Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 216

Chapter 204: chapter 216-- she deserves it
hey, guys, all the free chapters will be put in auxiliary chapters, which are at the top of contents table (chapter lists), before chapter 1----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"No, I am not! Master, you have to understand that the most difficult aspects of medicine are the brain, nerves, and heart. I think you have mastered the basics now, so now all you have to do is to strengthen the training and understand the internal construction of these parts. Only in this way, you can reduce medical accidents as much as possible." The system says."Do I really need to understand such in-depth knowledge?" Tang Ningshan believes that the system is looking for an excuse."Of course, I don't want to have one day when you need to use these things, you will regret it because of your unprofessional." The system's words hit Tang Ningshan's heart so that Tang Ningshan fails to speak for a long time.However, after listening to this, Tang Ningshan becomes more and more serious. She really doesn't want to have one day when someone around her has an accident, she couldn't save him. Well, at that time, she will really regret it as the system said.After coming out of the virtual space, Tang Ningshan goes downstairs to the kitchen. She opens the refrigerator, taking out two eggs from the inside, and makes a plate of fried rice for herself. After she finishes eating, she goes back to sorted out the materials she has read today. Organizing the data is a long process. This is also thanks to her memory that is different from ordinary people. Otherwise, she feels that she can't finish reading the unsorted materials for her whole life.Until 2 o'clock in the morning, Tang Ningshan finally finishes organizing all the data. She suddenly thinks of her less mature plan. She goes to leave a message to Yu Huan again. After all, this bid is a rare opportunity. The success or failure of this case depends on the information that Yu Huan collects for her.Tang Ningshan leaves a message to Yu Huan to ask him to help to find out how many companies will participate in the bidding. Although the Shao's company is a big company in A city, no one can guarantee that all the projects are Shao's company's. After all, other companies also need to survive.After leaving the message, Tang Ningshan closes the computer. She begins to think about Shao Ruihan's recall this time. Is the task this time related to Miao Yu's matter? If there is a relationship, how can she join Shao Ruihan's team? The ideas appear in her mind one by one, but one by one is denied.Tang Ningshan even feels that many times she is somewhat whimsical. She knows that the troops have confidentiality regulations and that not everyone can enter at will. However, she is an insider about this matter. Can she participate? Only when Tang Ningshan is alone, she dares to recall the picture of Miao Yu's tragic death that day. Whenever this time, she cannot suppress the anger in her heart. She wants to kill people. However, she can't find the murderer now and can't find the leader. Even if she wants revenge, she doesn't even have a goal.Tang Ningshan falls asleep in a cranky thought. The expression on her face is full of dissatisfaction. She frowns tightly.The next morning, Tang Ningshan still wakes up at six o'clock. After the washing, she makes a simple breakfast for three people to eat. She was originally going to call Pu Jiayi and Li to have breakfast. But she turns around in the room and doesn't hear any sound coming from their room, so she can only go back to the table and quickly finishes the breakfast. After that, she intends to go out. As soon as she goes out, she sees Li holding the bread in his hand and sitting in the car fighting with the bread.When Tang Ningshan sees this scene, she walks toward Li. She asks "Why don't you eat in the house?"Li says with a smile "I am afraid that you will go early and not wait for me, so I am here waiting for you." Li finishes his words and takes another bite of bread.Tang Ningshan shakes her head helplessly and says "I made breakfast in the house. I wanted to go to your room and ask you to come out to eat. I thought you didn't get up, I didn't expect you to eat bread here."Li listens to Tang Ningshan's words and he is shocked. He didn't think that Tang Ningshan would make his breakfast anyway. "Mrs. Shao, I didn't know you would make my breakfast. It doesn't matter, I will come back to eat after I drive you to the company. By the way, this time you must remember my phone number. Also, when will you get off work? I will pick you up."Tang Ningshan could only sigh and say "Li, I am not a child, I will not be lost. You can rest assured that I will call you before I leave work. On Sunday, you will accompany me to buy a car. It's tired for you to pick up me every day. And if one day I have to be separated from Shao Ruihan, I have to drive by myself, isn't it?"Li is shocked by Tang Ningshan and does not respond for a long time. What does she mean by that have to be separated with Shao Ruihan? Have to? Is there anything she can't say? However, looking at Tang Ningshan's expression, Li does not dare to ask, because her expression is too calm as if she is telling a very ordinary thing."Mrs. Shao, get in the car." Li puts the bread in his hand down. He is full of words that Tang Ningshan said just now in his mind. When she just said this sentence, her tone was helpless. He doesn't know if he should tell Shao Ruihan about this.Tang Ningshan