Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 209

Chapter 195: chapter 198-- sweet feeling
hey, guys, all the free chapters will be put in auxiliary chapters, which are at the top of contents table (chapter lists), before chapter 1--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"He? Today he went out to talk about cooperation. It is not clear whether he can come back at night." After listening to Shao Ruihan's words, Ji Jun immediately reveals a sad expression. He also wants to gossip about the relationship between Shao Ruihan and Tang Ningshan. But Tang Ningshan is sitting here so he does not dare to ask."Otherwise, go out to eat at night." Xuan Yun suggests. He is very keen to know what happened between Shao Ruihan and Tang Ningshan to make him such a big change."What do you think?" Shao Ruihan looks down and asks Tang Ningshan, who is sitting on his lap."I don't have any opinions. In fact, you guys can go to our house to have dinner." When Tang Ningshan's words are just finished, Ji Jun immediately says, "Well, that's perfect. Then go to your house to eat. We haven't been to your new home yet. Girl, you have never invited us to go. Are you treating us as outsiders?" Ji Jun says, his face constantly showing a playful smile."..." Tang Ningshan looks at Ji Jun speechlessly. She does not know how to reply to Ji Jun.Shao Ruihan looks at the speechless Tang Ningshan, and the mood is particularly good. He always feels that she is trying to integrate into his life. As long as they continue to develop according to the current trend, will he fall in love with her? Will they not be separated? What's more, in a month's time, after his efforts, there may be unexpected gains. Thinking of this, Shao Ruihan shows a slight smile on his face, but Tang Ningshan sitting on his lap does not catch it. However, this smile is noticed by Ji Jun and Xuan Yun.Xuan Yun immediately says "We will go to your house to wait for you at night. We can buy food from the restaurant and bring it to your house. If Bo returns, I will let him go directly." Xuan Yun has decided to ask what happened to them at night. In fact, he is not a gossip, but the obvious love in Shao Ruihan's eyes makes him feel scared. As a friend of Shao Ruihan, he does not want to see Shao Ruihan experience the same thing as the last time. That is simply a picture that makes them all collapse.Shao Ruihan raises his eyebrows and looks at Xuan Yun. Although Xuan Yun did not say it, he understands the meaning of him. However, he is not very concerned about it. After all, he never thought that Tang Ningshan and Ge Miaolu are the same person.Tang Ningshan nods and says "If you want to go, and then go early. Pu Jiayi is at home, I can ask him to open the door for you guys. We will try to go back as early as possible."Xuan Yun and Ji Jun nod immediately after listening to this.Xuan Yun feels that he has got the answer he wants. Now he can leave, so he says, "You guys continue to talk. I still have something to do. As for the ring, this difficult task is handed over to Ji Jun. You can also choose the material you want." After that, he directly pushes the door open and leaves, ignoring Ji Jun with a sad expression.Tang Ningshan looks at Ji Jun's expression and feels funny. When they lived together in the past, she always feels that Ji Jun is an interesting person, but she did not expect him to be in the same state in the company.Ji Jun goes to Tang Ningshan's side and whispers in Tang Ningshan's ear: "Or girl, you design another one for me?" After that, he suddenly feels the temperature around him plummet.Ji Jun turns his head and sees Shao Ruihan staring at him blankly, which lets him jump away from Tang Ningshan immediately. As he steps back, he says, "Ruihan, you know, I am just...just...oh, yes, I just hope that the girl can help me draw a few pairs of rings. It can be non-couple models, just single models. I only need a single model." Ji Jun suddenly feels that since he does not allow Tang Ningshan to design a wedding ring, then a single male ring or female ring should not be a big deal. So he repeats it again, "Yes! It can be a single male ring or a female ring."After saying this, Ji Jun praises that he is smart in his heart. Otherwise, how can he come up with such a perfect plan? If he knew that, he wouldn't say that he wants a wedding ring design at the beginning so that Shao Ruihan would not occupy the idea.Tang Ningshan looks at Ji Jun's expression and couldn't help but laugh out.Shao Ruihan immediately gives Ji Jun a supercilious look."Well, I can help you design a few rings. But you have to know that rings are different from other jewelry. Different people are suitable for different styles of rings, so even if I give you a design, I also recommend that you produce in fewer batches." After Tang Ningshan thinks about it, she gives her own advice.Ji Jun listens to Tang Ningshan's words and immediately understands the meaning of Tang Ningshan. He nods and says "Girl, I understand your meaning. In fact, we have not produced large quantities of your previous designs. After all, for these jewels, the less the quantity is, the more valuable it is."Tang Ningshan smiles and she wants to get out from Shao Ruihan's arms. Shao Ruihan doesn't look