Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 212

Chapter 198: chapter 204-- what are you scrupulous about
hey, guys, all the free chapters will be put in auxiliary chapters, which are at the top of contents table (chapter lists), before chapter 1----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"Then tell me, what are you scrupulous about?" Shao Ruihan shouts at the back of Tang Ningshan.Tang Ningshan stops and turns around after listening to this. She looks at the serious Shao Ruihan and says "You can't solve anything I care about. I am caring about some things that may happen in the future, may have happened, or may have happened for a long time. However, these things we don't know already exist, we can't change. I promise to get along with you for a month, but only if there is no physical contact, just get along with each other. If you can really fall in love with me, and only have me in your heart, and even regard me as the most important person in your heart, then I will be willing to stay with you forever. But Shao Ruihan, can you do this in a month? I hope so." After Tang Ningshan finishes, she turns and leaves, leaving Shao Ruihan alone to see Tang Ningshan disappear into his sight.Shao Ruihan does not understand the meaning of Tang Ningshan's words. Is she jealous? But the last question successfully plagues him. Will he succeed in loving her wholeheartedly? He thinks it should not be too difficult, isn't it?After Tang Ningshan returns to the room, she irons the clothes that are already full of pleats. She plans to wear this dress to go to work tomorrow. After all, she only has this dress.Tang Ningshan does not go to see Shao Ruihan so she doesn't know that Shao Ruihan has been thinking about her question in the backyard training field for a long time until evening.In the evening, Tang Ningshan still enters the virtual space to learn. After that, according to the daily fixed mode, she takes a shower and goes to sleep. But she doesn't know why today's Tang Ningshan fails to sleep in the bed. In her head, there is always a scene of being together with Shao Ruihan today. Although she has just told Shao Ruihan that he could not have physical contact with her during the month, it is surprising that she does not lock the door of the bedroom subconsciously today.The next morning, when Tang Ningshan gets up, she does not see Shao Ruihan in bed. She puts on a suit that was ironed yesterday. After going downstairs, she also does not see Shao Ruihan. There is a trace of doubt in Tang Ningshan's heart. Is Shao Ruihan really so obedient?A military car is parked at the door, and the driver in the car is Li. Tang Ningshan sees him and is a little excited. After all, they haven't seen each other for a long time.Tang Ningshan smiles and greets him. Li immediately comes out from the car and says, "Hey, Mrs. Shao, get in the car, the boss asked me to send you to the company."Tang Ningshan nods but does not ask where Shao Ruihan is.After sitting in the car, Tang Ningshan looks at Li and asks "How is your brother's injury?"Li says "It's much better. There will be no sequelae. I heard that thanks to you, he can be saved. My brother also said that he would like to thank him in person."Tang Ningshan hears this and the smile on her face gradually disappears. She feels sorry for Lee and also she thinks of Miao Yu, saying, "I didn't help anything, otherwise...""Mrs. Shao, you have to know that if it weren't for you, maybe all of them couldn't come back. As for that thing, we don't want it to happen. But things have already reached this point, and we all hope that you can forget this. Don't feel guilty." When Li speaks, his eyes are still looking at the front.Tang Ningshan understands his meaning very well, so she smiles and says "Well, I am very good now. I just hope that if you have news of those suspects, you can tell me and let me participate. Although I am not in your team, I can help."Li wants to nod directly, but there are rules in the army. A lot of things are not something he can decide, so Li is silent at this moment.Tang Ningshan also understands that he is a soldier, and his duty is to obey all arrangements of his superiors, so he can only listen to Shao Ruihan's arrangement."Have you been to Shao's company?" Tang Ningshan immediately changes the topic.Li shakes his head.Tang Ningshan feels that Li doesn't want to chat with her at all at this moment so she also shuts up. She looks out the window and thinks about how she could find those who killed Miao Yu, how can she avenge Miao Yu?The car soon stops at the door of the Shao's company. Looking at the constant flow of people, Tang Ningshan has to sigh that the Shao's company is really big.When she walks into the gate, she sees many people in a very orderly way to take the elevator. Tang Ningshan raises her eyebrows. At the Shao's house that day, no one told her that she needs an access card to go upstairs.Tang Ningshan goes to the front desk and says to the receptionist at the front desk "Hello, excuse me. I am looking for Shao Hong."The receptionist looks up and down Tang Ningshan and then scornfully asks "You look for our manager? Do you have an appointment?"Tang Ningshan does not expect that she would have encountered such a situation before she goes upstairs. Although she always feels that there are many strange people in the world, she did not expect that she could meet these strange people everywhere."I will start working here today. Shao Hong told me to come to him, and then