Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 213

Chapter 199: chapter 206-- get to know the company
hey, guys, all the free chapters will be put in auxiliary chapters, which are at the top of contents table (chapter lists), before chapter 1----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Tang Ningshan sits in the swivel chair behind the desk and turns on the computer. However, she is worried that this computer will be monitored, so she makes an anti-monitoring program herself. After that, she logs into her own social software. She now wants to find Shao Ruihan, but her new phone does not save Shao Ruihan's phone number, she can only find Yu Huan now. She prays that Wang Pengxuan would have Shao Ruihan's phone number.Tang Ningshan opens the dialog box with Yu Huan and asks, "Huan, are you there?"After two minutes, Tang Ningshan sees Yu Huan's reply. "Yes, what's wrong?""Could you please ask Wang Pengxuan whether he has Shao Ruihan's phone number." Tang Ningshan asks directly."..., you don't have Shao Ruihan's phone number?" Yu Huan could not believe it."I just bought a new mobile phone, and I changed my calling card. I can't remember my own number. How can I remember his?" Tang Ningshan says."You wait for me for a while, I will ask." After reading the reply from Yu Huan, Tang Ningshan stands up from the chair. She has seen through the glass wall that Shao Hong has entered his own office. And after he entered, he looks very violent. He pulled off the tie around his neck and walked over to the table, sweeping everything on the table to the ground.Tang Ningshan does not know if this is Shao Hong's intentional acting or is that he was unable to see the situation in the room when he was in this office. She plans to discuss this with Shao Ruihan at night.This room is really big, with two large bookshelves inside. The bookshelf is now empty. In addition to a brand new laptop and a telephone, there is only one pen holder and one small pot culture on the desk. There is a sofa opposite the desk and a coffee table next to the sofa. There is a rest-room on the left side; Tang Ningshan goes to open the door. There is almost everything inside. It is like a small bedroom and even there is a bathroom and shower. Tang Ningshan has to say that Xiao Leping is really a thoughtful woman. If it is not because that Tang Ningshan knows what kind of person Xiao Leping is, she may be touched by her preparations.Tang Ningshan carefully checks every corner of the room. Her purpose is to check if there is a camera, she feels that privacy is very important, she cannot accept being monitored.Tang Ningshan, who does not find anything, goes back to sit on the swivel chair and sees a string of numbers sent by Yu Huan. Tang Ningshan takes out her mobile phone and dials this number. At the same time, she taps on the keyboard. "Thank you, Come to my house when you are free, and I will cook for you.""You haven't started working yet? How is your work?" Yu Huan asks quickly."It's my first day of work today. I still don't know what my job is. But the general manager means letting me get familiar with the company first. I will follow his guides." Tang Ningshan has nothing to hide from Yu Huan. She tells him all her arrangements."Oh, that's good, feel free to ask me when you are in trouble; I will try my best to help you.""Well, this is my new phone number. You will call me later. I want to save your mobile number. I don't plan to use the previous phone number." Tang Ningshan finishes, putting the computer aside.After a few minutes pass, the phone still fails to connect, which makes Tang Ningshan somewhat anxious. She doesn't know if he received the task again, so he didn't answer the phone. However, she does not give up, she calls him again. Still, no one is answering. Tang Ningshan is a bit worried, but she has no other people's phone number. Therefore, Tang Ningshan can only monitor him through Shao Ruihan's phone. She finds that Shao Ruihan's current address is in the hospital.Tang Ningshan suddenly becomes nervous and immediately takes out the surveillance video. However, she did not expect her to see such a picture that Shao Ruihan is holding a mobile phone in one hand and holding an apple in the other hand and sitting on the sofa beside the bed.Tang Ningshan immediately takes out the headset from the bag and plugs it into the computer. Then she hears the dialogue between Shao Ruihan and Lee."How do you feel recently? Do you remember what the people, who took Miao Yu away, look like at that time?""Boss, when I was thrown out, my position was changed. Maybe Wang Yu would know.""Hey, how were you caught at the time?""It's strange. It's like they knew our route. The other party was quietly ambushing in front of us. We were being drugged, so we were caught. No one expected that such a drug would appear. We were already wary, but they injected the drug into the hare around us.""I see. You should have a rest. I will go see Wang Yu. You don't go anywhere, Shen Quan said, thanks to the timely rescue, or your legs may be disabled.""I know, this time Mrs. Shao saved me. I haven't had time to thank her. When I get better, I will thank her in person and hope that she won't mind my late thanks.""She won't mind. Ok, I am leaving then."After listening to their conversation, Tang Ningshan immediately takes the phone to call Shao Ruihan again and still no one answers. Tang Ningshan looks at the phone in Shao Ruihan's hand keeping ringing. He