thin, but because he often exercises, his muscles are very hard. She feels that sitting on his lap is no different from sitting on the floor.When Tang Ningshan moves, Shao Ruihan immediately tightens his arms. The muscles that were originally relaxed on him are all tight.Tang Ningshan feels that things don't go in the direction she wants, and she doesn't dare to move immediately."Shao Ruihan, shouldn't we leave?" Tang Ningshan asks softly.Shao Ruihan looks down at Tang Ningshan with her head down and looks at Ji Jun again. He says, "You go out first."Ji Jun shows a sly smile and turns to leave. At the moment he is about to close the door, he puts his head in and says: "If you need something special, you can call me at any time, and then I can send it right away."After listening to this sentence, Tang Ningshan wants to stand up subconsciously. Her head hits Shao Ruihan's chin directly.Shao Ruihan immediately pulls her back into his arms and gently rubs her head. He even says "Please don't be so savage next time, is it hurt?"After listening to Shao Ruihan's words, Tang Ningshan immediately retorts "Shao Ruihan! If it wasn't you, how could I be hit? You said that I am savage? If you don't hold me so tightly, will I hit your chin? By the way, are you made of stone? I am so painful! "When finishing, she continues to curse Shao Ruihan in her heart. She is like, it is obvious that she is hit by Shao Ruihan but Shao Ruihan actually said that she is savage?""Well, it's my entire fault. If I didn't hold you tightly, you wouldn't hit me. I will pay attention next time." Shao Ruihan's tone is very gentle so that Tang Ningshan feels speechless.After Shao Ruihan finishes, he loosens the hand placed on her waist. Tang Ningshan stands up directly. After Tang Ningshan walks out of the range of the sofa, Shao Ruihan stands up and follows her."Would you like to walk around this building? It's still early." Shao Ruihan finds that Tang Ningshan is curious about the building, so he asks.Tang Ningshan shakes her head and says, "Nope. After all, we still have important things to do. I don't know what will happen in a while? We'd better go early.""Hey, take it easy." Shao Ruihan comforts her.Two people hand in hand take the elevator down and go out directly from the company. Tang Ningshan stands at the door of the building and waits for Shao Ruihan to drive the car over.Shao Ruihan stops the car steadily beside Tang Ningshan. He opens the door for Tang Ningshan from inside. After Tang Ningshan closes the door, Shao Ruihan reaches out and ties the seat belt for her.Tang Ningshan blushes and looks out the window. How did she not find that Shao Ruihan is such a considerate man?Shao Ruihan looks at the girl whose ears are red, and he feels sweet in his heart.Until they arrive at Shao's house, neither of them speak, but along the way, Tang Ningshan's face is always red.When Shao Ruihan stops the car, Tang Ningshan could not wait to get out of it. All the way here, she feels the burning eyes of Shao Ruihan. Although she has been looking out the window, she still has a feeling of being exposed to Shao Ruihan, which makes her so shy that she can only ignore it."Shan, wait for me." Shao Ruihan looks at Tang Ningshan and immediately says.Tang Ningshan can only stand outside the car and keep breathing deeply, trying to make the red color on her face disappear.Shao Ruihan comes over and directly takes Tang Ningshan's hand, and the two are like a conjoined baby.When they enter the living room, they see Shao Cheng and Xiao Leping sitting in the middle of the sofa. Sitting beside them are Shao Hong and Shao Yuning."Grandpa, Grandma, we are back." The two people chorus, it's quite tacit.Shao Cheng immediately frowns, and he always feels that something has changed between Shao Ruihan and Tang Ningshan. But what is it? He does not know."Have a seat." Shao Cheng points to the empty seat on the side.Shao Ruihan takes Tang Ningshan and walks over immediately. Just like before, he sits down first and then pulls Tang Ningshan to sit on his lap.Tang Ningshan also sits in the arms of Shao Ruihan honestly. After all, she is at Shao's house; she could not show any expressions or actions against Shao Ruihan. Otherwise, he really doesn't know how Shao Cheng would treat her."What purpose does grandpa has for asking us to come back?" Shao Ruihan takes the hand of Tang Ningshan and looks up and asks Shao Cheng."Your wife didn't tell you?" Shao Cheng's voice immediately becomes a bit sharp.After listening to such question, Tang Ningshan can only say "Grandpa, you know, Ruihan, he just finished his mission, so I didn't tell him. I just didn't expect grandpa to call him back and talk about this thing."After Tang Ningshan replies to Shao Cheng, she immediately turns to look at Shao Ruihan, saying "This is the case. Grandpa asked me to go to work at the company. Because you have been busy recently, I have no time to tell you, you will not blame me, right?" When Tang Ningshan is talking, there is a grievous expression on her face.Shao Ruihan raises his eyebrows and says, "How can I blame you? However, you must accept punishment at night." This sentence is quite meaningful, directly letting the remaining few people misunderstand, including Tang Ningshan.