Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 21

Chapter 7: chapter 7--living in the same room

Led by steward Wei, they come to a independent villa. Steward Wei leaves after seeing they walk into the room.

"Shao Ruihan, shouldn't you explain it to me?" Tang Ningshan looks to him with angry.

"Explain what?" Shao Ruihan raises his eyebrows.

"According to what they have said, if I cannot pass the challenges, isn't that mean that I will be throw out like a rubbish from your home, even if we have got married?" Tang Ningshan takes a deep breath.

"You are right," Shao Ruihan nods lightly.

"Shit, why you still..."

"Still what?"

"You know that, if I still keep my previous attitude, I cannot pass tonight, let alone the challenge, but you still sex..." Tang Ningshan's face turns to red. She doesn't know she is angry or shy.

"Of course, I know."

Seeing her flushes, he feels that he is attracted by her, he bows his head and approaches to her cheek slowly. As she thinks he is going to kiss her, he whispers to her gentlemanly.

"So what."

Seeing her response, Shao Ruihan thinks the girl is interesting. She is easy to get angry. Although her behaviour today is strange, he is really satisfied, so he decides to not bother her.

"If you can pass the training, then we can negotiate other things, if cannot, you don't have the qualification to discuss with me. Now what you need to do is to help me with the water, I need to take a shower." Shao Ruihan says indifferently, then walks into his room.

Tang Ningshan stands still, and she thinks herself is going crazy.

"Shit, what kinds of person he is, why he let me to serve him, I need to listen to him, because I am in his house, but..., let's see, the water will scald him!" Tang Ningshan shouts in her heart.

"Master, to be honest, according to your ability now, you cannot beat him at all. If he is angry, you will definitely die." These words that the system said make her disappointed.

"That's all your fault!"

Until now, Tang Ningshan realizes that what he said means that if she can pass the challenge, she will have the opportunity to negotiate with him.

"Oh, forget it." Then, Tang Ningshan goes into the bathroom, finding that there is already water in the bathtub. She knows that she has been tricked by the man.

"Eh, enjoy your shower, I will find a room to rest."

She opens the door, but she didn't find that he is always staring at her.

When she walks out of the room, her wrist is caught, she lost her center of gravity and falls backwards. Directly, falls into Shao Ruihan's arms.

"Let's take a shower together, then go to bed."

"Seriously? Why do I take shower with you?"

"Maybe you are not clear your situation now."

"So, tell me my situation."

"You must forget why you are here, I don't mind helping you to remember."

Paying all attention to argue, Tang Ningshan seems to forget that she is still in his arms, her wrist is still caught, she frowns, and begins to remember how would she marry this guy.

Seeing her changing expression, Shao Ruihan raises the corner of his mouth.

"Heh, remember that? So please fulfill your obligations." Shao Ruihan looks at her ironically.

"Mr Shao, I don't care what you will do to me or my family, I am not fear, so the so called obligation, I don't want to take."

"It's not up to you." Shao Ruihan's lips feels her neck.

Tang Ningshan's body instantly frozen, then she turns back to him, there's no any erotic desire in his eyes.

"So do you want to force me? in you capacity, I think, it is easy to find a girl to sex with you, or don't you like girls?" Tang Ningshan shows a coquettish smile instantly.

"Heh, you must stay in this room." Shao Ruihan frowns, then lets go of her hand, and turns to take shower.

After hearing the sound of the water, Tang Ningshan finally relaxed, her first reborn day is really amazing, the whole day, she is always be frightened by different people. She drags out a quilt from the wardrobe, then lays on a couch by the window, since she is not allowed to leave this room, she can choose to stay anywhere in this room, luckily, there is a couch there.

Seeing the stars are shining on the sky, finally, tired Tang Ningshan cannot help falling sleep.

Shao Ruihan walks out from the bathroom, and walks to her. He stares at her for a while. Her behaviour of the whole day makes him doubtful, but the change is what he satisfied. He believe that no one would pretend her, because she is always stay by him. Maybe what she said is true. In the past, she did everything to make others happy. But now she just changed, begins to live for herself.