Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 216

Chapter 202: chapter 212-- you are shy
hey, guys, all the free chapters will be put in auxiliary chapters, which are at the top of contents table (chapter lists), before chapter 1----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Tang Ningshan nods immediately. She was pressed into the bed by Shao Ruihan just now and her stomach is somewhat uncomfortable. She worries that he would press her again.However, after the scene just now, Tang Ningshan ignores that if Shao Ruihan has had dinner, but remembers the information she has just stored on the computer."Wait a minute. I have something to show you." After Tang Ningshan says, she immediately runs out of the rest room and soon she runs back with her computer.After Tang Ningshan opens the newly created hidden folder, she hands it to Shao Ruihan "Here you go."After Shao Ruihan takes the computer, he carefully read the materials above. Tang Ningshan also goes out from the rest room and continues reading the information that she has not read.When Shao Ruihan walks out of the inside room, he looks at Tang Ningshan with gratitude in his eyes.Tang Ningshan smiles and says, "Do you need any help?" She is a little excited as if she is happy to help.However, Shao Ruihan shakes his head and says "I don't need help for the time being. I'll let other people check. After all, I can't confirm that this is related to my parents. If I blindly let you monitor now, I think this is wasting your time. "Tang Ningshan says "Okay, but if you need help, please let me know, I will definitely help you."Shao Ruihan shows a perfect smile on his face, which makes Tang Ningshan stunned. She is even addicted to this smile. Shao Ruihan does not say anything. He also stands still and looks at her quietly. The atmosphere between the two people instantly becomes different from before, and the intimate air fills the entire office.It was not until Tang Ningshan returns to her sense that she finds herself attracted by Shao Ruihan's smile. She is annoyed and says to Shao Ruihan "Can you not show such a smile in the future? Your smile is too lethal.""..." Shao Ruihan is speechless. He doesn't know what to say to Tang Ningshan."I have finished the dinner, you'll go back yourself. I am not going to go back tonight." Tang Ningshan lowers her head and says as she turns the information in her hand.Shao Ruihan says with a chuckle "Shan, are you shy?"Tang Ningshan immediately says with anger "No, it's you, you are shy."Shao Ruihan immediately nods and says "I see. You are shy." After that, the smile on his face is getting stronger."You!" Tang Ningshan points to Shao Ruihan, saying only this word. After that, she puts her hand down again, continuing reading the information, and does not intend to talk to Shao Ruihan again.Shao Ruihan looks at the information on the floor and says "I will help you sort it out. Otherwise, are you going to finish all the materials on the ground before you go out of the company?" Shao Ruihan finishes and begins to take off his jacket. Inside his coat is a white shirt. He unbuttons the sleeves and pulls the sleeves to the elbows. After that, he begins to put the documents on the ground into categories.Tang Ningshan does not speak but accelerates the reading speed. She even looks up from time to time to see Shao Ruihan who is squatting on the ground to sort out the information. Both she and he have a smile on their faces.Until two o'clock in the morning, Shao Ruihan finishes dividing the information on the ground into categories. He stands up and walks to the table of Tang Ningshan. He looks at the speed that Tang Ningshan turns pages, and directly grabs the information in her hand and says "You go to rest, you can't do it like this, your eyes and your brain will not stand."Tang Ningshan looks at the information that is taken away, and then looks at Shao Ruihan who is expressionless in front of her and can only nod. She stands up and stretches and turns her neck.Shao Ruihan directly throws the materials in his hand on the table and takes Tang Ningshan into the rest room. He pushes her directly to the bed and takes off the high heels on her feet. He opens the bag he brought, and the thing in it turns out to be her pajamas, and it is still the very sexy one.Tang Ningshan blushes and looks at the pajamas. After that, she glances at Shao Ruihan angrily and says, "What do you mean!"Shao Ruihan also finds that the pajamas he brought turn out to be sexy underwear, and he calmly puts it back. He takes his pajamas from the bag and hands it to Tang Ningshan. He says, "I'm sorry, I didn't pay attention when I took it. I randomly took one out from the closet. You can wear mine."Tang Ningshan listens to this sentence and immediately sits up. She couldn't believe it and says, "Do you plan to rest here?"Shao Ruihan nods naturally and says "You promised that you will not be separated from me. Since you can't go back, then I will accompany you here.""Shao Ruihan!" Tang Ningshan shouts.Shao Ruihan immediately puts a finger in front of his mouth and makes a silent gesture "Don't shout loudly. Although there is no company staff in the building now, there is still security. Your scream will make others misunderstand." Shao Ruihan says. At the same time, his face shows a smug smile, so that Tang Ningshan feels that he is somewhat like a fox.Tang Ningshan grits her teeth and looks at the man in front of her. Once again, she feels that this man is a freak."Hey, change