opens the door and sits in the co-pilot. Looking at Tang Ningshan who has gotten in the car, Li starts the car. For the first time, Li does not take the initiative to talk to Tang Ningshan. Along the way, the atmosphere inside the car is very quiet. After Tang Ningshan gets in the company, Li drives all the way to the hospital.When Tang Ningshan enters the building, she notices that many people look at her with strange eyes. However, she does not care. Swiping the work card, she stands at the elevator door and waits for the elevator to come down. Then she hears two people around her whispering."See it? It is her, the special assistant to the general manager. She is hired directly by the chairman. I heard that she is a fresh graduate of the university, and even the personnel department does not have her detailed information.""It doesn't make any sense to talk about it now. I heard the secretary of the secretary department upstairs said that our company's latest bidding case was handed over to her by the general manager. Soon we will know if this person really deserves her status now.""I guess it may be that she has seized the handle of the general manager or used any irregular means. Otherwise, how can a company like this allow people with a special background to come in? Even the general manager is promoted step by step from the grassroots level.""Who knows? We can get the answer by looking at the results of that bidding case. It is useless to say anything now."Tang Ningshan stands at the same place so quietly, listening to other people's whispers, until the elevator door opens. She calmly walks into the elevator as if nothing has happened. After entering the elevator, those who were whispering all close their mouths and no one speaks.Out of the elevator, Tang Ningshan once again sees the secretaries gathering to chat. But what surprised Tang Ningshan is that she actually finds two of these secretaries looking at her with a particularly angry look.Into the office, Tang Ningshan closes the door and turns on the computer directly. After that, she continues to read the information that she did not read yesterday. Her work today is so simple and boring. There is nothing special happens this morning. There is no morning meeting today, but she is not sure whether there is no meeting or no one asks her to attend.At noon, Tang Ningshan goes downstairs to the staff restaurant. This is the first time Tang Ningshan have a meal in the staff restaurant. Looking at the people holding the meal card or the wallet inside, Tang Ningshan feels a little curious.Holding her wallet, she finds a counter with the food she likes. She stands behind the crowd and lines up."Hello." Someone suddenly says behind Tang Ningshan.Tang Ningshan turns back and sees a boy in a casual outfit standing behind her. There is an embarrassed smile on his face.Tang Ningshan raises her eyebrows and looks at him with a puzzled look. She does not say anything.The boy nods immediately and says, "Em... can you..."Tang Ningshan immediately asks "What?""Can you lend me some money? I was so anxious when I came downstairs that I forgot to bring my wallet, so..." The embarrassment on the boy's face is more intense.Tang Ningshan carefully looks at the boy. The casual outfit on his body looks a bit untidy, but the hairstyle is good. He wears a pair of black sneakers on his feet, and he seems to be a university student or just graduated from university."What department you are in?" Tang Ningshan asks. She notices that the boy always looks back from time to time.Tang Ningshan also looks along the boy's line of sight and sees several boys that have the same dressing style as him sitting together. There is still a vacancy seat around them.The boy immediately replies "Technology department."Tang Ningshan nods and says "Your friends, they seem to be waiting for you to eat. I think you should go back soon, otherwise, your meal will be cold." After that, Tang Ningshan immediately turns back. She doesn't plan to say anything to this person. The situation just now will only give her an idea, that is, they are taking her as a bet, or they are playing some games like truth or dare. However, Tang Ningshan is now very hungry and has no time to play such a boring game with them.After listening to the words of Tang Ningshan, the boy immediately says "I am sorry to bother you."Tang Ningshan does not look back when she hears the boy's words. She just stands quietly in the queue, hoping that it will be her turn soon.After Tang Ningshan buys the meal, she finds that there is no vacancy, which makes Tang Ningshan feel regretted. Why did she not think of taking a seat first?Holding the plate, she walks around the canteen. Finally, Tang Ningshan finds a vacancy. She walks straight toward the empty seat. Just at the moment when her plate is about to be put down, Tang Ningshan sees that another plate has appeared on the table. Someone puts the plate in that position one second earlier than her. Tang Ningshan can only take back her hand and intends to leave with her plate.Just when Tang Ningshan leaves the position, she hears the woman, who has just put down the plate, saying "Someone is completely inaccurate about her position. She even dares to come here to compete with the general manager. Then, I think she deserves it. She will definitely have no place to have a meal." The voice of that woman is so high that even people nearby can hear it.Tang Ningshan hears this and immediately knows that this person is intentional. She not only grabs her seat but also mocks her here.