Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 210

Chapter 196: chapter 200-- put it straight
hey, guys, all the free chapters will be put in auxiliary chapters, which are at the top of contents table (chapter lists), before chapter 1----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Shao Ruihan also opens his eyes, and the two people look at each other and go downstairs. When going downstairs, Shao Ruihan still adheres to the principle and still holds the hand of Tang Ningshan. Tang Ningshan does not struggle, but the sweet happiness in her heart disappears, and her current mood is somewhat complicated.They go downstairs, Ji Jun and Xuan Yun just park their cars at the gate. Tang Ningshan goes out and goes to the side of the car and sees that Ji Jun is opening the trunk. Tang Ningshan doesn't speak; she only wants to see what they have prepared for dinner.Xuan Yun goes straight to Shao Ruihan, and he does not mean to help Ji Jun. Now he just wants to talk to Shao Ruihan."Hey, don't you come over to help? You don't want to have dinner at night?" Ji Jun stands in front of the trunk and shouts at Xuan Yun and Shao Ruihan.Shao Ruihan immediately comes over and takes the bag from Ji Jun's hand and takes Tang Ningshan's hand directly into the house."Hey!" Ji Jun is like there are so many things, and then you just leave with one bag? Does he have to move all the things into the house alone? However, after Shao Ruihan hears the voice of Ji Jun, he does not mean to turn back at all.Ji Jun immediately turns to look at Xuan Yun, Xuan Yun walks in following the footsteps of Shao Ruihan and Tang Ningshan.In the end, Ji Jun could only start the handling work by himself. He takes a total of three rounds before he takes everything into the house.Ji Jun puts down everything and sits on the sofa and sigh "Hey, I mean, Ruihan, this house is much more beautiful than your villa."Shao Ruihan seems to be thinking about something, and he does not answer Ji Jun. Tang Ningshan immediately says "The outside is designed by Shao Ruihan, and the decoration inside the house is decorated according to my design."After listening to Tang Ningshan's words, Ji Jun immediately says "Girl, after I buy a house in A city, can you design it for me?"Tang Ningshan nods and says, "Okay, no problem."When Xuan Yun sees Shao Ruihan thinking about something, he sits down next to Shao Ruihan and looks at him. He originally wanted to ask him what happened, but Tang Ningshan is in the living room. He temporarily stops thinking about the inquiry and could only sit quietly in the living room."Girl, let's go to the kitchen. I am hungry. Don't you feel hungry?" Ji Jun sees Xuan Yun sitting next to Shao Ruihan, and he understands that he has something to ask Shao Ruihan, so he immediately asks Tang Ningshan to go into the kitchen.Tang Ningshan immediately stands up and walks in front. Ji Jun takes the bags and follows Tang Ningshan. When two people enter the kitchen, Tang Ningshan hears Xuan Yun asks "What happened? What's wrong with you?"Tang Ningshan takes the plates and bowls from the cupboard and places them on the side of the sink. She cleans one by one, but her attention is all on the living room."Nothing, I was just thinking, how can I fall in love with her?" Shao Ruihan's answer is also very simple. Obviously, he trusts Xuan Yun, so he is not hiding anything from Xuan Yun.After Tang Ningshan listens to Shao Ruihan's words, her face shows an ironic smile. And this smile just happens to be seen by Ji Jun, but Ji Jun does not understand why Tang Ningshan suddenly shows such an ironic smile."What?" Xuan Yun's voice is quite shocked as if he could not believe it. After Tang Ningshan hears it, the smile on her face is stiff. However, she nods lightly. She does not believe that Shao Ruihan would fall in love with her within a month, and others would more likely not to believe it. What's more, these people are still friends of Shao Ruihan."We two have an appointment. If I fail to fall in love with her within a month, then I will let her go. But I don't want to lose her. I don't feel comfortable when she said that she wants to leave. So I am trying to fall in love with her." Tang Ningshan hears the words of Shao Ruihan and begins to doubt that if he knows that she is eavesdropping, so he would say so. He has turned off his feelings for a woman for so many years, but now he is discussing with another person how to fall in love with her? This is simply ridiculous."This is not a big deal. Since you don't love her, and then let her go. Don't let things move in the direction of what happened in the past. Do you remember what you were like at that time? We don't want you to appear that state again." Xuan Yun also knows that he is very selfish, but as a friend of Shao Ruihan, he has to say so. This is also the real voice of their hearts; they do not want Shao Ruihan to be hurt again. If they can be sure that Tang Ningshan really loves Shao Ruihan, then they will definitely support Shao Ruihan to fall in love with her. However, this is obviously not the case now. Since there is such an agreement, as long as Shao Ruihan does not fall in love with Tang Ningshan, then there will not be anything that they do not want to see.After listening to Xuan Yun's words, she feels very sad. She is now very sympathetic to Shao Ruihan's past. He lost his parents from an early