Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 214

Chapter 200: chapter 208-- please be serious
hey, guys, all the free chapters will be put in auxiliary chapters, which are at the top of contents table (chapter lists), before chapter 1----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Tang Ningshan really doesn't know what to say at the moment. She feels that Shao Ruihan's concerns are completely different from hers.Tang Ningshan pulls Shao Ruihan's arm and prepares to pull him up. She says "This is not important at all, okay? This office was used by Shao Hong, and it is mine now. However, as for the things inside, your grandmother has replaced all of them with new ones, so you can go inside and sleep."After listening to Tang Ningshan's explanation, Shao Ruihan immediately returns to a state of fatigue. His whole body leans on Tang Ningshan as if he has no bone.Tang Ningshan can only pull him up. Shao Ruihan puts an arm on her shoulder, and Shao Ruihan's entire weight is all on Tang Ningshan's body. When Tang Ningshan puts Shao Ruihan onto the bed of the room, Tang Ningshan has already sweated."You have a rest here; I'll go out to read the information." Tang Ningshan says as she puts the blanket aside on Shao Ruihan.Shao Ruihan squints at Tang Ningshan, and he finds that there is no tired look on her face, so he takes his hand back from Tang Ningshan's shoulder. He turns over and prepares to sleep.Tang Ningshan shows a smile on her face. She can see that Shao Ruihan is very tired now, so she does not intend to bother him. She puts the blanket on him again before she comes out of the rest room. When she comes out, she closes the door quietly.Going back to the desk, Tang Ningshan continues to read the information. According to Tang Ningshan's estimation, it takes about three days and three nights for normal people to read all the information, so she does not put the materials she has read back into the box but places them on the ground. Regardless of what purpose Xiao Leping and Shao Hong have, she can only accept it. The best way to protect herself is to wait and see what will happen, and not expose all her abilities.Shao Ruihan sleeps for a long time this time, and his sleep is deep. Tang Ningshan has walked in to see him several times, but Shao Ruihan is still asleep every time.The sound of knocking on the door comes out from the outside, and Tang Ningshan raises her eyebrows. She takes the document in her hand and walks to the door. Opening the door, she sees Shao Hong holding a briefcase in his hand, and it seems that he is now in a state of relaxation."General Manager, what happened?" Tang Ningshan is puzzled. It is already time off work. Why does Shao Hong come over to find her?Shao Hong's face shows a lazy smile. After glancing at the document in Tang Ningshan's hand, he says to Tang Ningshan casually "Ningshan, it's already out of work, are you still reading the information? There is so much information; you certainly can't finish all of them within one day. Don't be too anxious."Tang Ningshan nods and says nothing.The smile on Shao Hong's face remains unchanged. He shakes his car key in front of Tang Ningshan and says, "I have already got off work, I drive you home?"Tang Ningshan catches the coldness hidden in Shao Hong's eyes and says "No, thank you, I am going to stay in the company for a while."The smile on Shao Hong's face disappears, and there is a slight disappointment in his eyes. He says, "Well, but you'd better go back earlier. Otherwise, if Shao Ruihan blames me, then I will be very miserable." Although Shao Hong's voice sounds very gentle, Tang Ningshan feels a cold feeling."Oh, don't make a joke. You'll go now and I will leave soon." After that, Tang Ningshan nods to Shao Hong and turns to prepare to enter the office. Shao Hong does not say anything else, shrugging and leaving.Tang Ningshan stares at Shao Hong's back for a long time. She does not understand Shao Hong. When he faces Xiao Leping, he is like a loyal slave. When he faces others, he is like a gentleman. However, when he is alone, he is so violent. However, Tang Ningshan directly places Shao Hong in the ranks of dangerous people who could not be approached.Tang Ningshan shakes her head and does not intend to entangle in the matter. She turns to come in and closes the door. At the moment she turns, Shao Ruihan stands behind her.Tang Ningshan is scared, and she almost screams out. As she pats her chest, she asks angrily "How come you make no sound when you walk? Why are you standing behind me? You almost scared me."Shao Ruihan does not answer her and takes Tang Ningshan's hand to the desk. He lets her sit in the chair. It is also at this time that Shao Ruihan discovers that in addition to being able to see the outside in this room, he could even monitor the situation in the office of Shao Hong."Why did you just now stare at his back?" Shao Ruihan's voice is very low, so that Tang Ningshan has a dangerous feeling.However, Tang Ningshan nods and says "I don't understand.""You don't understand? What?"Shao Ruihan asks.Tang Ningshan points to the information placed on the ground and on the table, saying with her hand holding her chin "Have you seen this? It is the work that Shao Hong has arranged for me. Your grandmother asked Shao Hong to arrange work for me. And she wants me to familiarize myself with the company first. After that, these