of Shao Ruihan. If there is love between them, there will be no cooperation in their marriage. However, apart from the agreement, there is only one marriage certificate between them. There's nothing else."You..." Shao Ruihan does not want to deceive Tang Ningshan. He does think that he could give Tang Ningshan love. However, he does not think that he needs love."Shao Ruihan, I don't know what your purpose is. But I tell you, there is no love between us, there is no such so-called forever. If you intend to bundle me with such a marriage certificate for a lifetime, then I have no way. However, if you need my help in the future, then I can only tell you, I am sorry." Tang Ningshan's words are full of threats, but her words make Shao Ruihan satisfied. After this experience in M country, Shao Ruihan has decided that no matter what will happen in the future, he does not want Tang Ningshan to be involved in any dangerous thing because he is worried that Tang Ningshan's secrets will be exposed."Shan, if I say that I don't need any help from you, can you live with me forever?" Shao Ruihan says his inner thoughts. He would like to know if the agreement between them does not exist and the partnership is gone, then what will Tang Ningshan do.After listening to this sentence, Tang Ningshan immediately looks at Shao Ruihan; her eyes are full of doubts. She doesn't understand what he wants to do."I mean, the cooperation between us is lifted. I only want one home, a home with you." Shao Ruihan's words, which are similar to confession, make Tang Ningshan completely stunned. She is shocked and looks at Shao Ruihan in confusion."Why?" Tang Ningshan could not understand his thoughts at all."Because I want to have a home, you always give me a warm feeling." Shao Ruihan immediately answers."Shao Ruihan, I hope that you can seriously consider what you are saying. Now is not the time for joking." Tang Ningshan immediately stands up from the bed and walks to Shao Ruihan. She stares at Shao Ruihan's eyes and wants to see what he is thinking in his heart.Shao Ruihan immediately shakes his head and says "I am not kidding. I am telling the truth. I hope that we can be together forever like this.""Shao Ruihan! Do you know what forever means? Or you think that you can control my life?" Tang Ningshan immediately shouts. She sees the sincerity in the eyes of Shao Ruihan, although this is indeed the result she wants, Shao Ruihan did not say that he loves her.