Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 208

Chapter 194: chapter 196-- cannot separate
hey, guys, all the free chapters will be put in auxiliary chapters, which are at the top of contents table (chapter lists), before chapter 1--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Tang Ningshan blinks and immediately blushes. She shouts, "Rogue." After that, she immediately moves her eyes away."Baby, you are wrong to say this." Shao Ruihan does not pick up the bath towel, but lifts up the corner of the quilt and lies straight into the quilt. He even puts Tang Ningshan into his arms."Please remember what you promised me yesterday, and I also think I can do it." Shao Ruihan's tone is quite pleasant, and his attitude can even be said to be better than ever.After Tang Ningshan hears this, her face is getting redder. Even her ears are already red. She covers her head with the quilt. She feels that she has fallen into a trap. Why is she totally incapable of resisting Shao Ruihan's behavior and even Shao Ruihan's words?"Baby? Shan? Come out, are you going to commit suicide?" Shao Ruihan can only take Tang Ningshan's head out of the quilt.Tang Ningshan immediately shouts in anger, "Shao Ruihan, can you be serious? Don't be a rogue!"Shao Ruihan immediately laughs out and says directly "I am such a person, you still don't understand? Anyway, you have promised, it is too late for you to regret now."Tang Ningshan does not know why she always feels that Shao Ruihan is somewhat childish. Her body's reaction is always faster than thought. She picks up the pillow on the bed and throws straight to Shao Ruihan.Shao Ruihan does not dodge, but he uses one hand to block the pillow that is flying toward his face. Later, he says "Baby, are you ready to murder your husband?"Tang Ningshan gives him a supercilious look and continues to beat his head with the pillow.Shao Ruihan takes Tang Ningshan into his arms and feels her cheek. Tang Ningshan tries to struggle at first, but her struggle has no effect. In the end, she can only surrender. In the arms of Shao Ruihan, Tang Ningshan feels very relaxed, so gradually, she falls asleep again.One morning passes, and when Tang Ningshan wakes up again, it is almost in the afternoon.Tang Ningshan opens her eyes and finds that Shao Ruihan is no longer in the bedroom. She suddenly feels relieved and prepares to stand up to get out of bed. Her feet just touch the ground, she feels the pain in the waist. Tang Ningshan curses Shao Ruihan in her heart. She blushes and tries to stand up to walk into the bathroom.After the bathtub is filled with water, Tang Ningshan lies down in the bathtub comfortably. At this time, she feels that the pain of her body gets some relief.Tang Ningshan comes out of the bathroom and changes her clothes. When she goes downstairs, she hears a voice coming from the kitchen. She immediately walks to the kitchen.She sees Shao Ruihan wearing a very cute pink apron with a Hello Kitty pattern on it.Originally, Tang Ningshan intends to stand at the door and quietly look at him. However, when her eyes fall on Shao Ruihan's arm, she is touched.There are many small red spots on Shao Ruihan's arm. Tang Ningshan understands that it was burned by the spilled oil. When she sees that Shao Ruihan's hand was now covered by blisters, she feels that Shao Ruihan has really started to change himself. His hand should be used to hold a gun, instead of a pan.Tang Ningshan immediately walks over to Shao Ruihan.The moment when he sees Tang Ningshan coming in, there is a panic and embarrassment on Shao Ruihan's face. But soon, he puts on a smile, his expression is quite soft."Wake up?" Shao Ruihan asks calmly.Tang Ningshan looks at him with a smile and lightly nods. She looks to the pot in front of Shao Ruihan."What dish are you making?" Tang Ningshan does not ask what happened to his arm but asks him what he is cooking.Shao Ruihan smiles and says "Bacon omelet.""When can I eat? I am already very hungry." Tang Ningshan touches her stomach and as if she is looking forward to it."Soon." Shao Ruihan answers immediately. He obviously speeds up his hand."Then I will go to wash the plate first." After Tang Ningshan finishes, she goes straight to take out the plate in the cupboard. She stands beside him and begins to rinse the dishes with water.Each of them is busy with their own work, but with a warm feeling.When Shao Ruihan turns off the fire, Tang Ningshan also finishes cleaning the plate. Tang Ningshan holds a plate in each hand and waits for Shao Ruihan to put the food in the pot into the plate. The cooperation between the two people is very tacit, and the bacon omelets are placed directly in the middle of the plate.When Tang Ningshan takes the plate and prepares to turn around, she is stopped by Shao Ruihan."Shan, wait a minute." Shao Ruihan finishes, immediately putting the pot in his hand down. He takes the two plates in the hands of Tang Ningshan, and the two people walk out from the kitchen side by side.Going to the table, Shao Ruihan puts the plates down. He finds a chair to sit down and pulls Tang Ningshan to sit down on his lap."How do I eat?" Tang Ningshan asks helplessly. She does not understand why Shao Ruihan's attitude has changed so significantly after only one night."I'll show you!" Shao Ruihan finishes, moving the two plates to the front. He cuts the bacon and the egg and forks it to put in front of Tang Ningshan's mouth. After that, he says, "Ah! Open your mouth!""