Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 218

Chapter 205: chapter 218-- need your help
hey, guys, all the free chapters will be put in auxiliary chapters, which are at the top of contents table (chapter lists), before chapter 1----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Shao Hong suddenly asks "Ningshan, I think your dress is quite nice, where are you customized? Tell me, I also want to customize two sets." Shao Hong suddenly changes the way, which makes Tang Ningshan a little confused. She doesn't know why Shao Hong's topic suddenly changes from the excuse of asking her to leave to the topic about clothes.However, Tang Ningshan still replies "This dress is sent by a friend. I don't know where they got it. It's their shop." Tang Ningshan's words are very casual, but they give Shao Hong a hint of vigilance. What friends will send Tang Ningshan such expensive clothes? What friends will have such a handmade clothing store? Is he the friend of Tang Ningshan or Shao Ruihan? If it is Shao Ruihan's friend, then Shao Ruihan is good at hiding himself."In this case, then I don't ask. I will handle the matter today, and you will wait for the result." Shao Hong's expression on his face does not change at this time. When he looks at Tang Ningshan, he also shows a smile.Tang Ningshan does not know if she has said something that should not be said. However, it is not the time to consider this matter now. She can only nod.Tang Ningshan returns to the office with the backup surveillance video and continues her work. The day's work is over. Except for the breakfast, Tang Ningshan has not eaten anything else. When she gets off work, Tang Ningshan feels that she could eat a whole cow. When the people in the office are all gone, Tang Ningshan walks out of the office slowly. As she walks out, she calls Li.When the phone is just connected, Tang Ningshan hears the voice of Li. "Mrs. Shao, you can go straight down, I am already at your company's gate." Tang Ningshan looks at the phone that has been hung up in her hand. The first time she finds that it turns to be that Li is also a person full of execution.After going downstairs, she sees there are many people just walk out of the company. Tang Ningshan can only ignore the eyes of others; she goes directly to the military vehicle. After opening the door, she sees several people looking at her with strange eyes."Let's go." Tang Ningshan calmly takes back her sight and says to Li.After the car starts, Li suddenly says "Mrs. Shao, can you go to the hospital with me today?" Li asks carefully, being afraid that Tang Ningshan would refuse.Tang Ningshan turns to look at Li, wondering why he suddenly says so and asks "What happened to your brother?"Li immediately shakes his head and says "No, my brother is fine. He just wants to thank you for saving his life. My brother always says that he hopes to thank you in person, but his legs have not healed, so he hopes I can take you there."Tang Ningshan looks at Li with a puzzled look and asks "Do you have anything that you didn't tell me?"Li immediately becomes a little nervous, and his hands on the steering wheel are subconsciously put down. Tang Ningshan immediately says "Go to the hospital, but I hope that you will not think about other things while driving. I don't know what happened recently. No matter who is driving the car, I will feel unsafe." Tang Ningshan's voice is very small, but Li still hears it. He suddenly feels if he has left a bad impression on Tang Ningshan today. If he can't be the driver of Tang Ningshan because of this thing, he will go back to the army. Although he does not want to stay outside, in his heart, protecting Tang Ningshan is already his important task. If he can't complete the task that Shao Ruihan gave him, then he can't face Shao Ruihan and his brother.Li is a little scared, but he doesn't know how to express his feeling. Every time he wants to speak, he doesn't know what to say. Finally, he can only give up and looks at Tang Ningshan and says "Mrs. Shao, I am fine; anyway, you will know it later."Tang Ningshan still doesn't quite understand what Li means. However, she is not prepared to think about this issue. Everyone has the thoughts and wishes of everyone, and these are not what she can control. She only hopes that these things will not involve herself.When they arrive at the hospital, Li stops the car and goes upstairs with Tang Ningshan. When they come upstairs, Tang Ningshan suddenly sees Tang Yichun's ward and suddenly thinks of that Tang Yichun is still in the hospital here. She doesn't know how he is doing recently. She stands in the same place and thinks for a long time before saying to Li "You wait for me here."After that, Tang Ningshan directly pushes the door of Tang Yichun's ward and sees Tang Yichun, who is lying on the bed weakly. She is shocked, and she never thought that when she sees Tang Yichun again, he would become like this.After Tang Yichun hears the sound of closing the door, he turns around. When he sees Tang Ningshan, he has a surprise in his eyes. He immediately says, "You are coming? I thought you would never come. What are you doing during this time? Why do you leave me alone in the hospital? You don't know that I am ill? I