doesn't mean to answer it at all. She is very anxious.Thus, Tang Ningshan sends a text message to him, "Shao Ruihan! Can you answer the phone? I am looking for you!"When Tang Ningshan intends to call him again, the phone suddenly rings. Tang Ningshan almost throws the phone out because of getting a scare. She sees the number of Shao Ruihan and immediately answers the call. But before she could talk, she hears the voice of Shao Ruihan on the phone and he asks with a threat "Who are you, how do you know who I am? Where do you get my phone number?"Shao Ruihan's words make Tang Ningshan has the impulsion to curse him in an instant, but she still controls herself. She takes a deep breath and says "Shao Ruihan, I am Tang Ningshan."When Tang Ningshan finishes, she hears the sound of something falling to the ground. She quickly asks "What happened?""Nothing, why don't you call me with your phone? What's the matter?" Shao Ruihan hears Tang Ningshan's anxious voice and immediately says."Oh, I just told your grandmother that you will come over to have lunch with me at noon, and then your grandmother said that we will eat together, so I call you." Tang Ningshan simply describes why she would call him."If it is not because of this, are you not ready to call me?" Shao Ruihan's voice is a bit urgent, and it seems that he wants to know the answer.Tang Ningshan hesitates for a while and says "I thought you have a mission, so..."Shao Ruihan listens to such an answer and there is a trace of loss in his heart. He didn't go back last night but came to the hospital because he wants to find someone to ask how he can fall in love with Tang Ningshan. However, whether he asked Lee or Wang Yu, they all smiled at him, which made him seem to understand something, but he could not grasp the feeling, so he did not go back last night. In the morning, he asked Li to send Tang Ningshan to work. In fact, he would like to know if Tang Ningshan is worried when she knows that he has not returned yesterday night, so his mobile phone is always in his hands. However, now after listening to Tang Ningshan's answer, he is not comfortable, and his heart is very uncomfortable. Why does Tang Ningshan think that he is doing the task? Why doesn't she call him? These problems continue to appear in the heart of Shao Ruihan."Well, I will come to you at noon. When will you be done?" Shao Ruihan whispers, and Tang Ningshan feels that he seems unhappy.Therefore, Tang Ningshan says "If you don't want to come over, don't force yourself, I can tell grandma that you are busy.""That's okay, you tell me the time." Shao Ruihan tries hard to make his voice sound normal, but the loss in his heart could not disappear."About 11 o'clock, I will call you after I finish?" Tang Ningshan asks softly, her face shows a look of anticipation.Shao Ruihan immediately says "Okay, then I will hang up."After listening to this, Tang Ningshan hangs up the phone. However, the monitor picture of Shao Ruihan's mobile phone is not turned off. The problems that Shao Ruihan and Lee talked about are just what she wants to know, and Shao Ruihan will not tell her. There is such a good opportunity now, of course, she will not miss it.The earphones are stuffed in her ears, and Tang Ningshan quietly listens to Shao Ruihan's footsteps coming out of the headphones. Tang Ningshan doesn't know why Shao Ruihan's footsteps could make her feel at ease.The sound of knocking at the door comes.Tang Ningshan takes off the earphones on her ear and says, "Please come in."She sees three secretaries come in, each carrying a pile of papers.Helplessly, Tang Ningshan can only put the headphones aside and walk over to help them.When they put these documents on the desk of Tang Ningshan, Tang Ningshan smiles and asks "Is there anything else?"But when she finishes speaking, she sees other secretaries outside carrying the cardboard boxes and coming over. Tang Ningshan knows that things are definitely not that simple.Tang Ningshan goes to the door and asks, "Is this also the documents?""Yes, assistant Tang." One of the secretaries immediately says."Is there anything else besides these?" Tang Ningshan asks speechlessly."That's all. These materials are all sorted out. Some of the others have been revoked, and some are information about companies that have cooperated with our company." The secretary whispers."Then give all of them to me, you can directly place the boxes at the door. After that, I'll take it in. By the way, find some folders for me." Tang Ningshan finishes, picking up the boxes at the door and walking straight into the office. Her move makes the secretaries stunned, and none of them believed that this seemingly weak assistant has such great strength.This scene also leaves a preliminary impression on these secretaries.The secretaries in the room immediately go out from Tang Ningshan's office and return to their desks. However, their eyes have been focusing on the door of Tang Ningshan's office from time to time.After the secretaries move all the information to the door of Tang Ningshan, Tang Ningshan asks them to leave.Tang Ningshan moves all of them into the room and closes the door directly.After the materials are put on the table, Tang Ningshan understands what Xiao Leping means by getting to know the company. From the establishment of this company until now, all the information is here, there are all the information and business of the company, except for financial related information, all others are here.