..." Tang Ningshan opens her mouth speechlessly. Does Shao Ruihan regard her as a kindergarten student?When Tang Ningshan swallows, she obviously feels the sudden tension of Shao Ruihan's body. Hahaha, Shao Ruihan must be very nervous now."It's delicious." Tang Ningshan shows a sweet smile on her face.Seeing such a smile, Shao Ruihan immediately seems to be encouraged. He quickly cut the food on both dishes, and little by little, he feeds all of them into Tang Ningshan's mouth."You don't eat?" After all the things on the two plates go smoothly into Tang Ningshan's stomach, Tang Ningshan realizes that Shao Ruihan has not eaten anything.Shao Ruihan shakes his head and says, "I am not hungry.""Wait for me a minute." After that, Tang Ningshan immediately gets up from Shao Ruihan. She rushes into the kitchen and takes some food out of the fridge. Soon, she has made a plate of pasta and she places it in front of Shao Ruihan."You eat this first, at night..." Tang Ningshan originally wanted to say that she is going to cook other food for him at night. However, she suddenly thinks that Shao Ruihan said that they would go to Shao's house today. "Oh, right, we have to go to Shao's house at night, I have forgotten.""We can still go back home to have dinner." Shao Ruihan likes this feeling very much. He enjoys this feeling of being cared for. Such a day makes him feel the warmth of home. Although Tang Ningshan's attitude towards him is always fickle, after a period of time, Shao Ruihan feels that as long as he stays with Tang Ningshan, he would feel that he has a home. He always feels that there is a kind of faint happiness in his heart, which is one of the reasons why he does not want Tang Ningshan to leave.Tang Ningshan nods and says, "Okay, what are we doing now?"Shao Ruihan gives her a sly look and says, "If you can accept it, I don't mind going on the thing in the morning.""You..." Tang Ningshan instantly blushes, and he gives Shao Ruihan a blank eye. Shao Ruihan thinks that Tang Ningshan is now seducing him."I am joking. Let's go to Ji Jun's company to visit. Recently I am very busy; I didn't care about the situation of his company." Shao Ruihan immediately changes the topic."Well, then I will change clothes first." After that, Tang Ningshan is ready to go upstairs, and Shao Ruihan stops her directly.He takes her hand and says, "You forget? We can't separate, so I want to go upstairs with you."Shao Ruihan says with a smile. Tang Ningshan does not speak at the moment and does not look at him.Shao Ruihan laughs out. Tang Ningshan looks at him with surprise instantly. This is the first time Tang Ningshan hears Shao Ruihan's laughter.Shao Ruihan does not realize this thing himself. He takes Tang Ningshan and goes upstairs. Two people enter the cloakroom together. When Tang Ningshan undresses, she feels the hot eyes behind her, which makes her feel very dangerous."Can you stop staring at me?" Tang Ningshan couldn't stand him, and she yells at Shao Ruihan."If you are not so far away from me, I will not stare at you." Shao Ruihan says directly."Otherwise? Standing next to you? Then you tell me how should I change?" Tang Ningshan says with a shy look."I'll teach you." Shao Ruihan finishes, directly taking his clothes and walking to Tang Ningshan's side. The clothes in his hand are put into the hands of Tang Ningshan."You wear it for me, and then I will wear it for you. What do you think?" Shao Ruihan finishes, directly putting his hand on the waist of Tang Ningshan and gently massages her. When they went upstairs just now, he saw Tang Ningshan rubs her waist from time to time, so he would always stare at her back.She feels the temperature of his palms spreads to her waist so that Tang Ningshan feels a little comfortable in an instant. However, she still feels that she should put his clothes on him first. Otherwise, she feels she will commit a crime. His hands have never left her waist, he keeps rubbing her waist gently.After putting on his clothes for him, Tang Ningshan feels that she has already been sweating as if she has just finished a battle."Well, it is no longer painful now." Tang Ningshan says directly. Since he has already dressed him, she should change her clothes herself. However, Shao Ruihan has been holding her waist so she has no way to change clothes.Shao Ruihan also understands what she means, but does not give her any chance. He says directly "I will wear it for you."After that, he takes out the couple's clothing that matches with the one on his body from the closet. When he is dressing for her, his movements are quite gentle, as if he is worried about hurting her. Tang Ningshan captures the gentleness in Shao Ruihan's eyes. This moment, Tang Ningshan feels somewhat confused.After the two are ready, they go downstairs hand in hand. Even when they are in the car, Shao Ruihan still doesn't let go of Tang Ningshan's hand.They go directly to Ji Jun's company. Both Shao Ruihan and Tang Ningshan are visiting this place for the first time. If it wasn't for GPS, they probably wouldn't know this place at all.At the door of the company, Tang Ningshan gets out of the car and stands still to look up. On the upper floor of the building is a large logo with 'Hanxuan Jewelry Company' on it.