am your father!" Tang Yichun's voice is very loud, with anger and fear in his voice.Tang Ningshan seems to have heard nothing, saying "You still have the strength to swear at me, which means that Shen Quan takes care of you very well. How is your illness?" Tang Ningshan goes to the chair by the bed to sit down. Thanks to Tang Yichun is living in a high-class ward, there is only himself in this ward. Otherwise, Tang Ningshan suspects if other people who live in the same ward with him can withstand his hot temper.Tang Yichun is very angry when he hears the words of Tang Ningshan. Although the environment in this hospital is very good, he is not allowed to go out. Every time he goes out, he is followed, he is like a prisoner. However, if it is the only way to cure his disease, then he can also endure. But during this period of in the hospital, he is even limited to managing company affairs. This is why Tang Yichun doubts Tang Ningshan."You tell me, do you stop my subordinates from reporting my company's situation with me? Is the owner of my company now changed?" Tang Yichun looks at Tang Ningshan angrily and shouts.Tang Ningshan directly gives a supercilious look to Tang Yichun and says "I mean I am not interested in your company. On the day of being separated from you, I made it clear that I don't want a penny from you; every penny from you would make me feel sick. If it wasn't because my mother chose to be with you, then I would rather I am not your child. I used to think that no matter how vicious a person is, he will not abuse his family. However, you directly broke my understanding of the human. When you sent me to Shao Ruihan's bed, you should know that the so-called family relationship between us is gone. No matter how you treated me before, I still felt that you are my father. But after this experience, I have become Shao Ruihan's wife, and then you think that I am interested in your money?"After Tang Ningshan knows that the real owner of this body is her, she would like to say these to Tang Yichun. She would like to ask how he deceived her mother at the beginning. How did her mother die?"And, you have been reluctant to tell me how my mother died in the past. Does this mean that she was killed by you?" When Tang Ningshan says this, the coldness on her body seems to suddenly erupt. The coldness in her eyes makes Tang Yichun feel frightened. However, Tang Yichun is not a child without any experience. He says directly to Tang Ningshan "If I killed your mother that year, then you will not be in this world.""Hey, it would be the best that my mother's death has nothing to do with you. But you can rest assured that I will check it out. If this matter has something to do with you, even if there is a blood relationship between us, I will not let you go." "Tang Ningshan finishes and ignores Tang Yichun's words and expressions. Since Tang Yichun refuses to say it, there are always people around him who are willing to say. Since Tang Yichun is not willing to tell her the truth, then she is going to find someone who is willing to tell the truth.Tang Yichun looks at Tang Ningshan who is going to leave and immediately shouts "Stop, you should tell me clearly today. How long will I stay here? Why am I locked in a hospital?"Tang Ningshan looks back at Tang Yichun's somewhat old face and says, "If you think that Shen Quan's treatment is not good, then you can directly tell Shen Quan that you want to leave. In this way, you will not feel being locked." After Tang Ningshan finishes, she opens the door directly. She doesn't even want to stay with this man for only a minute. Although the man has a blood relationship with her, she wants them to be strangers.Li sees Tang Ningshan, who comes out of the ward with a black face, does not speak, but walks in front of Tang Ningshan. It is not until they arrive at Lee's ward, Tang Ningshan's expression returns to normal.Li walks in front and opens the door. When they enter the room, she sees Lee and Wang Yu sitting in the room chatting. When they see the two of them coming in, Wang Yu immediately stands up and says, "Hey, girl, you are here, I am sorry to take the liberty to let you come here."Tang Ningshan immediately turns to look at Li, but Li is trying to avoid the eyes of Tang Ningshan. Anyway, he just dares not face Tang Ningshan. Tang Ningshan knows that today they asked her to come to the hospital must because of some urgent situation; things are not as simple as Li said. But since she has come, she also wants to know what they are going to do.Tang Ningshan walks into the room and finds a place to sit down and says "Then tell me, what I can do for you? On the way, I asked Li, he just said that Lee wants to thank me, but did not say Wang Yu would appear here."Wang Yu and Lee listen to Tang Ningshan's words and immediately glance at Li. Wang Yu seems to be rushing to go to hit Li. Tang Ningshan does not speak and sits quietly, wanting to see what purpose they have.Wang Yu seriously says "Girl, there is something we need your help. We all originally hoped that Ruihan can go to ask for your help. But you also know that he went out for the task after he was urgently recalled. We now also can't contact him, so I decided to come over to find you."