age, and the whole family members regard him as an enemy. When he grew up, he fell in love with a woman, and the woman hurt him. In fact, it's not that Shao Ruihan does not want to fall in love with her, but he does not dare to turn on his feelings again. Her heart flashes countless thoughts, and they finally turn into a thought, that is, after a month, if Shao Ruihan refuses to turn on his feelings, then she will take the initiative to leave him, she will not force him. She can now understand some of Shao Ruihan's behaviors and all of them are caused by his indifferent family.Tang Ningshan and Ji Jun put all the dishes on the plate. She lets Ji Jun takes plates out, and Tang Ningshan finally adjusts her expression. She goes out with rice."You guys have a seat; I'll go up and ask Pu Jiayi down." After Tang Ningshan finishes, she walks upstairs. No one finds her abnormality.When Tang Ningshan and Pu Jiayi are down, they have already sat in their seats and chatted with each other, but they do not eat. Obviously, they are waiting for her."Why don't you eat?" Tang Ningshan asks with a smile."Wait for you." Shao Ruihan answers directly. After that, he stands up and moves a chair directly next to his seat, motioning Tang Ningshan to sit there.Tang Ningshan does not hesitate, sitting directly next to Shao Ruihan, and says "Come on, let's eat, today is your first visit to my home. I am sorry that I did not personally cook some food to entertain you when you come next time..." Tang Ningshan just wants to say that when you come next time, I will cook some dishes for you guys, but Shao Ruihan immediately interrupts her "When you come next time, let Bo cook, we will buy food and wait for you, now let's eat."After that, Shao Ruihan puts the dishes in each plate into Tang Ningshan's plate. Xuan Yun shakes his head. He realizes now that it is not that Shao Ruihan does not fall in love with Tang Ningshan, but that he has fallen in love, but he does not believe it, or more accurately, he thinks that he would not fall in love with anyone, that's why he would be so upset now. Xuan Yun feels that he should talk to Tang Ningshan about this issue.After the meal, Pu Jiayi returns to his room as usual. However, when he goes upstairs, he whispers in the ear of Tang Ningshan "Sister cake eat."When Tang Ningshan hears the words of Pu Jiayi, she feels that Pu Jiayi seemed to be degrading in language function. If this continues, will his intelligence deteriorate? With such thoughts, Tang Ningshan's heart is anxious and says "You see, you put the words in a sentence in order, and then tell me loudly. After that, I will give you a cake."Pu Jiayi is so anxious that his eyes begin to turn red, and he stands in front of Tang Ningshan pitifully. Seeing this scene, Shao Ruihan is not happy. Tang Ningshan said that she would bake the cake for him last time, and he has not seen the cake until now. Now, just because of Pu Jiayi's words, she promises to bake a cake for him.Therefore, Shao Ruihan begins to release the cold air in his body. He stares at the back of Tang Ningshan. It is a pity that Tang Ningshan seems to have no awareness. She has no intention of turning back. She is just anxiously waiting for Pu Jiayi's words."Sister, I want to... eat...cake." This is the first time Tang Ningshan hears that Pu Jiayi speaks with such a big voice. Tang Ningshan suddenly feels a little moved. Finally, Pu Jiayi is willing to speak out loud. As long as he practices well in the future, her worry will be superfluous."Hey, go upstairs; I will bake a cake for you later." Tang Ningshan pats the head of Pu Jiayi.After Pu Jiayi goes upstairs, Tang Ningshan says, "Would you like to stay here for a while? I will bake cakes and you will taste it." Tang Ningshan automatically ignores Shao Ruihan's black face, she says calmly.Ji Jun immediately nods and says, "Okay, that's great."Xuan Yun also nods, but he is looking for an opportunity to chat with Tang Ningshan. After all, there are not many such opportunities.Thus, after Tang Ningshan enters the kitchen, Xuan Yun winks at Ji Jun. After Ji Jun realizes his meaning, he asks Shao Ruihan take him out to walk around. After two people go out, Xuan Yun enters the kitchen to find Tang Ningshan."Girl, do you need any help?" Xuan Yun's sound spreads over, which stuns Tang Ningshan. Soon, she says "No, you guys can chat outside."After Tang Ningshan finishes, she sees that Xuan Yun does not mean to go out. After thinking for a long time, she asks "Are you looking for me?"Xuan Yun smiles softly and says "Girl, I just heard Ruihan said that you have a one-month appointment?"Tang Ningshan nods and does not understand why Xuan Yun would suddenly mention this."Then, do you think that Shao Ruihan will fall in love with you?" Xuan Yun's words make Tang Ningshan feel uncomfortable. Why would he ask her such a thing?Tang Ningshan still replies with a smile: "Why are you asking me this?"Xuan Yun feels that Tang Ningshan might have misunderstood, and immediately says "Hey, I have no other meaning; I just care about you guys. We all know the reason why you got married, so when I heard that there is this agreement between you, I am very curious, so I come over to ask you about your opinion."The smile on Tang Ningshan's face disappears immediately, and she stops stirring the flour. She turns and says to Xuan Yun "You can put it straight."