Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 22

Chapter 8: chapter 8-- teasing her

In the morning, Tang Ningshan is pulled down from the couch with her legs by Shao Ruihan.

"What are you doing? Didn't you see that I am sleeping?"

Before Tang Ningshan's eyes open, she begins to shout.

"If you'd like to become rubbish, I don't mind allowing you to continue to sleep."

Shao Ruihan drops the words and turns away.

Tang Ningshan shakes her head sharply as she heard him, trying to wake herself up. She looks at the time on her watch, it's 5 o'clock in the morning.

As she scolds him in her heart, she gets up to wash. Half asleep, she walks into the bathroom and turns on the tap. Supporting her hands on the sink, she begins to doze off again.

"So you like stay in the bathroom..."

"Ah." The sudden sound brings her to her senses.

"What are you doing in there." She asks in surprise.

"Didn't you follow me here because you saw me come in? I thought you were so pure. Now I know you just have special hobby." He looks serious except that his eyes are slightly dangerous.

"You think too much. I didn't see you come in just now. If I knew you were in there, I wouldn't have come in." Then she quickly slapped her face with water, grabbing the toothbrush on the side and prepares to brush her teeth. Just as she is squeezing the toothpaste, a big hand with long fingers reaches out.

"What? A man's finger can also make you stupefied? Since you are so eager, I am gland to help you."

He puts his hand right in front of her. Before she understands what he was saying, he tells her directly by his action.

"Ah, hands off. Where do you feel your hand? Don't behave like a hoodlum." She backs away, pushing his hand from her breast.

"Heh, I am just trying to help you remember how you felt at that night."

He takes the toothbrush in her hand, which she has already squeezed toothpaste on it, and begins to brush his teeth, ignoring her.

Quickly, Shao Ruihan finishes washing. And when he goes out, he drops a remark that makes Tang Ningshan furious.

"If you like sex in the bathroom, I can do it for you."

Tang Ningshan shuts the door immediately after he went out, and he could still here the noise of her smashing. He feels that life has become colorful since she arrived. It is pleasant to tease her every day.

Looking at herself with blushing face in the mirror, Tang Ningshan feels that she really couldn't live any longer. Why does she has such a difficult life after she met him? And he even would take advantage of herself. In her mind, she decides that this is what the system called "difficult mission".

Such a man, who is difficult to deal with, must be the target of her future studies.

His restaurant is really large, with a very long table, which can hold more than 20 people. By the time they come down, there are already a number of people sitting in front of the table, all of whom she met yesterday. She knows she is going to take on a new challenge, and immediately puts on a decent smile.

"Ruihan, come and sit with grandpa"

There are two empty seats on his left side, which should be reserved on purpose. It looks like that he is informing everyone of Shao Ruihan's position.

They goes up to Mr. Shao and said morning to him and Mrs. Shao before sitting down. When they sits down, Mr. Shao begins to speak.

"In a little while, they will go to the military area, and after breakfast, you should tell him your name and your work in our company, so that he may have a plan."

The crowds nod in silence.

"Then let's eat." When he sees no one else showing disagreement, he says to steward Wei.

Tang Ningshan is having a hard time eating this meal. She is now 172 centimeters tall, she doesn't think she is short, but the table is so long that she could only reach the salad. She is really wanting to find something to full her stomach, but what she can do now is only to mourn for her stomach silently.

Shao Ruihan feels the gloom that emanated from her, he could see from her eyes that she is staring at a plate of beef, then he gets up and puts it in her bowl.

The meat that suddenly appears in her bowl lighting up Tang Ningshan's eyes for a moment. But when she sees his hand, which made her despair in the morning, her mood becomes terrible again. Is the meat he gave edible? What if it's poisonous?

She stars at that meat quietly for a minute, then pushes it aside and eats the salad in silence.

Sitting next to her, Shao Ruihan is very upset to see this. It is a shame thing that a pet refuses the food that his owner gives. But with so many people around, he decides to let her go for a while.

When he reaches the military region, he will make training more difficult and let her know who is in control of her destiny.