Miss..." Tang Ningshan glances at the badge hanging on the woman's chest and says, "Miss. Cao, can you call him for me?""Hey, if every employee here asks to see the general manager, then the general manager's office will be overcrowded, isn't it?" The receptionist's tone is quite disdainful as if she has seen too many such people.Tang Ningshan does not know what kind of mood she is. Does she look like a bad person? She opens her bag and remembers that she does not bring a mobile phone with her. She can only patiently continue to talk to the receptionist "Otherwise, I will leave a note here. If you see Shao Hong, you will give it to him. If you feel that this will not work, then you will tell him that Tang Ningshan has been here." Tang Ningshan does not know how to explain to the receptionist. She can only talk about her own ideas, her attitude is quite polite.Seeing that Tang Ningshan's attitude is quite good and she is not like those who used to come to Shao Hong, she takes out a note from the drawer and hands it to Tang Ningshan. Then she points to the pen on one side and says, "You write it down, the secretary upstairs will pick it up. If you are really the employee recruited by the general manager, then the general manager will call me."After listening to the receptionist, Tang Ningshan smiles and understands why the receptionist's attitude is so bad. She estimates that there were too many women who came to Shao Hong, so the receptionist unconsciously puts her into that category.Tang Ningshan just writes down on paper. "Shao Hong, I am Tang Ningshan, I have been here. My mobile phone is gone so I am going to buy it now."After writing, she returns the note to the reception. She smiles at her and says thank you. Tang Ningshan turns and walks out of the company building.Tang Ningshan goes out and finds a mall nearby and goes straight to the digital counter. She buys a new phone and also applies for a phone card. However, after buying the phone, Tang Ningshan finds that she does not have anyone's phone number on her new phone. Even if she has a mobile phone, it doesn't seem to work. Tang Ningshan could only put the phone in her hand into the bag and return to the company hall again.When Tang Ningshan enters, she walks toward the receptionist. This time, when the receptionist sees her, her attitude changes a lot. The irony and contempt in her eyes disappear, and even there is a smile on her face. This makes Tang Ningshan very confused. What happened during the time she bought her mobile phone? But she doesn't care. After all, she doesn't know the receptionist.The receptionist sees Tang Ningshan coming back and immediately comes out from the reception desk. She walks quickly to Tang Ningshan and says, "You finally come back. Just now the general manager called me and let you go straight up. I am sorry that I treated you like that just now. I don't know you are the new assistant of the general manager. Nice to meet you, my name is Cao Fang."Tang Ningshan says with a smile: "That's okay, my name is Tang Ningshan. Can I go up now?"Cao Fang immediately nods and says "Yes, the general manager is waiting for you. I will give you an access card."After Cao Fang finishes, she immediately goes to the elevator over there. She takes the badge that is hanging on her and puts it on the sensor. "Now you can go up." Cao Fang turns to Tang Ningshan and says.Tang Ningshan enters the elevator and remembers that she does not know where Shao Hong's office is. Therefore, she comes out of the elevator and shouts at Cao Fang's back "Cao Fang, where is Shao Hong's office?"Cao Fang says, "On the twenty-sixth floor, you can see it when you go up.""Thank you." After Tang Ningshan thanks her, she returns to the elevator. She wants to know what kind of work Shao Hong will arrange for her when she sees Shao Hong.On the twenty-sixth floor, Tang Ningshan comes out of the elevator and sees the sign of the general manager's office hanging on the innermost door at right. Next to this room is an office area separated by a transparent glass. It is a secretarial room with eight people inside. Tang Ningshan walks over to the manager's office.A woman in the secretarial office, who is dressing in a dress and with heavy make-up on her face, comes out and says, "hello, who are you? Why do you come up?Tang Ningshan frowns unconsciously. She did not expect that she has been embarrassed by the workers here so many times before she sees Shao Hong. Tang Ningshan even thinks about whether she could stay here for a long time. If she can't do it, what should she do?"I am a new assistant. I am looking for Shao Hong." Tang Ningshan's voice is crisp. Although there is no impatient expression on her face, the woman can hear from the voice that Tang Ningshan does not want to talk to her."Assistant? Hey, who of you guys heard that the general manager was hiring the assistant?" The secretary shouts into the secretarial room.The people inside answer "No."Just when Tang Ningshan is going straight in, the door of Shao Hong's office suddenly opens. Shao Hong walks out from inside, lowering his head and holding a folder in his hand.When he sees Tang Ningshan, his face is obviously showing an unexpected expression. "Well, are you coming? Why don't you come in? I thought you are uncomfortable. Yesterday when the chairman called me and said that you were uncomfortable, I thought that you couldn't come in these two days." Shao Hong's words give unlimited imagination to the people in the secretary's office..