things appear in front of me. However, there is nothing strange about this. The strange thing is that Shao Hong does not seem to know that this room can monitor his office."After that, Tang Ningshan points to the two boxes that are near the sofa and says "There are two boxes on the other side that are even stranger. There are recent plans for the company, but the plans inside can be said to be absolutely ridiculous. I think that anyone who knows a little common sense of business will not write such a plan. What do you think is their purpose?" Tang Ningshan finishes, immediately looking with doubtful eyes at Shao Ruihan, she hopes that Shao Ruihan can give her an answer.Shao Ruihan gets into contemplation after listening to Tang Ningshan's words. Tang Ningshan does not bother him. She walks to the water dispenser and takes two paper cups on the table. She takes two cups of hot water and then walks back.Tang Ningshan puts the cup in front of Shao Ruihan, sitting quietly opposite him and waiting for his answer.Shao Ruihan suddenly looks up and asks "You tell me what happened to you here today."Tang Ningshan nods and meditates for a long time and says "After I came here today at first, I found that I didn't have a work card so I couldn't take the elevator. I didn't take the phone with me, so I left a note to the front desk and asked the receptionist to hand it over to Shao Hong. When I came back after getting the phone, the receptionist let me go upstairs. After that, I went directly to grandmother's office with Shao Hong. My work card is in grandmother's office. Grandma even intended to give me all the keys to all the rooms of this floor. However, I did not take them; I only took the key to my office. After that, Shao Hong handed a folder to grandmother, and Grandma didn't read it at the time. After that, I came back with Shao Hong. After I entered the office, I saw that Shao Hong was sweeping everything on the ground in his office. After that, I also saw him calling someone but it seems that he was very angry. Then, you came over and nothing else happened. "After listening to her, Shao Ruihan says, "You said that Grandma intended to give you the keys to all the offices?""Yep." Shao Ruihan looks at Tang Ningshan and smiles and says "My baby is really smart, you are right.""Why?" Tang Ningshan asks immediately in confusion."This is just a simple temptation. However, she may have other meanings. It doesn't matter. You don't have to think about other things, you only need to complete your own work, and I will deal with other things." After that, Shao Ruihan reaches out to rub the head of Tang Ningshan.Tang Ningshan immediately reaches out and throws away the hand on her head. After that, she says, "I didn't intend to consider other things. I just thought it is strange. I just want to know your point of view. What should I do in the future?"Tang Ningshan finishes, her expression is like I don't want to talk to you."Well, I know." Shao Ruihan finishes, picking up the water that Tang Ningshan placed in front of him. After taking a sip, he puts the cup down and says, "Don't worry, you just have to do what you want.""Are you sure?" Tang Ningshan immediately looks at Shao Ruihan and asks with a serious look."Of course." Shao Ruihan answers carelessly.Tang Ningshan's eyes are full of suspicion, staring at Shao Ruihan for a long time and saying "Shao Ruihan, do you want this company?"Shao Ruihan listens to this, he smiles and says "Shan, you have to know, these things have no meaning for me. Even without Shao's company, I am still the chairman of Ji Jun's company, isn't it?""...this is not the same." Tang Ningshan discovers for the first time that Shao Ruihan really doesn't care much about these business things. Even if he is the chairman now, he never cares about the company's operation."Why is it different?" Shao Ruihan looks at Tang Ningshan gently.Tang Ningshan says "Since you don't care, then I can go to work freely, I cannot look at these useless materials." After that, Tang Ningshan puts all the information on the table under the table. In an instant, the entire desk is empty.Shao Ruihan looks at Tang Ningshan's action and says after a long time "But..."Tang Ningshan immediately looks up and asks him "But what?""But if you can control Shao's family's economic lifeline through the Shao's company, it is also good." Shao Ruihan finishes, going to the sofa to sit down with a look of coziness.Tang Ningshan looks at such Shao Ruihan and couldn't wait to curse him. Just now he said that it didn't make sense to him. Now he said that if she can control Shao' family's economy, it is not bad. What does he want to do?"Are you kidding me?" Tang Ningshan glares at him and shouts at Shao Ruihan.Shao Ruihan laughs out and says, "Come here, see if I am right."After listening to this, Tang Ningshan knows that Shao Ruihan has figured out what their purpose is. She immediately goes to the sofa, sitting next to Shao Ruihan, and she looks at Shao Ruihan with a look of expectation."Shan, if you look at me with such a look, I will want to kiss you unconsciously." Shao Ruihan finishes, his face immediately approaches to Tang Ningshan.Tang Ningshan directly dodges and pinches Shao Ruihan's waist and says, "Can you be serious? This is related to my future life. If you still maintain this attitude, then I will not discuss these things with you in the future. "