your pajamas and sleep, I'll go out, or if you like, I can stay here to watch you change." Shao Ruihan stares at Shao Ruihan, which lets Tang Ningshan feel that her clothes have been taken off by him.Tang Ningshan blushes and pulls the quilt to cover her body. She looks at Shao Ruihan with anger "You go out!"Shao Ruihan hands the pajamas in his hand to Tang Ningshan. Carrying the bag with the very sexy pajamas of Tang Ningshan, he walks out of the rest room.After Shao Ruihan leaves, Tang Ningshan puts on his pajamas. Later, she finds that Shao Ruihan only gave her the coat, but the clothes are long enough to be used as a skirt. After she changes her clothes, she lies down directly and shouts at the door: "Now you can come in."After Shao Ruihan hears the voice of Tang Ningshan, he immediately takes the bag and enters the inside room. When entering the room, he directly closes the door and takes the pajama pants into the bathroom.Tang Ningshan thought that he was going in to change clothes, but after two minutes, she hears the sound of water coming from inside.Tang Ningshan is lying on the bed, listening to the sound of water. Inside her head, there appears a picture that Shao Ruihan has a bath towel on his waist and water dripping from the head to his chest. The more she thinks the redder her face is. In the end, Tang Ningshan directly puts her head into the quilt, as if she could dispel the picture inside her head with this way.When Shao Ruihan comes out of the bathroom, he sees Tang Ningshan wrap herself with a quilt like a caterpillar. She doesn't even show her head, she is just constantly twisting her body. Shao Ruihan quietly walks over and directly picks up the quilt from the bottom of the quilt and sees Tang Ningshan's white legs.Tang Ningshan immediately puts her head out, reaching out to grab the quilt in Shao Ruihan's hand, and shouts, "What are you doing!" She shouts as she covers her exposed legs with the quilt. Tang Ningshan does not understand why she would do this. She used to wear skirts or shorts in the summer, and she doesn't care to expose her legs. However, now when Shao Ruihan's sight falls on her body, she has a feeling of being peered, which makes her feel very uncomfortable."...It's time to sleep." Shao Ruihan looks at Tang Ningshan, whose face is as red as the apple. Her neck is even red so he does not intend to continue to tease her. He goes straight to bed and grabs the quilt, and even Tang Ningshan is pulled into his arms. Then he holds Tang Ningshan quietly.Tang Ningshan's face is stuck on his chest, and she can hear his firm and powerful heartbeat. Tang Ningshan suddenly has a warm feeling at this moment. She is very stable now, very safe as if when she hears such a heartbeat, she has nothing to fear."Shan, I have new news about your mother." Shao Ruihan's voice is very low, but this sentence succeeds in letting Tang Ningshan almost jump up. If it is not for Shao Ruihan to have foresight and he uses his arms to lock her tightly, it is estimated that she will jump directly to the ground.Tang Ningshan anxiously asks "What news?""I know the name of a doctor. He is said to be your mother's doctor. But I am still not sure if this person is still in A country, so I hope you don't worry. Once I have the news, I will tell you as soon as possible." When Shao Ruihan speaks, he still touches her hair with his hand."What's the doctor's name?" Tang Ningshan asks immediately."According to my findings, this person is called Li Ru, but the people in the hospital said that the doctor was an exchange doctor, not a formal doctor in the hospital, so other people don't know much about this person, so...""So you suspect that this person is using a fake name?" Tang Ningshan looks at Shao Ruihan's eyes and immediately says.Shao Ruihan nods."Well, I see, thank you." Tang Ningshan weakly lean in the arms of Shao Ruihan and the loss on her face appears clearly in front of Shao Ruihan.Shao Ruihan holds Tang Ningshan with heartbreak, and could only hold her tightly. He understands this feeling, just like when his parents disappeared, when he has been searching for so many years but could not get any results, every time he feels lost and powerless."I'm fine. Actually, I don't think I will find the truth so early. After all, this thing has happened for so many years. I just want to know what my mother's real cause of death is." This is Tang Ningshan's true idea in her heart. After all, the only person who knows the things of the year may be Tang Yichun. Now Tang Yichun simply does not want to tell her the truth. That she wants to find the truth of the matter 20 years ago through her own efforts is almost impossible. It is more difficult than finding a needle in a haystack, so she is not in a hurry, but she can't control the feeling of loss."Well, that's great. Don't think too much about it, results will come sooner or later, as long as we work hard." Shao Ruihan bows his head, and a kiss falls on Tang Ningshan's forehead, and then he continues to say, "You should sleep now. You still have to deal with those documents tomorrow, don't you?"Tang Ningshan nods. This time, she takes the initiative to put her face on Shao Ruihan's strong and powerful chest and listens to his heartbeat to fall asleep.Early the next morning, when Tang Ningshan gets up, Shao Ruihan is still asleep. Tang Ningshan reaches out and touches Shao Ruihan's face before she gets up from the bed. She with Shao Ruihan's pajamas goes into the bathroom to wash.